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For Immediate Distribution ~ 12 July 2016

NEACA Arms Fair Returns to Riley Rink
July 16, 17

~ While NY Wants to Ban 2nd Amendment Rights ~

Press release by David Petronis ~ President, NEACA, Inc.

There are those who would take away your right to keep and collect guns but there are also those who protect that right; we, the members of New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates, who defend the Second Amendment to our Constitution. Whether that guarantee is confirmed by Federal or State government the wording is generally the same and with the same meaning; “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” What part of “infringed” is not understood?

Our NEACA Arms Fair has been held in the Saratoga Springs, NY City Center for the past 32 years and now the democrat majority of that city thinks the shows’ “time has passed.” The time, treasure and tribulations spent over the last three decades to promote that show, incidentally, the first trade show at the City Center was staged by NEACA, and certainly has pleased, benefited and enhanced that city’s coffers according to NEACA President, David Petronis.

“Our Membership and Gun Shows has contributed a lot of money to Saratoga over these past thirty years,“ says Petronis,” and we certainly don’t feel our time has passed in any way!” But, according to him, the City Center has no further dates available for his future shows. “For our Arms Fairs to be simply eliminated from the only venue large enough to hold them is truly outrageous,” he commented. Petronis claims over 3000 people regularly attend his four shows a year at the City Center with one reaching 7000 attendees. “We bring a lot of buyers to a city when we hold our Gun Show,” he said.

“If they don’t want us there … we will go where they do. And I believe the friendly folks of the Riley Rink in Manchester Center, Vermont want us at their venue in their lovely town.” Petronis, said. “And we will be there this coming weekend with a great Gun Show, our third event there in a year.”

Within NEACA gun shows all state and federal laws are followed and all modern firearms purchased from FFL Dealers are required to go through an FBI background review; this is known as the National Instant Criminal System background check, or NICS. Each Federal Firearms Licensed exhibitor can perform this quick and easy check over a secure phone line and generally takes just a few minutes.

Plenty of new, used, antique and investment firearms of all types will be at this show; plus vintage sporting collectables and antique hunting, fishing and trapping items. We also have local exhibitors offering military souvenirs and treasures from our very first world conflicts; our American Revolution, also vintage firearms, swords and accoutrements from our War Between the States, also dealers in relics and collectables from our modern two World Wars and even our current War on Terrorism. You too can bring items in to sell or trade with our collectors. Guides, gun smiths’, collector books and a new author will also be at the show.

NEACA events are a walk through history as attendees view museum quality vintage collectables offered among the expected two hundred tables this July 16 and 17 at the Riley Rink Arms Fair. We open for the public to buy, sell or trade on Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM and again on Sunday from 9 AM to 3 PM. However, ours is a museum where you can actually purchase a remnant from our historic past.

Other venues which may be interested in hosting our Arms Fair can reach President David Petronis at NEACA Mechanicville, NY office at 518-664-9743; as well for any exhibitors who may wish to participate in our quality Northeast events.

Come one and all to our Arms Fair this July 16 & 17 and perhaps bring something to sell or trade with our exhibitors, talk to the dealers who are gun smiths, see the new hunting scopes and accessories, buy hard to find ammunition and targets for your practice and talk to the politicians who will defend our rights, mine and yours, to continue to keep and bear arms as our Second Amendment guarantees. And certainly, don’t forget to register and vote this November to protect your rights on Election Day. NEACA supports Donald Trump for President.

More show information is available on our web at