On this page we will have our collectable glassware from cut glass to pressed, crystal to crystalline, depression glass and fine glass.  What we don't put on our dinnerware and flatware pages will find a home here and hopefully a better home with you.

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AVON CAPE COD Collection

1) Pictured are four ruby red Avon Cape Cod goblets measuring 5 3/8" Avon Cape Cod Goblets 2 .JPG (73837 bytes)tall, top is 4" diameter outside, stem and base are hexagonal. Avon is marked on the bottom of each base.  These goblets are in mint condition and would make a great Avon Cape Cod Goblets 3 .JPG (81004 bytes)addition to any Cape Cod collection.  We have this set of four priced at ...$28.00 .. BUY NOW.

We have more pieces of Cape Cod Glass in the shop.

Clear Vintage Pressed Glass Fancy Cake Serving Plate

This plate would be lovely to set a decorated or any home make cake on or it would be a great serving piece for cookies of dainty sandwiches.... $18.00 .. BUY NOW.


Clear Vintage Pressed Glass Fancy Cake Serving Plate

2) This 11" footed plate with scalloped edge has a four petal flower in the center with a sun burst effect surrounding it.  This would make a lovely serving plate as it probably did when it was first introduced in the 50's or 60's.  I can picture dainty little tea sandwiches or petits fours resting on this lovely sunburst serving dish.   ... $18.00 ... BUY NOW.


Federal Glass Company Green Depression Sherbets

3)  We have a set of ten green Depression Glass sherbets that were produced by the Federal Glass Company in the 1930's. They are all in perfect shape and are a great accent to any set of china.  Buy now ... $80.00

Depression Federal Sherberts Green 2 .JPG (45724 bytes)




Green Depression Glass Pillar Optic Sherbet Plates

We have two of this pattern in green, they can be used under sherbet dishes or to serve a lovely dessert.  One has a slight chip on the rim which you will see in the thumbnail ....  Buy now ... $10.00

Depression Pillar Optic Sherbert Saucer Green 2 .JPG (49312 bytes)





Hocking Glass Company  Circle Pattern Green Sherbet

This sherbet in green was produced by the Hocking Glass Company in the 1930's. It measures 3 1/2" wide X 3" tall.  It has a mark on the outer side that feels like a sharp cut.  Buy now ... $6.00





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Autumn Leaf China

WROUGHT FARBERWARE Aluminum & Glass Relish Jar

5) Pictured is a relish jar with lid, vintage plastic spoon and under plate by Wrought Farberware, Brooklyn, NY.  The 5" plate is  hammered aluminum and  the clear relish jar measures 3 1/4" tall with an aluminum lid and red bakelite knob. Metal is etched with oak leaves and has a cut out for the small red plastic spoon handle that is included. The set is in mint condition and we have it priced at Aluminum Relish Dish 3 .JPG (72296 bytes)Aluminum Relish Dish 2 .JPG (74579 bytes)

$30.00 ... BUY NOW.



Fenton Glass Company Amber Accessory Pieces

Fenton Item No. 3638 is pictured on the left.  The hobnail handled basket in colonial amber color, measuring 8 1/2", was introduced by Fenton in 1967 and discontinued in 1970. Buy Now ... $40.00

Fenton Amber Group 2 .JPG (86255 bytes)




Fenton Amber Group 3 .JPG (71814 bytes)Fenton Item No. 3653, three toed vase in amber measures 5" tall.  It was introduced in 1965 and was discontinued July, 1971.  $10.00 ... Buy Now


Fenton Amber Group 4 .JPG (90526 bytes)Fenton Item No. 3854, 4 1/2" amber vase with ruffled edge was introduced in 1959 and was and was discontinued in July 1959.

 Priced at $10.00 ...  Buy Now


PRESSED GLASS Clear Footed Serving Plate

Sunburst center design, clear glass footed plate measuring 11 1/4", with rows of graduated size dots and scalloped edge.  Great as a cake plate or to serve mini sandwiches, cookies or sliced fruits.  It is in mint condition and dates from the 1950's or 1960's. It is in perfect condition and  priced at ... $20.00 ... BUY NOW.




Here are 7 Hocking Glass Company Block Optic, Depression Glass, 8" luncheon plates in a pale pink.  All plates are in perfect condition.  The Hocking glass Company produced this pattern from 1929 through 1933.  The Hocking Glass Block  plate 2  .JPG (78283 bytes)thumbnail shows all seven plates. 

BUY NOW ... $58.00.



Jeanette Depression Glass Pink Cubist Pattern Saucers

The Cubist pattern was produced by the Jeanette Glass company from 1929 through 1933.  Pictured are three saucers in pink, each measuring 5 7/8".  They are all in perfect condition.

  $10.00 ... BUY NOW.Jeanette Cubist Saucer 1 .JPG (64849 bytes)





CLEAR PRESSED GLASS Vintage Cake Serving Plate

This clear glass serving plate measures 12 5/8" and has a slight incline from the center to the scalloped edge.  The design is lovely and the plate is in perfect condition and dates to the 1950's or 60's. ... BUY NOW ... $22.00.




Hocking Glass, Waffle Pattern Cereal Bowl

The bowl is deep pink in color and measures 5 1/2" across. It has no chips, cracks or imperfections.  The Hocking Glass Company produced this pattern from 1938 to 1944.  .........  BUY NOW ... $38.00.





Footed Ball Vase with Handles, Florals and Gold

This is a hand painted, bulbous vase measuring 3 1/4" tall and 2 1/2" across at the widest point.  The flared neck has gold paint that appears to be cracks on inspection of the thumbnail but there are no cracks, just gold paint.  The piece is unmarked.  

.... BUY NOW ... $38.00.


Vase with handles floral 1 .JPG (69748 bytes)



Clear Pressed Glass Fancy Punch Bowl, Scalloped Edge

This lovely punch bowl measures 16" in diameter and 7 1/2" tall.  The pointed edges are perfect; there are no chips or cracks but there are a few lines inside that look like they were there when the piece was molded ....  BUY NOW ... $00.00.


Punch Bowl clear pressed 2 .JPG (83404 bytes)





Madrid Pattern Depression Glass Dinner Set

Item Description


Depression Glass Madrid Amber 2 .JPG (106058 bytes)Depression Glass Madrid Plate Amber 1 .JPG (107104 bytes)






Madrid Pattern Depression Glass Tumbler

Item Description








Pair of Hand Blown Vases

This pair of blown vases are opaque, white on the outside and a lovely pink on the inside and each has a floral bouquet hand painted on the side.  They are 6 3/4" tall and are ruffled at the top. We are offering this pair at $75.00 ...... BUY NOW





Royal Lace Pink Depression Glass Cookie Jar

This Royal Lace pink cookie jar was produced by the Hazel-Atlas Glass Company.  The pattern was produced from 1934 to 1941.  It measures 5 1/2" tall and 5" wide at the rim.  Unfortunately it is missing the lid.  .......     BUY NOW ... $28.00





Pressed Glass Celery Dish

Here we have a pressed glass celery dish with a lovely design, clear and measuring 12" long. It is in perfect condition and would make a lovely addition to any table.  ........  BUY NOW ... $12.00


Pressed Glass clear oblong dish 2 .JPG (50963 bytes)




Hocking Glass Company Old Cafe Clear Candy Dish

Old Cafe is a very pleasing pattern produced by the Hocking Glass Company from 1936 to 1940.  This low candy dish with closed handles is crystal color, it measures 8 1/2" wide at the handles. It is in perfect condition.  .... BUY NOW ... $10.00





Pink DEPRESSION GLASS Manhattan or "Horizontal Ribbed" Cream & Sugar Set

This sugar and creamer set in pink is in the Manhattan Pattern also known as "Horizontal Ribbed" pattern by the Anchor Hocking Glass company and was produced from 1938 through 1943.  The sugar bowl is oval shape measuring 6 3/4" including handles and the creamer measures 5 /12" outside spout to outside handle. Both pieces are in perfect condition

... BUY NOW ... $36.00.


NORITAKE Hand Painted  Japanese Tea Pot

This small hand painted tea pot is marked Noritake and is also marked with an "M" and wreath on the bottom as shown in the thumbnail.  It measures 2 3/4" high with the lid and 4 3/4" wide which includes spout and handle.  It is in perfect condition Noritaki Creamer Fruit 2 .JPG (27778 bytes)with no chips, cracks or wear. 

BUY NOW ... $42.00.



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