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Here we are offering Remington and related Company products for sale.  At one time we were a Direct Dealer with the Remington Company but if you were a dealer in business in the early 90's and were a part of that program you know what generally transpired.  However, we do have a few things still in stock and also buy Remington items of a collectable nature for resale.  If you collect such things visit this page from time to time.

For Remington Firearms go to REMINGTON GUNS












Back to Site Map   Pictured is a Ducks Unlimited Commemorative Tin of Remington, all brass 12gauge, new shot shells.  There are 25 to the box and they are in as new condition with paperwork.  The tin has a few very small nicks and some old scotch tape marks.  The price is $xx.00 ... BUY NOW.    SOLD

Just got another box in .... SOLD

Remington .303 Savage Ammo

Remington .303 Savage Ammunition, 2 boxes. a) Kleanbore .303 Savage Express, older red and green box, 180gr, SP, Core -Lokt, (1) original round.  Box is poor, left flap is missing, and old scotch tape marks.  b) Hi- Speed .303 Savage, 180gr, SP, Core -Lokt, #8130, (13) original rounds.  Box is fine and is intact.  Buy both for $xx.00  SOLD  

(I always am looking for .303 Savage ammo ~ add your name to my list.)   I do supply reloads also. 


See Winchester Page Two for more .303 Savage Ammo.

Remington .303 Savage Express SP Ammunition

Remington .303 Savage Partial Box of Express Ammunition 180gr, Soft Point, in green and red box.  There are 11 clean rounds and 9 once fired cases that have been de-primed and cleaned in box. These are shootable or collectable and box does have wear marks and is missing both end flaps.  Number 8030 is on box. All rounds are head stamped REM-UMC, this ammo is very hard to find and is now discontinued.  We have this partial box Remington 303 Savage Kleenbore 11 9 cases 2 .JPG (92002 bytes)priced at ... $75.00 ... BUY NOW.




Remington .303 Savage Hi-Speed SP Ammunition


Remington .303 Savage Full Box of Ammunition Hi- Speed 180gr, Soft Point, Core-Lokt, #8130. Clean ammo in green & white collectable box in fine overall condition. There are 20 rounds of all same ammo that is shootable or collectable.  One end flap has remnants of price tag glue and Remington Full Box 303 Savage 180gr SP 1 .JPG (100779 bytes)some edge and corner scuffing is evident.  This is a full box of hard to find and discontinued .303 Savage ammo.  Our price is $xx.00 ... BUY NOW.  SOLD


Remington .303 Savage Express SP Ammunition

Remington .303 Savage Partial Box of Express Ammunition 180gr, Soft Point, in green and red box.  There are 14 clean rounds in box that are shootable or collectable and box does have wear marks and remnants of glue from old masking tape.  Number 8130 is on box.  This ammo is very hard to find and is now discontinued.  We have this partial Remington Partial Box .303 Savage Ammo 1 .JPG (96996 bytes)box priced at ... $xx.00 ... Remington Partial Box .303 Savage Ammo 2 .JPG (86630 bytes)BUY NOW.  SOLD



Remington .303 Savage Express SP Ammunition

Remington .303 Savage Full Box of Express Ammunition 180gr, Soft Point, in green and red box.  There are 20 clean rounds in box that are shootable or collectable and box does have wear marks and scuffing on edges but is bright and solid.  Number 8130 is on box.  This ammo is very hard to find and is now discontinued.  Remington Full Box .303 Savage Ammo 1 .JPG (102694 bytes)We have this full box priced at ... $xx.00 ... BUY NOW. 




Remington 175th Anniversary Tin




Remington 175th .22LR Anniversary Tin filled with 325 High Velocity cartridges.  Outer box measures 5 7/8" x 3 3/4" x 2" high with oval tin and .22 LR  ammunition contents.  In unused condition but tin has received a bruise to top of cover, see thumbnail. This is Remington item number Remington 175th Anniverary Tin 2 .JPG (117442 bytes)1522AN

Remington 175th Anniverary Tin 3 .JPG (104098 bytes)Remington 175th Anniverary Tin 1 .JPG (82425 bytes)and we have this priced at



Remington Tin Limited Edition Playing Cards



Remington Limited Edition of two decks of playing cards in tin.  Unopened and in new condition but two tiny dents to top of tin. Made in 1998 under license. We have this priced at

... $60.00 ... BUY NOW.

Remington 1998 2 Deck Card Set Tin 2 .JPG (90628 bytes)Remington 1998 2 Deck Card Set Tin 3 .JPG (104758 bytes)Remington 1998 2 Deck Card Set Tin 4 .JPG (109966 bytes)Remington 1998 2 Deck Card Set Tin 5 .JPG (100101 bytes)




Remington Blue Rock Cap


In Remington Green, one size fits all style.  Made of  Dacron and cotton mesh for cool shooting. I have two left in new condition.

 ... BUY NOW ... $29.00




Nylon Web Belt


Remington 1 1/4" web belt and military style buckle in British Green. One size fits all and I have one of these left in stock.    New condition.

... BUY NOW... $24.00



Remington 870 Owners Manual

Remington 870 Pump Action Shotgun Owners Manual and plug for migratory bird hunting. New, unopened and plug is universal for 12 and 16 and 20 gauge guns.

 BUY NOW ... $10.00.





1982 Bullet Knife

This 1982 Bullet Knife is the first in the popular remake series of the older originals by Remington in the 1930's.  The original box and paper work are included.  This was a gift from the Company to an employee and has three initials engraved on the bullet, "M. S. H."  The book price for these are exceeding $1000.  This knife, #R1123 is in fine condition and priced at $795.00. ... BUY NOW




Remington Leather Shooting Gloves

These are absolutely the most comfortable gloves I have ever worn.  They are light weight, soft and fully vented allowing comfort in all weather.  Velcro tabs keep the them tight on the wrists.  These are new condition and form fitting. The size is medium so they won't fit my big hand, other wise I would keep them all.  Only one or two left for $xx.00 ... BUY NOW    SOLD




Remington Outdoor Red Suspenders

These red web suspenders by Remington are 2" wide and come with nylon clip fasteners.  They adjust to size and are package new condition, I have just one pair left.  The price is ...  $30.00 ... BUY NOW.




Remington Ammo


I still have a lot of ammo I purchased by the tractor trailer load when I was a Direct Remington Dealer. I have cases of shot shells and slugs, also some .22's and Turkey Loads.  Some has been discontinued but I still have it new on the shelf so if you are looking for some odd-ball ammo I may still have some.  How 'bout CB caps? Yep.




Remington Carded Magazines

I have most gun magazines in stock for current guns and carded as is shown but also have some used magazines and parts.  Prices go from $21.00 to $45.00.  We also have a supply of  reproduction and original butt plates for Remington shot guns and rifles.  




Remington Carded Bolt Parts


We have most of the bolt parts in stock for 870's and 1100's, specify gauge when inquiring about our stock.  Prices range from $25.00 to $40.00.




Remington Five Pounder .22 Tin




This is an unused tin of Remington .22 Long Rifle cartridges known as the Five Pounder and sold as a collectable.  It holds 675 rounds of .22 ammo which is intact and is in near mint condition.  I Remington 5 lb 22 Ammo Tin 2 .JPG (50027 bytes)believe there were three or four different tin photo designs to this series. ... SOLD  

I Have One Full Tin Left.



Remington 5 pounder mt Tin 1 .JPG (78576 bytes)Remington 5 pounder mt Tin 2 .JPG (98225 bytes)This Remington Five Pounder .22 Rim Fire Ammunition Collector tin is empty. This is from the Remington Wildlife Art Collection and is Plate B according to can inscription.  It is in fine overall condition but is used and the top has some fading.  We only have the one so BUY NOW ... $xx.00.    SOLD



Remington 100 Yard Sighting-in Target

This is a Remington 100 yard sighting -in target that was given away with a gun purchase in the 1980's & 90's.  I have a few left and will sell them as two for $12.50 with shipping included. BUY NOW.



Remington Full Box of Winchester 22 Automatic



This is a Full Box of 50 count, Remington Made standard velocity .22 Winchester Automatic cartridges.  These were specially made for Model 1903 Winchester Rifles and are now discontinued and unavailable.  The cartridges are clean and Box 50 Remington 22 Win Auto 2 JPG.JPG (99967 bytes)the box sound but has some edge wear and a strip of old scotch tape on it.  We have it priced at   SOLD




Remington Cash Register in Original Wood Shipping Crate available. ???  Also several Remington Typewriters.

Updated April 2013 ~ More to Come

Click for Information or e-mail us at dpetron1@nycap.rr.com 

To Place an Order go to CONTACT US ~ All Prices Reflect a 3.5% Cash Discount ~ However we do accept all Major Credit Cards 

Our Guarantee is Simple ~ 100% Satisfaction

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