Listed below can be anything that conveyed a musical note to the ear ... sometimes not as mellow as we wished!

Airline Radio Phono Chest

From Old Radios to Phonographs ...
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... to the records they played, you remember those ... did you know our grandkids don't know about records?

SW Radio, Phono

SW Radio, Phono

Airline (Wards) Radio and Phonograph in mahogany chest, c1950's Broadcast AM, FM and Short Wave Radio, 10" and 12" record changer, record storage area, excellent condition, with all original paperwork and service manual in folder.  Dimensions overall are 32" W x 18" D x 38 1/2" H, chassis # 74WG2711A. Needs a little TLC from dust but every thing in working order with fine reception from built-in antenna.  A great, working, historical sound machine with original paper.

... BUY NOW ... $395.00.

Airline Stereo Console

Stereo Console

Airline (Wards) solid state, stereo-phonograph, stereo AM-FM radio in solid wood, walnut finish console.  The  dimensions are 55" wide x 17" deep x 24" high, with the original instruction book and hang tag, c1960's.  Excellent condition and fully working.

... BUY NOW ... $250.00

Wurlitzer Accordion

Wurlitzer Accordion

Wurlitzer Accordion made in America with Geib case of Chicago.  The outside looks good and can decorate a wall but the inside is missing some reeds and others need to be re-attached. The keys and bellows works and sound can be made but the playing days without repair are over for this old piece.  All seems to be tight and well sealed and it does look pretty good.  For display or a long winters project we have it priced at

$200.00. ... BUY NOW

Ukelin, circa 1925

Ukelin, circa 1925

One of those strange string instruments from a by-gone era, this Ukelin is still playable if you know how. However, the bow (like in violin) is not with it, nor the instructions. A tuning tool is also missing but the right size small wrench will suffice for the purpose. It is in fairly good condition, strings are intact and the wood frame is sound. It is finished in wood tone paper and paper decorations, some of which has deteriorated causing that wonderful old mellow appearance sought after by antiquers. It measures 28" long, 8" at the wide base and is 1 1/2" deep. The bottom has a black finish and inside the sounding holes are black labels with gold-tone printing advising that this unit was "Distributed Exclusively By" ~ "The Bosstone Co., 150 Liverpool St., East Boston, Mass." One of the bass side strings is barely wound, a bit short but useable. To actually play this relic I would imagine that all of the old strings should be re-strung. It can be yours for only

BUY NOW ... $150.00

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