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This is a new page created for our NEACA Members use in posting items that are wanted or for checking what others are seeking.  The  general public is also invited to participate.  The procedure will be to send us a description of item(s) wanted along with your Name and Town and also e-mail or address where you can be contacted by us.  "Us" being NEACA Staff at e-mail address sales@neaca.com.


We get many requests for items and we do take care of a lot of them from our immense inventory of stuff.  But, when we can't supply or find what we need for a customer we will post the requests on this page.  If someone has the item needed let us know the price and condition, we will forward the information to our customer.

Want List

In Descending Order by Date

This three generation span should inspire all your confidence.

This three generation span should inspire all your confidence.

8/30)  am looking for air force e-3 and e-2 Vietnam chevrons in the black stripes withthe green background.  Do you have these?  Bob.

8/30) Hi, I wrote you earlier about a clip for a Remington 222. I should have said it's a Savage Model 340 in .222 Remington. Sorry for any problems, but can you help?  Thanks, Chuck

8/27) Dave, I noticed that you have some Winchester Model 10s on your site for sale.  I have an old model 10 that needs a stock and a forearm.  Do you have just the wood?  Or do you have a whole gun that isn't in very good shape, so I could make one gun out of two?  I'm the same guy that purchased the old ammo from you about three weeks ago?  Thanks, Jerry.

8/26) Dear Sir, I am looking for a cocking piece aperture sight to be installed on a Mauser rifle. Can you help? Shaun, Australia

8/21)  Looking for a Iver Johnson "OWL Head" butt plate. Approx. dimensions: 4 5/16" Long, 1 3/8" Wide, and 3" center to center. Thank You, Harry

8/18) I am looking for a firing pin for a pistol "Star" .22 caliber, US Patent 2-563-720, Made in Echevarria, Eibar, Spain.  Thank you, Joe

8/14) Hi David, I was just wanting to know if you had rear sights with wings for a Japanese Arisaka type 99.  Also an original monopod and a bayonet with Nagoya arsenal marking on it. If so please let me know and how much you are asking for these items. Thanks Charlton

8/10) I'm looking for an original box that a Winchester Model 1894 carbine would have been shipped in from the period of the 1940's. Please send a picture if possible. Thanks.  Richard, Red Oak, Iowa

8/5) Hi, I need an original butt stock for a Winchester Model 61. Thanks, Brian

8/1) I am looking for a Winchester hand saw that is called OLD TRUSTY. On the saw is a horseman, a rifle and a dog. Any info you have would be appreciated.  Gordon.    Hi Gordon, I don't have one at this time and don't know who does.  But I'll keep you in mind.  That saw came as a 24" or 26" blade with several different tooth sizes.  It was supposed to be from a special hardened steel that kept a fine edge.  Be prepared to pay $500. and up for a decent one. Dave

7/5) Would like to know if you would have rear sight for a Savage model 19 NRA?  Stephen

6/21) Looking for just the hammer for a Burnside carbine 1864.  Please help.  Lawrence.

6/15) Hi,I have an Iver Johnson 32 cal top break pistol S# 38322 and need a barrel latch.  Can you help?  Luke

5/4) Hello, I just bought a Winchester model 75. It has a globe type Lyman front sight and in the back I just have the base for an Olympic type sight. but no Olympic sight, any suggestions?  On either a new type of sight to put on the rear or where I could go to get an Olympic type sight?  Thanks, Mike

4/28) Would you happen to have a 28'' barrel with choke options for a Browning A5 Magnum?  Mike

4/19) Dave, at the risk of being a pest, have you had a chance to look and see if you have a split spring for a Smith & Wesson safety hammerless?   I have the gun disassembled and am really stuck for this part.  Have tried all the usual sources and drawn a blank.  Dave  Can't find one, Dave

4/16) I am interested in buying a colt model 1903 .32 caliber semi auto with nickel finish with black grips. If you have one or know where I could get one, I'd like to buy it from you.  Thank you, Ron

3/28) I would like to entertain any or all of the following transactions you can accommodate;  1) I would like to buy Winchester Boy Scout Commemoratives serial  # 540 &/or # 580. 2) I would like to buy Winchester Eagle Scout Commemorative serial # 265.  3) I would consider a trade to include one of my Eagle Scout guns and 1 or 2 of my Boy Scout guns for a match set you might have.  4) I would like to purchase 1 or 2 suede scabbard/ sleeves from Boy Scout issue accessories.  5) I might be interested in accessory Boy Scout gun rack. This assumes all items above, yours (and mine if trade conditions offered) are as new (guns - in box (es) with appropriate documents, etc.)  Please advise ASAP for any offerings you might have. If you have none of above, but keep a search list for future contact, please include my requests on that list and contact me at such a time as you can satisfy any of my interests.  I may also be in the market for a Colt pre-woodsman pistol, a Winchester model 63 rifle and/or a Remington Elliot pistol. Advise if you have anything of interest I might not readily see on your website.  Sincerely, John.

3/23)  I am shopping for a Winchester Model 71 348WCF, do you have one available?  Willard, Alaska.  Not at the moment, Dave

3/23) Hello, I'm in need of stock and for-end for model 71 Winchester .348.  I need wood for short tang and long tang, deluxe preferred.  Do you have any?  Thanks, Tom in Idaho

3/14) Sir: I am looking for a stock with oak leaves pattern for a  model 100 Winchester rifle.  Fred

2/22) We are looking for a fore-end iron for a Armsport 10 Ga. Super Goose.  I hope you can help us. Thank you,  J. Miller

2/11) Ancient Order of Hibernian's swords and other AOH items. Patrick.

2/7) Looking for a Winchester model 88 pre-64 .308 magazine. W. Clayton

2/6) Looking for M1 Garand Training Aid. I was in the Marines in 1958 when I was issued an M1 Garand. We went to a school in boot camp and they used a layout sheet made of oilcloth depicting a M1 Garand disassembled. This was a training aid to teach recruits how to strip and re-assemble an M1 Garand.  I would like to find and purchase this training aid for my M1 Garand collection. I would appreciate any help locating this item. The reason I contacted you in this endeavor is that Winchester used to manufacture the Military M1 Garand. Thank you.  Sincerely, Robert.

2/4) Dear Sirs, I am in need of Sharps model 1859 or 1863 or 1874 internal lock mechanism (spring, screws, lever actuator, etc.) breech lowering lever. Can you supply or know where I can acquire these parts? Best Regards, Greg.

1/28) Can you help me find a butt plate that fits on my Winchester model 100 .308 Win. automatic? Hakan.

1/23) I would like to purchase a barrel wrench and gap tool for a Dan Wesson Arms .357 Magnum. Thanks, Greg.

1/17) The Lyman gun sight sight corporation at one time was able to supply the Cutts Compensator for .30-06 and the .30-40 bolt action rifles also for shotguns. Compensators are still available for shot guns, however I'm unable to find out any info for the rifle compensators.  Are there any such items yet to be had?  If so please advise me as how I may obtain one of these compensators.  Thank you, Rob.

12/26) I am looking for a Stevens .410 double barrel shotgun.  Harry

12/23) Looking for 5 or 10 round clips, for Remington Model 37 Rangemaster, .22 cal.  Dan

12/22)  I am looking for an original part for a Burnside Carbine (civil war); specifically, the lever latch spring.  It is about a 2 inch long by 3/8 inch piece of bent steel with a screw hole on one end located inside the trigger guard, which latches the breech into place.  If you do not have an original part, do you have a reproduction?  Would using a reproduction negatively impact the value of the carbine?  The serial number of the carbine matches
the breech and also matches the serial number on the trigger.  Thanks, Robert.   Hi Robert,  Spring replacement in an antique gun does not affect the value much, only to a purist, and the firearm would have to be in especially fine condition to worry about.  I do not have the spring.  Try Dixie Gun Works in Tennessee. 

12/21) Hello.  I am looking for a Lyman 3 point Micro Click New Model 1937 or Model 438 (4 Pt.) rear mount.  Do you have this or know where I can find one?  Would you keep me in mind if you should run across one?  Thanks, Dwayne

12/16) Looking for a bolt for a 788 Remington .308. Thanks, Robert.

11/26) Hello, I was wondering if you carried a .22 cal Hi Standard military model aluminum ramp magazine. The plastic ramp just doesn't work right. If you do please let me know. Thank you, Tony.

11/23) I have recently come into possession of an early Ruger Bearcat 22 revolver.  I would like to find a cardboard Ruger Red factory box and manual.  Michael

11/20) Hi, I saw you had sold one of these magazines, Model 88 .308 and you noted that you occasionally stumble into one. I'm extremely interested, please let me know a.s.a.p as to the availability of this item.  Derick

11/19) I need a holster and original wood grips for a Colt 1917 Army New Service.  Thanks, Dave.

11/17) What I'd like to know is if you had a 12 ga. Belgium Browning A5 Slug Barrel for sale or know where I can purchase one.  Used is ok, if in good condition.  Thank you, Brad

11/3) Are you aware of any Belding & Mull dies that may be available? (Does anyone have any?)  Ben

11/2) I'm looking for a stock for a model 88 Winchester.  If you can help or know where I might find one please let me know.  I thank you in advance for any help.  Charles.

10/29) Hi, I'm looking for a Lyman receiver sight model 38 for a Winchester/Browning 1895. Thanks to let me know.  Guy 

10/29) I need a side-plate for S&W .44 DA Frontier revolver.  Any ideas? Thanks, Steve.

10/27) I have a gas auto load 44 carbine and I love it.  I had to send it to be fixed and Ruger wanted to keep it and trade for a different gun.  I said "NO" if you can't fix it send it back.  They cracked my stock (and as I live in Washington and it rains during my deer season) I need a new one.  I am afraid that I am gong to have to have one custom made.  Do you know where I might get one??  I would like a composite stock as it would out live me.  Let me know if you know of anything.  Thanks, Susan.

10/17) I have a Chamberlin Cartridge and Target "The Expert" target thrower that is missing the thrower arm spring and target cradle.  I am looking to replace these parts and don't know where to look.  Can you help?  David, Nebraska.

10/16) Hello, I need a mainspring for a Chicago "Protector" palm pistol. Can you be of assistance?  Thanks, Jim, El Cajon, CA

10/13) Hi, I need parts for a Whitney Arms Defender .22Cal. LR.  All the small parts inside are bad; trigger, hammer and the pin that holds the cylinder in.  The gun was found in a basement and the inside was rusted but the frame is just fine after I re-nickled it.  Best regards, Dan.

10/10) My Canadian Father-in-law has a Stevens, Model 58, 20ga. shotgun.  However, the poor ol' guy has lost his 3 round magazine for it!  And I hate to think of anyone - especially a Canadian! - not being able to shoot their weapons.  Do you folks know where I might locate one or two of these essential components?  Thanks for your time. God bless, and pass the ammunition!  V/R J. Brix.

10/4) I have a Westernfield M160B 20 gauge with full choke.  The spring in the clip is broken and I would like to fix it or replace the clip.  Any help you give me on this is appreciated.  Thank you, Stephen.

10/3) Hi, I came across your website and would like to post a request in the "items wanted" area of your site if possible.  I am looking for a used Marlin Camp 45 Carbine in good condition.  I am in New York and would be able to attend the October show in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Thanks, Steve.

9/26) I am looking for a particular blade called the Bloody Mary marked KORIUM Forged Solingen Steel made in Germany.  Would like to find another one of these rare blades. Thanks, Greg.

9/6) I have acquired a Winchester Model 23 XTR Side by Side 12ga. which is missing the complete forearm assembly.  Would you by chance have one? Max

8/10) Hi. Hoping you might have a pair of the wall mount racks for the Winchester 94 Bicentennial 30-30.  I have a rifle but the racks were missing.  Thanks, Mark M.

8/6)  I need replacement stocks and butt plate for the Remington Model 1889, 12 Ga., Damascus steel barreled side by side hammer gun.   From what I can tell it's a grade 2 due to the lack of engraving and checkering  only on the fore and butt stocks. The fore stock has the black insert and the butt plate has the "V" notch at the top of the stock. The serial number is 448xx.  It also has a 3 and a 411 on the water table and metal of the fore stock on the barrel side.  Thanks, Mark R.

7/21) I am trying to find a complete original hammer mechanism for a Burnside Carbine Model 1864. Dixie guns works has only a couple original parts. Do you have any contacts where I might be able to find the missing parts to complete my carbine? Thanks Rod

7/20) I need a steel Winchester butt plate with a spur and a Winchester 1894 butt plate with a spur.  Thanks, Don

7/20) I am looking for a Marlin 1894 Octagon (only made in 1973) in 98% or better condition.  Also looking for a Lyman 48C sight.  Thanks, Mark R.

7/10) I am interested in purchasing the Lyman 77H front sight listed on your website.  I do have one question, however.  Does the mounting block feature a standard 3/8" dovetail?  I have a Winchester pre- 64 M70 target that is in need of a Lyman 77 front sight and it has a 3/8" slot for the mounting block.  Thank you for your time. Respectfully yours, John S. (Sorry, John, it has been sold.)

6/30) Hello. I am interested in purchasing a magazine for a first year production Winchester Model 88 in 308 caliber.   It must be in 90%+ or better condition.  I have a low 4 digit serial number rifle.  Wayne P. (My question; is it one that has a very flat bottom and unmarked?)

6/30) Sir, I am looking for RVN Medals: Naval Service; Cambodian National Defense; Army Distinguished Service Order and National Order 4th Class. Would you know where I could find them?  Thanks Bob D.

6/30) I just purchased a Stevens 520 that UPS decided was too nice so they broke the toe of the stock and the butt plate.  Do you have an original butt plate for this gun?  Thanks, Mike L.

6/18) I am in need of a pair of M1858 New Model Army Revolver Grips. I would prefer a pair of original grips, but would consider a pair of reproduction grips if they are exact.  David S. J.

6/8)  Do you stock parts for the Burnside carbine, specifically a main spring and a tumbler?  My thanks in advance for any reply you might provide.  Take care and God speed from PA. Frank 

6/7)  Would like to know if you carry any parts for the 1849 Manhattan pistol?  Looks a lot like the colt 1849.  I would be interested in any parts: hand spring, trigger and bolt spring, hammer, back-strap, etc. Thanks,

6/1)  I am in need of a hammer screw, a butt swivel screw, and the screw that goes through the receiver starting just above the ring bar on the side opposite the hammer. Do you have these parts available and, if so, what is the cost and the availability? My thanks in advance for any input you can provide as I try to rectify a purchase of a Burnside CW carbine I made sight unseen. Help!!  Do you stock parts for the Burnside carbine, specifically a main spring and a tumbler? My thanks in advance for any reply you might provide. Take care and God speed from PA.  Frank

5/26)  I need a standard octagon barrel for a Winchester Model 1876 in .50-95 Express caliber.  Also full length loading tube.  David

5/23)  I am looking for a good Kentucky rifle.  Some brass about 1790 to 1820, south western PA design, Summerset, Bedford, area.  Must have very good wood and overall design.  It does not have to be fancy.  Send photos to me if you have something.  Thanks,  Don, Reno, Nevada.

5/22)  I am looking for a rear tang sight for a Hanel .22 single shot rifle made between 1920-1940. This was a target rifle with a octagon barrel.  Jill

5/11)  Hi David.  Would you also know where I might get some brass for my .30 Caliber Remington model 14 rifle?  We have about 20 each right now but we would like another 100 if possible.  Randy

5/10)  Hi, I am looking for a peep sight for my .30 Cal. Model 14 Remington.  There should have been an original peep sight made for the rifle that might have been an option at the time of purchase.  This rifle is a pump and was made around 1934.  Would you know where I might obtain an original Lyman peep sight?  I do not want to alter my rifle and ruining its' value by using a peep sight that was not factory.  Randy

5/3)  Dave, Looking for a 50th Anniversary Remington Classic Trap gun and 100th also.  Must be new in box condition.   Rob

5/3)  I would like to purchase a Dan Wesson barrel wrench.  Thank you, Scott. 

5/1)  I ran across your website a few weeks ago and noticed the Star .22 Short Olympic pistol (C00129) marked sold.  I know that sometimes deals fall through so checking to see if you still have it or if it is indeed sold.  If it is sold could you pass my name and contact info to the buyer in case he/she is interested in selling or trading it?  Any other pre-1960 European target pistols?  Any Walther Olympia pistols or related? Thank you for your time and consideration, Mark. 

4/25)  Where can I find large Winchester decals? Preferably with gold trim, thanks for checking.  Judy in Ky.

4/23)  I am looking for right side hammer for Syracuse Arms 12 Ga. Side x Side (internal hammers) Thanks, Wayne.

4/20)  I need a mint set of original wooden grips for my three digit serial numbered Ruger Bearcat from the 1950's, thanks, David.

4/18)  I just looked over your web pages.  I am a collector of Finnish firearms and accouterments.  Would you have any of these types of items to offer from the 1918-1944 period?  Thanks Al.

4/18)  I bought an 1853/1863(date stamped) Tower Enfield rifle for my 15 year old son (a huge civil war fan) on our first trip to the South.  The rifle was missing the rear sling swivel, for the trigger plate.  I have located an original swivel.  I would like to locate a period ORIGINAL NON-REPRO set screw to fit this rear swivel piece.  Do you have one?  Also, the ramrod is a reproduction, and I would like to find an original, if you have that too.  By the way, you guys have a great website! Thank you much, John. 

4/16)  Do you still have the Winchester 71 pictured on your investment page?  (It was sold ~ I get them occasionally)

4/14)  I am looking for a marlin lever action in 35 Whelan. Do you have one or know where I may find one? Thanks for your time, Suzanne.

4/8)    I saw your model 92 carbine.  Do you have a good one I can hunt with in .44-40 caliber?  I don't need a minty collector gun, Scott.  (No)

4/7)   I need a Redfield globe front sight for my Remington .22.  Do you still have the one pictured?  Also, the Lyman 17A tin?  (Sorry, both sold.)

3/31)  You've probably gotten this request before from other people... but, I'd like to find a Winchester 88 in .358.  Can you help me out?  Thanks, Scooter.  (I'll keep you in mind)

3/31)  I'm always looking for Savage 99, Winchester 100 & Winchester 88 Rifles at a good price.  Please let me know what you may have and pictures would be great.  Thanks, Don.  

3/29)  Need H & R grips for 3 1/4" barrel nickel plated revolver with USA Pat. Oct. 4, 1887.  It is a .38 S & W Top Break.  Thanks, Darl

3/25)  Looking for a loading lever and barrel wedge for Whitney 7 1/2" barrel.  Also would like to replace the hammer.  Thanks, James.