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I can not believe the stuff that we have! We used to buy military surplus at auction, buy out stores and purchase tractor trailer loads of stuff ... no more, I hope. (Unless you have such a deal for me..???) This is some of our STUFF.

  Someone needs this!

Black Powder Lot # 1

Quick Load, New Field Industries for Muzzle Loaders; (2) .54 Caliber, (2) .45 Caliber, Retail $15.00 each ... value $60.00 ... BUY ALL ... $35.00

Black Powder Lot # 2

Fast Shot (2) .45 Cal, for muzzle loaders, Retail $3.50 ea.. Quick Shot, Thompson Center (1) .58 Cal. #7026; (1) .45 Cal. #7027... Retail $7.50 ea. 4-n-1 Quick Shot (5) .45 Cal. #7055, Retail $11.00 ea. ... Value $77.00 ... BUY ALL ... $42.00.

E-mail inquiries (go to Contact Us) ... minimum handling, insurance and shipping charge per order is $7.50 ... items can also be picked up at Store or at one of our Gun Shows.

More coming ... Page in Progress November, 2015

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but please refrain from questions as to values of your items or info about your items unless you seek a paid appraisal.  If you have things you would like to sell to us include your asking price and complete description in first contact.
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