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This was an idea we had several years ago to revive our Journal.  We found that we just didn't have the time to follow thru with what we wanted to accomplish.  Without hiring a staff or even one extra person with some talent it was just too difficult; so we abandoned the attempt.  Anyone out there who would be willing to work for peanuts or some sort of arrangement, I would be willing to talk to about reviving our Journal.

We have created a MONSTER and a new place for our Arms Collectors Journal on this page in an Acrobat Reader format so you can view the full content of the Journal and download it to your printer on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.

You can also subscribe to it on line or receive an actual first class mailing.  The format will be as a tabloid newspaper of sixteen pages.  This is a timely resurrection of our Journal that we published as our first issue on 15 July 1985.  This is a photo of our new Front Page which we now have ready for down-load and also had it's debut in March at our Saratoga Arms Fair.  For details on subscribing or advertising, please see below.

For our first several issues we will allow a free viewing and down-load but will then request that you either subscribe for on-line viewing or first class mailing.  OR .... if you are a MEMBER of NEACA, or wish to become one, you will receive our on-line version FREE.  Membership Link.

Click on Journal Front Page below for PDF Link of our March 15 Issue.

Click on this link for PDF Link of our April 15, 2005 Issue.

We will have two types of subscriptions; one as a first class mailing of our Journal in its' original form, a 16 page tabloid and the other on-line that can be downloaded to your home printer on 8 1/2" x 11" standard paper thru Adobe Acrobat Reader (AAR can be downloaded free) or you can simply read it on the web.  The mailing version will be $30.00 for 12 monthly issues and the on-line PDF Form version will be $15.00 but you will have to "register" for your subscription and get a private password or become a member of  NEACA. 

We will also have an interactive advertising page of about 20 business card size ads surrounding our Events Calendar.  This will consist of Shows, Auctions and related activities to our collecting or shooting sports.  The ads will either be standard or "active" to link to a website or a web page that we can soon host for our clients. Rates are very reasonable.  If you do not already have a web site we will also be able to create one for you and either host a page or two on our web or create your own extensive and personal named site on our servers.

The listings can also be as a standard announcement or be "active" in that a link can be created to a web page that gives much more personal information, such as a map or to download a flyer.

We also will create a Classified Advertising section that can be viewed on-line for FREE plus will be included in our printed versions. Perhaps local Garage Sales and Flea Markets can be added to this.

Our NEACA website has been getting over three million hits a month and we want to capitalize on this traffic to develop a very large subscriber base for our Journal.  It was well received over the course of years that we published and we will resurrect some of the old stories from our prior issues. We are sure you will enjoy it.  We also will create an "Archive" of our newly published Journals and hope to do the same for our prior publications.