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Another reason why you should only do business on the web with someone who also has a brick and mortar store where you may eventually resolve any problems.  Someone has sold My Photographed items on Yahoo and other auction sites as their own, taking the money and of course not delivering the goods.  So much for auction sites and getting a real good deal! FBI notified. It just happened again on gunbroker site with a "reputable" review, unreal!

PS: For any questions about me you can always contact my hometown Police who reside next to my shop in Mechanicville, NY  ~  518-664-7383.  Prices may change without notice.

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Items Below Do Not Generally Require A Federal Firearms License (FFL) to Purchase.  Both antique and faithful reproductions are considered antique but some localities or States may have laws superseding Federal Law so some purchase restrictions may apply, especially thru our Company. 

Additional Photos may be available per item by request. 
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A bit of a Mystery Gun ...

Just received an interesting gun in ... a few photos below. Actually a mystery to me though I have some educated guesses.  Any of you experts or novices have any experience with this one?


See the thumb nails.





London Small Arms Company Snider Conversion, Mk II ** Rifle

We just purchased a very nice LSA, London Small Arms Company Snider Conversion Rifle of the Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifled Musket, retaining the same .557 caliber but with breech block added and .577 Snider cartridge employed as is usual for this Mark II ** model.  The bore is extremely fine as is the overall condition of this original specimen.  These arms were manufactured around 1866 at Ford Row, London and stock is so stamped.  There are outer engraved lines on the hammer and lock plate; along with a blank spot on the stock where an inscribed plaque once was, this appears to have been an officers rifle or perhaps a presentation or Royal Guard Arm.  Comes complete with chained firing pin protector and ramrod.  We have this priced at $1895.00 ... BUY NOW.



Smith and Wesson New Model No. 3

This is a Smith & Wesson New Model Number 3 with ivory grips and nearly full engraving in the style of Master Engraver Gustave Young.  It is nickeled and in excellent condition.  Serial number 101xx also has a large number "76" on butt.  It is in .44 Russian caliber and in excellent working condition with fine bore on the 6 1/2" barrel.  The front sight is made from a US Indian Head Penny and obviously replaced.  This is an early gun

 Smith and Wesson No 3 NM 101xx Engraved 2 .JPG (117421 bytes)Smith and Wesson No 3 NM 101xx Engraved 11 .JPG (146706 bytes)Smith and Wesson No 3 NM 101xx Engraved 8 .JPG (76031 bytes)Smith and Wesson No 3 NM 101xx Engraved 10 .JPG (95681 bytes)with rack and gear extractor variation.  The factory letter on this fine firearm states it was shipped on 8 May 1880 to M. W. Robinson, New York City, Smith & Wesson's largest distributor. It was a common practice for the Robinson Company to then Smith and Wesson No 3 NM 101xx Engraved 7 .JPG (79796 bytes)Smith and Wesson No 3 NM 101xx Engraved 5 .JPG (79933 bytes)handle any engraving or custom work.  The gun was in a shipment of 20 units with 6 1/2" barrels and in nickel with the standard black hard rubber grips.  There are no records available to prove who did this work or when it was done. In the condition that this is in it has the look that would enhance any antique arms collection.   This fine gun could also be used as a great  contemporary presentation piece for your boss!  Why the Indian head front sight is anyone's guess.  We have this priced at ... $12,500.00 ... BUY NOW. 


Smith and Wesson Model No. 3 Schofield Single Action Revolver, Early Second Model

This is a Smith & Wesson Schofield Single Action Revolver known as the early Second Model because of the later variation of the barrel latch.  This gun also only has the one 1873 patent date on the right side of barrel. A "US" is marked on the heel of the butt and a "W" military inspector proof are in the correct three places; bottom of barrel, outer edge of cylinder and lower inside frame.  There is also a very nice cartouche of "CW" on left grip in a rounded rectangle, no date, however this second contract from the US Government was for 5000 guns in 1877.  There are matching serial numbers in the proper locations as well as the inside of the right grip: there is also the initials "E. F." inscribed inside, the grips are excellent.  A hole with screw is on lower butt but no lanyard ring.  The barrel is the standard 7" length with proper markings, front sight and latch, the bore is fair with light rifling.  The finish is a dull blue and there are some pits near the rear of the barrel from the black powder .45 S&W cartridges and other light pitting on the cylinder, the remaining amount of blue is about 90 percent, quite remarkable on a military arm of this vintage, however this may be an older period re-blue. The serial number is 32xx and a factory letter has been requested. We have it priced at ... $8995.00 ... BUY NOW.


Smith and Wesson Model No. 3 Schofield Single Action Revolver, Late Second Model, Engraved and with Presentation

This is a Smith & Wesson Schofield Single Action Revolver known as the late Second Model because of the addition of the June 20th, 1871 patent date on right side of barrel.  It is in the standard .45 S&W caliber with 7" barrel and appears to be from the

original 5000 guns ordered by the US Government in 1877. There are the usual military inspector marks of "E" in the proper locations but no "US" is still visible as the gun has been nickeled and engraved.  The normal "P" proofs are still visible.  A number 36 has been engraved into the design on the backstrap just behind the hammer and just below is an inscription "Col. J. W. McNelley".  So it appears that this gun had been a martially issued piece and later was presented to this Colonel McNelley as an engraved and nickeled trophy. The only reference I can find suggests McNelley was a Texas Ranger. The hammer is fully case colored, the trigger has about 75% blue, there is no lanyard hole in butt and the overall condition is like new.  The walnut grips are excellent and have a fine line checkering pattern with diamond style center, unmarked inside and probably not from S&W.  A factory letter has been requested on this revolver with serial number 74xx.  I recently acquired this gun and the one above and I will love this one for awhile but have priced it at .... $00,000.00



Smith and Wesson New Model No. 320 Revolving Rifle

This is a Smith & Wesson New Model 320 Revolving Rifle with 16" barrel and Smith and Wesson 320 Revolving Rifle 2 .JPG (82961 bytes)original walnut stock, the gun is serial number 48.  This is a very rare S&W and prized by collectors.  I only had one other of these and that was a dug specimen without the stock, about twenty years ago.  These just don't come up for sale.  There were about 900 of these guns made in .32-44 caliber (as they were classed in 1876) and only around 200 with this 16" barrel.  This particular gun is Smith and Wesson 320 Revolving Rifle 3 .JPG (95348 bytes)Smith and Wesson 320 Revolving Rifle 5 .JPG (81873 bytes)Smith and Wesson 320 Revolving Rifle 7 .JPG (78949 bytes)about antique fine condition with over 80% original blue, excellent bore, and excellent hard rubber grips and fore-end.  The stock does have a few dings, no cracks and excellent butt plate.  There are some abuses to the exterior of barrel and Smith and Wesson 320 Revolving Rifle 8 .JPG (79239 bytes)Smith and Wesson 320 Revolving Rifle 9 .JPG (85591 bytes)Smith and Wesson 320 Revolving Rifle 10 .JPG (98767 bytes)some old pitting to the frame (see thumbnails).  It appears that the gun saw little use as the action is tight and perfect but either poor storage or possibly water damage added the pitting.  Regardless of the condition whether poor or mint, this is Smith and Wesson 320 Revolving Rifle 12 .JPG (97763 bytes)Smith and Wesson 320 Revolving Rifle 13 .JPG (80466 bytes)Smith and Wesson 320 Revolving Rifle 11 .JPG (82425 bytes)one rare gun that you can't buy in any condition.   $xxxxx.00 ...  SOLD




Smith and Wesson New Model No. 3


This is a Smith & Wesson New Model Number 3 with rack and gear extractor variation, low serial number 1431 and in about 99% nickel being possibly unfired.  In .44  S&W Russian caliber, 6 1/2" barrel with near new bore and very tight in all aspects.  I have done a little extra cleaning of old oil residue since i took my photos and the piece looks even better. Naturally, the thoughts go to refinish when something Smith and Wesson No 3 NM 1431 as new 8 .JPG (69386 bytes)Smith and Wesson No 3 NM 1431 as new 7 .JPG (81798 bytes)Smith and Wesson No 3 NM 1431 as new 6 .JPG (82361 bytes)Smith and Wesson No 3 NM 1431 as new 2 .JPG (101593 bytes)like this comes along, I think not.  There are no S&W markings to indicate that and the even exterior wear suggests simple storage and handling marks.  The case colored hammer does show fading but that is probably due to age.  The hard rubber grips Smith and Wesson No 3 NM 1431 as new 3 .JPG (84187 bytes)Smith and Wesson No 3 NM 1431 as new 4 .JPG (86199 bytes)Smith and Wesson No 3 NM 1431 as new 5 .JPG (79257 bytes)Smith and Wesson No 3 NM 1431 as new 9a .JPG (83075 bytes)are near perfect.  This certainly would be a showpiece to any collection and most certainly a fine investment firearm. The factory letter is in process but we are sure that this will letter as seen here.  We have priced this fine gun at $8995.00 ... BUY NOW.



Smith & Wesson DA First Model in .44 Russian Cal.

An early Smith & Wesson First Model Double Action Revolver in .44 Russian caliber.  Made c1883 it is serial number 10909, has a heavy frame and 6" barrel which retain about 90% of bright nickel finish with a fine set of expensive period pearl stocks.  Both grips have the serial number scratched into their insides. The nickeled 1 7/16" cylinder is also marked with serial number 10909 as is the blued top latch.  S and W First Mod DA Rev 44 Russian 10909 1  .JPG (116047 bytes)S and W First Mod DA Rev 44 Russian 10909 2 .JPG (88675 bytes)S and W First Mod DA Rev 44 Russian 10909 4 .JPG (117851 bytes)S and W First Mod DA Rev 44 Russian 10909 5 .JPG (139810 bytes)Overall this is a fine, tight and fully functional firearm classed as an Antique.  The bore is fine and the front sight is the standard half moon pinned to the ribbed barrel.  Rear sight is standard, barrel address is standard two line with last Patent Date of 1880.  The original nickel finish does have corrosion S and W First Mod DA Rev 44 Russian 10909 6 .JPG (62796 bytes)S and W First Mod DA Rev 44 Russian 10909 7 .JPG (128491 bytes)S and W First Mod DA Rev 44 Russian 10909 9 .JPG (97133 bytes)S and W First Mod DA Rev 44 Russian 10909 10 .JPG (88580 bytes)beginning and the right side of frame and barrel has some missing finish, though bright.  The trigger guard is a bright blue with 99% remaining.  The trigger and hammer are case colored with most remaining and bright.  The screws are excellent except the top latch screw shows marring.  The pearl grips are excellent S and W First Mod DA Rev 44 Russian 10909 12 .JPG (80720 bytes)S and W First Mod DA Rev 44 Russian 10909 13 .JPG (125508 bytes)S and W First Mod DA Rev 44 Russian 10909 14 .JPG (147794 bytes)with good top fit but slightly undersize on frame. View the thumbnails for condition. The inside of open frame is near new looking and I doubt if this gun saw much use.  Poor storage may have led more to the finish wear.  It is in overall excellent original condition with desirable pearl stocks. ... BUY NOW ... $4495.00.   Antique.


Smith & Wesson DA First Mod. Copy in .44-40 Win. Cal.

An early Belgium Copy of a Smith & Wesson Frontier style First Model Double Action Revolver in .44-40 Winchester cartridge.  It is so marked on the top of barrel flat and, besides proof marks, there are no other markings but 37 for serial number on cylinder and reverse of left grip.  The barrel measures six inches and has a very good shootable bore.  This is S and W First Mod DA Rev  Belgium Copy 44 Win 4 .JPG (34164 bytes)S and W First Mod DA Rev  Belgium Copy 44 Win 3 .JPG (47998 bytes)S and W First Mod DA Rev  Belgium Copy 44 Win 5 .JPG (64966 bytes)a top-break, auto-eject, double action six shot revolver based on the S&W Patent Style.  The action functions fine, strong hammer spring and lock-up is tight, single action also works well.  There is some pitting on barrel sides but remainder of gun has simply turned a brown patina. The left hard rubber grip is S and W First Mod DA Rev  Belgium Copy 44 Win 7 .JPG (42517 bytes)S and W First Mod DA Rev  Belgium Copy 44 Win 6 .JPG (29726 bytes)S and W First Mod DA Rev  Belgium Copy 44 Win 8 .JPG (44124 bytes)crazing and the right grip has a re-glued top portion.  The lanyard ring is missing.  This would make an interesting addition to the Smith & Wesson collection to show the period patent infringements of the day, c1870's.  Or as a Cowboy Action piece, regrettably, not knowing its overall functioning, reliability or accuracy S and W First Mod DA Rev  Belgium Copy 44 Win 9 .JPG (46314 bytes)it may only become a conversational focal point around the campfire.  In any case, it is a piece of history that you can now own for our reasonable price of $1295.00 ... BUY NOW.



Smith & Wesson Double Action First Model  Belgian Copy in .44-40 Win. Cal.

Another early Belgium Copy of a Smith & Wesson Frontier style First Model Double Action Revolver chambered in .44-40 Winchester cartridge.  (Photo & Description to follow)

Comparison of the Belgian Copy to a real S&W

An early Belgium Copy with the real S&W DA Revolver above.  The differences are readily apparent in the barrel lock, trigger and cylinder.

Both are for sale above.



Smith & Wesson DA 3rd Model

Smith & Wesson, Double Action, five round revolver, #106xx with 3 1/4" round barrel and integral rib.  This 3rd Model is chambered in .38 S&W and is in the family of the first double action, top break, auto ejecting revolvers made by S & W.  It is nickel plated with approximately 50% finish remaining and it is hard to distinguish between the plating and bright polished metal surface.  Made between 1884-1895 the blued top latch and trigger guard are excellent, also most case color remains on trigger and hammer, the S & W logo, checkered hard rubber SW Rev 106xx DA 3 .JPG (46672 bytes)grips are SW Rev 106xx DA 2 .JPG (73406 bytes)SW Rev 106xx DA 5 .JPG (63418 bytes)near perfect.  The action is very tight with the chambers and bore in excellent condition.  There seems to have been very little use of firearm but finish has deteriorated as indicated.  We are offering this at $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW   FFL Required  SOLD



Smith And Wesson Number 3 Group 1 .JPG (95738 bytes)Also see  

Smith and Wesson's on our

S & W page plus more below



Hopkins & Allen Single Action Army Frontier, 4th Model

This is the unique twist frame take-down that was patented by Hopkins & Allen Mfg. Co., Norwich, Conn. and chambered for the Winchester Cartridge 1873, or .44-40. It is serial number 227xx, is nickel plated with 5 1/2" barrel and excellent hard rubber stocks. Internally this has seen very little use and the wear is from age and storage.  The case colored hammer and trigger guard have nearly all color remaining bright.  Some finish wear on cylinder is evident, probably from a holster.  Some spotting in frame Hopkins and Allen SA Revolver 227xx 2 .JPG (97564 bytes)finish no doubt Hopkins and Allen SA Revolver 227xx 3 .JPG (83345 bytes)Hopkins and Allen SA Revolver 227xx 4 .JPG (103173 bytes)from moisture but overall the finish is bright and sound.  The bore, cylinders and action are near perfect.  This six round revolver opens by cocking the hammer to safety position, press the bottom slide in front of trigger guard to the rear and twist the barrel to the right.  Pull the barrel section forward while depressing the left cylinder release and the revolver comes completely Hopkins and Allen SA Revolver 227xx 5 .JPG (98306 bytes)Hopkins and Allen SA Revolver 227xx 6 .JPG (82311 bytes)Hopkins and Allen SA Revolver 227xx 8 .JPG (86580 bytes)apart.  A very unique system for the time.  This design was also used on the Merwin and Hulbert Revolvers, also made by or at least in the Hopkins & Allen factory.  This piece has the H&A markings with patent dates, last one being Mar. 6, '77.  This was a very popular arm in the days of Colt's, Remington's and Smith & Wesson's and gave those grand companies a Hopkins and Allen SA Revolver 227xx 7 .JPG (83274 bytes)run for their money in the mid 1870's to 1900.  We have this rare and excellent example priced at $8995.00 ... BUY NOW.




United States Historical Society 1851 Colt Navy

This is a 1 of 1000 US Historical Society Model 1851 Colt Navy Revolver especially made as a Special Edition in the late 1980's for Navy Veterans.  It is the standard .36 caliber in percussion cap & ball system.  This is serial number 760 and was originally ordered by a local US Navy Veteran of WWII, recently deceased.  He sold it to me with the expectation that I would pass it on to an appreciative buyer, a plaque with his name is enclosed.  It is as new in the original walnut custom case and with a velvet sleeve and white cotton gloves for handling.  He told me he paid over $1000.00 when he bought it more than twenty years ago.  It is a very impressive piece and handsomely done in gold overlay on the dark blue finish with walnut grips.  These USHS Commemoratives rarely come on the secondary marker as they are usually kept and passed down as family heirlooms; here is your opportunity to own a fine example.   ... $0000.00 ... SOLD.




The Golcher Lock, A Penn. Gunsmith

First gun in the above photo this Golcher flintlock is on a tiger maple stocked Golcher lock closeup 2 .JPG (73350 bytes)Pennsylvania Long Rifle. 



Some of the neat little accessories that come into Grouping of Flasks .JPG (32930 bytes)our Saratoga Arms Fairs.  I and our exhibitors are always looking to buy guns and related items.  Before coming to our shows always think about bringing something in to trade or sell. 

See our Gun Show page for dates.



US Model 1842 Percussion Pistol by H. Aston

A nice Model 1842 US Percussion Pistol made by H. Aston of Middletown, CT and dated 1849. All original parts and in overall fine condition but has been cleaned and is now back to bright condition.  Lock makings are sharp (see thumbnails) but no barrel proofs are evident on this .54 caliber smoothbore.  The barrel is 8 1/2" long with proper brass front sight and attached bolster holding a well-worn US M 1842 H Aston Pecussion Pistol 1849 12 .JPG (63695 bytes)US M 1842 H Aston Pecussion Pistol 1849 13 .JPG (45438 bytes)US M 1842 H Aston Pecussion Pistol 1849 14 .JPG (54822 bytes)percussion nipple. At one time a rear sight was installed and later the grooved cut-out was filled.  The barrel does show areas of old pitting which have been nicely cleaned bright.  The swivel ramrod is intact but threads are no longer visible on hidden end. The hammer is excellent as are the strong internal lock and US M 1842 H Aston Pecussion Pistol 1849 1 .JPG (59983 bytes)US M 1842 H Aston Pecussion Pistol 1849 4 .JPG (73368 bytes)US M 1842 H Aston Pecussion Pistol 1849 5 .JPG (99870 bytes)trigger mechanisms.  All brass furniture is excellent as is the walnut stock with but light dings and very minor age cracks.  Stock appears to have been refinished quite some time ago but cartouche outline is visible.  This gun is in fine representative condition as an early Civil War Martial Arm and would make US M 1842 H Aston Pecussion Pistol 1849 6 .JPG (98167 bytes)US M 1842 H Aston Pecussion Pistol 1849 7 .JPG (91465 bytes)US M 1842 H Aston Pecussion Pistol 1849 8 .JPG (84289 bytes)an excellent re-enactment or display piece.  With a little nipple TLC it would probably be fireable.  Everything Civil War or earlier is getting harder to find and these are no exception.  We have this priced at $895.00 ... BUY US M 1842 H Aston Pecussion Pistol 1849 10 .JPG (73084 bytes) NOW.




French Percussion Pistol

A pistol similar to Aston above ... (Photo & Description to follow)

Captain Jack .22 caliber Revolvers


Here is a pair of .22 caliber, 7 round, Bird's Head Grip, spur trigger revolvers with the name "Captain Jack" on the top of receiver. The round barrels are 2 1/2" and the cylinders have a removable retaining rod. A side plate provides access to the inner springs. Both have the Patent Date of March 23, 1871 and both are chambered for the .22 caliber short, black powder cartridge and are not safe to shoot with modern Captain Jack Wal Grip 3080 1 .JPG (79575 bytes)Captain Jack Wal Grip 3080 2 .JPG (86802 bytes)Captain Jack Wal Grip 3080 3 .JPG (76325 bytes) ammunition. A) TOP ... Is a nickel plated revolver with blued barrel and cylinder.  It retains about 80% nickel with the rest bright metal, barrel blue has faded to gray with 10% remaining and cylinder has nearly all the Captain Jack Wal Grip 3080 4 .JPG (85351 bytes)Captain Jack Wal Grip 3080 5 .JPG (73263 bytes)fading blue.  The excellent walnut grips match the serial number of gun which is 3080. The action is fine and in working order. We have this gun priced at $395.00 ... BUY NOW. 


Captain Jack Ivory Grip 3236 1 .JPG (84159 bytes)Captain Jack Ivory Grip 3236 2 .JPG (71289 bytes)Captain Jack Ivory Grip 3236 3 .JPG (82364 bytes)B) Bottom ... Is a nickel plated gun with nearly all finish gone with bright metal remaining, some metal pitting is evident. Barrel and cylinder have no finish remaining.  Captain Jack Ivory Grip 3236 4 .JPG (83847 bytes)Captain Jack Ivory Grip 3236 5 .JPG (81544 bytes)The action is intermittent in that the cylinder occasionally misses a turn.  The excellent ivory grips are numbered to the gun which is 3236.  We have this one priced at $475.00. ... BUY NOW.



Remington Vest Pocket Pistol .22

An early Remington Vest Pocket Pistol in .22 caliber also known as a Saw Handle Derringer in their number 1 frame. One can readily just the smallness in size compared to our quarter, no wonder this was a very popular gun for concealment. This was a Patent from Oct. 1, 1861 and was available for the Civil War period and made right up to the late 1880's.  This one is serial numbered 5621 of about 18,000 or so made so it is a fairly early gun in the series.  The hammer spring is still strong but most of the original bluing is long gone, the metal is now an even gray appearance. The walnut slab grips are excellent but may have some extra finish on them.  The bore is fine but shooting this would be a risky affair without the use of the old "black powder" loaded rim-fire cartridges.  Once this little dealer of Remington Vest Pocket 22 Pistol 3 .JPG (75298 bytes)Remington Vest Pocket 22 Pistol 1 .JPG (85644 bytes)death could have hugged the leg of a bawdy beauty or the sleeve of a river boat card shark, we'll never know.  You can certainly spin your own yarn about the poker table when this falls out of your cuff.  Priced as a piece of history no longer lost, it is $000.00 ... BUY NOW.    SOLD



J. M. Marlin No. 32 Standard Revolver

An early Marlin Company No. 32 Standard five round .32 Rim Fire Long Caliber Revolver with 3"  round barrel.  This is called a tip-up pistol with "birds head grip."  It is a single action pocket gun with patents of 1875.  It is in excellent working order with tight lock-up and fine bore.  These were made with a brass frame and then silver plated, of which about half remains.  The barrel and cylinder were steel and this particular gun was then nickeled with Marlin No 32 Standard 9554 1 .JPG (35613 bytes)Marlin No 32 Standard 9554 2 .JPG (51470 bytes)Marlin No 32 Standard 9554 3 .JPG (49842 bytes)only about 10% remaining, the rest has a pleasing gray appearance.  The hard rubber checkered grips are near perfect.  Overall this is a very pleasing example of a gamblers' pocket piece or self protection pistol in the Roaring 1880's.  We Marlin No 32 Standard 9554 4 .JPG (61659 bytes)Marlin No 32 Standard 9554 7 .JPG (52863 bytes)Marlin No 32 Standard 9554 6 .JPG (52697 bytes)Marlin No 32 Standard 9554 8 .JPG (41630 bytes)have this fine little gun priced at $575.00 ... BUY NOW.




Starr Arms Co., NY .44 Cal. Revolver

This Starr Arms Co. style black powder percussion system revolver was manufactured by F. Pietta, in Italy and is in as new condition. This was a very popular arm during our Civil War period and was faithfully reproduced by Pietta. It is marked as the originals were and is serial number 602243. The caliber is .44 and would be fired as cap and ball.  The unique system of this top break hinged six round revolver made it much easier to load than the competition of the day.  The familiar trigger is actually the hammer cocking  devise and the actual trigger is located immediately behind.  A thumb screw on the right side of the frame enabled the operator to break open the the action. This is classed as an Antique and we have this fine gun priced at $795.00 ... BUY NOW.   



Pair of Percussion Colt Style Black Powder Revolvers

This Colt .44 Caliber cap and ball Revolver was imported by Navy Arms Company from an Italian manufacturer.  It has a brass frame, 7 3/8" round barrel and nice one piece walnut grips.  It is the Colt percussion system, single action, black powder gun used in and prior to the War Between the States, or our Civil War and it Navy Arms 3rd Model Dragoon .JPG (81788 bytes)resembles the 1860 style Colt.  The top gun featured is in like new condition with serial number 10765.  This can be legally purchased as an antique but is a replica that does really shoot a black powder lead ball when loaded.  We have this priced at $195.00 ... BUY NOW.  SOLD

The bottom gun is a Colt .36 caliber 1851 Navy style, percussion system black powder revolver with brass frame, 4 7/8" octagon barrel and one piece walnut grips.  It is marked "Scheriff Model - Italy" on the barrel Hawes Model 1851 Navy Revolver  .JPG (88731 bytes)and is serial number 23558, also in as new condition. Also marked "Hawes Firearms." This is classed as an antique and can be purchased without Federal Firearms paperwork but may be restricted in some States.  We have this priced at $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW. SOLD



L. C. Smith Double 12 ga. Damascus

For a "Cowboy Gun" or a special self defense quick draw partner, this is one honey of a gun.  Classed as antique because of the Damascus barrels that were trimmed to just a tad over 18" this fancy American side-lock sports a LC Smith 12ga 2106xx 2 .JPG (49129 bytes)LC Smith 12ga 2106xx 3 .JPG (50828 bytes)selective single trigger, ejectors, deluxe fore-end, and cut checkering to the fine grade American walnut stocks.  The pattern on the Damascus barrels is nearly all there and visible.  The front barrel ends were not professionally filled and finished when trimmed but the bores are fine.  There is some case  color still on receiver and the gun would rate as fine to excellent.  This was LC Smith 12ga 2106xx 4 .JPG (63094 bytes)LC Smith 12ga 2106xx 5 .JPG (42658 bytes)a high class shotgun from one of the best American makers with serial number 2106xx.  We have it priced at $895.00 ... BUY NOW. 



C. Sharps .22 Four Barrel Pepperbox

This is a nice example of a C. Sharps 4 barreled .22 (black powder) caliber Civil War Era Pepperbox, first patented in 1859. A bottom button on frame is pushed in and the barrel slides forward to load.  The hammer has a revolving firing pin to fire each of the four barrels, quite a unique little gun and very popular into the 1880's.  This is serial number 52784 and was silver plated over the brass frame with about 40% remaining.  Bright bluing remains in the barrel C Sharps 1859 Mod 1A 4 Barrel Pistol 1 .JPG (36240 bytes)C Sharps 1859 Mod 1A 4 Barrel Pistol 7 .JPG (31728 bytes)C Sharps 1859 Mod 1A 4 Barrel Pistol 6 .JPG (48679 bytes)channels with the remainder turning gray with wear. The black gutta-percha grips are in perfect order and tight, as is the action. The barrels and bores are fine considering the original cartridge was a black powder load.  The hammer is excellent with high gloss bluing on the firing pin retaining spring. All in all C Sharps 1859 Mod 1A 4 Barrel Pistol 4 .JPG (36070 bytes)C Sharps 1859 Mod 1A 4 Barrel Pistol 3 .JPG (45237 bytes)this is an over all fine condition "Derringer" as some would call it.  It is designated as Model 1A in the collecting field.  We have this priced at $895.00 ... BUY NOW.


My C. Sharps .22 Four Barrel Pepperbox Collection

The one on the left is pretty much a duplicate and is the one for sale above. The others are not for sale.




Need Parts or Repair?

We do some repair and restoration work when time permits.  We also have an inventory of a few parts or perhaps know where to get them.
Check the bottom of page for grips and butt plates.



Winchester Model 1873 Antique Rifles

A pair of antique Model 1873 Winchester Rifles in .38-40 caliber.  Both in well used condition but great for a special wall spot.

Winchester 1873 Rifle 38-40 2549xxB 8.JPG (127441 bytes)Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle, "The Gun That Won The West," in .38-40 caliber.  With serial number 254951B this gun was made in 1887 as a Third Winchester 1873 Rifle 38-40 2549xxB 1.JPG (75922 bytes)Model Winchester 1873 Rifle 38-40 2549xxB 3 .JPG (70898 bytes)Winchester 1873 Rifle 38-40 2549xxB 4 .JPG (81053 bytes)configuration with 24" barrel, standard walnut stocks with crescent steel butt plate and rifle sights.  A sliding trap door in butt plate is used for housing cleaning rod.  The gun shows wear and the metal has turned to a dark patina, perhaps 80% remaining.  The stocks are free of cracks but show dings and scratches.  The sliding dust cover is Winchester 1873 Rifle 38-40 2549xxB 6 .JPG (69620 bytes)Winchester 1873 Rifle 38-40 2549xxB 5 .JPG (69680 bytes)Winchester 1873 Rifle 38-40 2549xxB 7 .JPG (81361 bytes)missing as is the rear sight elevator.  The gun functions well and is classed as an antique.  We have this overall fine gun priced at $1695.00 ... BUY NOW.


Winchester 1873 Rifle 38-40 4685xxB 8.JPG (128708 bytes)Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle, "The Gun That Won The West," in .38-40 caliber.  With serial number 468574B this gun was made in 1894 as a Third Model configuration with 24" barrel, it hasWinchester 1873 Rifle 38-40 4685xxB 2 .JPG (85892 bytes)Winchester 1873 Rifle 38-40 4685xxB 6 .JPG (84456 bytes)standard walnut stocks with crescent steel butt plate and full buckhorn rifle sights, appear to be Marbles, blade front sight.  A sliding trap door in butt plate is used for housing cleaning rod.  This gun shows much wear with perhaps 20% dark blue remaining, metal has some pitting. The stocks appear to have been re-worked and show dings, scratches and fill.  The sliding dust cover is Winchester 1873 Rifle 38-40 4685xxB 5 .JPG (74740 bytes)Winchester 1873 Rifle 38-40 4685xxB 3 .JPG (78061 bytes)Winchester 1873 Rifle 38-40 4685xxB 4 .JPG (74922 bytes)missing.  The gun functions well and is classed as an antique.  We have this overall good condition gun priced at $1095.00 ... BUY NOW. 



Winchester Model 1886 Possibly Deluxe
This fine old relic of a rare Winchester Model 1886 Rifle could possibly be a deluxe version in great .45-70 caliber. Some minor parts are missing and gun could use a little TLC with solvent and brush, I just don't have the time that I would like to bring the luster back to all these guns I find.  As to be expected with the rough life these guns were given by cowboys and hunters alike there is a bit of rust in areas.  I would rate this at minimum of NRA good for an antique of this age.  .... money refunded only if returned in exact condition ... only blah, blah, blah.  Ever see an add like this in one of the gun papers only to find that the above pictured item was sent?  You couldn't return this in the same condition if you tried!  Just handling it and it will probably break.  But did you know that this crap is happening all the time out there?  "Will clean to about good or better."  Better than what??  "I'm not a dealer so I don't know how to explain this ..."  Be careful when you send your hard earned cash to a mail drop in who knows where.  Buy only from a reputable dealer who you can find with an address and verify it.  "Caveat Emptor," is a real saying that means beware when you buy.
NOTE:  This item is not for sale but we do have a real Deluxe 1886 in .40-65.


Middle Eastern Yataghan
This wonderful old sword is in my collection and I finally looked at it for the first time in about 15 years and thought I might like to know a bit more about it.  It is not for sale.  But there is Arabic style writing on the blade, possibly in Farsi, and I want to know if anyone out there can decipher it.  I believe it to be a poem to Alli (?), the Shia God, for protection in battle for the owner and that it is dated somewhere about 1730 in our calendar. All I know, or think I know and now you Antique Middle Eastern Fancy Yataghan with Scabbard 1 .JPG (104767 bytes)Antique Middle Eastern Fancy Yataghan with Scabbard 6 .JPG (96564 bytes)Antique Middle Eastern Fancy Yataghan with Scabbard 2 .JPG (98924 bytes)Antique Middle Eastern Fancy Yataghan with Scabbard 4 .JPG (81898 bytes)know I want to know more.  Thank you.
  I have been getting some interesting responses on this, Thanks.

Smith & Wesson No. 1 & No. 2 Revolver Group

Smith & Wesson No. 1, 2nd Issue, Tip-up Rev. on top with Manhattan Arms on bottom.  At the time the resemblance was scary for S&W too. Note the size difference in the No. 1 to No. 2  Both were Civil War period guns.


Smith & Wesson No. 1 Revolver, Second Issue

Smith & Wesson No. 1, 2nd Issue, Tip-up Revolver, .22 cal. short black powder cartridge. This was one of the popular self defense guns privately purchased by and for the soldiers of both the North and the South.  This seven round, non-flute cylinder, 3 3/16" octagon barreled revolver probably looked pretty good considering the assault rifle at the time was a single shot. The # 863xx S and W No 1 2nd Issue 22 863xx Revolver 2 .JPG (51707 bytes)S and W No 1 2nd Issue 22 863xx Revolver 3 .JPG (36229 bytes)S and W No 1 2nd Issue 22 863xx Revolver 4 .JPG (47047 bytes)on bottom of grip frame is also on the right, excellent condition, rosewood grips.  The 3 patent dates on cylinder are barely visible, blue finish turning gray with 98% silver on frame but some speckling has started, overall antique condition is fine+. Usually these guns are found with just the brass base of the frame S and W No 1 2nd Issue 22 863xx Revolver 5 .JPG (41481 bytes)S and W No 1 2nd Issue 22 863xx Revolver 6 .JPG (40508 bytes)S and W No 1 2nd Issue 22 863xx Revolver 7 .JPG (36302 bytes)and without any silver plating left.  Civil War era ...
BUY NOW ... $950.00 Antique. 

Smith & Wesson No. 2 Old Model

SW No 2 Rev 2 .JPG (33451 bytes)This Smith & Wesson revolver is also known as the No. 2 Army. It has a 6" octagon barrel and a six roundSW No 2 Rev 3 .JPG (34000 bytes) un-fluted cylinder and is chambered in .32 Rim Fire.  The rose wood grips are in excellent condition, the right one being serial numbered to the gun as is proper. There is one small dent in bottom edge of S and W No 2  459xx Revolver 2 .JPG (54773 bytes)S and W No 2  459xx Revolver 3 .JPG (52351 bytes)S and W No 2  459xx Revolver 4 .JPG (46370 bytes)right grip, otherwise they are excellent.  The frame retains 90% or more of bright blue, remaining turning brown patina.  The barrel and cylinder retain 90% or better of a dulling blue finish.  Good rifling but some pitting to bore.  There are some small rust discolorations to exterior of barrel flats but overall the gun has a S and W No 2  459xx Revolver 5 .JPG (34147 bytes)S and W No 2  459xx Revolver 6 .JPG (53799 bytes)S and W No 2  459xx Revolver 7 .JPG (37240 bytes)fine appearance.  Action is tight and crisp, operates fine with good lock-up, barrel latching has a little looseness.  The serial number is 45955 with cylinder and barrel assembly number as AA8, made in 1865.  This particular firearm can be classed in well above average condition ranging to excellent plus.  S and W No 2  459xx Revolver 8 .JPG (45183 bytes)SW No 2 Rev 4 .JPG (35454 bytes)S and W No 2  459xx Revolver 1 .JPG (171927 bytes)We have it priced accordingly. ... BUY NOW ... $2195.00 Antique



SW No 2 Rev 5 .JPG (72223 bytes)SW No 2 Rev 6 .JPG (81963 bytes)SW No 2 Rev 10 .JPG (86044 bytes)SW No 2 Rev 9 .JPG (88935 bytes)SW No 2 Rev 7 .JPG (73315 bytes)





L. Pomeroy Contract Lock Dated 1831

US Contract Percussion Side Lock and Hammer, "L. Pomeroy, US 1831".  Model 1816 US musket was conversion to percussion system by government contractor in 1831. Very fine condition lock plate, hammer and sear.  The eagle is excellent.  Proofed on lock plate L, Pomeroy Gunlock 3 .JPG (42563 bytes) reverse L, Pomeroy Gunlock 2 .JPG (46521 bytes) is "PHD". ...
BUY NOW ... $525.00.


Defender .32 Cal. Rim Fire Revolver

Defender Revolver, .32 Rim Fire caliber, five shot with birds head grip.  Nickel plate is excellent except some small spotting on left side and deterioration to front left frame forward of cylinder due to black powder residue from firing.  In working condition, black hard rubber grips are excellent.  ... BUY NOW ... $395.00  


Defender .32RF 337 2 .JPG (31735 bytes)Defender .32RF 337 3 .JPG (40686 bytes)




Ranger .22 Cal. Rim Fire Revolver


Here is a Ranger Solid Frame Bird's Head Grip, Spur Trigger, 7 round, .22 long black powder antique revolver with 2 1/2" barrel, ivory grips and engraved. What a mouthful for such a nice little pocket gun. It is nickel plated with much of it remaining, the left ivory grip is chipped and the firing pin has been partly broken, probably to make it un-fireable at some time.  The engraving is Ranger Revolver Engraved 746 4 .JPG (83505 bytes)Ranger Revolver Engraved 746 5 .JPG (98831 bytes)Ranger Revolver Engraved 746 6 .JPG (77209 bytes)deeply chiseled with a punch style border. The action is in fine working order. The serial number is 746 making this a very early gun in this series.  We have it priced at $395.00 ... BUY NOW.

Ranger Revolver Engraved 746 1 .JPG (85800 bytes)Ranger Revolver Engraved 746 2 .JPG (91974 bytes)




Belgian Solid Frame Revolver

Belgian Rev 320cal 2 .JPG (32630 bytes)This is a six round Belgian solid frame frame revolver that is marked CAL.320 on left frame, (A .32cal. S&W round is too large for cylinder.) It has a 2 3/8" barrel integral to frame.  Cylinder is removed by pulling out extractor rod and removing cylinder pin.  It is loaded by opening cartridge gate.  Works fine as single action - double action is not working. Safety lever on left side Belgian Rev 320cal 4 .JPG (52076 bytes)Belgian Rev 320cal 6 .JPG (65704 bytes)locks hammer in place.  Gun retains nearly all military blue finish, fine checkered walnut grips are excellent, lanyard ring present on bottom.  Belgian proof marks on cylinder and crown over R on right side of frame while crown over ML on left.  Gun rates excellent plus condition and measures about 6 1/2" in length. ... BUY NOW ... $000.00.  SOLD



US Revolver Co. Hammerless


US Revolver Co., Double Action, 5 Shot Hammerless Revolver in .32 S&W Short caliber. This is a trade name for an Iver Johnson Cycle Works gun from about 1900 period. It is a top break, auto ejector, concealed hammer revolver with nickel plating - about 90% remaining, the rest is polished metal.  The trigger guard and T-Bar latch are blued, trigger is case colored.  The 3" round barrel has integral rib with half round front sight and with the US Rev 123xx DA 3 .JPG (44908 bytes)US Rev 123xx DA 4 .JPG (88517 bytes)US Rev 123xx DA 2 .JPG (54667 bytes)rounded butt this was called and used as a pocket pistol.  The grips are checkered hard rubber with "US (in Circle)" logo and they are excellent except crack in base of both.  The bore and cylinders are fine, as is the action.  The gun over all has a pleasing appearance but the nickel finish does have a peppery look.  Serial # 123xx is offered at $165.00 ... BUY NOW  FFL Required


Four Percussion Long Arms

The thumbnails are in top to bottom order of photo.




                                             a)  Pedersoli Percussion .50 caliber Kentucky Rifle with Kentucky Rifle, .50cal.,Pedersoli .JPG (62658 bytes) full length walnut stock, the octagon barrel measures 38 and one half inches and is fitted with rear peep sight.  Made in Italy, #676xx, this rifle has fine balance and is in like new condition but there are several stock dings.  It is excellent as a traditional shooter or would just look great on a wall.  Offered at $750.00 ... BUY NOW


b)  Original, British Enfield Rifle, Model 1858, Military, used by both Union and Confederate Troops during our Civil War, the lock is marked "Tower 1861."  This is the standard British Enfield Model 1858 .JPG (61008 bytes) .58 caliber British 1858 Enfield Rifle 2 .JPG (103626 bytes)British Rifle 1858 4 .JPG (99872 bytes) with 39" barrel and full walnut stock, an old wrist break and repair attempt is visible on stock with also a break in the rear trigger guard and there are eight "notches" on the top of comb.  Also, a "Z" proof is visible forward to the front of the trigger guard, the metal furniture is brass.  It is in overall antique fine condition but is missing the original ram rod, rear sight and front barrel band, all available on the market.  This likely saw heavy use in the Civil War and they are getting scarce like all original items. Priced to ... BUY NOW ... $995.00.

British Rifle 1858 1 .JPG (98515 bytes)British Rifle 1858 2 .JPG (67018 bytes)British Rifle 1858 3 .JPG (94947 bytes)British Rifle 1858 5 .JPG (77318 bytes)




Lorantz Mil. Musket, 1835 .JPG (58067 bytes)c)  Lorenz Military Percussion Musket, marked "1835" with "crown /S" proof on lock. It is in .69 caliber and the 38" barrel is secured by three brass barrel bands, the rest of the furniture also of brass.  It is in antique fine condition and this type of musket was used by both Union and Confederate Troops during our Civil War.  This is an original war time firearm and priced at only ... BUY NOW ... $795.00.


Plains Rifle H. Sheets .JPG (61990 bytes)d)  An original American Plains Rifle in .48 caliber percussion.  It has a heavy octagon 31" barrel marked on top "H. Sheets."  It is mounted on a lovely full length, tiger maple style stock.  Iron furniture supports a wood and brass ram rod.  The engraved steel lock is marked "H. Sheets, Union - Ohio" and is activated by double set, adjustable trigger.  All original and over all in antique fine condition this classic rifle appears shootable and was probably a "Buffalo Gun."  This is offered at $2495.00 ... BUY NOW   Additional Photos Available.


Armsport M1858 Sharps Percussion Rifle with Accessories


Armsport Rifle, drop block, Access. Group for .54 cal. Sharps .JPG (38788 bytes)Armsport .54 cal. Sharps 1 .JPG (43411 bytes)Sharps copy that was made in Italy. It is in as new condition and is a breech loading .54 caliber rifle Model 1858 with 29" octagon barrel.  It sports a blade front sight, buckhorn rear and is also fitted with a long range vernier tang sight.  The receiver is case colored and the stock is walnut.  Also included is the custom bullet mold blocks for .540 solid conical bullet and a Lee #90474 bullet mold with handles for .54 Mini Ball. And also 15 pre-made .54 mini ball paper covered bullets and some extra papers.  An extra nipple and nipple wrench completes the package.  All you need is some powder and a few range Buffalo ... BUY NOW ... $895.00 for some real fun.



See our Colt Collectors Page.


Percussion Colt 1860 Revolver



Italian Copy of Colt 1860 .44 caliber black powder percussion revolver with steel case hardened frame and in unfired condition. Made by F. Pietta this is a faithful reproduction of the popular Civil War arm used by both the Union and the Confederates.  It has the standard 8" barrel and is a .44 caliber ball six shooter.  Colt 1860 Army F. Pietta 2 .JPG (38118 bytes)Colt 1860 Army F. Pietta 3 .JPG (35171 bytes)This type of weapon was also in use by the Western Expansion settlers, peace keepers and villains well into the 1870's.  This gun looks new and comes with instruction book.  A good value and priced at $325.00. ... BUY NOW.



See our Double Guns page.


CVA 1860 Colt .44 Army Percussion


This CVA Black Powder Only, Percussion .44 Cal. Revolver is a copy of the famous Civil War 1860 Army by Colt.  Connecticut Valley Arms had this made by Uberti in Italy in the early 1980's.  It fires a .454 round ball from an 8" barrel.  It is all steel construction with brass trigger guard and walnut stocks, overall the length is about 14".  The case colored frame is as new and the gun is unfired in the original box with warranty card from 1989.  However, two cylinders must have had percussion cap discharges as there is evidence of old CVA Colt 1860 Army 7 .JPG (63747 bytes)CVA Colt 1860 Army 6 .JPG (106876 bytes)rust CVA Colt 1860 Army 4 .JPG (107284 bytes)CVA Colt 1860 Army 8 .JPG (71679 bytes)around those nipples from not being cleaned properly.  Also, the wedge is a very tight fit and shows disassembly marks on wedge, screw and immediate surrounding area.  Still, the overall appearance is like new but as noted.  Gun is cut for stock and has the attachment screws.  Box is in excellent condition but edges have been touched up by black marker, it stills looks fine and no doubt was improved.  We have this very tight gun priced at $375.00. ... BUY NOW. 



"Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms and Their Values" 8th Edition

By Norm Flayderman, with 669 pages, 8 1/4" x 10 3/4", soft cover describing over 4000 antique American Firearms, over 1700 photos and histories of makers.  This is "the Bible of Antique Gun Collecting", copyright 2001, this is Flaydermans Guide Antique Firearms 8th 2 .JPG (69679 bytes)the last edition.   New ... SOLD




Pair of Percussion  Black Powder Pistols

The top single shot black powder percussion system pistol with 3 3/8" round steel barrel that screws to brass frame is unmarked.  It has a wood, birds head grip and unguarded trigger. The caliber is approximately .44 and appears unfired.  The Unmarked Single Shot percussion pistol .JPG (79750 bytes)barrel holds the brass ramrod for loading.  This is classed as an antique and we have it priced at $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW.  SOLD

The bottom pistol is a swivel, two barrel over and under derringer in the percussion system for cap and ball with black powder. The barrels are 3" overall and they are approximately .31 caliber.  The frame and barrels are of steel with a single action hammer and Unmarked percussion doble barrel derringer JPG.JPG (101855 bytes)unguarded trigger.  The gun is completely unmarked and in fine, probably unfired condition, but the walnut slab grips are crudely set.  This is classed as an antique and we have it priced at $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW.   SOLD



1795 Springfield Style Flint Lock US Contract Musket

This 1795 US Springfield Armory .69 Caliber Musket may be from a hither-to unknown maker from the early US 1794 Contract.  The inside of lock is marked "T. DALE" with other gun markings that are noted below.  These early muskets from the very beginning of our history do not become available very often.  It is truly a pleasant rarity for this one to be offered here by us.  And, this particular one may be of particular historic interest because of the evidence of the unknown maker.  This has recently come into my possession and I have written a short article on this firearm and what I believe to be a summary of its' overall  description, condition and place in our arms history. 

LINK to Description.   


English "Barnett" Blunderbuss

This English Blunderbuss is 30" in overall length, has a 14" brass flared barrel of 1" plus in diameter and sports a folding, spring operated, triangular bayonet.  The fine walnut English style, early stock with brass furniture has been re-fitted with an excellent condition, but over- sized, "Barnett" marked lock in flint design.  The lock proof is of the tombstone style with sitting fox, a "B" is on reverse.  Barnett was an early contractor for the British from around 1770 and then Barnett FL Blunderbuss 3 .JPG (86823 bytes)Barnett FL Blunderbuss 12 .JPG (100103 bytes)the Company was the "Standard" for the North West Territory guns of the fur baring business.  The barrel proofs have been intentionally defaced at some point in time.  The only other marking is on the stock bottom, behind trigger guard, which is in stamped block letters, "Moxham" or "Motham".  The metal is in o/a fine condition as is the stock but with an old repair to sliver crack near barrel Barnett FL Blunderbuss 5 .JPG (79738 bytes)Barnett FL Blunderbuss 7 .JPG (91205 bytes)Barnett FL Blunderbuss 9 .JPG (78978 bytes)attachment wedge.  I believe this is circa 1790 and it came from an old family on the New York side of Lake Champlain.  This was in probable use during a British campaign on the lake.  This could be an American retrofit of handy parts that were made to work for some Colonial at war or in the field.  If only these things could speak.  We have this great looking and unusual piece priced at $5995.00. ...BUY NOW.



Just bought a nice collection of Antique & Civil War Guns and will be putting them on soon.  Watch the site.


Just got a Remington Navy .36Cal. 1861 Revolver in but sold it in two hours for $800.  It was untouched, graying condition.  Used my list of prospects.  Send your want list.


Also see Pre-1898 Page, our Winchester Pages & Remington.

Butt Plates.JPG (101144 bytes)Grips.JPG (120344 bytes)We have an assortment of butt plates and grips that are reproduced to very good specifications. The images are not the best at the moment but I think you can get an idea of what is available, even more than is shown actually.  They do not come with screws or escutcheons.  We do have a few original parts also. Click to enlarge.

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