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If you have things you would like to sell to us include your asking price and complete description in your first contact. WE WILL NOT RESPOND OTHERWISE.  Also see our buying policy through the web site as stated below.

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  TO:  David Petronis, Mechanicville, NY USA

Message is sent to: David Petronis
Hudson River Trading Company
C & D Petronis Inc.
38 North Main Street ; PO Box 385
Mechanicville, New York 12118
Fax 518-664-9743

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We get many requests each day in the form of what appears to be a simple question like " I have such and such just like the one you have on your site.  What is it worth?"  Or, "Can you tell me about the gun my Uncle left me?  It has JC Higgins on the barrel.  I want to sell it to my neighbor."  And on and on, I just can't answer this stuff and the questions are so incomplete and vague it would be a full time job just responding.  I simply don't have the time.   We do not have time and will not answer questions such as those above.  But, RESEARCH AND APPRAISALS ARE PART OF OUR BUSINESS.

And that part of our business is providing appraisals and information to individuals for their items and we do charge for that service through a schedule of time and item(s) appraised.  Sort of like YOU getting PAID for what you do.

However, if you simply want a general stated value or information on one item that you may own we do provide a simple service by e-mail for a  fee of $50.00.   For as much accuracy as possible we will need a complete description and preferably a photo.  Send a check or call us with a credit card and upon receipt we will forward information.  This simple process is almost like yourself getting paid for a service or job you perform.  Remember, our time is just as valuable as yours, maybe more.  

Our normal fee is $75.00 for a written appraisal of the first item and $55.00 for additional items, if we are supplied with photos and other pertinent information.  Many additional items, extra time required, travel time and other factors all could have a bearing on a complete, honest and thorough appraisal of a collection or group of related items. I can send you an estimate of charges for a complete collection.  

Thanks, David Petronis

PS:  Please don't thank me in advance for soliciting free information because my time is very limited and I still need to devote mine to providing for the family needs.

Our Internet Buying Policy ...

Among Guns, Militaria & the like

We do Buy Hall Autumn Leaf and Jewel Tea

However ...  We will no longer pay for any items until we receive them for inspection and determine whether the "Mint" pieces are really just a bunch of junk!  If you want to sell us anything ... put your price on it, send photos and descriptions and we all will arrive at a price.  Ship it.  When we find out it is as you describe we will immediately send payment.  If it is not what you say it is we will return it.  There are just too many people out there trying to pull the fast deal ... others who won't take the time to evaluate what they want to sell us ... and others who just have no idea of things. One way or the other you have to be accurate.  In any case, before you want to sell us your collection ... go thru the steps.

Also, where are you located?  You could be right down the road or across country.  Shipping and packing are important factors.  Also, we visit different States in our travels.  INFORMATION is important when you ask the question .."Are you interested?"  I think... "In what and how much?" 

Thanks for your inquiry and for stopping by

David Petronis

PS:  We used to be nice and very trusting however the small minority of jerks, crooks and liars out there in TV Land cured us of those attributes.  Because of those people we are now wary and occasionally even arrogant to the vast majority of the new friends we haven't met yet.  Such is life today and we are indeed sorry.

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but please refrain from questions as to values of your items or info about your items unless you seek a paid appraisal.  If you have things you would like to sell to us include your asking price and complete description in first contact.
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