Past NEACA Member Letters

2010 -

February 15, 2016

Good Morning to all,

It appears we do still have winter in our great north east! As I am penning this narrative Cathy and I have just returned from the Allentown, PA show and while she is home readying herself for her upcoming operation, I am waiting for my oil man at the shop where it is 40 degrees inside. Seems our -10 degree Saturday night cold spell wrecked a bit of havoc about our town, our own properties included.

A house we recently purchased had a burst pipe that caused the fire company to pump out about 2 feet of basement water into a drain several hundred yards away while we were hoping to sell guns on Sunday at the show. Luckily, my son-in-law Chris was able to oversee that operation, however today every window is fully iced over and we had no sales on Sunday in Allentown. Talk about scheduling conflicts; four shows that weekend.

Then, when Chris checked the shop all seemed fine but because of the bitter cold I must have run out of oil in the middle of Sunday evening and it is now pretty cold in here while waiting for a delivery and to restart the shop furnace. There is never a dull moment in being a property owner. That “Did we miss winter?” feeling that came over all of us; it was suddenly changed back to reality on this Valentine’s Day.

I mentioned Cathy’s operation above; let me explain; this Wednesday she is having a hysterectomy and will be recuperating for a while. We explained the situation to friends, members and exhibitors at our recent Saratoga show at the City Center because we wanted to alert everyone as to the probability of us not getting everything needing to be done on time for all of these NEACA shows. And also that we would very much appreciate all of you getting timely applications into our office with due diligence. We hope everything will come out satisfactorily but one never knows. So, by all of you helping out with early applications, conversing word of mouth promotions, putting up our fliers and sending warm thoughts and prayers to the home front will all make our lives a little less stressful. We will let all of you know how everything is going as we know it.

Cathy will not be attending the show in Albany this coming weekend at the Polish Community Center but my son David and me will take care of things. Cathy and family took over my job once at the old Catskill Show while I was out of commission for a weekend so I hope we can do as good a job as her replacement; we will see! Basically we are sold out of tables; I have 3 left to sell as of this writing. Last February at our first show there we had about 1200 public attending the show plus dealers and members so this should be even better. The food should be as good as last year for the full weekend and we hope the attendees bring some extra money to keep this “great economy” going.

Our January Saratoga Show was great; and a sell-out! We had a very good crowd and they brought cash to spend; even I did real well. As I have been reporting, “Saratoga is always the place to be!” Our March 18, 19, 20 flier is enclosed, lots of tables already sold, so get your applications in today. If you did not already deposit for your same tables you may miss out on them unless I get an early application; read the flier, there is a late fee. All of our costs are up again, must be the 1% inflation kicking up the rising economic factors.

Also enclosed is our Manchester Center, VT flier for April 8, 9, 10; please get it filled out and send it in, it is only three weeks after Saratoga. This is going to be a great new show in a terrific Vermont village, home of Orvis and near all of the retail outlets. There are plenty of good motels and restaurants and all of the dealers made money at our first show last September. We have three scheduled for this year and I hope you sign up for all of them, we have room for 300 tables and it is a great place to do business.

Then on to Saugerties and the Kiwanis Ice Arena on April 22, 23, 24 where you all know we have a very good event there. No doubt our 200 tables will again be full because we are getting new exhibitors at all of our NEACA shows. Some of our regulars think they need to travel hundreds of miles into Ohio, Pennsylvania or Massachusetts and that is fine, but when their tables are taken over by new dealers who end up making money closer to home, perhaps they will realize again that our NEACA shows are well run and bring in the buyers and collectors; all I need to say. The Saugerties flier is enclosed; again a 1 table deposit is all we need, send yours in now.

All of our 2016 shows can be found on our website; go to our Gun Show pages. We get many nice comments from all of the folks who go there and we are trying to upgrade to a new format but it does take time, and know that we have little of that available right now. Those of you still without computers may at least have a smart phone -- you can find our site on there also. I hope all of you get into this 21st century if you haven’t yet discovered all of the new technology. Even that little cell phone can be an amazing instrument with just a little training; a new trick for us old dogs. The print advertising is nearly becoming a thing of the past. We still have to do it but it is more and more a waste of money. Social Media is where folks learn about what is going on so we are spending more time and effort on that and Emails. If we don’t have yours, please send it to me at . Then spread our word to your network of friends and ask them to pass it on. If all of you just do that one little thing our message of show dates will reach thousands of folks in just a few short hours.

We sincerely appreciate your participation in our shows and realize each of you certainly can’t exhibit at all of them – though some of our very loyal supporters do – and Cathy and I do know who you are. And we know who you are who promote all of our shows to other exhibitors and we appreciate that also. When we accept you as a NEACA Member we try to give you our best effort but also ask you to do your part to further our cause of promoting well attended and profitable gun shows. Your membership should also include your willingness to help grow “your shows” so all Members can benefit from the actions of us all. We really do try hard and do appreciate your help. See you at Gun Show time!

Thanks, Cathy & Dave

December 7, 2015

Members and Exhibitors,

“December 7, 1941 a date that will live in infamy” …. Today is the 74th anniversary of the American start of World War II. A day of terror in Hawaii and the beginning of the end of innocence for the generation born after the war to end all wars. After a world conflict which spawned colossal battles, which saw the development of immense new technology and when mankind was urged to never again repeat that horrible process … war and terror seem to always stay with us.

From Korea to West Berlin an enemy of freemen always appeared. The twin towers tragedy gave way to a European Union Paris attack and now another, back in America, with married Muslims in San Bernardino, CA. And with terrorists still on our doorstep, Obama and the rest of the liberal democrats scream that the answer to terror is more gun control and more political correctness so we don’t offend Islam. We are witnessing American leadership go crazy!

We can only hope, and dare I say pray, our children will become a second greatest generation; one that can mirror those of yesterday … the future of America as we know it may depend on what we instilled in those young minds. What a difficult legacy we leave to our kids to figure out.

On “Black Friday” there was a record breaking number of NICS background checks, over 185,000, of folks who wanted to buy a gun; and that was five days prior to the second largest terror attack by Muslim extremists in these United States! No wonder Judge Jeanine called for everyone to “buy a gun … and learn how to use it!” Our gun business should flourish in the coming weeks and Santa may even be seen “carrying”!

Now the liberals want to use the no-fly list as a guide for background checks. Guess what; the terrorists who killed Americans both then and now flew here! Buy a one-way ticket and you will be put on that watch list. And the gun show loophole – not in New York of course – is known as the Second Amendment to our US Constitution. Americans can legally buy and sell guns among themselves – except in about a dozen liberal states, which includes NY. If you want to sell your gun – except here in New York – you can do it. That is the US Supreme Court “Gun Show Loophole.”

Sorry about the rambling above but I could go on and on about how dumb most of our gun laws are …and remember, only law abiding people follow the law … and how liberals really do want to disarm America. Big news from NEACA headquarters … the Lake George show at the Forum has been cancelled for December 12 & 13 … this weekend! Why? Not enough dealers wanted to go to Lake George in December – simple as that. The last October show was light on dealers as well as the public and that trend just followed through. We will see what develops for the future of the Forum Shows. What do you dealers think about the June and October dates?

Cathy and I just returned from the Allentown, PA Show and it too was very light in public; seems like that is the trend and has been for over a year. I don’t have an explanation. What will the future be? Thank Judge Jeanine for telling folks to “buy a gun” and protect themselves; with national Fox Channel personalities doing that, maybe there is still hope for the gun business and America in general.

A new year is coming – 2016 – and it is going to be extremely important in our history and we hope NEACA will also have a banner year. We have a great line-up of shows which begins with our 101st show in Saratoga at the end of January on the 30th & 31st. The flyer is enclosed and I want you to note that the cost of admission went up $1.00 and tables by $3.00. The expenses just keep rising and we finally had to respond.

Also note that we are no longer going to simply “put you down” for a table without a deposit and a signed application. Freebies are a thing of the past unless they are earned for services rendered … at our discretion.

Also note that tables not ordered early will cost more by ordering late. If you intend to participate in our shows, send in a minimum of one table deposit and balance 2 weeks prior to the show or pay extra for your tables. The reason? Basically, so we know who is coming -- if I don’t have enough table sales we will cancel the show within 3 weeks of the show date – hopefully it can be 4 weeks. And because of, no-shows – I am not made of money and I’m not going to tolerate no-shows.

I sent all of you our 2016 schedule in September so you should know if you are attending our shows. Why not make life simple for us and at least let us know which ones you can attend? We deserve at least that.

We have the Polish Community Center show coming up on February 20 & 21 which our flier is also enclosed; had some trouble with pricing on this one hopefully ironed out. Only 100 tables available and you all know it is a good show so get those apps in now.

Another flier enclosed is for our upcoming Arms Fair in Manchester Center, Vermont which will become the best and probably largest of the VT gun shows. I shouldn’t have to tell you about how good it is going to be … talk to the dealers who were there. Like Donald Trump, I am not giving details anymore … just know you can trust what we say. And don’t forget to erect a sign for the Donald that you want him to be our next President. Let us take back America!

I hope this Christmas season is good for all of you and that we can look forward to a robust and profitable year. I know the last one has been harsh on us all; except if you are a liberal because then the world is painted as a rose and life is a fantasy playtime. However, reality may have just hit home in Washington and liberal cities across the land. Head my own opening salvo on the NEACA website; “Stay Conservative and buy a gun!” The Judge agrees.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year.

Cathy and Dave

September 17, 2015

Members and Exhibitors,

When I wrote that date down, September 17, I knew it was familiar, the date the Soviet Union invaded Poland following the German invasion of September 1st, 1939 when 76 years ago the world changed. Two years later, December 7, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and thousands of young men and women went to war. From ages 18 and even younger, the seeds of earlier generations of American warriors became the greatest generation of patriots. The tragic fact is that most of those brave men and women have either passed on or at best will be in their mid – 90’s in 2016.

The 75th anniversary of our American effort to defend freedom during World War II is upon us and I would like to dedicate all of our 2016 Arms Fairs to that “Greatest Generation” of freedom fighters with displays and discounts. Whether they were on the front lines of battle or the assembly lines of war production – in the air or on the seas – mother’s on the home front or farmers feeding the nation – the Greatest Generation was and still is just that; great in their dedication of a combined effort to defend our freedom and our American way of life. Oh, that we can still be free today because of them and the army of volunteers that followed. If we could only have today a “Hail to the Chief” that actually meant something, or politicians who actually acted on something meaningful, what a different world it would be.

That said, the next show we produce at the Saratoga Springs City Center will be the 100th Arms Fair at that venue since we premiered our first show there in 1984. Thirty-one years later I hope all of you exhibitors and NEACA members will gather with us to celebrate the occasion of 100 shows at Saratoga on October 16, 17 & 18; our flier is enclosed. View our website at for any motel/hotel deals and further information. We are still working on this show.

We just concluded our first Arms Fair at the Riley Rink in Manchester Center, Vermont and it went very well. All of our exhibitors gave praise to the facility and ease of loading. I believe every exhibitor would have signed up for our full group of 2016 Manchester Center shows if we had fliers available. The crowd was light and we had nowhere near the potential 275 table capacity but a lot of guns and other stuff were sold and some pretty nice items came in with the public. The next show in Manchester is April 8, 9, 10 and nearly half the tables have been asked for. We will soon have a flier on our gun show page ready to download. Motel and other info can also be found there. Our other dates are July 15, 16, 17 and October 7, 8 & 9, 2016; don’t wait too long to reserve tables and get your motel – this is going to develop into a great show. And, there was an issue but we have the road signs and venue sign problem now resolved.

Lake George at the Forum is our next winning show development and we have scheduled three events a year at this great 30,000 square foot venue. The first Arms Fair we have scheduled since our premier show a few years back is on Halloween weekend, October 30, 31 & November 1. Don’t be scared to fill out the enclosed application and send it back to us early – with those fliers in our hands we can concentrate on advertising the show instead of having to call vendors. We have a Christmas show scheduled at the Forum on December 11, 12 & 13, a few weeks before the big holiday and always a great shopping time for our customers. Sign up for both October and December shows and save time. We will have some special motel rates and perhaps even Santa will come.

We have also included our confirmed show schedule for 2015/16 so you all can be aware of NEACA upcoming events. Plan ahead and let us know which shows you will be attending. We can then send you advance advertising, post cards or fliers which you can use to promote at other shows. The very best advertising is either direct mail or person to person contact. Among our 32,000 mailing list we have several thousand attendees, plus members, who generally come to all of our larger shows and to who we always mail postcards; those are our direct mail contacts; plus we mail to specific zip code areas of prior attendees. You are encouraged to also post our fliers and talk to other dealers about our shows.

Then we have an email campaign where we contact those who have filled out door prize coupons or contacted our website; we have about 1,000 of those and growing. We also ask recipients to pass our mail on to their friends or post our show dates to their Facebook pages or Tweet the info. With today’s technology we barely need newspaper, radio or TV but we still do it all anyway – just to spread the word to those not yet in the 21st Century. As we grow our shows both in numbers and in attendance, we will have constant running ads and probably billboards.

In time we will turn over a group of area shows to a designated director, perhaps form an LLC and begin to “franchise” them, just to use a descriptive word, so Cathy and I can “somewhat retire”. We are building other shows, not on our current list, for the sole purpose of building a working team in 2016. Remember, Cathy and I used to produce over 30 shows per year throughout the northeast, and basically we did it alone, plus ran our “Arms Collector’s Journal” monthly newspaper with our kids for about 7 years – this is nothing new for us. Today, we are only half way there.

However, in 2016 we will begin to have some changes so our “associates” won’t have to put up with exhibitors who don’t show up and didn’t pay for their tables. That process cost us about $1,000 per show at some of our recent events. There is now supposed to be a policy of members paying two weeks in advance of a show to earn the discount – that doesn’t always happen – mostly because we are too lenient and at fault ourselves of getting fliers and dates out early enough; that will also change. I would suggest joining us by going to our member page and downloading our application.

We are going to have a push to increase NEACA memberships so exhibitors can save money on tables and possibly initiating some various forms of membership. We would like to address the problem of procrastinating dealers who constantly wait until the last minute on calling us for tables. We can get better motel rates when I know who is coming; if you are going to continue in this business you have to be a business person. When we expand and put other people in charge I want to have them devoting their time to putting up fliers and road signs instead of trying to figure out if “Billy, Jimmy & Johnny” are really coming to fill those tables we just laid out money for. And we will grow our dealer base.

Another year of Obama and New York’s Cuomo is only going to hurt this business and the economy in general. Donald Trump is surging in poles because he’s seen as ready to “kick ass”. If he wins, it is still a long way to January, 2017 and any changes. We at NEACA will make 2016 a banner year and hope all of you will come along with us.

Thanks for your continued support, Cathy & Dave.

May 24, 2015

Members and Exhibitors,

Our third Newburgh Gun Show at Ice Time Sports Complex is now history. May 16 & 17 started off as a perfect weekend for an inside spring event and then the rain turned to sunshine. Whether the weather or other events kept the major crowd away, we still had a fairly constant traffic flow, which turned into a decent crowd. A lot of dealers had a nice show but naturally, others just made expenses.

Cathy and I really put a lot of effort and advertising dollars into this past show and we should have had twice as many attendees than were there. Our radio signals went into Massachusetts, Connecticut, Long Island, NY City and I heard the station myself while traveling through New Jersey on my way to Allentown the week prior. We hit every local weekly paper with a coupon ad plus went into Conn. and the east side of the Hudson via the Yorktown Pennysaver. Four quarter page ads were in the main section of the Times Herald Record with five inch coupon ads daily. From Albany to Hudson, Catskill, Kingston and Poughkeepsie, we covered north of Newburgh. Why we didn’t get a record crowd I can’t seem to figure out. We even had our signs up on 17K for two weeks simply announcing our Gun Show!

Perhaps folks are just tired or working two jobs to still make ends meet. There seems to be a lot more people who are trying to sell something to us dealers than folks who want to buy. I’ve also noticed younger buyers leaving with black guns and ammo, so we also advertised on rock and roll stations trying to attract that crowd. Country and Western radio stations are also being used to draw in the young plus older folks. Whatever the problem is all we can do is keep our shows on the air and in print; basics still draw attendees.

As we did with Newburgh, we are also doing for our next show in Norwich, NY at the Chenango County Fairgrounds. Plus, we have fliers out, post cards being mailed to prior attendees and sent to gun clubs and businesses in the area; again, as we did for Newburgh. The Norwich show will probably also be history by the time everyone gets this letter but I hope you will be with us and have as nice an event as we did last year.

Which brings us to our last show of the spring season, Saugerties at the Kiwanis Ice Arena on June 12, 13 & 14. The flier is enclosed and we have already started our advertising. The April show started off a little on the cool side but the large public crowd certainly warmed the place up and put money in exhibitor’s pockets. We also have an Email campaign and all of you can participate by forwarding this letter or announcement to your friends and contacts. Email is as good as word of mouth and can spread like wild fire – ignite that fire in your area and also put up our flier! Everyone has to be involved in our show promotion – make things happen!

The Hunter Mountain Country Fest will be going on at the same time as last June where we got a nice group of Country Music Artists; perhaps they or new singers will visit our show again. We will advertise there to certainly let them all know about our Gun Show. NEACA joined the Saugerties Chamber of Commerce and placed a quarter page ad in their yearly brochure which is also out this month. The Chamber distributes thousands of copies all year long and with them is our large ad for our two Saugerties events plus website info. We try to do what has to be done to get folks to come. And when we get them to our shows we even put door prize money in their pockets to spend with our exhibitors on the show weekend. Tell me what more we can do and we may just try. I’m already working and thinking on new things in the future.

Send in for Saugerties as soon as possible, again I have to order tables – last show was around 160 with cancellations. I would like to fill the arena with 200 as we did in Newburgh. Motels are tough so you had best book one very soon! Ads have started.

Due to US post office weight restrictions we can only mail this letter and fliers for Saugerties, our next show, then those for our late summer shows in August, Old Forge on the first weekend, July 31, August 1 & 2 and Saratoga Springs, the 4th weekend, August 21, 22, 23.

The last weekend of the month is for our next Newburgh event on August 28, 29, 30. That flier will be in our next mailing, however, it was available at our recent show in May. If you were among the more diligent dealers who actually picked one up and filled it out & gave Cathy a deposit at the show, then you are already signed up. We also had half dozen new gun dealers who also wanted tables in August so we should be in for another sell out, one just came in today. All of our fliers are also in PDF form at, which can be easily downloaded and sent to us with a deposit.

We have also included our calendar and show schedule, which we developed for handouts at shows. This allows the folks and you exhibitors to see at a glance what NEACA has coming up and which you can also use to fit in other shows you may go to. The next events we have confirmed are in Saratoga in 2016. You may notice that our January show had to be moved to the end of the month while March is back on the normal third weekend, as will be the case also in 2017.

NEACA is always working on our show schedule and we will have fall and winter shows. But until we actually have a signed contract we can’t list them. I would keep your options open for the fall while you all enjoy the fine summer weather. There will be ample time to commit to upcoming events. If you fill out the fliers you are receiving now and submit a one table deposit to us that is one less thing that you have to do in the fall. Make your plans and reservation for Old Forge, Saratoga and Newburgh now – even in 2016, which then allows us to concentrate more on getting ads out and confirming exciting new shows for the future.

Now here is a question for you to ponder. Is there another Cathy & Dave team out there who would like to work for us in this show business? We would like to expand greatly but being only two of us makes it impossible. We either need to hire full or part time help who can work in our local office or perhaps hire a team who can run shows we develop in other areas. Our grown kids have very good careers on their own and it is unlikely any one of them will pursue our chosen vocation. So, we must get realistic and start looking to hire astute individuals and create a team. If someone would like to talk to us about any future possibilities, please do so. Hope to see you in Norwich and also in Saugerties in a couple of weeks.

Happy hunting, Cathy & Dave

March 26, 2015

Members and Exhibitors,

Look at the calendar and we are in the first week of spring, look out the window and we can all wonder where? I can’t remember a winter as cold and with so much snow as this one that doesn’t want to end. But, in another week or two I’ll bet we will be basking in April sunlight, warm temperatures and forgetting winter ever happened. And yes, my glass is always half full! Those April showers will bring May’s flowers.

April also brings us back to the Kiwanis Ice Arena where we developed a new show in Saugerties, NY last year. That show was fine so we are back this year on the weekends of April 11 & 12 and June 13 & 14 with room for 200 tables of fine guns and related goodies. At this point we have sold nearly as many tables, with three weeks to go, as we had on the floor last June; our flier is enclosed.

Cathy has added a lot more local advertising to the weekly papers, two to three weeks in advance and we are in process of installing our large “Gun Show” banner at the facility. Saugerties is a fine gun oriented area as well as the Catskill Mountain antique Mecca. The Ice Arena is easy to find off Exit 20 of the NYS Thruway then heading east through the village on Route 32, follow our signs. Ask for “NEACA Gun Show” rates of $90 at the Howard Johnson, (845-246-9511) off Exit 20, or $80 at Super 8 in Kingston (845-338-3078) or north in Catskill at Red Ranch Motel on Route 32, they open April 1st (518-678-3380). And also give us a call to reserve your tables or simply send in the application. This is a very easy show with drive-up loading, great lighting, free Wi-Fi, great food and loads of parking, hope to see you there!

Another new venue, which we have procured and had a nice full show with fine attendance, is at the Polish Community Center in Albany, NY, just off Exit 24 of the Thruway. We promoted the first-ever gun show at this fine facility on February 21 & 22 and it went so well the exhibitors and public want another show. We have just made the commitment to do just that on April *24, 25 & 26 and have it half sold out of our 100 table capacity even before the fliers are out. Your personal one is included and, again, we will sell out so don’t wait if you want to be a part of this great new venue. Please read the flier for particulars then come and enjoy the great Polish food on Friday eve. We are considering four shows a year there and these will grow! Also next to the largest mall in the Capital District, Cross Gates Mall; we have plenty of free parking, free Wi-Fi, ATM and 50,000 cars a day pass our “Gun Show” sign. We always try harder to make our NEACA shows better, come join us.

The month of May not only bring those blooming flowers but also two venues that are blossoming into two very nice Gun Show locations – and both are completely different from each other. We have already had two great shows at the Newburgh, Ice Time Sports Arena, which is right off Route 84 at Exit 6, and we have scheduled two more on the same weekend time slots as last year. May 16 & 17 and August 29 & 30 will be our 2015 weekend dates but the latter will not include the Labor Day weekend as 2014 – so, a better weekend!

The Ice Time Complex is great – easy loading, great lighting, ATM, free Wi-Fi, air conditioned if needed, loads of free parking, good food and very easy to get to; 2 miles from Exit 17 of the Thruway and one hour north of 10,000,000 people. Room for 225 tables in a comfortable setting with eager buyers of your products – we are again, half sold out with two months to go. Send in your applications ASAP and ask us to reserve both dates, May and August, with a one table deposit for each show.

Our other month of May show is a little more rustic but pleasantly profitable being nestled in Norwich, NY at the Exhibition Hall in Chenango County Fairgrounds. Park your RV or camp out in your van next to the show, there’s lots and lots of parking; the annual fair brings 50,000 visitors to the City of Norwich so folks do know where the place is.

Last year we had our first Fairgrounds event and it was fine, and we now know what to expect, where to go and how to advertise with our signs and banners; the folks want us back and we will be there on May *29, 30 & 31, our flier is enclosed. Cathy will make a few motel deals for members and vendors, same as last year. We also have a few local dealers who will be placing signs and handing out fliers, making sure the local businesses and folks know we have our gun show coming again this May. Send in your application ASAP so I can arrange for enough tables to be available.

I would be remiss not to mention how our March Saratoga Springs Arms Fair was – it was great! I don’t know of one dealer who did not have a great show, and we were against Springfield, Mass. and the Sunday preview of Julia’s Auction in Maine. Our next show there will be August *21, 22 & 23, during the racing season but one week earlier than usual so as not to be on the same weekend as the Traverse Race, the big Saratoga event. Motels will be easier to get and more race fans are likely to attend our Gun Show. Make your motel reservation now!

August will be busy for NEACA. Not only do we have our Newburgh show on the last weekend (there are 5 weekends this August) which is the 5th but we have Saratoga the 4th weekend and we have our usual first weekend event of August, 1 & 2 at the Hiltebrant Recreation Center in Old Forge, NY. This Adirondack Mountain event is a show and vacation combined – spend an extra day to enjoy the area, we will try to get a good motel rate. Our show is already advertised in “I Love NY” booklets promoting the North Country and we get calls asking when our Old Forge Show will be so folks can plan their own vacation and also see our show. We get these calls about Saratoga in August – from far away places so vacationers can come to our NEACA Arms Fair and plan their dates.

These inquiries are what NEACA strives for; getting serious folks to our shows and these people know we have good vendors, gun show vendors! However, it is always hard to get and keep good gun dealers – they have to make money. That is why we try to provide a nice venue, good food, amenities, help, hotel deals, and most importantly, buyers. Our website does a lot; our direct mailings bring in repeat buyers, our cash door prizes even puts money in their pockets to spend at our shows.

But, advertising that actually reaches people is getting more difficult – who reads, today? And what? So we also put up signs about town, fliers in stores and gas stations, fliers at shows, etc., etc. Word of mouth is great or putting out post cards at other shows or in your shops is also good; advertising one of our events should to be a community effort – a NEACA Member effort – copy our flier for your gun club, put in an announcement in your news letter, tell your Face Book friends to pass along our dates, include our show in web forums, actually send a note to the local paper to include our show in the local calendar. There are many weeklies that we don’t know about, tell us if we should be in them. Our last week’s show in Massena, NY was a perfect example of putting our advertising money in the wrong places. We missed the local weeklies and poor attendance was the outcome, it won’t happen again.

We advertise on WGY radio, the strongest talk station in the Northeast, on Rush and Hannity plus others. That is a staple. In the Southern tier we use others. But all radio is hit and miss; the internet, Face Book and “Tweets” are taking over. Help us help you, tell your friends about our shows. And send me those applications, please.

Cathy & Dave.

January 14, 2014.

NEACA Members and Exhibitors,

Good morning all,

Wednesday morning on Amtrak heading for NYC; Cathy and I have business in the Big Apple this afternoon and the train ride is a renewed experience we haven’t had in a very long time. Years ago I rode the NY Central Railroad many times into Grand Central, then on to Penn Station and the Long Island Railroad to visit Cathy in Islip. That was only fifty or so years ago – where does the time go?

Riding the water’s edge exposes that the Hudson River scenery is still beautiful and very interesting, enabling a view of things not seen from the well traveled roads and highways, especially when passing sites such as the castle ruins of Bannerman’s Island. But why waste precious time? Figured I’d write a letter and do some show preparations while passing these two hours and a half of train time.

Enclosed is our updated 2015 Calendar with our confirmed show dates and places. You all should have already received fliers for Saugerties & Newburgh and a lot of tables have already been applied for. But, I am enclosing them again for all the folks who told me they can’t seem to keep track of their mail. Let’s see if some of you can hold on to them long enough this time; misplace, and you probably will not get tables, they are selling. Hey, New Year … resolve to do things early! We can’t include the May 29, 30 flier for Norwich because of weight restraints but it is now on-line at, Gun Shows.

However, we are including the next shows on our calendar; the Polish Community Center in Albany on February 20, 21 & 22 and our next Saratoga Springs show at the City Center on March 13, 14 & 15. This is a week earlier than normal and will not be against the Baltimore Antique Show, which has conflicted with us for years. However, next year we will be back in Saratoga on the third weekend as usual.

Our January show at the City Center in Saratoga was great! I don’t believe I heard any dealer complain about business but did hear things like, “Best Saturday ever!” Sunday was a bit slower because of the icy weather but we still had a brisk business day. Our March show should be as fine as usual – perhaps better.

Well, I mentioned the Polish Community Center in February. We have been thinking about that location for a while and now everything has fallen in place. We’ll probably do several shows there but we only have room for about 100 8’ tables, so space is limited and guns will take precedence for the tables. However, an adjoining dining room can also be used for any over flow. And, is there possible expansion plans … ??

All details for Albany are on the flier; note there are no single table sales. Find a friend and take two. Layout will be end caps of 3 and 5 table groups, 4 and 8 can also be accommodated. This is a fine facility that has a bar and full concession stand. We will have easy loading with helpers’ available and great lighting plus plenty of free parking; all are great attributes. A 90 table coin show has been running there once a month for years so I’m sure we can get enough dealers and public to support a few gun shows. The road meter tells us 50,000 cars a day pass their marquis and I am pretty sure 2 or 3% of them may like guns – we will also have our new GUN SHOW banner out soon!

Read the flier – fill it out and send money. We will assign tables on February 2nd. If you want tables – don’t wait! I will probably not take any, maybe two, just to leave room for you guys. Hopefully, my son will take this show over and run it under our guidance. Guns, ammo, knives, related stuff will be the order of preference – however, we do have use of an adjoining area for stuff and possible single tables.

And … we are working on more things. I hope to work with one of our NEACA members to coordinate some North Country events, some of which we have begun negotiations on. We are also looking at other States and other venues; perhaps even expanding our Gun Business with employees or partners. So much to do, so little time….

If you haven’t noticed, there seems to be excitement in the air now that the Republicans and mostly Conservatives have won the day. Oil costs are way down and folks may finally be able to breathe in some relief from high costs of living. There always was money to spend but now I think people are beginning to feel they can afford to at least think about spending some. I think that was the underlying theme at Saratoga … folks are starting to see that light at the end of the black tunnel our country got ourselves into. The conversations were up-beat and happy!

Well, the George Washington Bridge is in sight so time to put this away and brave the big City. We hope all is well and I hope to see these show applications start flowing in. I think Obama’s time is running out and ours is again on the horizon. Keep the faith!

Enjoy the Freedom Train,

Cathy and Dave.

November 13, 2014

NEACA Members and Exhibitors,

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

Cathy and I are all packed and ready to head south to Easton, MD for our annual Waterfowl Festival and Gun Show, hopefully with a bit warmer November than is predicted here near Albany. We see old friends, have a bit of a vacation and return via a stop at the Cranbury, NJ Lenox warehouse where we managed to leave about $3000 on our last trip. What can I say, Cathy likes nice things. So, guys and girls – check out our enclosed fliers for the upcoming shows and please send me some deposits – I think I may need an infusion.

Speaking of a vacation – we both can use one, no matter how short or even involving work – because we just spent a month or so doing inventory and cross checking for an overdue BATF inspection. Other than not being able to locate any suitable venue for a November – December show the time spent on this inspection made promoting one rather difficult, but we are now fully back in the swing of things; we will be in Allentown in December and enjoying the Holiday Season.

Right after our New Year’s celebration we hope to see you all at the City Center for our 97th Arms Fair in Saratoga Springs on January 2, 3, 4, 2015. All of our new Republican Congressmen, Senators and Governors will have been sworn in and our economy should start seeing a real upswing so I think the loyal Saratoga attendees will be out in droves. You surely don’t want to miss this much anticipated event, let us know that you plan on coming. In fact, many of you have already sent in for tables via the website or found one of our fliers at other shows. Thank you for showing your initiative and your loyalty to our NEACA events.

On the January flier you may have noticed our next Saratoga date of March 13, 14, 15, which is actually the second weekend, not the third in March but also conflicts with another show. Normally, January and March are a sellout unless we have cancellations and I’m sure it will be the same in 2015 because we have very loyal exhibitors and members. This date change also means that it is not on the Baltimore, MD show weekend

Among the other show fliers we have included a 2015 calendar which may come in handy as well as our confirmed show dates for various locations. Notice that we will have two shows in Saugerties, a new one on April 10, 11, 12 while also staying with the same time period as the 2014 show on June 12, 13, 14. I believe the Hunter Mountain Country Concert will again be June 12th through the 14th and perhaps bring more celebrities to our show. We believe there is ample public and exhibitor interest to warrant two Saugerties events; I would suggest making your motel reservations early.

Also notice our Newburgh dates are again on the same weekends as we had last year; May the weekend before Memorial Day but August will be the weekend prior to Labor Day not on the same weekend as 2014. This show will grow to be a great event and we are so very happy that we found this fine facility for our Southern Hudson Valley Arms Fair.

If you haven’t already signed up for Newburgh, I would suggest you send in the enclosed application as soon as possible if you want tables. All of the dealers who were there who also went to the other show that was fairly close to our area, told me they made more money at our shows in Newburgh and we also have a much better facility. I do admit however, ours is a little smaller venue, another reason you may want to act ASAP. Cathy will try to again, make some motel deals that we will post on our Gun Show pages.

Norwich, this past June, was a great little show; it is again on our schedule for the same time slot, last weekend in May. Everyone liked the show and I’m sure it will grow. However, this time I have been offered help in getting the word out better thru the local dealers who were there by putting up signs and fliers throughout the area. We thank you very much for those new memberships and support. Folks like you, and you know who you are, who take the extra time and effort to try to help our NEACA Shows grow and prosper, know that thru your efforts you help the whole gun community and with our New York Safe-Act, we need all the loyalty and help we can muster. Rob Astorino made a valiant effort to win the Governorship and in fact carried most every county but Buffalo area, New York City and surrounding counties.. Yes, I think he might have campaigned a bit better and our own conservative turnout could have been much stronger, but at least Cuomo wasn’t given a walk.

We at NEACA have had a good rapport with the NYS Attorney General and we hope to continue on that path. Eric Schneiderman has proved himself to be open minded and fair in his dealings with us and we wish him well as we go into the future. However, we must be ever vigilant about what could become Safe Act Two, so press your NYS senators and assemblymen to be fully on board supporting our State Constitution which protects our 2nd Amendment. We all can still work to rid ourselves of those who do not support us with our vote in 2016. Make sure this time that you and everyone you know votes right next time around.

We are back in Old Forge on July 31st, August 1 and 2; same weekend as prior years. What a great place! It is just a terrific area, we all have a good time, in a fine facility and usually we even make some money! Old Forge is what this business of ours is supposed to be – doing what we enjoy, making money or buying new things and having fun while doing so. Shows like this are getting fewer and just having a good show experience is slowly slipping away. When Cathy and I promote and participate in the Old Forge Show it brings back some of the feelings of the “old days” and memories of friends who have passed on. We will keep Old Forge for no other reason than it is a relaxing, easy time in summer in the beautiful Adirondacks. If you wish to join us, send in your deposited application and make a motel reservation early.

Speaking of next summer, we moved our Saratoga Springs Arms Fair off of the Travers Day Race to the prior weekend in August. This should free up hotel rooms without an extra 30,000 race fans competing for those rooms. There are still plenty of tourists to go around but with this move we can attract more gun people who didn’t want to fight the extra City traffic. A good move for everyone for one of the only summer gun shows which has consistently been a good selling event. Again, early reservations for motels! In 2014 Saratoga had a 92% occupancy rate with the average room rate in August, $250. Again, Cathy will look for deals plus, 3 new major hotels are being built. Now you know why they continue to say as we do, “Saratoga is the place to be!” Saratoga is one of the most desirous tourist cities in the US.

We probably won’t see most of you until after the New Year so Cathy and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year. We wish we could have put some more winter shows together but it was probably best that we didn’t. The BATF inspection was no fun and took a lot of time but it certainly awoke us to stupid mistakes that can be avoided and taught us to control our actions and inventory a bit more closely. I would suggest that all of you take the time to actually look at every gun’s serial number and correspond that with your bound book. That you review your Form 4473 questions and instructions governing its execution. And that you physically take your own inventory and review what you have and that you know where it is or went, and how your entries are made going in and out. With that done and your watchful eye against illegal attempts to purchase you will have nothing to fear if and when you get a call from BATF.

With that, warm feelings go to you for this cold November, Happy Hunting and a very Merry Christmas to all and God Bless.

August 5, 2014

Members and Exhibitors,

Cathy and I just finished unpacking from our past weekend Gun Show in Old Forge; one that we felt went very well. A perfect weekend, cool and dry inside, hot and humid on the street. And, which we always look for, it even rained! Of course, rain came around 4:30 on Saturday and 2:30 on Sunday when we all wanted to pack up. But, it was a nice show, the crowd was steady, our food vendor was excellent and the exhibitors sold guns and other merchandise. Top that off with whitetail deer wandering around town like pets and you know why the dealers and tourists come to Old Forge. We will be back same time next year.

On to Saratoga in a couple of weeks; August 23 & 24. We have new exhibitors coming along with lots of our old friends who have already sent me applications and deposits. As most of you know, our policy is that NEACA members can send in a one table deposit but I would like the balance paid two weeks prior to our show date. Whether it’s the economy or just that some of our exhibitors might feel I just don’t need the money, let me assure you all – I must pay for Saratoga and some other venues, 30 to 60 days in advance! If you want to come, then I want you to also have some skin in the game, with balances and applications sent in on time.

We’re getting lots of calls from the public who wanted to come to our Watertown show – which, as you know, we had to cancel due to a lack of dealer support. Cancelling a show costs us money and credibility, so we’re definitely not happy to do it; first one we had to do so in many years. Just had another call, “lots of people really want a show up here,” was the caller’s comment. I told him we will try again next year. I will have a date by our next letter for a new show in Watertown. But because a bunch of dealers told me they had already sent money in a year ago for other various shows, I’ll give you plenty of time to send those applications to us – with money – and well in advance so I can plan on who is coming and supporting our shows.

So, back to Saratoga; the date has been out there for at least a year; you should have already sent in your applications, and payments, so we get them at least two weeks in advance. As members, you should be able to support your shows and know what your schedules are. As usual, the hotels around town are either non-existent or extremely expensive; our “Saratoga Gun Show” page at, has an extensive list of hotels and motels within a half hour of the show. Don’t wait, get your room ASAP.

Through no fault of our own, we do not have any additional shows scheduled at Saratoga until March, 2015; there are no open dates at all! Conventions take preference over trade shows – do you all remember several years back when I tried to get you all to take a hotel room and do a “Christmas Convention”? There was a very good reason we asked that, but very few takers, those of us who were there had a great time, even Santa Claus came. Now, we live with the outcome of that failed attempt. This business is becoming very political and who knows, soon might even be non-existent in New York State. You all must remember to vote, and not for our current Governor and perhaps not for your current Assemblyman or Senator.

However, we are always working on new and better things, Watertown will work. Not a week goes by that we don’t review, visit or contact some new venue seeking a new show. But, we also won’t promote something without a future; Saratoga is still running after 31 years. Old Forge has become a very nice show and now we have Norwich, Saugerties and Newburgh, which will all be winners -- and there are more to come.

Next Newburgh show is right after Saratoga; it is coming along fine, even on the Labor Day holiday weekend. There is lots of public interest again and dealer applications are coming in. If you haven’t sent us yours, do so now. Our first return show since our NYS Armory events 20 years ago was last May and we put 175 tables on the floor, with just over 1000 buyers through the door plus members. Not bad for about 6 weeks promotion. Now we have had a good three months notice for this next Newburgh show on August 30 & 31.

Cathy has arranged for good rates at two area motels, call one of them ASAP as the rooms won’t last long. The Comfort Inn is located next to Ice Time Arena; their phone is 845-567-0567, ask for the “gun show rate” at $99. The Super 8 is on Route 100, across from Long Horn Steak House and lots of other activity; phone 845-564-5700 for $79 “gun show rate”. Don’t wait!

This time our Newburgh Gun Show is just before the Middletown show, while last May we trailed that show by two weeks. But the comments from our exhibitors was that they sold more in Newburgh than in Middletown. And, of course, our venue at Ice Time Arena is top notch and right off Exit 6 of I-84, so we’ll get NYC and Connecticut purveyors. I sold a pistol to a NYC permit holder in May and it was so simple it was scary – and he took the gun with him! Ammo and accessories moved real well along with lots of guns. This should be an even better show – send your application in today and, again, don’t wait if you need a room.

We always post new info on our website so stop by and check the home page or “Gun Shows” at Our next letter will bring you all up to date on what, where and when our next event will be. Stay the course and we will see all of you loyal supporters in Saratoga and Newburgh.


Cathy & Dave.

June 26, 2014

Members, Exhibitors, Friends,

What a day, Wednesday, middle of the week and light rain when Cathy and I arrived at our gun shop on North Main Street in Mechanicville around noon. This same similar pattern that has plagued our spring Gun Shows; bad weather during the week and beautiful, sunny days on the weekends. That pattern has kept folks indoors until Saturday and Sunday when they escape to their yard chores or outdoor events; unfortunately, not going inside to our shows.

But today was even more extreme! After a little business, Cathy left for home to get involved with computer work and member renewal mailing; yes, if your NEACA Membership is up on July first, you will be getting that reminder. I got busy cleaning some new acquisitions. Raining quite a bit harder now, about 2 PM.

While listening to WGY talk radio an announcement came in about a water main break on North Main Street in Mechanicville and all traffic was stopped on Routes 4 & 32. Now that was unfortunate because all traffic is already stopped on the parallel route through the city, Central Avenue, because of a bridge renovation due to last to November. It was going to be a little difficult getting through our city.

With that radio notice I went to my front door and couldn’t see across Main Street, it was pouring rain. I also saw trucks of all type digging up the pavement in front of City Hall, right next to my shop. The water main break was right there and the road was a gushing muddy stream. Checking my watch I knew Cathy was supposed to be picking me up around 6 PM, it was close enough to call and inform her of the problems and how she might get to the shop through the road closings. No answer; not at home or on her cell. Where and why no answer?

The road work continued as did the rain and at 6:45 I still couldn’t raise Cathy. I figured I had better check the 4th floor and my old roof for leaks with this deluge of water. Luckily, I have an elevator. Found a little water on 4 ½ and cleaned it up, placed a bucket and dropped down to the basement. There I found water seeping in from the front sidewalk where the water main break was and proceeded to mop that up. I then called my daughter, Denise, to see if she knew where Mom was, now about 7:15.

Denise screamed, “You’re at the shop? The City has declared a state of emergency and no one can get in or out, traffic has stopped.” OK, explains where Cathy is; later telling me she also didn’t take her cell phone to pick me up. Cathy rode around trying to get to me and was diverted all over the place – I’d have given them some diversion! I went back to check the basement – more water.

Moral of the story, Mechanicville has a State of Emergency declared until sometime tomorrow, has shut off all water to its residents; issued a boil water declaration (which there is none); has kept any resident from going home and can’t give a time line as to when they can go home or of the traffic through the City resuming! (See Photo Below)

I finally got some help cleaning up from family who walked down in the rain and we all walked out, trucks still busy, light rain still falling, around 8:30 in the evening. We were all wet and tired. Oh yeah, at home of course the sump pump was overwhelmed and I had to take care of that problem. As I began, I end with … what a day!

But now it is morning, Thursday, little drizzle, emergency still in effect until 10 AM but the city has asked that we travel only if necessary. Traffic in front of my home is quite busy going south into the city. I expect two deliveries today, I’ll check on the shop a little later. Weather, of course, is supposed to be nice ….this weekend!

So, guys and girls, when we were all just sitting around these past weekends at the gun shows around the northeast, now you know why. People had things to do during the crappy mid-week weather and escaped to the sun for the gorgeous weekends. As I like to observe; that’s the way it is. Live with it and take it all in stride, the pattern will change when we all go on a little vacation ; .…you know damn well it will be raining Saturday and Sunday!

Our next NEACA Arms Fair and Sportsmen’s Expo will be in the city of Watertown, NY July 26 & 27, another first for us and a very nice facility where we can place around 250 eight foot tables. We have invited all Military personnel in uniform and with a current ID to come to our show Free of Charge … and there are 15,000 of them stationed a few miles north at Ford Drum. We will start all of our advertising along with discount Post Cards beginning this next week, throughout the North Country; we want this show to be great! And well it should be; where tourists, Military and gun lovers abound this time of year. Flyer enclosed, be there.

The following weekend of August 2 & 3 we have our very popular show in Old Forge at the Hiltebrant Recreation Center, very near Water Slide World, a major north-country attraction. Speaking of vacations, a nice time would be between Watertown and Old Forge; plenty to do and see during the week. We can arrange for RV’s or campers at either location plus there are plenty of camp grounds in the area. Flyer is also enclosed; please make all your motel reservations early. Check our Gun Show Page on our website at for any updated information.

Now take a couple weeks off and see us again in Saratoga Springs, NY, August 23, 24; always “the place to be,” especially in August when the thoroughbreds are racing and 50,000 fans come into the city for the Travers Stakes on Saturday afternoon. Yes, it is busy and expensive and most always rewarding for our dealers. But, remember this my friends, we can set these shows up, do our best at advertising to get the folks to the show but we still can’t make them buy from you. That is your sole job, selling, and of course picking what the folks want to buy, and we do try to help by giving away money as door prizes to spend at the show. But, it seems that some exhibitors always do good or at least make a profit, while some other dealers always just complain. Perhaps attitude is a factor … maybe I should try harder.

Another mention, if I may, these are your shows as well as ours. You should be taking our flyers and postcards to other shows and events, promoting where you will be and seeking new exhibitors who will contribute to making our shows more attractive to our attendees. One of the reasons I fill my own tables is to show fine and unusual merchandise for public viewing. It is a lot of work, I would rather have just one table and simply be able to visit; get me more fine exhibitors and I’ll leave my guns at home.

But as a promoter, I am promoting for the overall look and even the esthetics of our shows. I want the fullest show and best face I can put forth for our Gun Shows. So, ask me about flyers and let me know if there are other places to advertise, of course, bear in mind that no one reads a newspaper, listens to a radio or watches the TV news anymore. It is not as easy as simply placing an ad and paying out the money.

Bringing us all back now to the Labor Day weekend and the Newburgh Ice Time Arena where we began our Spring Fling in May. On August 30 & 31 we will again be among a population of over ten million people. If only 10% are interested in guns and related collectibles that’s still a million or more possible show attendees for our weekend event. And now we have a track record of four months notice instead of about only four weeks before our first show in Newburgh. Most of our dealers have already told me they are coming back and new ones are inquiring so our 175 tables should reach our 225 table capacity for this show. Flyer enclosed, send it in.

Sincerely, Cathy & Dave

This is River Road,  across the Hudson River from Mechanicville in Rensselaer County

20 April 2014

Members, Exhibitors, Friends,

Cathy and I hope you all had a very happy Easter. There is a lot to digest in this letter and from Easter dinner. Later on I’ll be fat and happy after our own Easter ham but so far on this great sunny, Sunday morning I’m just happy! Happy that it is finally warm and sunny, happy to see the calmness of our ever flowing Hudson River while penning this, and just happy to be alive and still be able to do what I do.

This time of year to me is like a renewal, a time of energized freshness and for Cathy and I, an anniversary of when we first met; just about 54 years ago. Together we’ve watched a lot of that Hudson water flow by; a million memories along with the flow, most great some not so. Paired with personal remembrances this morning I also have time for a little work so I’m going to relate how we’ve been very busy lately trying to organize our show schedule.

However, I find myself in a quandary; jubilant about finally locating a suitable place in Newburgh for a gun show but at the same time a feeling of disappointment by the reaction, or I should say inaction, of some of our current NEACA dealers. Some aren’t as thrilled as I anticipated. Years ago, my friends, the Newburgh show held on the third weekend of May, was THE SHOW to look forward to. Our last show at the Newburgh Armory was 20 years ago and they were very good shows. Every dealer worth their salt went to Newburgh, first run by the Lions Club and later by Cathy and me.

Perhaps my disappointment in some of these dealers could be because most of the current crop weren’t even around for shows twenty years ago; now these dealers only know Middletown, a show that kind of took up the slack when the Newburgh Armory stopped renting out for events. Well, Middletown aside, Newburgh is back; and the venue is terrific. With no ice at Ice Time Sports Complex there’s only a great place to have our revived Newburgh Gun Shows!

We were very fortunate to find this complex; actually pointed out to us by the manager of the Kiwanis Ice Rink in Saugerties, where we just finished arrangement for a show there on June *13, 14, 15.He told us about the same type of operation as theirs, over in Newburgh but larger. Each venue is very similar in that they are ice rinks without the ice in summer and can accommodate about 200 tables. Both have plenty of free parking and are easy to get to.Each has free WI-Fi, an ATM and great lighting with easy loading. Our first official NEACA spring event is at the Newburgh Ice Time Arena and is the same time period as when we ran this show twenty years ago; the third weekend in May, this time it is May *16, 17, 18.It is also the same time as we were going to have our Lake George Forum gun show, which so many of you fellows kept asking me about. I told you all to keep that date open; either for Lake George or something else. Well, now we have the date and a better venue which will be a great show; a flier with details is enclosed. Call the Newburgh Comfort Inn at 845-567-0567 for a $99. “Ice Time Gun Show” rate and do it now or you won’t find a room!A floor plan is also posted on our NEACA web on the Gun Show page so you can see our proposed lay-out.

The Saugerties, NY, Kiwanis Ice Rink show flier is also enclosed but hotel rooms are scarce in the summer; lots of activities in the area and a nice place to visit. Our show there is June *13, 14, 15 and already a lot of local exhibitors have asked for fliers. Send your application in soon and if you need a room try Kingston to the south or Catskill to the north, each about 15 to 20 minutes away via NYS Thruway, another exciting place for our NEACA Show.

I said we’ve been busy and nestled between each of those new events we have two more. On May *30, 31, June 1 we are pleased to announce our show at the Chenango County Fairgrounds, within the Exhibition Hall, in Norwich, NY. This is pretty much virgin territory and in the middle of some very big dairy farms and gun country! Norwich is a great little city situated in the middle of a triangle made by Albany, Binghamton and Syracuse.

Route 12 becomes Main Street from the north while Route 23 West runs about a block north of the Fairgrounds, then dissecting Route 12. Route 81 and Route 88 are main arterials which lead to roads to Norwich. Colgate University is just north in the town of Hamilton and Cooperstown is to the east so there is lots of summer activity in and around the city. The Exhibition Hall is not the best of venues but upwards of 50,000 folks come to the fair each year and it is also host to Car and Antique Shows which do quite well. Cathy and I think this will be a great show so call the Norwich Super 8 Motel for a special “gun show rate” of $80 immediately if you need a room; 607-336-8880.Our flier is also enclosed.

Years ago we ran a show in Herkimer, NY at the VFW Post #4915, which is basically in the downtown area. It was small, about 50 tables, which we did as a two day event. We are back but for a Saturday only show on June 7, with Friday set up and open for a few hours Friday evening. The auxiliary will have a great snack bar. Best hotel will be the Herkimer motel but pricey. Remington Arms Company and Museum is a few miles east in Ilion and most folks in the show area work there and bring in their guns to sell or trade. Nice little show and back on our schedule; again, flier is enclosed.

For August we have already told you about Old Forge on August *1, 2, 3 at the Hiltebrant Recreation Center, also of Saratoga Springs at the City Center on August *22, 23, 24 and have presented these fliers to exhibitors who were at our March Saratoga Show. You can download any of our fliers from our gun show page at for details or pick one up at any of our shows. For both of these I urge you to make your motel reservations early.

Folks have been asking me for a show on Labor Day weekend and we have scheduled one in Newburgh again at Ice Time on August *29, 30, 31 with Labor Day that Monday, September 1st. I think it will be a great event on a really unused time period. Last fling weekend before readying for the school year, a few weeks before hunting seasons open and usually the beginning of that nip in the air, which stirs the male instinct to buy guns! Again, we’re looking forward to these Newburgh Gun Shows and all the other events we have worked out for our NEACA members and exhibitors.

And we are working on more! However, we have made an error on what we thought was to be a good show in Watertown, NY. I put out the date of August *8, 9, 10 but there seems to be some difficulty now with that show; we will advise you of its progress, in the mean time, the show is on hold and we are looking at a new date. Hey, even the best of us make an occasional error, that’s why the eraser was invented!

In all, so far we have a good schedule and are working on the rest of 2014 and the future. But, please take this to heart; the first Newburgh show to be scheduled in years is only a month away. We plan on getting the people to the show and we want them coming to a full 225 table event of good gun dealers. I’ve already turned down dealers with items that I’ve deemed as inappropriate for a gun show. We are spending lots of time and money on this show and we hope you all will realize that Newburgh is only one hour north of ten million people; another million are within a 25 mile radius and the show is so easy to get to it’s scary! We are asking all of you to send your applications in today so we can use this new show to kick off the rest of our great summer 2014 schedule right through Labor Day!

Thanks to you all, Cathy & Dave

February 20, 2014

Friends, Members and Exhibitors,

Our recent January Arms Fair at the Saratoga City Center was definitely a great show; it is now rivaling our March event, which is coming in just a few short weeks. I heard no complaints from any of our exhibitors about their sales at the show. Our attendance exceeded 3000 and included buyers, not just “lookers”.

I personally had a great selling and buying event and I hope all of you did as well. With my high prices I figure I just “soften up” your customers as they make their way around the room. Incidentally, it doesn’t really matter where you are set up at Saratoga – all of the tables get viewed, especially when we have our two doors open to take care of the long lines. Folks travel down the aisles of both ends and the middle when they come in, I’ve watched them – there is no real traffic pattern!   Don’t worry about jockeying for position within the show – as a matter of fact, I see a lot of people head for the bathrooms on the far wall as soon as they come through one of the front entrances. From there, who knows?

For Saratoga we have our March 15, 16 show coming up and we have a flier enclosed. We are about half sold out with deposits and a lot of promises so get your applications in as soon as you can if you want space at our show. There are only 4 or 5 wall tables left. I know we will have a great crowd of buyers for our March event. Our date for the summer show is August 23 & 24 so make your reservations for hotels as soon as possible – you all know Saratoga gets full and expensive during the Racing season.

As you all know, this winter weather has been horrendous but we usually have a fairly nice weekend for our March show. I’m writing this letter as I’m looking outside at 6 foot or higher piles of snow; man, just like the old days! I’d go out and build a snow man but the damn snow is way too dry, easy to shovel though. Speaking of which, I can’t remember when I’ve shoveled as much as this year.

Not only snow but the cold! I run through about 300 gallons of oil every week or so at the shop – at more or less $4.00 a gallon. I can see why a lot of people simply don’t have the extra cash to buy anything but necessities. Good for us, a lot of folks think guns and ammo are becoming more necessary every week. Perhaps all are readying for the Revolution.

All our economy needs is for the folks to have more cash to spend; the easy way is to have lower taxes. My granddaughter just had to pay over $100 in taxes on a little over $2000 in 2013 wages. As a full time student living at home, it should have been zero! Where is the incentive to work?

Of course if we can produce more oil, which we are, and refine it here, oil prices for Americans could go down. If oil producers are required to sell oil in the US at $1.00 per gallon – as it should be, or less – that would free up an awful lot of expendable consumer cash. Our oil should only be for export after we use our fill. Venezuelans and Iranians pay under 50 cents a gallon; I’m willing to give the oil barons twice that but only export oil after we get what we need. Our economy can be fixed if the policy makers want to fix it. Expansion and new jobs would be right around that illusive corner if they only took some initiative.

Now, while I’m on that subject of initiative, we here at NEACA and C & D Petronis, Inc. are always exploring new ideas or projects and we are working on a few right now. When the time is appropriate we will always inform the membership first, generally by our website at and then by mail. If you haven’t visited our site you have been missing some info and also our extensive sale pages of merchandise. If any of you have ideas that you would like to share, we are here to listen. If you have a good location for a new show, either in or out of NY State, we are here to consider it. Call us at 518-664-9743.

One reminder at this point; our shows are for the membership to enjoy and participate in. Even if you as an individual want to take a table as an occasional occurrence, once or twice a year, like a garage sale, we do not require a sales tax number for NEACA Members on that basis. If you are engaged “in the business”, as they say, then we do. Our shows are a great place to move some of that unwanted or no longer needed stuff! As we say in our commercials, “Check your garage, attic and cluttered closets for any and all outdoor sporting equipment, vintage fishing or hunting items and any old military souvenirs and bring them to our show!”

As for other events this year we are working on a Lake George Forum contract for May 17 & 18, same time as last year. We’ve had many inquiries about this show from attendees and exhibitors and are trying very hard to get this together; keep that date open.

Also, we have our normal date for Old Forge on August 2 & 3 so get your motel reservations in early; this is the weekend right after their annual antique show. We are considering Utica in their only available time period, June, however rent has increased considerably as well as all their other expenses; at this point we simply don’t know. We are pursuing the Herkimer, Frankfort area for a show as well as Watertown, probably in August. Know that we are always working on things that will be enjoyable and profitable for our members.

Thanks again for all your continued support, Cathy & Dave Petronis.

November 18, 2013

Members & Exhibitors,

October was such a busy month for us and it seems the old adage of “my how time flies” has now taken most of November. Autumn is our favorite time of year but Cathy and I are amazed at how fast the season disappeared. Winter is coming and yet the temperature is near 62 degrees this fine morning. But the cold front is moving in and the Christmas Season will soon be arriving. Many of you had asked us for a December show and we put one together at the Forum in Lake George on December 21 & 22. That is the only time we could fit one into the regional show schedule. Yes, there are other shows on that weekend but there were closer and more established shows on the other December weekends. The Forum was available and we have our flyer enclosed.

I have about 40 tables committed so far, without sending out this mailing but I would need at least 100 tables sold to go through with this show. So, I need you to call me as soon as you can if you can participate at Lake George. If you plan on taking tables, note that we have kept a very low rate of $60 for NEACA members for this fairly expensive venue. We have also arranged for a best room rate at the Holiday Inn across the street, where we have been promoting our Winter Carnival show, of $79 plus tax for this very attractive hotel. You must ask for the NEACA Gun Show rate and call 518-664-5781. We can also use a room for a “holiday turkey dinner” for about 40 people at around $20 - $23 per person. If you want us to pursue that we would also need to know as soon as possible. We still have a whole month to get this going and get our advertising out and post card mailing plus internet blitz with emails. Call us ASAP because the folks in this area want this show. I also need a couple of guys for security overnight.

We have another show at the Forum planned for late May as we did last year. I am having trouble with a date for the AUD in Utica in April but we are still following through on that. Will let you all know when something is finalized. In this day of computer and twenty-first century technology, it is important that we have your email address. If you have a Face Book page or Twitter your friends, you should let us know so we can contact you with up to the minute information. If any of you do not have a smart phone with emails or a computer with a web page, you are missing out on a whole new world out there. Get into the world of fast communication but still keep your old world values.

We are always working on new things or new shows and will always put important information on our own web site at If you haven’t visited, you should. We are looking at a new venue in the North Country, checking places in the Hudson Valley and southern tier, as well as other locations for quality events. Think you know of a promising location? Call us. Our flier for the Saratoga Springs Arms Fair on January 11 & 12, is also enclosed. We do have a full schedule of four shows at the City Center for 2014. Our January show will again be a great event, we will sell out, get your application in now if you expect your same table locations. We can accept a one table deposit, as usual, with balance paid two weeks prior to the show if you want your member discount. We will not collect balances at the show; we can also take credit cards at a 4% added fee. Any extra tables sold at the show on Friday, if any are still available will be cash only and only paid prior to set-up. Cancellation made two weeks ahead of time will warrant a refund but any cancellation after two weeks made for sickness, breakdown, etc., a table credit may be given at our discretion.

I am confident you all know I was stuck with the cost of four wall tables when an exhibitor was irritated he could not get in before 2 PM on Friday. Anyone let in early is at my discretion and for the good of the show. I do not play favorites but may make a “good for show” decision. All promoters have that option and use it from time to time. Again, if you want your same tables send in now; if you want the discounted NEACA Member rate, as is stated on our flyer, pay balances two weeks in advance. On the end of that sentence was a “period.” Cathy and I are getting much too old for the bull crap that goes on.

Our upcoming Saratoga schedule is as follows; March 15, 16 as is usual and is against the Baltimore show which moved to the third weekend when they moved from the Armory. Our March event is always sold out. We have agreed to stay on the Travers Race (Saturday the 23rd of August) because of the high rollers in town that weekend. So, August 23, 24, 2014. We were thinking of moving to the Weekend before but are looking at another show venue for that. I would make hotel reservations now!

The fall show is scheduled for November 22, 23, the week before Thanksgiving, it was the only date available not taken up by a convention. Remember, the City Center has always given preference to conventions; they take more hotel rooms and supposedly spend more money in restaurants. Their focus is to bring more tax money into Saratoga and this past year was a record breaker with hotels and motels at near 90% occupancy. Saratoga Springs is always busy and Saratoga County is still the fastest growing in New York State and with the least amount of taxes. Per capita income is high as is education while the job market is low as for unemployment and becoming more technology based with our new computer chip plant in Malta, Global Foundries.

As I’ve always said, Saratoga is the place to be, any time! And we have a fantastic gaming Racino within a half mile of our show. Our exhibitors can be treated to a great deal of amenities from year round horse racing and gaming, quality restaurants and shopping, or tournament golf courses. Stay an extra day and really enjoy our area. Along with our Arms Fair, which has been continually running for thirty years, there are also museums, historic places and even the battlefield that changed the course of history.

We hope to see you all in Lake George, another truly fantastic area, on December 21 & 22 and in Saratoga Springs for our January 11 & 12 Arms Fair. We gained a huge amount of great local and national press with the recent visit to our show by Gabby Giffords and her astronaut husband Mark Kelly. While at other shows that Cathy and I visited, numerous dealers and public came over to shake my hand and wish us well for a job well done in promoting our shows and the gun collecting field in general.

We are proud of our Saratoga Shows and of our NEACA members who make these events happen and always shed good light on the gun owning fraternity we belong to. Gabby and Mark sent a note to us thanking you all for showing them a wonderful visit.

We thank you also. Cathy & Dave

September 20, 2013

Members & Exhibitors,

This is the time of year which stirs that primeval urge in most of us; whether you are a leaf peeper, hiker or hunter, these crisp mornings and sunny cool days awaken that hidden spirit within. With me, living on the Hudson River, I see the gathering of geese and ducks readying for their winter migration; just like all of us who will reap the fall harvests as we prepare to settle in for those cold winter nights. I love this time of year.

The urge to prepare and harvest also brings the larger crowds to our gun shows, hopefully to our next NEACA Arms Fair at the Saratoga Springs City Center for those hunting enthusiasts who want new guns and accessories for the upcoming fall season. These hunters and gatherers will come to browse and shop for something new or familiar; theirs is a ritual of renewal, an indulgence of passing from summer to fall. This ritual of the hunt is stirred by the smells of cool, north breezes and sightings of changing colors in those alluring mountains and woodlands. And my purpose is to direct those with primal urges into Saratoga on October 12 & 13 so as to satisfy the needs and wants of those awakened spirits.

“Build it and they will come,” is my “Promote it and they will be there!” Again, we have 50,000 watts of air waves urging folks from Utica to Vermont and Glens Falls to Kingston and beyond, via WGY radio, to come to Saratoga. The news on CBS, channel six, will direct the folks that their needs will be met if they come to Saratoga. For the folks who still read, they can see why, where and how to get to Saratoga just by opening their daily or weekly newspaper. Even the internet savvy people can learn that they too, can come to our Saratoga Arms Fair on October 12 & 13, just by clicking on their emails or favorite websites. And, if they were prior visitors to any of our NEACA Shows, they already know of October or will be reminded with their own personal discount coupon by US mail. If you all can help me by posting a flyer, telling your friends and emailing your contacts about our show, possibly – but not assuredly – the one person who is living under that rock may even get the message!

Friends, I wrote all that above to try to impress upon you that we certainly try our very best, for each and every show, to reach out to the public and present our Arms Fair to them. And I know a lot of you members and exhibitors do promote our shows. Sometimes I wonder, however, how people can come in and tell me – at the show, mind you, -- “I didn’t know about it. Did you advertise? I only saw it on _____.” Then I smile, scratch my head, and direct them to fill out a door prize coupon – maybe win some cash to spend with you dealers at the show – and tell them I use it for my direct mailing list. Just remember, we try very hard to bring as many people past your tables as we can – I also have a good incentive, I tend to earn money with that effort. More the Merrier!

Another point in writing is that it seems these past summer shows, including September, and no matter where, public attendance has been fairly light, and so have gun sales. Even ammo sales are down somewhat. The hoarding may have peaked but now, with the hunting season beginning, the actual need may now be kicking in. There are still shortages of key ammo calibers and even components for re-loading. I suggest you bring some of your un-needed hunting ammo or re-loading supplies with you. Hunting accessories, knives and cleaning supplies are also now in need.

As for collector guns, antiques, vintage sporting goods and militaria, they will always be sought after and still are. The only problem is that disposable income is not as disposable as it once was; the folks who collect these things are getting tighter with their money. As with other household items, not that I include our wares in that category, prices may have to be discounted a little. Even collectors still enjoy a good deal now and then! Even I, the guru of quality and high-prices, have (dare I say it) lowered a price here and there. What Obama has wrought I hope we can put asunder.

But, the internet is still good, folks with cash still do spend it; all is not lost because that 1% bracket, of which we mostly all belong, still deal between our own. So, Saratoga should still be the place to be, anytime, including our show this October 12 & 13. View our website at

As many of you know, our New York State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, was at our last Saratoga Show in August. He was very cordial to Cathy and I and also to our Arms Fair in general. I was very pleased with his visit and encouraged by his enthusiasm for our show. As he walked around and I introduced him to a variety of exhibitors he was truly impressed with our event. I was also very proud of you all for showing him and his entourage respect and civility. He commented on Channel 13 News on how well run our show was, how Cathy and I were prominent in this show business and how pleased he was that we were leading the way for future shows. He also said that “gun shows are the safest place to buy a gun in NY State” – on camera – and that “you” should consider attending one. Also, he commented that there would be another here in Saratoga in October. Whether he plans on attending, I haven’t heard but I look forward to another visit. Maybe he’ll bring some of his friends and start collecting guns and knives!

Attorney General Schneiderman and his staff have learned a lot about gun shows in general and I hope to help him learn more thru his visits to Saratoga. I personally have come to view him as a reasonable man and have created a mutual understanding with him as to where ours and all NY State guns shows fit into the overall plan of safety for New York residents. His view that gun shows are the safest place to buy a gun in New York State is a long road from ten subpoenas nearly two years ago. I look forward to working with the AG in the future and guiding him into our world of gun ownership and gun collecting.

And yes, we are alive and well in Saratoga for the future. Our upcoming flyer is included. You can see we have dates and contracts at the City Center for January 11 & 12 and March 15 & 16 in 2014. I haven’t finalized our August or fall dates as of yet but will do so soon. We are also working on the rest or our 2014 schedule which we will have ready in a month or so. New things are always in the plans. If you want us to look into particular venues for shows, let us know. If there are some things we should drop or change or try to create, in your view, let us know.

Cathy and I, as always, look forward to seeing all of our friends in Saratoga next month, and to enjoying this wonderful upcoming fall season. Maybe we’ll even get to go hunting!

Sincerely, Dave Petronis

May 27, 2013

Dear NEACA Members and Exhibitors,

I hope all of you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and that each of you took time out to honor all of our veterans, those fallen, those still enjoying their lives and those who still protect us and country today. I am sure I am writing to the choir and to the many veterans among our own ranks. God bless them and you all.

Today is bright and sunny and this weekend traditionally ushers in the summer season. However, this past week the weather has been horrendous; we should have hosted our Lake George Arms Fair this weekend when tourists and locals would have been grateful to get out of the rain, wind and cold! Who knew?

Our Gun Show at the Forum was a great looking event; new dealers and old friends combined to give the attendee something for everyone to see, haggle over and buy. Unfortunately the great weather of our show weekend took its’ toll on customers. We did excessive advertising, as most everyone knows, but it just came up short. We saw half of what we expected in attendance and now NEACA still is looking at the bills coming in. Too bad we can’t control Mother Nature.

Even though our crowd was light, I believe the Arms Fair at the Forum has a future, word will get out that it was the place to go for a very good show and venue; and we had nearly as many tables as Saratoga. We will do it again – same time frame, same place next year, I hope all of you exhibitors agree.

In just a couple of weeks we will be at the Utica Memorial Auditorium, commonly known as the AUD, in Utica, NY and most all of you already have your fliers and many of you have sent in for tables. We have had decent spring shows there before, this June & & 9 is the same time as last year. We have a special rate at the Hotel Utica of $99.00 with free hot breakfast; their phone is 315-724-7829; BUT make sure you mention the NEACA Gun Show. Other motels in the area are the Red Roof Inn, 315-724-7128; Super 8, 315-797-0964; Best Western, 315-732-4121; Days Inn, 315-797-8743; Hampton Inn, 315-733-1200 plus others. A current flier is enclosed for you to send in or to post in a prominent location; 4000 post cards are being sent this week to area attendees. Radio begins the week of the show. I hope to see you there in August.

Also enclosed is our flier for August *2, 3 & 4 in Old Forge. On reviewing all of our past shows there we find the attendance to be the greatest on our August weekend but it is also the most expensive for motels. I know most of you combine a little vacation time along with our Arms Fair so I suggest you contact motels as soon as possible; it is very difficult for us to get a deal but we are trying. A lot of us stayed at the Country Club Motel last August, which was very clean and comfortable. In looking over my own sales and purchases, this show has been pretty good. Cathy and I like the area, enjoying the ride through the Adirondacks and the combination of quaint and busy activity of Old Forge. Hope to see you there.

And yes, our Arms Fair in Saratoga Springs, NY at the City Center is still alive and well; and our August weekend is the usual on August *23, 24 & 25. I have been writing a Blog for the Times Union on Guns and I moderate comments; time consuming but also good advertising. If you wish to view it simply go to the and view or participate in the pro and con discussion.

The August flier is enclosed and offers you the upcoming show dates for 2013 & 2014. We still need to make a decision on August 2014 of whether to move off the Travers Horse Race weekend so we can ease up on hotels and parking; will let you know. The 2014 fall date is also a bit elusive because of all the convention times and hunting season openings but we will work it all out. Please make your hotel reservations for August as soon as you can and send in a one table deposit for the show so we know you are coming.

The August Arms Fair will undoubtedly be picketed again and will draw out the radio and TV media. The antis want our show cancelled so to counter act we also want as much participation as we can get both from exhibitors and NEACA members. Mark your calendars because you all know Saratoga is the place to be!

We still have a push on memberships, whether keeping the members we have by renewing or signing up new members into our New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates, or NEACA, Inc. We know we are a bit more expensive than some groups but also offer more shows, thereby more times to save money through membership. By being a member you are also showing your support for what we try to do and accomplish. We are a fraternity of like minded individuals and through our Association we can and do help individual members; perhaps with nothing more than being able to contact one another through a call to our office.

While we are in Utica at the AUD some of our associates will be in Stillwater, NY at a Second Amendment Rally. It is being held on Saturday June 8, 1PM through fireworks at 9:00 at the Admirals Marina. There will be food and drink while speakers promote our Second Amendment Rights and rally up some cash to further the cause for Liberty and Freedom. NEACA will be present with a booth seeking new members or renewals while raffling off a few guns for the attendees. If you can’t make Utica, try to make this rally.

Ending on a sad note, an icon in this business, Norm Flayderman passed away Saturday,  May 25.  

Sincerely, Cathy & Dave

April 11, 2013

Dear Members & Exhibitors,

Our March show at the Saratoga Springs City Center was back to typical, which usually was looked upon as pretty darn good, but comparing it to the phenomenal show we had in January, March was a little over half. January was the “perfect storm” show as I heard from several vendors; now we are back to normal.

Well, business actually, is pretty far from normal; dealers are still looking for more gun inventory and ammo is getting very scarce, and expensive. I really can’t believe what I am selling .22 ammunition for, it is insane! The thing is, if I sell ammo cheaper, the buyer becomes the re-seller and gets a middle-man status; a new dealer without a license. I am still pretty well stocked with guns and ammo but even my shelves are starting to become bare.

My advice to all is to buy used guns and even antiques; they may end up to be sleepers in this “new” New York economy. Our Saratoga County Sheriff has received permission to hire a new clerk for pistol permit processing because of the back log – August of 2014 is now the target date for completing new applicants; again, insane! Everybody seems to either want a gun or at least, another gun – and, of course, ammo is being hoarded and even surplus ammo cans are getting more expensive and harder to find. Business for us gun guys is pretty good but remember, taxes are up, oil and gas are still high, take-home pay is less and the economy still sucks. The gun boom will last but I personally believe the overall recession is still here. Those bulls on Wall Street will eventually drop their shit on the real folks below; I say prepare yourself while you can, the shit will hit the fan.

But, all the gun shows seem to be strong or at least holding their own. Analyzing our year to year shows we find attendance is well up but costs are rising too. A lot of solid shows have been cancelled because the venues have rescinded contracts and there might just be a trend here you just don’t like. All of my locations are rock-solid and pro-gun, but you see what happened at the SportsPlex of Halfmoon. Even after “they reached out first” for a gun show promoter some years ago, they now don’t want involvement with gun shows. So, things can change at any time. I, personally, would not want to be in a position of needing a contract for State owned property.

However, we have moved our Clifton Park “cancelled” Arms Fair to where we are wanted, to the Forum in Lake George. This is a modern facility, drive-in capability for unloading, can fit over 300 tables and is well lighted. They have heat and AC plus a restaurant, bar and lounge – they also own a small motel next door and there are many others in Lake George, several motels across the street. If you want to stay in their typical Mom and Pop Motel, the Villager, call the Forum at 518-668-2200 for a double room at $59.00 and be able to walk to the show!

The Super 8, again just across the street, walk-able, has offered our NEACA Arms Fair dealers a rate of $71 standard or $74 for a king room; 518-668-2470. The Holiday Inn, where we hold our Winter Carnival Gun Show, has a rate of $99, plus they have suites for more, 518-668-5781. Most of Lake George comes alive for this show weekend of May 17, 18 & 19; this being the same weekend we had scheduled for Clifton Park. It is also a Canadian weekend holiday and many Canadians flock to Lake George; Memorial Day is the following weekend. We also have a pdf of other motels and rates on our Gun Show pages at

The Lake George Forum show application is enclosed, and I urge you to support this event, and send it in as soon as possible. The people who attend our shows are loyal supporters and will come to the Forum. We do have new exhibitors but we have lost others this past year; Cathy and I hope each of you will seek a new exhibitor to come to all of our events. Believe me, this show business isn’t getting any easier; we need your help to keep our shows full and vibrant.

So, May is for the Forum in Lake George and June 7, 8 & 9, is for the AUD in Utica. Most of you have been asking us about this show and now we have it – same time as last year – so, again, we urge you to support this show. The AUD Director and staff are all gun rights supporters and do what they can for us – send your enclosed application in as soon as possible. Remember, sign the reverse! We do have a special room rate at the Hotel Utica, again with free breakfast, large rooms as you know, for $94. They went up by $5 over the past years. This most certainly is a beautiful hotel with some new management and we do stay there, call early, 315-223-4146.

We do not have anything in July; if, any of you think we should?? But we are back at Old Forge Rec. Center on August 3 & 4 and Saratoga for our annual Racing Season Arms Fair on August 24, 25 & 26. As you know, motels are expensive and fill up fast, so make your reservations for those weekends as soon as possible. If we can secure any specials, you can always change motels. We highly doubt there will be any August deals, “Saratoga is always the place to be,” for everyone, it seems. Let us know you’re coming, send in your application. We are in process of other scheduling.

As I write this, the Senate is debating new gun regulations, specifically; all gun shows will require background checks, among other new things. Let us remember in November who supports us today; and don’t forget your School Board in May. Ask your candidates what their position is on “no tolerance” rules on guns and pictures; or whether they would support bringing back “gun safety programs” to schools or even shooting teams for the “geeks and loners” who are smart kids but not interested in being a jock on the football team. Our laws and governance, usually starts locally, in our home towns; the “grass roots” spread to counties and the State, but begin at home. Yes, most politics is local but ends up in the US Senate. Let’s watch the news coming from Washington, DC that may well change the way we do business and how we enjoy our Freedom. Watch who supports the Second Amendment and remember that outcome for the future.

Please support us and our shows now, send in those applications, and be sure you and your friends are registered to vote. Let us hope we can continue being Americans as Americans. God helps those who help themselves.

Sincerely, Cathy & Dave

February 14, 2013

Members and Exhibitors,

Our mid January Arms Fair was a little over a month ago at the Saratoga City Center but we are still getting emails, phone calls and visits in the shop showing support for us and for the show. We are definitely humbled by the overwhelming support we’ve received. The people have spoken loud and clear; the Second Amendment shall not be infringed!

Those of you who were at the show saw firsthand the people who attended; many who stood in line were willing to just pay the admission if someone walked outside with a bucket. It didn’t matter whether they came in they were there for support. But when they came in they bought. Many dealers said it was the “best show ever, anywhere.” Individual dealers sold guns numbering in the 30’s and 40’s. Knives, surplus, accessories, you name it and it sold at Saratoga. We’ve hired the protestors for this March also! They don’t seem to want to give up their losing cause so we’ll see if the media wants to cover another story about gun laws and pro-gun patriots.

Those dealers at the January show received fliers for March but this is the first mailing. At this point we have about 35 tables open. So with this mailing our show should be close to being sold out. Please don’t wait till the last minute. It should be another great show because there were a lot of regulars who didn’t want to wait in line until 3:30 Saturday afternoon to get in but they want to come to this Saratoga Arms Fair to buy.

We are also mailing out 6000 post cards seeking new memberships along with the announcement of our upcoming shows. We’ve taken a lot of new memberships during the last show because of the long wait in line. Our membership numbers about 1500 now; some people have dropped out for one reason or another, probably because we raised the rate and times are tough. But we’d love to have all of you back. It’s still a good deal, we give generous discounts on tables and even if you don’t set up, you get into our shows free and early plus we have a spousal and junior discounted rate.   And all you current members, perhaps you could mention to your friends about our early VIP entrance with a NEACA membership.

Basically this letter is dedicated to our Saratoga Shows and especially for the next one on March 15, 16 & 17. Hopefully, for the exhibitors it will be as green as our January show was because we’ll also be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s show the liberals what green really means, commeraderie and earning green-backs!

We do have to remind you all that our winter show at the Lake George Holiday Inn Resort is only a couple of weeks away, on Saturday March 2nd ; always a nice little show with lots of activity, also a real fine seafood buffet on Friday evening. Ask for their best hotel room rate if you want to enjoy a weekend along with making some money. Still a few tables left to sell, again, our first mailing.

As you may have seen, I have been vocal and quite popular with the media since December; it never seems to end. Cathy has also done her own share of interviews about our gun shows, the busy gun shop activity and also with media inquiries about the affects on both of our businesses with passage of the NY Safe Act.  

What a joke … Safe Act! For criminals I suppose they now feel safer mugging us or robbing unguarded homes. As for New Yorkers, I see it more like the NY Rape Act! We are stripped to the bare bones of our guns and ammunition, looked upon as criminals and potential terrorists, will live under constant scrutiny for what we legally purchase and are demonized for being the good guys who already passed all the checks. Turning the cream of the crop of NY residents, into targets for future government scrutiny sure feels like, if not rape, at least a good kick in the groin! I wonder when the bounty will be offered to neighbors for turning in illegal gun transactions or cartridge hording.

Hopefully, the ridiculous portions of this “Safe Act” will either be overturned by the courts through law suits or be reconciled in the State House Chambers where recently a lot of Republicans showed their true animal counterpart, not the strong and grand elephant but rather the rhino, an endangered species in the wild; let’s make RHINOS non-existent in our governing body.

Keep the faith, keep watch on who you voted for and get all your friends and family to register. School boards are coming up for election in May, as usual, so start your questioning now with how those candidates feel about the ridiculous “no tolerance” policy in schools about guns and if they know their historical place in American culture. It is time to take back our Country! Hope to see you all soon in Lake George and in Saratoga.


Cathy & Dave

December 2, 2012

Dear Members and Exhibitors,

Our end of year letter wishing you all a very fine holiday season is a bit late because we have been extremely busy this past November. But, first thing to do is wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Cathy and I don’t shop where we don’t hear the bells jingle and the Christmas jargon wished so again, it is the reason for the season, Merry Christmas!

Cathy and I have always enjoyed this Christmas season, in fact, it appears that Cathy was specifically created to give me joy and keep the economy running for the rest of humanity. I do have to admit though, the money she saves me when she goes “Sale” shopping can keep a family of four afloat for nearly a year! At the Lenox Warehouse sale last month Cathy saved me over $5000; it says so right on the receipt!

I won’t tell you how many years ago it was but, on the same date I am penning this letter, I was visiting my new daughter, Denise, fresh into this wonderful new world. I just called her from the Allentown Gun Show and sang her “Happy Birthday” melody! Cathy and I are set-up at the Gun Show and experiencing the weak sales of antiques and strong action of Camo and ammo. A sign of the times, I’m afraid, and this just a few weeks after another Obamanation and ridiculous Republican loss of the Presidency and the Senate.

After working with the Attorney General’s office for most of this past year I have agreed to and signed an Assurance of Discontinuance, which brings our NEACA subpoena to a close. The Assistant New York State Attorney General, Debra Martin, based in Rochester, New York has written new rules, which all New York State Gun Shows must adhere to in the future or face criminal prosecution. “Whereas the Attorney General advocates a rigorous enforcement of the Gun Show Law and the implementation of the procedures set forth in the AOD at gun shows throughout the state.” I have worked with her to get the most reasonable regulations I could live with and brought the matter to a close while also informing the AG of how gun shows and regulations work in the real world. The new rules are not unreasonable and I will have all posted on our website.

Basically they state, if you are selling guns at New York State shows, you must post a sign on your table stating all buyers must go through a NICS check. And that all guns coming into shows must have a tag identifying firearms to owner and must either leave with the same tag or further information that the gun was sold or transferred by an FFL dealer through the NICS check system. If any of you consider that identifying your buyer as one who can and will pass the NICS check is too much to ask, or that an individual does not need to comply with this regulation, please go to other shows – not ones NEACA runs and promotes.

We have always obeyed all the State and Federal laws in our firearms dealings and at the NEACA shows we promote. In the AOD I signed the wording by the AG was “alleged” and the response by NEACA was that “we deny”. I wish to thank all of you who do and have obeyed the rules and know these additional few will not interfere with our safe, lawful and enjoyable participation in our future endeavors. Also, thanks to all who have supported NEACA with calls and letters, some will be posted on

With that, let us get on with 2013! The post card copy on this mailer has all our Saratoga Arms Fair dates, pass the “dollar off coupon” on to a friend or customer. All of these dates are Jan. 11, 12, 13; March 15, 16, 17; August 23, 24, 25; and October 11, 12, 13, 2013. If you sign up for all of our Saratoga dates by giving us a one table deposit for all four shows before January 1st, 2012 we are going to give you an additional FREE table at our October Saratoga Arms Fair; same rates.

This deal is for two main reasons; you should know where you are going and be able to promote your participation in our shows and we will know who is coming and be able to use your name (if you wish) in our promotions and be able to focus on other dealers to fill the show holes and on advertising to the public. That is how the show business works; make use of the system and save money while promoting your business.

As most of you may know, Cathy and I are getting older and age is catching up; we get tired! So, we were looking to sell or partner with some of our shows, a few folks have responded but no deals have been made as yet. I am also considering keeping it “in the family” and having my sons and daughter take care of some of the business. We’ll see what develops; NEACA is not going out of the show business.

But, again, we don’t want to put time, money and energy into events that are not reaching their potential – build them or forget them. Saratoga is here to stay – after 30 years of work, ours is a great event. Fill out the flyer and send it in – signed! Want a deal; send a table deposit for the next three Saratoga Shows at the same time! All of our other events are up to you dealers to support or not support. If we don’t have your commitment to these other shows we will simply delete them from our schedule. I want calls, emails, letters or deposits from all of you who will be supporting these 2013 events – and we need to know by mid January who wants tables at the following shows. If you respond, we will have and promote the shows.

Lake George at the Holiday Inn Resort, March 2, Saturday, our flyer is enclosed. Our best date for what still could be the best show in the State is May 18 & 19 at the SportsPlex of Halfmoon in Clifton Park. If past results remain the same we will have a minimum of 300 tables but room for over 700. Are you coming and how many tables at minimum will you order and pay for? Member tables are 8’ at $67.00. We will limit this to one event until we build May to nearly a full show.

We have tried various dates at Old Forge and it looks like our best time is the late fall and the end of September or first weekend in October is going to be our only date scheduled there at the Hiltebrant Recreation Center. Which is best for you guys? Any hotel deals can only be made if I show how many rooms I need so tell me now if you will be coming to fill at least a 150 table show in Old Forge, NY.

We are working on several others but don’t have confirmed dates for this letter. BUT, we need to know by mid January if you want tables at any or all of our NEACA events – if we don’t know that you are coming then you may be the reason we cancel the show. Don’t leave it up to the other guy to commit and then if you feel like it maybe you’ll call for a deal. There won’t be any deals because there won’t be any NEACA show! Remember – Cathy and I are getting tired and my kids aren’t about to work for nothing! If I can get them or someone else to work at all! In this new world people don’t have to work, Obama will take care of them.

This is still a great and Merry Holiday Season but there may be a new world that awaits us in 2013 – that is if there still is a world after December 21st, remember the Mayans! The business climate may change, taxes are going up, unemployment may not be remedied and more gun laws could be passed! We conservatives have at least two years to endure this Obamanation so try to take a deep breath, enjoy this Holiday Season and let us all look forward to the hope we were promised. Get back to the basics and we will endure. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Sincerely, Cathy & Dave

September 9, 2012

Members & Exhibitors,

Wow, my mind is reeling with the various topics to write about for a lead-in to my normal requests about sending in your application for our upcoming NEACA gun shows. But I know most of you, as exhibitors or show goers, want only to hear about making money, saving on expenses or getting a deal!

So what, that in a couple of days the eleventh anniversary of planes hitting the twin towers will make us remember September 11th, 2001. A tragic day in American history, most of us know exactly where we were and what we were doing on that sunlit morning rivaling December 7, 1941, a day that will also live in infamy. You might ask, however, will remembrance quell my need at making a living? Probably not.

Both presidential conventions are now over and in less than two months we’ll see the outcome of our election; stay the course we are on or turn a new page in American politics. Continue with hope that things will change or change things with Romney and hope that better days are inevitable. Will reviewing the past and considering what the elections might bring change the amount of money we can bank? If Romney wins, I certainly hope so.

Or, what about reporting that shops are slow and shows are hit or miss affairs, will that knowledge make us book the next weekend event or think about staying home to save money? Some of my distributors have acknowledged shop sales are down and some show dealers have sold zero guns, not good news for us. Now what to do?

Well, I’ll tell you; dust off the proverbs and pick up your boot straps; as Americans we know how to work, we know what to do and we know how to win! When the going gets tough – the tough get going. When things look bleak the dawn always follows a storm. When you think you’ve come to the end of your rope, I say, tie a knot and hang on! We always rise to the occasion. The rest of the world may wonder why we think we are better, no, the best but we don’t wonder, we know who we are and know what to do. We are the gun loving, justice for all, freedom fighters and God fearing Americans most of the world’s people wish they were. And we are going to buy and sell guns, ammo and goodies at our next show in Clifton Park! Send me your application today!

I am writing this in the cool breeze of a sunny Sunday morning, relaxing in my hexagonal, canopied gazebo and I just looked up – over the expanse of the Hudson River flowing past – and am watching an eagle soar on high. Is it an omen or just God’s way of letting me know all will be right with the world? Whatever the meaning, if indeed this is one, it is my job to get all of you to our next show and subsequent events.

As most of you already know, the SportsPlex of Halfmoon in Clifton Park is going to be a great show. We already hosted two there in the months of May but this is our first show there in September; it should be a much better time period for an Arms Fair and Sportsmen’s Expo. I have a page on our website for you to view the venue and for further information. My daughter Denise is checking for motel deals and I have a helper making large new roadside signs that we will be putting up this week. Our news print advertising will begin this week also, plus we are looking into TV ads to supplement our radio ads we always have. We will get the people, will you be there?

The venue is expensive and our advertising is also costly as well as needing to rent tables and chairs. Plus we always need extra help at the SportsPlex to set-up and knock-down tables, the security and now extra gun checking and parking lot attendants and on and on ~ well, the show is a lot of work but it is our job to get it done. As I always remind you all, it is your job to let me know how many tables you need as soon as possible and get your signed applications and payments to us in a timely manner. And don’t forget to spread the word about our show and talk to your friends about setting up. We always need new exhibitors.

We have filled over three hundred tables at the last two events plus ten or so draped 10’ X 10’ booths, which are $200 with one table. If any gun clubs, re-enactors or other non-profits need a booth we do have a discounted rate, please call us at 518-664-9743. As you know, we have room for about 800 eight foot tables with large aisles, so we have a long way to go to reach our potential. The public likes the place and the parking, easy to get to within a mile of Exit 9 of the Northway, Route 87. The SportsPlex is about two hours from Boston, New York City, Plattsburgh, Utica and Pennsylvania; over a million people are within 50 miles. This will be a great show but we need more exhibitors to make it work. With each of you sending in your applications and trying to get one more exhibitor to come and join us, this show can exceed 400 to 500 tables. Please try to help your NEACA show. Our flyer for Clifton Park is enclosed, September 28, 29 & 30. Use it, copy it, post it, and spread the word.

A similar venue as the SportsPlex is our Gun Show at the J. M. MacDonald Sports Complex in Cortland, NY this Columbus Day weekend of October 5, 6 & 7. We again have lots of room, great parking, easy to get to and a motel deal at the Ramada Inn. As was the case with our first show on this same holiday weekend, there will be an auction of antique farm tools and equipment on Thursday in the adjoining fairgrounds and a horse and tack show on Friday. Literally thousands of people who came to those events last year had to see our “Gun Show – Sat. & Sun.” signs. Farmers, tourists, collectors and a great many Amish folks were there and I’m sure many also visited our Gun Show. In fact, we even picked up several exhibitors from those events last year.

Cortland is a fun show; easy set-up, comfortable, well lit, plus a fine snack bar. The Ramada Inn is offering an $89 rate plus tax for a double or king room and they also boast a great restaurant, all within a mile of the show. Flyer is enclosed and I hope you fill it out and send it to us so we can order your tables. Lots to do for these shows and if you wait to the last week to let us know you are coming we can’t do our job properly. Remember, it is your job to let us know as far in advance as possible that you will be among the many great exhibitors we have at Cortland. Again, spread the word and let’s make our Cortland event one everyone will want to come to. We have a great start – let’s keep it going!

For those of you who I know will ask – no, we don’t have a date this year for Old Forge in the fall. Just not enough weekends at this time to fit in a show there in October. We will see what 2013 brings for Old Forge.

But we will be in Saratoga at the City Center this October 12, 13 & 14; always a great show place. Again, your flyer is enclosed and we are working on motel rates. Our Saratoga page on our website will have all the latest info on motels. If you haven’t been to our site with it’s a myriad of pages, you certainly have missed a lot. From words of wisdom, politics to new and collector gun sales, we have it all. Over a hundred thousand unique visitors view our pages every month – our site is almost worth you buying your first computer and getting into the 21st century.

We have no other shows scheduled for the rest of the year – though that may change – our next being in 2013 in Saratoga on January 11, 12 & 13. We are hoping to finish a lot of work on our house, rebuild the shop, visit other shows and enjoy the holidays. But if things change, you all will be first to know via our web at or my next letter for the Christmas season. Thank you all for your filled out and mailed show applications for our next three great events and good hunting out there.

Sincerely, Cathy & Dave

Friday, July 13, 2012

Dear Members and Exhibitors,

Business is usually a bit off in these lazy, hazy days of summer but with the confidence in our economy still low this season seems especially slow; seems like business in a lot of shops is bleak. Our bright spot was the recent Utica Show at the AUD. We didn’t really make any money as show promoters because the crowd was unusually light but our gun sales were very brisk. Other exhibitors also told me they had a great show; black gun sales seemed to have waned, however.

Our shop in Mechanicville is about an hour and a half away from Utica so we didn’t expect to sell handguns but, among other things we sold six and the buyers had to travel back to our shop to get them after paperwork went through. Well, every one of those customers bought another gun when they came into our store; two bought additional handguns and had to return again! Just yesterday another customer from Herkimer, who looked at a Ruger LCP pistol in Utica, finally came to buy one and now must return to pick it up. So our show was great and we made new customers; I’m glad we fit the June, Utica Show into our busy schedule.

Several weeks earlier during our May Show at the SportsPlex in Clifton Park, we had the same type of sales, though our shop is only six miles away from that event. Sales were also good at the store and more guns were sold to folks we met at the show. Our attendance there was definitely better, a lot more than our first SportsPlex Show two years ago and we ended up with about the same number of tables, a bit over 300 with a dozen or so booths. Our Clifton Park Expo is destined to become a great event, which the exhibitors acknowledged to me.

The reason I’m referring to our show sales and subsequent shop sales is to remind you all that setting up at a show is basically a form of advertisement for yourself and your shop. Those of you without store fronts naturally use your tables as your store and create customers who expect to see you in the same spot at the next show in that facility or perhaps at our next event somewhere else. This is all still advertising and one of your best little tools, other than your personality, is your business card with proper info; give out as many as you can.

With our Show Promotions our business card is our fliers for our next event or the post cards where we list multiple events so prospective customers will know where to find us and when. These are some of our best tools to keep bringing people back to our shows. Today, very few folks even read a newspaper and radio or TV are always hit or miss. If a potential prospect doesn’t listen to the station or watch the program where your ad airs, they won’t know about an upcoming event. Advertising and reaching the right people ain’t easy anymore; life styles of people have changed dramatically with the advent of the internet and smart phones. And we do use that media also.

Point is, spread our fliers and post cards around so that your customers will find you at our next show. It is one of the simplest and best ways to reach the people who matter most; ask us and we will provide.

The contents of this mailing is our attempt to reach the people who matter most to make our shows a success -- you, the exhibitors. My job is to get it all together, in partnership, your job is to let me know you are going to be there – well in advance of our show date – so my mind is on your customers and not wondering about you. Your table rents fund the overall operation to make it all happen. Our venues want big deposits up front, some want all the money 30 days in advance. Advertising media always seem to want to get paid on time or won’t run my ads or air our promotions; these bills come due constantly. The security agencies and table rental companies always seem to want their money too; I think they need to pay their help. So I need yours – both help and money!

Help is easy, simply let me know early by sending me your completed application – the money part is great if you send it all in with the app as most of you do – but I accept a one table deposit; that should not be hard for a responsible business person to do. And it is your business, these shows that you do. And most promoters want it all and some want it for the next show while you’re standing in their current show. I’d like that too, after thirty years in this business I think I deserve -- and earned -- a little respect. I try to do the best I can for you all, try to do the same for me; a little tit for tat.

Which brings us to the matter at hand; we’ve got some really good events coming up and they are starting soon with two great summer shows. First is tourist season in Old Forge on August *3, 4 & 5 and then the racing season in Saratoga on August *24, 25 & 26 where we have new dealers coming in with some great guns! We will be back in Frankfort at the VFW on Labor Day weekend for that Saturday, September 1st. VFW members will have their fine food again and we can set up as we have, the night before. This has been a fun little show with good rewards. Again, the Trapper Convention will be at the Fair Grounds on the hill (they had better watch gun sales).

On September *28, 29 & 30 we will have our first fall Gun Show at the SportsPlex in Clifton Park and it should be great! Hunting frenzy will be peaking and buyers will be seeking … guns! Find our flier and send it in; don’t forget to make hotel reservations early, the leaf peeping season takes up a lot of rooms. Then we are on to Cortland in October where again, the interest in hunting and gun shows is keen. On the same Columbus Day weekend as last year, October *5, 6 & 7; there will also be a huge tack, old tool and farm equipment auction that Thursday in the adjoining Fair Grounds with a Friday tack and horse sale and show, which brings in the Amish and farmers from all over the area. We can be open Friday evening for this crowd if you all agree.

A week before the Adirondack northern zone hunting season opens we will have our great October Saratoga Springs Arms Fair on the *12th, 13th & 14th; this is always a fine show. Again you must reserve rooms early and please send in your applications as soon as possible. So, as you can see, we have a terrific line-up of shows coming up fast. Make your plans, send in your completed applications – we again take credit cards but add $3.00 per table to cover my expense – and make all your room reservations early! See details and motel rates on our web at, Gun Show page where all pertinent information can be found.

As you know we have been involved with the NYS Attorney General who’s trying to add new rules to our gun show business. This seems to be coming to fruition very soon, all details will be available on our web but mainly it is about mandatory NICS checks, tagging guns with proper information and notifying the public through hand outs and advertising of all the gun show rules. Whatever the final outcome these rules will need to be followed but they must be reasonable. The latter is why I am personally engaging the Assistant AG I am working with. Naturally, it will cost promoters more time and money and we will be charged with the enforcement of these rules. The bright side is that ALL individuals can sell their guns at our shows and NEACA members can sell personal firearms at tables as long as NICS checks are done and proper tags or lists of guns are provided to the promoter.

One final item but very important to Cathy and I; our three wonderful children surprised us with a great party at Panza’s Restaurant on Saratoga Lake to celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary; June 30, 1962. To those of you who sent us cards and well wishes, we thank you very much. To those of you who didn’t know you can now send us your completed table applications for all our upcoming shows … and help us celebrate year 51!

Cathy & Dave

May 29, 2012

Hello to all NEACA Members and Exhibitors,

June and summer time is just ahead, which can be a slow time for our gun business if you allow it. If you still need to see cash flow and profits, you should still consider advertising and summer promotions. Cathy and I always have a store sale around Father’s Day and one of my favorite promos is my “Going Out for Business Sale”. Naturally, no one pays attention to the “for” and have to stop in!

That is what business is all about, though, simply being able to talk to people. Whether from an ad, a sign, word of mouth or however you get someone to stop in, anyway it works, gives you the opportunity to make your pitch. A good day in your shop is probably 20 – 30 people stopping by; a great day would be fifty or more. But, at a show you probably have ten times that number passing by your wares; at a great show – ten times the ten times!

And if you think about what an ad campaign costs on the radio or in the newsprint, the cost of a weekend show is minor. You may spend $500 or more for all your expenses – mine typically run $600 - $1000 for a weekend, some are much more. But you and I have the opportunity to make a very profitable sale occasionally: one that covers all the show and merchandise costs and still makes a profit. All others are the gravy. Though you must still talk and sell yourself and the product!

I’m going to let you know a little secret.   Customers buy from people they like. Years ago I trained salesmen and taught them how to “close”, or make the sale. This past Clifton Park Show I sold fifteen guns that I made profit on plus a bunch of the table fodder that acts as the gravy. And I’ll probably sell another five or so from the show. I didn’t buy a single item but met with one person who has a pretty good collection I have to visit. I sell not because I am cheaper than everyone else or have better stuff; I sell because people want to buy from me. I even sell when a buyer knows he or she can get it cheaper at another store! It happened twice last week, before the holiday. One fellow told me he didn’t care if I was $10 higher than who he just left; he wanted to buy from me!

Is that how it is with your business? Or is business in general “just bad”? Or did our show “just suck?” Or was it actually the salesman behind the product – or the table? Think about what I just wrote – I used to get paid for this advice.

Now we have one more show to round out our spring fling, Utica. Our flyer is enclosed and you have the opportunity to make a good weekend of it or simply stay home and make nothing. I always do a good business at the AUD and it is an easy and pleasurable weekend. It would be nice if it rained on one of my show dates but I can almost guarantee fantastic, beautiful weather! It rarely fails. But we still get buyers and perhaps some nice item we all wish to buy walks in. I hope you can help and support this show – naturally, it is air conditioned with easy move in and out, probably one of the best. I’ve got a real good base for table sales now, but – we also need you!

Because of a little event like our 50th Wedding Anniversary coming on June 30th we’ll take the rest of June and all of July off from the show schedule and start again with Old Forge on August 4, 5 – which looks like it is going to be a pretty full show – expensive, but very enjoyable and most profitable. Again, I need your application in, check our web for any specials on rooms.

Then we have the end of August at Saratoga, flier enclosed August 25, 26; which will also be an expensive but profitable and enjoyable show. Folks still tell me it is the best show around and our August attendees are just great as buyers. Then on Labor Day weekend we again have our little show at the Ilion/Frankfort VFW Post 502 on Saturday September 1st, again with the trapper’s convention up on the hill in the fairgrounds. I did some pretty good business at the VFW last year.

Which brings us into our Clifton Park show in September. We had scheduled a date of September 22 & 23, which is a conflict with the Rochester Show and a show in Marlboro, Mass. The following weekend at the SportsPlex was already booked but we are managing a switch to the weekend of September 29 and 30 for our event. As of this letter it is 98% certain of that date so please re-mark your calendars for our next SportsPlex of Halfmoon Arms Fair.

Back full circle from my beginning of this letter – I hope you all had a good experience with this past spring show in Clifton Park. We had just over 300 tables and booths on the floor and just under 2000 people. Not the greatest of attendance but it grew from our first show there two years ago. The beautiful weather didn’t help. I firmly believe this show will develop into one of the best around, but it does take a little time to build the dealer base and the traffic. We will get a new flier prepared, some bill board advertising for a month or so ahead, more internet exposure and more radio ads out earlier for this next September Clifton Park Show. I hope we can count on you to return – it’s the only way we can build it – with returning exhibitors.

The people in the area who came to the show said it was the best show place they have ever been to; let’s keep those thoughts in the public mind- set by also having some of the best exhibitors they can buy from. Those were true and often heard statements from the people who were there and the same was heard at our April Cortland Arms Fair. If all the dealers who were there last October showed up we would have put 200 tables on the floor.

Last month at the McDonald Sports Complex the public was again enthusiastic with the show. More of them will come this October 5, 6 & 7 for our next Cortland event, which is also Columbus Day weekend and in conjunction with a huge old & new farm equipment and horse tack auction on Thursday then market place on Friday of the show, not to mention that Cathy’s birthday is Friday the 5th. Thousands of people are literally across the street from our Gun Show signs espousing our event the next day – some wanting to come in on Friday. You should be there too! Mark those dates on your calendar and send in your application.

October 12, 13, 14 is our Fall Saratoga Springs Arms Fair at the City Center; usually, not one to miss. We moved forward a week from last year which puts us better in the NYS Hunting Season calendar; deer season will be right around the corner and hunters need things! We always have a great line-up of shows each year and we have a fantastic buying public who attend our events. I realize each and every dealer doesn’t always do well but then he has his day the next time; just the nature of the business – or perhaps even the businessman. If I can help anyone in any way you all know I am always willing to try; don’t hesitate to ask. Have a great summer and we hope to see you all at the Utica Auditorium in Utica on June 8, 9, 10, 2012.

Good Hunting, Cathy & Dave (Fifty Years !!)

April 26, 2012

Hello NEACA Members & Exhibitors,


I remember when it was a pleasure receiving mail, like you when you open one of my informational letters such as this. Seems now though that one wonders what stupidity or irritant sits in your mailbox today.

Well, my personal annoyance came yesterday when I opened my notice from the NYS Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman through his Rochester office. His letter outlined how NY State Gun Shows will operate in the future and how all exhibitors will be treated at these shows. Basically like school kids on the playground. Before I get to your impending irritant let me remind you all about the previous Gun Show problems.

You all remember the AG undercover “sting” and announcement of how they arrested ten dealers for buying or selling guns without proper NICS checks, that was back in November when we were notified of the effect. A November 30, 2011 letter informed me along with three other show promoters how we allowed illegal activity at our shows and a subpoena was issued for us to stop this. Of course, nothing happened to the “illegal dealers,” private citizens selling guns to undercover agents, probably on the way into our shows from the parking lot. But we all got cease and desist letters.

Lawyers were arranged through the NYSR&PA and NRA through a phone conference but no monetary help was given and no arrangement was made to treat this accusation as a group event, as I wished to do. So individually, each promoter had to choose what to do; I elected to go it alone without their arranged lawyers. Smart or stupid, good or bad, that was my decision; after all, I had done no wrong. You all know how I run my shows; properly, conscientiously, in good manner and lawfully.

Now, the AG has given us promoters two choices. And, I assume these same options will control whatever other events having over 50 guns (the pre-requisite of a Gun Show) and the operators of these events. Their latest letter begins with the consideration of a resolution to their investigation. It reads:

“One option is to proceed with taking your statement under oath and continuing with the collection of documents, some of which you have provided. The other option is to resolve this by having you agree to the entry of a consent Order and Judgment.”

The best part is their draft of, “The Petition referred to in the Consent.” I am asked to contact them to discuss the next step. I have been working with a pleasant lady, an Assistant AG in charge of the Rochester Regional Office and have had good conversations with her. I assume this “Consent Order and Judgment” from the People of New York by AG Schneiderman is directly from him and she is the clean-up person.

Let me say this, the “option to proceed with taking (my) statement under oath” is far more appealing than admitting wrong doing and having to sign a judgment, paying a $10,000 fine plus $2,000 in statutory costs within 30 days. And when I would do that, you really don’t want to participate in the rest! I just wrote a short article to go along with my prior Sunday Gazette story penned at the first of this year. Both are available at Dave’s World page on You all should read the whole story – but lacking the tid-bits about help not being available immediately from the supposed gun rights protectors.

Yes, I am alone and I am sticking out my neck for Gun Shows in NY State and all of you who wish to participate in them. You can help me now, monetarily and supportively, by renting as many full price tables you can afford – plus a little bit more you can’t – at our next NEACA Gun and Sportsman’s Show at the SportsPlex of Halfmoon, Clifton Park, NY. Flier is enclosed and together we can make this HUGE and profitable. I will get the people; you need to get yourself and your buddies to participate now! You may not be able to afford NOT TO DO IT!

If they get their way, this is what is in store for you as participants in NY State Shows. Naturally, we can all live with extra signs I have to post and the “For Sale/Sold” tags I produced to satisfy the AG’s initial requests. I went along as far as I can go. To meet some other requirements I may have to increase table rent. I will require a new person to hand out a full sheet of paper signage to each and every participant entering the show. I will need to post signs outside and hire someone to oversee the entire area and someone else to patrol the entire area every 30 minutes. This is so no one can be accosted by undercover agents. You will bear the cost.

After unloading and before loading, ALL participants in this show will only go through ONE door while show is open. Guards must be posted at any and all entrances and check all gun tags for NICS checks. You, my friends, will bear the cost. Unlike common knowledge, us show promoters have not become rich on gun show profits; we barely make a living while working many hours, continuously and with our heads six months to a year in the future. None of us live for today, we are all thinking about September already. Where did the summer go? Try it sometime!

I have eleven pages of legalese jargon to digest fully but so far, it doesn’t look appealing for the continuation of Gun Shows in NY State. Is that the whole intent of “Eric’s Law?” Incidentally, if you are not a FFL holder, YOU need to register all of your guns with the promoter and I must keep that list for five years, open for inspection. Sounds a bit unconstitutional, but who am I to question the Powers of the AG. You might, however, have thought the protectors of our gun rights might have caught this in the bud.

To continue, all advertising, meaning even the small ads put in myriads of newspapers under classified sections must have an additional “New State Law requires – etc.” a fifty three word statement of law; this will increase our advertising by triple or more and have no benefit to the show, but mandated expense to promoters. Exhibitors and attendees will have to pay for it through increased rent or admissions; I definitely do not want to needlessly raise either.

That 8 ½” X 11” sheet of paper stating “Eric’s Law” can’t just be printed in the thousands and used at all the shows; why? Each show also has to include the name and location of at least three dealers who can perform a NICS check. You will pay for it, again!

A promoter must ensure that “private sellers” legally transfer ownership of guns and record all guns on entry. You, as “a private seller”, exhibitors are included. But the AG has a note to that; “Note that there is no requirement that the operator allow private seller to bring guns into the gun show and it is the preferred practice that private sales be prohibited at gun shows.”

Isn’t that grand? The whole premise of the original gun show and the creation of NEACA, Inc. or New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates is that we, as private or business parties, could get together, enjoy camaraderie and enhance our own collections or dispense with items we no longer wanted. That was and still is what gun shows are! We, all of us, cannot allow the NYS Attorney General to single us out as collectors and licensed dealers into second or third class citizens or school yard children. Bullying isn’t allowed at school and will not be allowed by Eric Schneiderman!

I will continue the fight, but my God, it is time for you to get off your asses and support me in this effort. After thirty years of doing good things for all of you, I need a little help from all of you NOW. If I fall, everybody could fall. Think long and hard about the future of gun shows and where you fit into the picture. Send me your support by sending me your applications. And don’t forget to call or write to your State Senator and State Assemblymen. They are the ones who are supposed to write the laws and when they are misinterpreted as they are now, as the beginning of closing down NYS Gun shows and beginning a registration system of guns and their owners, it is time to stop and weigh in.

God bless you all and I hope I can count on your support.

David Petronis, Pres. NEACA, Inc.

DECEMBER 15, 2011

Dear Members & Exhibitors,

I was in the middle of preparing a nice, upbeat letter for our members which was about half finished. One of good cheer and best wishes for the coming Holidays, and we certainly do wish you well, but our lives here were dealt a hand that we still have to play out. Besides being asked to send our NRA recommended firearms attorney a $5000 retainer check we still have a cloud hanging over all gun shows in New York State.

If you, as gun show attendees, legitimate gun show dealers and exhibitors haven’t heard or read about the NYS Attorney General’s “sting” at gun shows, here are the basics. Though much more can be seen and read on our website; see Dave’s World page, suffice it to say, the Attorney General is out to get Gun Shows in New York State! His undercover team arrested ten “dealers” selling guns either in or “on the grounds” at some NYS gun shows; Saratoga and Greenwich turn out to be part of these dens of inequity. The General Business Law of New York State interprets that a person who brings a gun on to the grounds or into a gun show with the intent to sell or trade it, makes him/her a “dealer.” I and other show promoters have a personal subpoena to answer and show how we must and will prevent these illegal gun show sales – the “gun show loophole.” Our NYS shows are in jeopardy of extinction.

You will have firsthand experience of our continued efforts to prevent this perceived “loophole” occurring at our next show in Saratoga at the City Center this January 28 & 29 and be able to view our signage we need and do post, our tags on guns being brought in and our written notifications to “real” exhibitors who are signed up for our shows that for “all firearms sold or traded, the buyer must go through a NICS check.” I may even have additional signs posted outside and possibly at each dealer’s tables. We will comply, as we do now, and we will prevail in our right to buy and sell guns thereby insuring the existence of our shows. Our full 2012 schedule is available on the Gun Show Page at

That business aside, please send money! Our next four show fliers are enclosed; plus, Saratoga in January gives you our future show dates for the year. I have had calls from new dealers and hope to sell out. We will get a good crowd – a lot of people simply to support our right to run a gun show! I’ve had a lot of good response to that aim. It will be the first large New York show to be promoted in the Lion’s Den, so to speak. You all should be there and we will have our Friday night preview party but we need help. A few Hotel deals; Ask for “NEACA Arms Fair Rate” at all locations - Saratoga Hilton (adjoins City Ctr.) $109 ~ 888-866-3596; Marriott Courtyard, $99 ~ 518-226-0538; Hilton Garden Inn, $99 ~ 518-583-6875 (ask for Saratoga Springs Arms Fair); Holiday Inn, $89 ~ 518-584-4550: Springs Motel, $75 ~ 518-584-6336. Saratoga is always busy so get your reservations made early and send in your applications today, please.

We will be at the Holiday Inn at Lake George again, with a new time period of Saturday, March 3rd, we just catch the end of the Winter Carnival season. For those who did not make last year’s show be aware that the whole Hotel has been renovated; it is extremely nice and the excellent restaurant will have been the last of the renovations and open with their new seafood buffet on Friday evening. If you would like to get a room that night and be fresh for the morning show we got a low rate of $99. Enjoy the indoor pool or courtyard Jacuzzi after the hot sauna; you deserve a break! The convention room is now all one level and we can accommodate about 50, six foot tables. Your flyer is enclosed. If you want to do any of these shows -- and enjoy yourself -- fill out the application and send me a few bucks to reserve.

Cortland last October was a good beginning to what I firmly believe is going to develop into a great Central New York Show. It is right down Route 81, about half an hour from both Syracuse and Binghamton areas and is really easy to get to from Pennsylvania or southern New York. Even our Utica friends can take Rt. 12 to Rt. 20 then to Rt.11 south and the capital District folks can shoot right down Route 88. There are a lot of ways to get to Cortland – find our flyer, fill it out and find your way there for our show on April *14, 15, 16 on the comfortable turf field. We do it again in October – see the flyer. Hotel rates will follow.

The big news of the coming spring shows is that we are back at the SportsPlex of Halfmoon, Clifton Park, NY. Our website page of gun shows has a link to our Clifton Park Arms Fair, go there and see and read why you should be sending your application in for this probable 750 table show. I need to get lots of dealers EARLY so I can concentrate on advertising – not promoting to the choir. The song will be sung that this will become the show to be at in May and September every year in the Capital District area of New York State. You all can make it happen on the floor – I’ll make it happen through the door. But do it early – choose to make the SportsPlex the Albany area place to be! More info will follow for participants, Read Flyer!

Back again also in Old Forge in August; a great time and a great place to be for our “tourist show” in the cool Adirondacks. This show is a jewel in the mountains and coming right along – August proved our best attendance and I did some great business and had fun doing it. You can too – call me and I’ll put you on our list of exhibitors and see what I can do for a good motel rate. Need to get it going early. These are great shows coming up again – please show your support for our shows by sending your application. The future of shows in New York are at stake; we do our part now support all of them with your early commitments.

Thanks to all and have a wonderful Holiday Season, Merry Christmas from Cathy and David Petronis.


Members & Exhibitors,

We observed the ten year remembrance of the 9/11 tragedy while attending the Louisville, Kentucky gun show this past weekend and thankful nothing sinister occurred across our country as many had feared. Ten years ago this weekend we were one of the very few shows that had not been forced to cancel; our show at Saratoga held just after that fateful event was solemn but tasteful and well attended. It was the beginning of change in America.

That change had nothing to do with the Obamanation occurring these past three years but was one of coming together as a community and a nation thankful of who we were and what we could accomplish. It was a time when gun sales began to sky rocket and folks’ thoughts were on protection and survival tactics. Things have again changed a bit since then, a slight reversal of concern perhaps. However, it still seems the remembrances of that day conjure again, the feeling of fallibility over ones own destiny while still harboring the desire to control it. The first words on my Dave’s World page of our website are – “Stay conservative and buy a gun!”

Well, at Louisville, a lot of folks just stayed home. Obama’s policies seem to be taking their toll, the attendance was down considerably, with 1500 or so tables at least there was a wonderful group of quality exhibitors. Met some new friends and renewed some old relationships and actually had a pretty decent show – but it is definitely a “fer trip!”

We will be in Syracuse this weekend and then on to Pintail Point for the Vintagers shoot and show in Maryland. Then on to Old Forge for the first weekend in October for our very nice Autumn festival, leaf peeking Gun Show and Adirondack Expo. Our August event was well attended and went very well. The Adirondack Lodge has offered us a rate of $89/$99 depending on the room; their number is 315-369-6836, ask for the Gun Show rate! We also have a rate of $99 at the Blue Spruce; the number is 315-369-3817. Our flier is enclosed and we would really like to host another nice event. We almost began to fill the hall, maybe this time.

Also enclosed is the flyer for our new show in Cortland, NY. We’ve been getting checks in with just a note -  from our notice in our last letter – so here is your chance to fill out the application and for you late bloomers, fill it out and send it in --- no need to call, we have plenty of room on the astro-turf floor of this huge complex. It is not as soft as the last venue of this type, but do remember that large wheeled carts are best to navigate. We need new dealers so please convince your friends that this should be a great show. Our members and dealers have been asking us for years to expand into this part of the state with our NEACA shows. We have, so please support our efforts with table sales and enthusiastic talk. We will have some motels deals, which we will have listed in our confirmation letters.

Cortland is right off I-81 about midway between Syracuse and Binghamton and in the heart of gun country and deer hunting.   With all the flooding problems recently – and lost guns – folks should be aching to get out and buy something new. We’ve kept our table prices low so you can get several extra, bring out the stuff! The weekend is the same one that Springfield, Mass. vacated and the Hartford Antique Show just cancelled, a great time for a show on an empty time period. Get those apps. in!

Two weeks later we are in Saratoga Springs for our regular Fall event featuring hunting guns, ammo and accessories. Just in time for the upcoming hunting season. Again, lots of flooding problems that are now history and folks are eager to get back to normal and get back to the natural things of autumn hunts and cleaning guns. We have always had well attended shows in October and this one should be no exception. We are actually a week or two earlier and off the Halloween holiday. It is getting cooler and that hint of frost should be on the pumpkins, all great signs that our gun selling season is in full swing. Please send in your application today so we can devote time to our advertising instead of promoting to the choir.

Our August show in Saratoga was, should I say, a bit off? We had about 120 exhibitors who enjoyed Cathy’s pork and sauerkraut and/or beef goulash on Friday evening. But between threats of rain and floods only around 700 brave and true souls made it into the show on Saturday. They ignored the threats of Irene flooding and tornado scares and came to spend their money – thank you to all of you. And thanks to the 55 good men and ladies who dared to come on Sunday morning. It was surely a weekend that thankfully occurs only once in every seventy years or so or, as they say, once in a lifetime!

And to you wonderful and truly brave exhibitors who managed to stay ‘till when I pulled the plug around11:00 AM Sunday, Cathy and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Also, that you all, as always, made the show worth coming to for those brave attendees who knew you would be there. I can’t say it enough – thank you all.

We followed up on most of you exhibitors after leaving Saratoga and we heard plenty of scary stories and of long detours. We surely didn’t want anyone to get caught in the flooding but our main concern was of the potential power outage at the City Center, packing up in the dark would not have been fun. Those winds were fierce out there. All made it home safely, thank God, still the ruler over Mother Nature and protector of good gun guys and gals the world over. Hope to see all of you in Saratoga in October. I promise the rest of the folks will come too.

Sincerely, Cathy & Dave

August 11, 2011

Dear Members and Exhibitors,

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday it was hot and humid, the stock market dropped over 500 points and I bought four guns. This morning the weather is as great as can be for August, the market just closed up 400 and I sold two guns first thing on opening the shop. Who knows what the morrow brings. Well, let me enlighten you as to what we have been doing and some plans for our near future. Just started unpacking some of the things brought back from our Old Forge Gun Show this past weekend and repacking for a visit to Clayton. Of course it seems every time I put the phone down it rings again; I think the busy time of year is right around the corner and none too soon.

Our first summertime show in Old Forge went pretty good, not too hot and a decent crowd spent enough money to make most of the dealers leave with extra cash. I know it must have been a fairly decent show when I, myself, sold guns --- and you all know my prices! We have our fall event booked for the same weekend as last year in Old Forge, October 1 & 2; the flyer is enclosed. We’ll see if we can’t make a motel deal, check our website at for any and all current details.

A reminder flyer is also enclosed for our upcoming August Saratoga Springs Arms Fair; we are working towards our normal summer show of around 200+ tables and do have some new folks coming as well as most of our regular exhibitors. If you haven’t already sent in for the August 27 & 28 Show, I suggest you give me a call ASAP.

Our October Saratoga Springs Arms Fair flyer is also enclosed and notice we have moved a week earlier than normal and hope to remain at that time period. As usual, a one table deposit is all we ask along with an early application. In that way we can serve the show better in knowing who is coming and allowing us more time for advertising and promotion instead of time wasted with reminders to dealers. Best for us, better results for you. Don’t forget to post our fliers.

Notice our one day event on Saturday September 3rd at the Ilion-Frankfort VFW Post. We were there last December for a show, which went well, this one should be even better. The NYS Trappers Convention is being held on Saturday and Sunday just up the hill at the Frankfort Fairgrounds and we should piggy back on their public crowd also; flier enclosed with limited space and a great food service. Friday set-up available.

Now, how about something new? Today we just finished the last details for a new Gun Show in Cortland, NY at the J. M. McDonald Sports Complex. We can get 350 well spaced 8’ tables on a comfortable turf field, a little familiar I know, but a whole lot easier to work with this floor and management. Our first date is going to be the Columbus Day Weekend on October 7, 8, 9 and a follow-up show scheduled for March 31 & April 1 weekend in 2012.

This looks like a great spot on the map for a Gun Show, Cortland sits between Binghamton and Syracuse while being a few miles south of the original Ithaca Gun Company factory. The whole area is hunting country with a fine history for gun manufacturing. Sprawling farms and countryside is nestled between the old Allegheny Mountain ranges all made easily accessible north and south by Interstate 81 and from the east and west by the NYS Thruway and Route I-88 from the Capital District. I think we found a real winner with this location and I can keep our table prices down to $55.00 for NEACA Members. Cathy and I will see what we can do for motel rates and check out some restaurants for exhibitors but meanwhile spread our date and location to your friends and colleagues so we can make this a full show. We will have fliers for Cortland available at Saratoga in August.

We did have one casualty to report, our anticipated resurrection of our show in Ticonderoga. We have cancelled the show because of a lack of follow through and coordination from the venue. We’re getting too old and been doing this too long to have to lead “professionals” by the nose. If they don’t know what makes the world run smooth we don’t have time to teach them.

I think we are living in a very fast changing world --- and country, one that I hope is getting back to business with conservative values. The turmoil of the “oppressed” masses in Great Britain may even be coming here, the signs point in that direction. The third of our population who know what is real will usually be prepared; the opposite third who don’t have a clue will want what you have. The middle third who are always too busy to listen and usually make up the undecided will find themselves in the middle; wondering why and probably being unprepared. Our job is to convince those in the middle to stop, learn and listen … and to buy a gun and ammunition. Those are the new people we want at our gun show; find them and invite them so we can all live and prosper. Send in your applications today and let’s make our NEACA Arms Fairs truly fine and necessary events.

Thanks, Cathy & David Petronis

April 23, 2011

Thank you God, the long hard winter is over, spring has sprung; again we can all look forward to sunny days and fun times. However, sometime during the winter, on one of my multitude of projects, it appears that I tore several muscles in my right arm; wondered why I was slowing down.But even so, we have expanded our list of this year’s Arms Fairs.Those of you with emails have already received a beginning list, one which we also distributed at the recent Syracuse show. So this letter will tell you about new things that we are working on and old favorites that we have revived and contracted for.

But first let me brag about how fine our Saratoga Shows in January and March were.We didn’t fill our January show with dealers because some folks thought they would see more activity in other places, however after reports from the exhibitors who were there, I think that may change next year.January will rival or perhaps even surpass our extremely well attended March show.Our economy is still great here in Saratoga County and with new industries moving in it will be even better.Our upcoming Saratoga Arms Fair dates for this year comprise our great summer show on August 27 & 28 and a contract for our fall date on October 22 & 23.Our website lists all the shows that we have future plans for.The August flier is enclosed and as you know this is racing season and big spenders come to town so motels are at a premium and pricey; seek out yours ASAP.Again, hotel information is also on our website at

We do have some events coming up right away, namely Sunday, May 15th. The Holiday Inn Resort in Lake George has been completely renovated, including our carpeted exhibit room, now being all the same level therefore accommodating a few more tables, about 50, which is a nice size show for a one day event. Three to four hundred people generally came through for our normal time period in February so I would anticipate as good a crowd or perhaps better in May. Application is enclosed please return yours today. There were some erroneous ads in some Gun Show journals and the NRA magazine that claimed we were having a show in Clifton Park that weekend; that is not true and we are not. Where that information came from I know not; it didn’t come from us.

The following weekend, May 21 & 22 we will be at the Elks Lodge on Route 40, just south of the quaint village of Greenwich, NY. This is a great spot and very nice facility, again carpeted floor, good lighting, easy access and room for 140 tables. Years ago we did some shows and auctions there and again this has been expanded and remodeled and should prove to be a fine little show. Flier is enclosed, please respond, we’ve tried to keep table prices very reasonable and in process of getting a motel list together. This is farm country, great hunting area, the Battenkill runs close by and lots of gun and outdoor interest; the Vermont border is 15 miles east.

Cathy is working on local advertising for both those shows now and we will be doing a post card mailing of several thousand pieces for those two events including a sale we will be having here at our Hudson River Trading Company shop here in Mechanicville on June 9, 10 & 11.I think our summer will be fairly quiet because I have to recoup this arm damage for one and I still have a lot of work to do finishing an expansion project at home; I have an adjoining house to rebuild and I would like to renovate our store this year. So lots of work available but so little time.

August is another story though, a busy month. We’ve scheduled Old Forge, NY at the Hiltebrant Recreation Center for the first weekend in August, the 6th and 7th, which is a real busy tourist time in the Adirondacks. There are many camping facilities and motels and hotels but prices are up and reservations should probably be made soon. I’ve had a lot of calls from new dealers about Old Forge, our flier is enclosed so act accordingly. It should be a great show and so as not to disappoint you leaf peepers, we have also scheduled our same first weekend in October for our fall Old Forge Foliage Show on October 1 & 2. At the end of August we have Saratoga and in between we’ll be doing the Clayton show, so as I said, a busy time for us. Again, we will be doing a special post card mailing for our two summer events.

Last December we had a one day show at the Ilion – Frankfort VFW Post on Old Route 5S and it was a nice little show. The people who run the place were great and they put on a fine Friday evening feed, which a lot of us dealers took advantage of. Our next mailing will include a flier for Saturday, September 3; again that Friday we’ll be able to set up in the evening with the same fine food available and a great snack bar during the show.   We only have room for about 40 tables and they are $30 for members, $35 for non-members, 6 foot size. If you want to preorder your tables, send me a deposit. This is Labor Day weekend and Friday, Saturday and Sunday they will be having a Trappers Convention at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds in Frankfort, about 2 miles up the hill from the show. I looked at the facility for a gun show but decided a separate event at the VFW would be a better and more comfortable choice and the public will find both.

Speaking about reviving shows, years ago I used to drive my truck with 100 tables up into Saranac for a show, then come down another route and end up in Ticonderoga and we would do a show there the following weekend. They have built a very fine new motel called the Ticonderoga Best Western Inn and Suites, which will accommodate about 100, 8 foot tables and we have decided to host a show there on September 10 & 11 weekend. We always did well up at these northern Adirondack events, usually securing some great new acquisitions.  I think this will develop into a very fine show; details and flier to follow.

And would you believe we’re still working on more? About 15 years ago our NEACA Company was producing over 20 shows a year. If I can get a little help with a partner or two, perhaps we’ll be back into that extensive schedule. We have had help in securing the events we just listed and I thank you all for that. Wishing all of you a safe spring and summer season, maybe we can all finally keep our powder dry.

Cathy & Dave

January 7, 2011

Happy New Year and we hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, we enjoyed ours immensely. Cathy’s job was to single handedly spur the economic downturn into a bull rally on Wall Street. Santa’s helper did well this past Christmas.

The New Year is here and where Cathy & I live in Saratoga County, the outlook is great. Our Saratoga Springs Arms Fair is smack in the middle of this prosperous county and continues as one of the best shows in the northeast. Our next Arms Fair is coming up fast and we hope you will come and add to the great exhibitor base we’ve built over the past 26 years.

Our County Supervisor just reiterated the impact of bringing in AMD and its Global Foundries Computer Chip Plant to our Luther Forest Tech Park, just south of Saratoga and how it will contribute greatly to the economic well being of our area. Already, Saratoga County enjoys the lowest unemployment rate in the Capitol District area, which is also about the lowest in New York State. Combine economic stability and increased job growth with the fact that Saratoga Springs is one of the ten best cities in the nation to visit, and we certainly know why our show holds its own in troubled times. We also have the lowest tax rate in New York State; people here have disposable income. We can bring them in but it’s still up to you to entice them to spend their cash at your tables. As for public, last January proved to be one of our best attended shows and sales were brisk; same time, same place and now expanded with construction completed at the Saratoga Springs City Center, we should have a phenomenal show on January 28, 29 & 30.Still room, send your enclosed application in today.

Above, I mentioned adding yourself to our list of great exhibitors; the attrition of that base being something a promoter always has to address. As years pass we eventually lose exhibitors, some simply from going out of business, others by moving to a warmer climate or, unfortunately, even death. Maintaining a fine dealer base has been our goal over these past years, keeping our show one of mostly guns, ammo, knives or militaria we have maintained about 75 exhibitors who now comprise that base. But with losses, we always need someone new. Plus we need another 25 or so exhibitors for each show who only attend one or two of our events per year; thus contributing in making each of our shows essentially different.

If you have not yet experienced Saratoga, this January Arms Fair would be a great starting point and yes, if each of you regular and valued exhibitors would contact a friend or two (many of you already have) and invite them to come and be a part of our “Saratoga family atmosphere,” that would be a tremendous help insuring stability and growth; an interest keen to each of us. As you know, a personal report and urging from a peer rather than a pitch from a promoter can be of much more value in gaining a new exhibitor.

Mention our fine facility and the terrific city that Saratoga has become. Or how our gun dealer ratio is probably one of the highest among “Gun Shows”, as what we are supposed to be. Plus our friendly and professional demeanor (Cathy’s, of course -- not mine) or our Friday evening buffet and camaraderie that other shows never had or longer exude. We also have a great NEACA buying base of two to three thousand members and attendees who come to our Saratoga Show (January and March are usually 3000 plus) and if one hundred dealers divide that group that means 30 of those customers are there for just you, not bad odds. Better than being among 400 other exhibitors and dividing 6000 or so people, that equates to half for just you, 15; and do they have money to spend? Plus we have door prizes, raffles, educational displays and we even give away money for the winners to spend with the dealers at our show.

Those are some of the reasons why our Saratoga Arms Fair has always been and still is “the place to be.”Our easy loading has returned but, with progress, will be a little different. The expansion could offer more opportunities for growth including a revamped snack bar menu. Our porters handle things with speed and care. Our area economy is fine and continually improving. Our public is varied with interests for new, old, or antique, but is also informed to make wise or invested purchases. Of course, there are military surplus dealers and buyers and investment knife seekers among the hunting folks or someone looking for a great buy on a stray piece of jewelry among the myriad of collectible minutia. Buyers include the well healed Parker collector, the rare Winchester seeker or the hobby shooter looking to buy ammo and a new or used plinker. They all come to Saratoga and can’t wait to see what you brought them this time. Do your part and accommodate the buying, selling and trading crowd we bring in to see … just you.

As a dealer if you are looking to buy, things are certainly here to help you spend your money. Our gun ties at the door suggest that 300 or more guns generally make it through the door. I know some don’t, we try to discourage ‘parking lot purchases’ and they are dwindling. I couldn’t take the space to even cover a small part of the “great buys” that have walked the room in Saratoga, they are much too numerous and varied. All of us have had our share and I see no let up in the future; either the stuff still comes out of the closets or sellers make the trip to bring their treasures to our guys who have bought and continue to buy great items. Got cash? Take a table and welcome to our show. We don’t like single day dealers though, come and stay for the weekend.

Also enclosed is our flier for March 18, 19 & 20, 2011, our next show and steadily on track to be our best attended Arms Fair at Saratoga; January and August are close rivals.March is usually an early sell out because after our great January event most exhibitors deposit for their same table location.We have maintained the same third week in March for about 25 years; people know when to come and where to go.If you want space in March please fill out your flier and give us a one table deposit at the January show or send it in now.You can also see our August 26, 27 & 28 date on the March flier.Our fall show is yet unscheduled.

Plus our next Utica Show at the AUD is on April 1, 2 & 3, 2011 -- flier enclosed, but that’s another story…

Sincerely, Cathy & Dave

November 19, 2010

Our October Halloween Arms Fair has now ridden off on a broomstick, we are $50 lighter from candy and now it’s time for us to gear up for that yummiest of American holidays, Thanksgiving.

This past Saratoga City Center show did give me some grief and I wish to apologize for any misinformation about loading prior to the show. I was only passing on limited information I received. I have been awaiting response to several questions I have posed to the City Center staff but the closer it gets to the end of construction it seems the harder it is for them to take time out to answer me. The last word we had was that construction will be completed by the end of December. As information becomes available as far as removal of construction equipment from the parking lots and access points to the building, we will update our website.

However, our Saratoga October Arms Fair held its own. We were down about 10% in attendance from October of 2009 but we’ve been hearing that most shows are down 20% to 35%. The public was pleased with the show and although some mentioned difficulties parking, most said that when you really want to go to an event you take everything in stride and they also mentioned we are still the best around. Nice to hear!

On a personal note, Dave has completed construction of our garage addition, installed all the windows plus a beautiful patio door and now we are awaiting the arrival of our garage door. Never believe these places that tell you 2 week delivery, then 3 weeks and now it’s looking like 4 to 6 weeks. I’m still taking over the communications while he is now trying to put our shop back in shape. We have so much merchandise it’s been a chore just to walk around.

Our next Gun Show is at the Ilion-Frankfort VFW Post 502 on Saturday, December 11; the flier is enclosed. Please note that the tables are 6 feet, not 8. For any dealers who have to travel a good distance and want a motel for Friday night, I’ve secured a discounted rate of $71 for two double beds or $89 for a king bed at the Herkimer Motel, which is only 5 miles from the show, right off Thruway Exit 30. Their number is 315-866-0490 but mention the Frankfort Gun Show. The VFW also puts on quite a feed on Friday nights; fish fry, shrimp, scallops, NY strip steak and they say they have a great cook and the meals range from $9 to $13. Anyone coming out on Friday, might want to think about it, then you can also help us set up the tables.

I can’t believe how fast these holidays are approaching. It seems like the recession has really hit our area hard this year. There was an article in our local paper telling of over 300 families in need of help. We decided to adopt (sponsor) two children for Christmas. Our local Community Center organizes everything. They provide the information on what the kids want plus sizes for clothing you bring it to the center and they make sure it gets to the right family. We feel very fortunate to be able to help and, after all, “it is more blessed to give.” In the giving I receive great pleasure.

You will also find a January 28, 29 & 30, 2011 Saratoga Arms Fair flier enclosed. We took many deposits in October and applications have been coming in since, if you want tables please send in your deposit, one table is fine for now. Our January, 2010 show was gang busters and quite full. We had almost 3000 people through that show, this one should also be great.

We have been working on a 300 plus table show in the Mid Hudson Valley in May. We have the choice of the second or third weekend. We’d like some input from our members and dealers as to which you think would be better, please email or call with your opinion and if you can attend.

We haven’t confirmed a date for Utica yet but we’ve had many people asking about that show. We’ll probably stick with early April, Easter is the 24th so there’s no conflict there.

Still nothing firmed up for Lake George. We know their remodeling won’t be done at the Holiday Inn at least until April 1st. We attended another of their “Chef’s Tables” at TR’s restaurant, which was sumptuous, and the hotel manager confirmed the completion date. We’re working on another location but nothing definite yet. Check our Gun Show pages at

In closing let me say we hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, and if we don’t see you in Frankfort next month, a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Chanukah and a happy, healthy New Year.  

Sincerely, Cathy & Dave

September 11, 2010

You will be reading this after September 11 but I just couldn’t send this letter without paying notice to this date in our recent history. Nine years ago we had a mid September show scheduled and I remember that the Syracuse Gun Show was cancelled and we were literally swamped with applicants. We actually were sold out and we had a patriotic event, which I recorded with photos that are still on our website. I will always remember how Muslims flew an attack into our American souls. I hope all of you remember this date that also has gone down in infamy.

Members & Exhibitors,

The August Saratoga Springs Arms Fair is but a memory now. The public numbers were down a bit from normal but we heard from the dealers that they came in with money and they spent it! Lots of guns came in – several fine buys; a 1911 Colt in 98% condition, L C Smith, like new, an 1873 in .32-40, a very nice 1896 Krag carbine and many more. Some we saw, some we heard about, even though we “buy everything” so we’re told, we only managed to trade in the 1911.

Although the summer show is expensive for hotels, the people who come to the Saratoga area certainly have the ability to spend what they wish and buy what they want. We will stay with our summer Saratoga Arms Fair same time period next year, August 26, 27 & 28, 2011.

You all received Saratoga October fliers at the show, many of you deposited. You will also find those fliers in this mailing and if you want tables, send in your deposits soon. When we called dealers for the August event, those who couldn’t make it said they wanted tables for October and the applications have been coming in so it looks like a sell out again. Don’t miss out.

We asked the City Center staff how soon construction would be completed and they believe it will be October or November so load in and out will be easier. Actually it wasn’t all that bad for August. Completion of the construction also means the equipment will be removed from the back lots, freeing up space for dealer and public parking.

Today is the first day that it actually feels like the right time of year, autumn. Write this letter I must but my mind is on making vegetable beef soup, galumkis, beef stew and apple pies. That also brings my thoughts to our favorite place in the fall, Old Forge.

We only order enough tables for the Old Forge Show for those who have committed, we don’t order extras and the order goes in a week ahead of the show. Last October we had a very good crowd who brought in lots of stuff and spent money. May wasn’t as good but it was certainly worth the effort, just the wrong time. We will keep the October show date and probably do a summer show for the tourist season; tons of people but there will be no motel deals. The best deal I could get for this October show is $79 plus tax for two double beds or $89 for 2 queen size and again at the Adirondack Lodge, 315-369-6836 and be sure to mention the NEACA Gun Show. A flier is enclosed so if you lost the one from the first mailing you have no excuse. Dean’s Dough will again run the snack bar as they did a great job in May. The Old Forge confirmation letter will have info on other motels as well. For those of you who have done the show before you know there are many great restaurants in town including the Knotty Pine, right next to the Adirondack Lodge. Frankie’s Taste of Italy was VERY disappointing when Dave and I spent an evening in Old Forge mid August. He didn’t remember the gun show people who gave him so much business from the two prior shows so we took our business elsewhere.

We mentioned before that we always have venues contact us about running shows at their facilities. Sometimes it takes us a while to check them out. We have just secured the date of Saturday, December 11th at the Ilion-Frankfort VFW Post 502. Those of you who used to do our Herkimer show will be familiar with the area. It’s Remington Country and lots of great stuff should come into the show. The physical address in Frankfort is 4274 Acme Road, which I believe is old Route 5S. Set-up will be from either 7:00 or 7:30 AM to 9 AM and the show will run until 4PM. The Post will run a snack bar with hot dogs, hamburgers and other foods and drinks. You will also find a flier enclosed; we hope you will join us there.

We can’t say what will happen in 2011 to our favorite “cabin fever” show, the Lake George Holiday Inn. They’ve updated their guest rooms, their lobby, TR’s Restaurant and Lounge and in November they will begin the renovation of the dinner theater room, which is where we hold our shows. The scheduled completion is the beginning of April but that is not firm until construction gets under way. They have been very good to us at the Holiday Inn so we hate to look for another location but if we could find an alternate for February we would probably do that just for 2011.

Well, we’ve given you lots of food for thought. Hope everyone is healthy, happy and looking toward change we can REALLY believe in this Election Day. At least in this great country we have that choice.

Sincerely, Cathy & Dave

August 4, 2010

My gut feeling was telling me something and I should have heeded the warning. Our last letter informed you of switching our Old Forge Show to September 25 & 26 and placing Clifton Park in its’ place on October 2 & 3 because of other large show conflicts. Well, we’re back and we’ve cancelled. Let me tell you the rest of the story.

Clifton Park is cancelled for this fall and Old Forge is back on its original scheduled time, October 1, 2 & 3 and will be that way in the future. If you want me to order a table for you, send in your application with money today… at least call and tell me you are coming, I work with you; a one table deposit is still sufficient. For those of you who HAD done the right thing and sent money in for Clifton Park, it will be returned.

First, we have two months to sell at least 425 tables for Clifton Park and we only have commitments for about 50 and lots of folks telling me why they aren’t coming; too many shows in a row, doing one close to home, didn’t make money, too expensive, doing a new show, are some of the reasons noted. Well guys, I ain’t gonna beg for ya’ll to come. I explained we needed a one table deposit and an early response so I could do my job of advertising and promotion – not calling dealers to see who is coming. I’m getting too old and I guess too cranky – you didn’t follow thru on your end so we have cancelled on this end. I’m tired of babysitting, if you don’t know what you are doing and when, how are we supposed to? Rough tale, right?

Second, the gut feeling was way beyond not getting an early response, however.There were ever-increasing hurdles to leap and hoops to jump thru and as always, I am looking out for you.The facility was indeed nice.But I had to hire parking attendants to satisfy the town as to not create a jam.Not a problem.If we had a huge crowd only 1500 folks, including vendors and members, could be on the floor at one time, hence the turn-style.Again, we could live with that if the public didn’t mind waiting to get in.With a growing show that also could have been a concern.

To protect the floor I needed to advise exhibitors of certain rules and all litter to be picked up.That all seemed to work fairly well with moving in and out and most people picked up their own trash.I had to hire folks to police the floor on hands and knees to pick up the minutia left behind.My table company also had restrictions set by the facility, as to set-up and knock down with very limited time constraints – a larger show would have developed problems.All things we could no doubt overcome.

Wall tables as we know them were not available because of the smaller size show but also would have been a problem in the future because of the netting, and there aren’t enough electrical outlets. To protect the floor from the table legs settling in and creating holes in the turf, I hired a fellow to cut 1350 4” x 4” plywood squares and other folks to place them under each table leg. Think that was fun?And I now own 1350 pieces of firewood. So far though, did it, worked it out and all part of the job – thinking we would grow the show and be worth all the effort.By the way, we too, lost money on this endeavor (and still counting).

It seemed though, every hurdle crossed, another was placed to impede the progress. Honestly this is the very first time I never felt comfortable with the venue management. I’ve dealt with tough guys and overcome obstacles but this one I felt became a losing battle. When our normal two million dollar insurance policy didn’t seem ample enough for this October show, they wanted us to request individual vendors supply insurance certificates naming the SportsPlex as additional insured. And, no audio system in this building for even emergency announcements.

Don’t stop now, also all people working the show – exhibitors and helpers included – needed to be covered by NYS Workers Compensation Insurance. If you didn’t have it, not a problem – for $100 a person, they would add you to their policy for the weekend, overnight security guys included. And I needed to start off this new process by assembling a list of all the vendors from the last show and handing it over with this new contract.Nice place or not guys, I just didn’t think you wanted the hassles; though I ALMOST complied with all but the need for individual certificates. I even could have worked out the Workers Comp. But you know what? I cancelled what could have been a very nice show because I didn’t need the boiling point to my blood pressure or the extra aggravation to you exhibitors. Old Forge is beautiful that time of year.

We are now working on some motel deals for Old Forge and will keep you posted, check our website for the most up to date info; As you know, Saratoga is at the end of the month and I still have room for dealers.Hotels are always difficult to get so call now; again the complete motel list can be accessed on our Gun Show page. This late August Arms Fair is usually productive with a good crowd. The loading areas for the rear dock and entrance ramp are still available but the roadway (old Atrium) and new fire exit ramp will also be in use. Things are always looking better with the passage of time.

We are still working on other things but those will have to wait for another time. We will be in Clayton and Syracuse and we always post new things on the web.You may also want to check out my posts at Twitter @DavidPetronis, all usable technology for this new generation. Thanks,

David Petronis

June 20, 2010

After some e-mails and a few calls Cathy and I have made the decision to switch our dates for the Old Forge and upcoming Clifton Park shows by having Old Forge on September 24, 25, 26 and the Sportsplex Fall Show on October 1, 2, 3. Locally, the Old Forge date will be off the Warrensburg Garage Sale weekend and still be within the autumn foliage season. Regionally the new Clifton Park show date will not conflict with Rochester and Marlboro at the end of September. Not what we wanted to do but it is done. The new fliers are enclosed, please look them over, and we would appreciate an early response; a one table deposit, as usual, will be fine.

Our August Saratoga City Center show flier for August 27, 28, 29 is also enclosed and you can see our upcoming dates for future shows there thru next March. The late August event has been very good and we expect another sell-out. The loading will be much easier as the old Atrium entranceway will be open and have direct access to the floor. There is on-going construction but that should have no affect on the show. Other access areas are also still open. Hotels, as usual, should be reserved as soon as possible and we have an extensive list on our website; see Gun Shows for links.

Soon, we will have new pages and updates for each of our events accessed thru our site and Gun Show page. There you will find any hotel/motel deals, restaurants, directions and important or of interest links. You can also get new or changing information if you follow me on Twitter: @DavidPetronis, one word as shown. The 21st Century is here boys, enter it. If you haven’t, you can call us for further details or by sending in any of your show applications with deposit you will receive all the information you will need about that show.

A few dealers have mentioned Labor Day weekend to me for an event. We are in process of working something up for this Labor Day or the week later – I know, against another show – what can I say? If we decide on it you will like it and still have Monday off, leave the date open for a while. Several other things are also in the wind.

OK, you know what is ahead but what happened recently? We had 335 tables on the floor plus 8 booths for our first Clifton Park Show this past May. Not a bad showing and it was the largest event in this northeast region. Not our 750 table capacity but we will get there. The facility was great, the food was great, the carpeted floor felt great on the feet and move-in and out went very well. The air conditioning was also great and much needed as, once more, the weather outside was terrific – but not for a gun show crowd! The turn style showed just over 2000 but paid attendance was less than that – again, the weather is something I can’t control. Even our Saratoga Show last March had the best 70 degree weather the area hasn’t seen in decades and Old Forge in May was a beautiful weekend. Rained the weekend before and rained the weekend after the Sportsplex Show. Luck of the Irish?

I heard some nonsense that we didn’t advertise the Sportsplex Show; only for about six months prior to and heavily the final two weeks. From fliers at most other shows to thousands of post cards mailed directly and distributed by dealers and shops, to signs and word of mouth should have been enough for six months. Then Gun Digest, Gun Week, Gun Report, Big Show Journal, Gun internet sites plus Man at Arms, Antique Week, New England Outdoors and even the Winchester Collector magazine. Not enough? How about every weekly newspaper and Pennysaver from Canada to Peekskill, Vermont to Syracuse and daily newspapers within 100 miles. Don’t forget five ten inch color ads in the local Gazette, the largest coverage for the area, twenty-five expensive spots on WGY radio with Beck, Rush and Hannity.

And I did have several bull crap signs on Route 9 with arrows and because of a screw-up with my printer our large signs weren’t made in time. Finding that out on Wednesday precluded me from dropping everything else that needed to be done (overseeing the table and booth setup of this first ever show to make sure the dealers would have ease of set-up) to hand paint a large banner for Route 9. So, I guess we didn’t advertise – enough. Sorry, I promise this next time I will have signs up a month prior to the show across the road on Lindsey’s Orchard. The owner called me and made that offer personally. Yes, this will become the largest and best show in the Northeast even if the sun is shining! Please send in your deposits and applications as soon as possible so I can get on with my job – advertising our shows not having to call dealers for tables.

For you dealers who didn’t do as well as expected, all I can say is that it was not thru our lack of effort. Cathy and I worked constantly for extended hours every day for months on this show. The benefits of which still have not been seen but with our continued efforts and your support, the Fall Show should reap the harvest. Don’t give up on this as all we heard from the folks who came was that this was probably the best show location most of the people had ever attended. They will tell their friends and neighbors.

Till next time …. see you in August,  Cathy & Dave

February 12, 2010 (More info on Clifton Park Show)

Nearly a record crowd comprised of customers with cash made all of our exhibitors happy at our recent January show in Saratoga Springs. Even with the construction in progress, people found places to park but those who are not yet members of NEACA contributed to the long lines at the door. Even with two doors open, there was a continual line waiting to get in until 2:15 on Saturday. Our Sunday crowd was nearly as large. Most exhibitors in January deposited for our upcoming March 19 and 20 Show so we are working on an early sell out and waiting list like last year's March Show. Our current flier is enclosed and if you want tables we suggest you fill it out, sign the reverse and send it in. As far as Cathy and I are concerned, with this final dealer and Member mailing our March Arms Fair has been put to bed other than our continual advertising.

Recently all of our shows have been very good, both with exhibitors and attendance and we are constantly getting new members signed up. With membership, all of our shows allow free entry and we really don't know how many members come through the shows so when I say "nearly record crowd" that still doesn't count members or courtesy admissions we may give out. Because the guards are too busy to check everything we are going back to having Members sign in with ID at future events.

Even though the last August Show and our October and January Arms Fair were nearly all sell outs with great attendance it seems we just can't win! I even give money away, in the form of $50 gift certificates as door prizes for the general public and they must spend them during the show with you, the exhibitors. We've done this for over a year at various shows and I always make several announcements that this is going on at the show. Seems to work fine but there is always a first! One of our local dealers figured that this piece of paper with my name on it was just a joke and not worth the time to consider it wasn't. What happened is a dealer who was working at someone else's table, wouldn't accept my $50 credit that a door prize winner attempted to give him as partial payment for an expensive handgun, as this customer reported. So he went and spent it somewhere else. The incident naturally made me look foolish as well as making an ass out of the exhibitor. "I should have just gave out $50.00," was the reply, what do you think? Enough said about miss-communication, except that I don't write these to make me feel good. These letters are for important upcoming show information and we expect you to read them.

We will send all pertinent information about the March Saratoga Springs Show and hotel info in our confirmation letter as usual. Be aware that we do not have a Sunday for this show. See the times on the flier. The only additional information is that we will be able to come in Thursday evening from 8:30 to 11:30 PM with City Center porters, the same we've had for the past two shows. Porters are available from 7:30 AM until noon on Friday. From noon until 1:00 on Friday we will be open for our members and will be open from 1 to 8 PM for the public. Then our normal Saturday hours and we'll break down by 5PM and will probably be out by 7PM NO SUNDAY! We have special hotel deals for Thursday and Friday and most all of the current updated info is on our web site Send in your application now with money if you expect to get tables.

We have a new Membership application enclosed with a letter on the reverse. As we stated previously we are raising the annual dues to $50.00 initially with $45.00 renewal for 12 full months. Current Members can renew at the old rate of $25.00 until January 2011. All new Memberships will be $50.00 as of this April I, 2010. If you want a deal fill out the form and send it in so we get it by March 31, 2010. Save on time and admission.

Our new Clifton Park Arms Fair at the SportsPlex of Halfmoon is being received very well. I have many applications coming in and promises of many more. The new flier is enclosed. Be aware there is a cut-off date for reserving tables. The info on our webpage about the show reads, in part...

“The average home value in the area runs $300,000. plus the average household income hovers at $70,000. Saratoga County is one of a rare few with a Surplus of Money in their Treasury and offers a low tax rate with no increase for 2010, all attributes of the area. The Albany Capital District is home to nearly 300,000 people just eight miles south of the bordering Mohawk River where NYS Route 9 crosses from the oppressed and restricted gun purchasing areas, Albany County, to the land of the free. With its' own populace of 220,000 and the Conservative attitudes, there is a huge base of gun owners, hunters and outdoor sporting and military collectors.

Another 850,000 folks live in the four Counties that comprise the Greater Capital District and within an hour's drive of Clifton Park there resides over 1 million people; all easily connected to I-87, a mile from the SportsPlex. As the crow flies, it is almost equidistant to the North East Major Population Centers, all nearly 140 miles distant; South is New York City, East is Boston, North is Plattsburgh (and Montreal) and West is Syracuse, all within 2 to 2 1/2 hour's drive. Allentown, Pennsylvania is about 3 1/2 hour's drive and Hartford, Connecticut is less than 100 miles away. Our New Clifton Park, NY Arms Fair is very easy to get to from almost anywhere in the Northeast or beyond and will draw from a population of over 30 Million Americans and even more Canadians if they want to drop down to see us. We are very strategically located and our advertising has begun, you will want to be there.

The Albany International Airport is a 1/2 hour drive to our show where Shopping Malls, many fine restaurants and Major Hotel chains are within a one to five mile radius. We expect a huge response so don't wait to the last month to apply ... also because we will have a cut-off of table sales two weeks prior to the show (a very busy time period and we need to notify and contract early with our table supplier) and a four week cut-off for special motel rates and normal table prices ... they will be higher for late comers; our flier prices are good to April 20th and go up $15.00 each for the next two weeks when we cut off sales. With the area and time frame being so busy we need to confirm table sales and who is coming and also concentrate on our local advertising ... don't wait, apply for space today.”

Sincerely, Cathy & David Petronis

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