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NEACA Old Forge Gun Show & Adirondack Exposition ~ See our Member Letter for more Info. Next Show

July *31, August 1, 2,  2015

*NEACA Members Only Friday

  Listening to our First Old Forge Radio Commercial
 Our First Gun Show at the ....
Hiltebrant Recreation Center, Old Forge, NY  on October *2, 3, 4, 2009.

 We had 125 8' tables and nice turnout of public.

  Our Next Show:

  August 1, 2, 2015 

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Prior Old Forge Gun Shows:

last show in the spring was May 14, 15, 16, 2010

We had 140 tables sold ... hurry if you want yours for the next show!

See us at Old Forge NY again at

North Street (Route 28), Hiltebrant Recreation Center, Old Forge, NY 13420


We were back for our great leaf-peeking show on

October *1, 2, 3, 2010

We had Special Motel rates for our Members & Exhibitors at the Adirondack Lodge.

We will be scheduling our 2015 and 2016 shows soon ... watch this page.

Cathy petting the deer in Old Forge


The deer are friendly, just like the townsfolk.

They all walk the same streets in Old Forge.

Cathy pats a doe on the chin.


They seem to enjoy the tourists and here Cathy gives this little doe a pet on the chin. The deer seem to be everywhere in Old Forge, even during hunting season. But only the dumb ones venture outside the Town property lines ... usually they don't return.

Hiltebrant Recreation Center in Old Forge, NY

This is a very interesting location for a show such as our Arms Fair or Gun Show, as they are normally referred to. There is plenty of room inside for wide aisles and 160 8 foot tables; the lighting is very good and the ease of loading makes this venue a real pleasure. There is ample of heat in winter and it is cool and airy in the summer, plus there is plenty of free parking all around.

A well kept secret of the Adirondack north country until Cathy and I were invited to view the facilities of the Lodge at Water's Edge. Well, we fell in love with the area and found this great place for another of our NEACA Gun Shows.