On this page we will present the myriad of items classed as Collectable Advertising.  It will be for things not included on one of our other Company Collectables pages so you will also find advertising items elsewhere.

A Collage of Medical Items

Every container, tin, box or printed pamphlet was, at one time or another, being used as an advertisement of some sort.  And today, somebody collects it.  The collage here may be waiting to be found by a Dentist for an office display or a Drug Store Owner for a personal collection.  Whatever the reason and whomever be the collector, eventually this group will find its' way to a new home.  Most is from the 1960's and all in excellent condition. ... BUY NOW ... $40.00



Esquire Lanol White Polish

Remember those saddle shoes and white gym sneakers?  Well step back in history for a bottle of Esquire Lanol White Shoe Polish, with applicator.  This box is excellent and the bottle full. ... BUY NOW ... $20.00




Star Wars Jedi Shoe String

For the younger generation we have the Star Wars Return of the Jedi Shoe Laces.  Two unopened packages of laces, one 36" and the other 27" in length.  A very colorful package for a highly regarded collector field.  Both in as new condition. ... BUY NOW ... $ 20.00




Hartz Mountain Song Food

What kid in the 50's didn't try to feed their grandmother's finch? Perhaps this is the very same old tin you used.  This Hartz Mountain Song Food advertising tin is in fine condition but shows some age and wear and tear.  It Hartz Mountain tin, SONG FOOD 2 .JPG (40740 bytes) is still colorful and collectable. ... BUY NOW ... $25.00




Collage of Medical Items

A collage of Medical Bandages in tin or cardboard boxes, all in excellent condition.  Another of those groups that I know some one must need for something.  I believe most from the 1970's. ... BUY NOW ... $30.00




Two Aspirin Tins

Years ago every woman probably carried one of these in her purse, or kept it on the night stand in reach for those night time head aches.  The Bayer tin has seen better days, haven't we all?  The Anacin tin is in fine condition.  We have them as a pair. ... BUY NOW ... $18.00




Dr. Scholl's Grouping

Another Medical grouping that is in excellent condition. This Dr. Scholl's foot ailment collage is a must have set for a Podiatrist out there.  Give your patients a little history with the mystery of foot pain.  The group is priced. ... BUY NOW ... $26.00




Colgate Shaving Tin

A very nice Colgate & Co. nickled Shaving Stick tin.  Marked New York, USA.  Some of the brass is starting to show from wear but otherwise in excellent condition.  I would think from the turn of the century era. ... BUY NOW ... $55.00




Medicinal Liniments

Years ago there was a salve or a preparation or a liniment for any thing and everything, here is a collage of just a few.  All of these potions are from the twentieth century but had their start well before that.  Take all six for the one money. ... BUY NOW ... $20.00




Atwater Kent Radio Shield

This brass ornamental shield was affixed some where to an Atwater Kent Radio.  Very nicely molded with ship on the high seas logo, surrounded by scrolls.  In very excellent condition. ... BUY NOW ... $40.00




NO, Mommy ...  

Pictured are some of a kid's worst night mares.  A boxed thermometer that's marked "either rectal or oral" (at the same time, or who used this last?) - A BIG jar of pills, these are aspirins from the Military, a bottle of Castor Oil and an administer and the ever in need book of First Aid.  All this terror can once again be yours, "Mommy Dearest". ... BUY NOW $30.00



Sanitol Tooth Powder Tin  

Pretty old but still showing most of the "Sanitol Tooth Powder" in large fancy advertising letters.  BUY NOW ... $75.00 




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