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Saratoga Springs, NY Arms Fair

NEACA Saratoga Springs Gun Show and Military Exposition ~ See our Member Letter for more Info.

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For all Shows Download Rules and Regulations Need Signature

See us at Saratoga Springs, NY again on

January *10, 11, 12, 2014

October *11, 12, 13, 2013

August 24 & 25, 2013

March *15, 16, 17, 2013

January *11, 12, 13, 2013

March *15, 16, 17, 2013

August *23, 24, 25, 2013

October *12, 13, 14, 2012


Due to a change in City Center policy

we will not be able to have food and drinks

at our  Friday evening Preview But the Snack Bar will be open

for our NEACA Arms Fair

See below for more show details ...

Saratoga Springs City Center, 522 Broadway, 12866

 our last Saratoga City Center Arms Fairs was

 January *11, 12, 13, 2013 and what a show it was!

 *Friday is for NEACA Members & Exhibitors only.

Our March Arms Fair at the City Center went very well with smooth move-in with the construction about over.  Dealers commented that it was the easiest and quickest move-in they ever had and move out on Sunday afternoon went just as well. Sales were excellent. Attendance was near a record.

250 eight ft. tables ~ always the place to be.


Link ~NEACA Membership

Saratoga Springs City Center,

Saratoga Springs, 

New York




250 8 foot tables,

ARMS FAIR and Military Exposition 

 Current Press Release    Current Advertisement


For this August Show our exhibitors can set-up after 2PM on Friday. There will NOT be our regular Friday Evening Preview Party ~ however viewing is open to NEACA Members after 5:30PM.  New Members can also join at that time ~ see Cathy at the NEACA table.


Current Hotel Specials (August Not Included)

Cathy had arranged for some great hotel rates for our last January, Saratoga Springs Arms Fair with many extending to this year 2012, but for this show we only arranged these deals. No wonder the Hotels are complaining of low occupancy. They are; HAMPTON INN, $134 with hot breakfast, 584-2100; COURTYARD by Marriott, $99, hot breakfast available for $9.95, 226-0538; Saratoga HILTON $109, (adjoins City Ctr.) 584-4000; HILTON GARDEN INN, $99 with hot breakfast cooked to order, 587-1500, (reservation link on NEACA.com); HOLIDAY INN $89, Restaurant on premises (reservation link on NEACA.com) 584-4550; SARATOGA DOWNTOWNER, $89, (walking distance) 584-6160; The SPRINGS at $65 per night, 584-6336; COMFORT INN, Saratoga, $79 + 8% tax, including hot breakfast, 518-587-6244; MICROTEL, Latham, NY 782-9161, 1 Queen bed $48 + 14% tax, 2 Queen beds, $58 + 14% tax.   You must ask for NEACA, Inc. ARMS FAIR GROUP RATE. All area code 518.  If you don’t have the numbers or addresses from prior mailings, please call us... 518-664-9743 ... or

Link to Saratoga County Tourism & Hotel Accommodations

Saratoga Area Motel List PDF (25 mile radius)

Next Saratoga Springs Arms Fair & Sporting Show is

January *11, 12, 13, 2013

For this next January event we will have the rear wall for 10' wide and 6' deep booths of Outdoor Sporting related businesses.  The booths come with (1) 8' or 6' table and two chairs, but we will not have drapery (marked space only) and the cost is $125.00 each. We also have two corner locations as a 10' x 8' for $175.00.  In March we hope to have our expansion rooms open for 10' x 10' Booths of Sporting Activities, Guides, Artists & Artisans, Outdoor Clothing, Leather Products and other related Hunting, Fishing & outdoors activities with boothing and the anticipated cost will be $300. E-Mail us for details.

See Photos of Prior Exhibitors Below



Some Older News

Prior Saratoga Springs, NY Gun Show : 

March 18, 19, 20, 2011

This is our regular event that we have sponsored for the past 28 years and the City Center will be through with all of their additions and renovations; they have added two more rooms and we can use them for future expansion as soon as I figure out all of the new logistics. Always the place to be ....... with NEACA four times a year; January, March, August & October.

Our summer show will again be the last weekend of August and during the thoroughbred racing season at the Saratoga Race Track.  We also hope to have 50 8' x 10'  booths of Art & Artisans in our newly expanded rooms adjoining our Arms Fair. See Room #1 & Room #2 plus the overall City Center layout. Booths will cost from $300 to $450 depending on size and location. Invitations have gone out to Artists, Artisans, Museums, Re-enacting Groups and Vintage Outdoors and Historic Dealers and Collectors. If you didn't get yours ....

E-mail for an Expo contract

August 26, 27, 28, 2011

I would advise all show exhibitors to make your hotel or motel reservations as soon as possible, Saratoga is always busy!


Some of our prior exhibitors at Saratoga Arms Fairs...

Saratoga GS March 2001 11 .JPG (114143 bytes)Saratoga GS Sept 2001 22 .JPG (100692 bytes)Saratoga GS March 2001 7 .JPG (132002 bytes)Some have gone on to a far better event where we hope we will all meet again ...



Saratoga Gun Show November 2002 3 .JPG (112949 bytes) Saratoga GS March 2001 6 .JPG (113035 bytes) Saratoga GS July 2001 12 EB .JPG (111810 bytes) Saratoga GS July 2001 13 TE .JPG (113009 bytes) Saragota Gun Show March 02 3 .JPG (141656 bytes) SS Mar 2005 R Hartman .JPG (122226 bytes)




SS June 05 3 .JPG (102603 bytes)SS Oct 2004 R Kosek .JPG (121054 bytes)SS Mar 2005 24th Rgt  .JPG (89873 bytes)Saratoga GS Sept 2001 19 .JPG (118389 bytes)Saratoga Gun Show November 2002 4 .JPG (119909 bytes)







Saratoga Gun Show November 2002 14 .JPG (112541 bytes)Saratoga Gun Show November 2002 12 .JPG (133150 bytes)Saratoga GS March 2001 15 .JPG (113018 bytes)Saratoga GS March 2001 18 .JPG (98317 bytes)Saratoga GS March 2001 3 .JPG (118428 bytes)Saratoga GS March 2001 5 .JPG (117064 bytes)




SS March 2004 W Dikeman .JPG (103363 bytes)Saratoga GS July 2001 2 .JPG (113780 bytes)Saratoga GS Sept 2001 19 .JPG (118389 bytes)Saratoga GS July 2001 14 DL .JPG (129642 bytes)Saratoga GS July 2001 11 JC .JPG (100327 bytes)Saratoga GS March 2001 8 .JPG (94680 bytes)







New and old exhibitors will be back for our Next Arms Fair in Saratoga Springs this summer season... we hope you will be there too. ...

August 26, 27, 28, 2011


June 23, 2011

Good Morning to all,


Artists, Artisans, Museum Directors,

Re-enactors & NEACA Members


NEACA sponsors an Arms Fair at the City Center in Saratoga Springs, NY four times a year; January, March, August & October. We have done so for the past 28 years, in fact we opened the City Center with their first public trade show in August of 1984. Our next event there is this August 26, 27, 28, 2011 and in conjunction with our Summer Arms Fair we will be sponsoring our first Art & Artisan Exposition in two newly expanded rooms of the City Center. We want to inform you that we are seeking artists and artisans for that space.

In this show we are also seeking to involve Art Museums or Museums with Historic themes or significance which blend with our Historical Arms and vintage outdoors sporting collecting. I have noticed the reports about declining museum attendance and funding problems and along with my wife, Cathy, have decided to offer new exposure possibilities to our Museums and Art Repositories.

My name is David Petronis and I am President of NEACA, Inc., New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates and would like you to help spread the word about a new concept … working together, liberal and conservative, to help keep our National, State, Historic and Cultural Heritage alive and well.  Yes, we are gun and militaria collectors but also are concerned citizens who personally find, protect and pass on the great majority of our National Treasures; many past collectors have contributed or in fact, solely bequeathed individual or multi-faceted collections to our National Museums both large and small. Depending upon the circumstance I can offer booth space freely or at a very reasonable rate at our next show in August. Normally over 3000 people will pass your booth on Saturday and Sunday.

We have Artists already confirmed but booth space is still available in our adjoining first floor room with 8’ x 10’ booths for $450. or our second floor room for $300; about 50 booths can be occupied plus the possibility of adjoining hotel gallery space opening to our main floor where also 250 tables of Arms & Militaria Collectors will spread their wares. We would prefer art or artisans to be outdoors theme oriented or have history related art but all are welcome in our vetting process. We also welcome living history presentations, displays and re-enactors. This will be an annual event continuing and expanding upon our long history of bringing these Arms Fairs and associated expositions to the general public.

Unlike museums inventory NEACA Members offer theirs for sale with hands on activities of the artifacts or goods they bring to our shows. Attending our Arms Fair is like a walk down the aisle of history while also realizing that these historical items can be brought home to cherish, protect and pass on to one’s own children, thereby keeping our collecting fraternity willing and able to hunt for and bring new finds to the discerning future historian or collector. As collectors and protectors of items that generally could have headed for a landfill it would be nice to work with the professional museum staff in the pursuit and salvage of these items while also allowing the public, who may not have visited our local museums, the opportunity to learn about the possible final resting place for a cherished American Heirloom.

We would like to invite you to participate in this noble cause of seeking out and protecting our Nations’ Heritage by either taking space in our Arms Fair or at least passing this request on to others who may wish to do so. Our extensive website at NEACA.com garners over 250,000 unique visitors a month with over seven million hits monthly by those interested in what we do and sell. Go to our Gun Show page or Saratoga Arms Fair page for more information or contact us at 518-664-9743 or at 38 North Main Street, Mechanicville, NY 12118.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and possible future participation in our Arms Fairs or by visiting our website or our shows. And for you Members, we can always use one more.  Respectfully, yours…

David Petronis, President

NEACA, Inc., NEACA Show Promotions

Hudson River Trading Company

C&D Petronis, Inc.

518-664-9743 or 518-664-6071

PS: Please pass this on to your events calendar or the press in your name or to other interested parties.


Older News...  ... Our Promotion of Saratoga Springs Arms Fair, March 21, 22

Listen to our WGY Radio hour with Host Al Roney ..

We always try to promote our shows on local radio or television stations just before each event.




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