This page will offer fine vitreous china to ceramic stoneware.  We buy all kinds of dinnerware in our travels and sometimes have only one nice piece to offer or complete sets, serving eight to eighteen or more.  We can't put every piece on this page so if you are looking for something special or trying to replace broken pieces send us a photo and we can look.  Check our Site Map for Jewel Tea Co. Autumn Leaf  pattern by Hall China and other collectable glass or antiques.

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(Pink Dogwood)

This beautiful china set consists of 79 pieces, service for 8 plus extra pieces (only 7 perfect cake plates, plus one with age crack). Serving pieces include a large, 16 1/4" platter (visible chip) a 12" serving platter, one 10 1/2" oval serving bowl, 11" round bowl with handles and cover, gravy boat with attached platter and a sugar bowl with lid. The only piece missing from the set is the creamer and all pieces are in perfect condition except as noted. This set was purchased in Japan in 1952 by an American GI. This beautiful set valued at $1600.00 is offered at only ... $998.00... BUY NOW See other place setting photos below.

NORITAKE FINE CHINA Pattern 5473 Place Setting

This beautiful pattern is pink dogwood with gray and brown leaves set on a white back ground with gold trim. The dinner plate measures 10 3/8", the luncheon plate 8 1/2", the flat soup 7 3/4", fruit 5 3/4", a cake plate is 6 1/2", saucer 6" and cup 4" in diameter.

$998.00... BUY NOW Entire Set

Noritake 5473 Dogwood 4 Noritake 5473 Dogwood 5 Noritake 5473 Dogwood 6 Noritake  5473 Dogwood 1

Holmes Edwards Inlaid Silver Service

Monogrammed Inlaid Silver Service


The Colony pattern shows leaves of taupe and gray encircling the pieces with a band of platinum. The large dinner plates are 10 1/2" in diameter, there are 6 but one is chipped; the six bread and butter plates are 6 1/2", all are in perfect condition, there are 6, 7 1/2" flat soups, and 6, 5 1/2" fruit dishes, 6 cake plates, 6 cups and 6 saucers but one saucer is chipped. There is also a large oval serving platter that measures 14 1/4" for a total of 41 pieces. (The value of this set is $465.00.)


This setting photo shows the band of taupe and gray leaves that encircles the 10 1/2" dinner plate, cup and saucer and all the rest of the pieces. The platinum border is very crisp on all pieces. This is a fine set of service for six in excellent condition except for the two small noted chips.

BUY the set NOW ... $75.00 SAVE

Accent Glass

The heavy amber bowl is 8" in diameter with scalloped rim above rayed base. Priced at $28.00 ... BUY NOW

The FENTON amber candy dish with handle has a scalloped rim and base. It is 6 1/4" high and 7 1/4" wide with handle. The bottom is smooth ground and makes a great accent to any table. We have it priced at $45.00 ...BUY NOW.

Libby Glass Tumblers

This Libby Glass Set consists of four pieces that were premiums in the 1960's. They came in gold trim and these which are silver. There are other shapes also, these are tumblers, 5 1/4" high. Two have rims with silver and two without. They came both ways. We have this set of four priced at $38.00 ... BUY NOW

1847 Rogers Brothers "Remembrance"

Remembrance is a lovely pattern and the pieces are in fine polished condition in heavy plate. The set is service for eight and includes dinner forks, salad forks, soup spoons, knives, 12 teaspoons and the elusive eight oyster forks. The set also includes a walnut chest that holds all the pieces plus the gravy ladle, serving spoon and sugar spoon. (The current retail value of this set is about $450.00.)

1847 Rogers Brothers "Remembrance" Pattern

Click for a close-up of this timeless pattern in the continuing elegance of silver. We have this fine set with chest priced at SOLD

Hand Painted Fine JAPANESE TEA SET

This colorful Tea Set for six was hand painted in Japan about a hundred years ago but still brings the style and grace of that period into today's' hurried world. The delicate pearlescent cups have survived without a scratch but one saucer has a small chip blended with color to be barely visible. One small, almost unnoticeable edge chip also afflicts one of the six 7 1/2" cake plates. The tea pot and servers are perfect. Cookies, cake and tea at three may again inspire the ladies of the suburban lanes. This wonderful set can inspire you. ... BUY NOW ... $100.00

Hand Painted Tea Set

Use your own colorful accents to contrast with this lovely and delicate service. Sets such as these were commonplace with the ladies of Tea_Set_MIJ_HP_3__small leisure but are getting as scarce as time itself. Reward yourself with a gift of time and needed pleasure. Accent pieces and tableware can be found elsewhere on this page or go to Antiques.


Pieces like this 4 3/4" carnival glass nappy with handle go with any table. We only have this one, in marigold carnival color, and it is priced at $20.00 ... BUY NOW

Shipping and insurance is generally only about $9.00 or $10.00 to bring these fine collectable and useful items to you.


Hand painted in Japan, this 6 1/2" vase is marked "Chikarama." It is in perfect condition. Most of this style of delicate porcelain china all blends well together on the table and is fun to add new pieces to the mix. Florals Vase_MIJ_HP_Chikarama_2 always add elegance to any setting and the object of the radiating eminence is a factor of most importance. This vase lends to that utmost purpose. ... BUY NOW ... $32.00

TAYLOR, SMITH & TAYLOR Platter, LuRay Pastels

This 14" diameter lemon yellow platter is in mint condition with no chips, cracks or wear. It is marked on the reverse "U.S.A., Luray_Yellow_Platter_2 748" Taylor, Smith and Taylor is a long established company and the LuRay Pattern dates from the 1940's. BUY NOW ... $35.00


International China Company introduced the Marmalade Pattern in the late 1980's. This lovely pattern is a creamy, light wheat color background with geese tying a bow on a peach. The pattern gives a warm and homey feeling to any table. The 10 3/4" dinner plates are a favorite with hungry men in any family, the salad plate is 7 5/8", cereal bowl is 6 7/8" and the cup and saucer complete the 5 piece place setting. We have four sets of Marmalade_Service_3 Marmalade_Service_2 five place settings available. The first set is mint and is priced at $xx.00 SOLD; set number 2 is available and is near mint as possible, and is priced at $70.00; set number three is SOLD; the fourth set is missing two cereal bowls but is otherwise complete and near mint and is priced at SOLD

Marmalade Set of Flatware

This is the place setting of the flatware that accents the above Marmalade Dinner Set. It consists of five pieces. The condition of these is not good, most seem to have been washed in dishwasher one too many times. See the thumbnail for an idea of what pieces are generally usable. We bought these on the internet in a group that was listed as mint. Believe me they are not. But, we have accumulated these and now have a total of 32 pieces of which 8 are dinner forks, 7 salad forks, 5 knives, 5 teaspoons and 7 tablespoons. We want to sell the lot, you can use a few with your other good ones, the rest in a pinch.

BUY NOW ... $24.00.

Marmalade_flatware_1 Marmalade_flatware_3 Marmalade_flatware_4 Marmalade_flatware_5 Marmalade_flatware_6


Libby Glass Company made several different styles of glasses in the Marmalade Pattern to accent the set for International China. We have two sets of 4 each of the double old fashioned glasses measuring 3 1/2" tall. they are in mint condition and we have them priced at .... $30.00 per set ... BUY NOW.

BOHEMIAN FINE CHINA Maria Pattern, made in Czechoslovakia

This is a lovely set of Bohemian China, made in Czechoslovakia, circa 1970, includes 98 pieces. The pattern name is Maria and consists of a floral bouquet centered by an open pink rose. The bouquet also has pink and gray accents of leaves and flowers. Encircling this on the border of the plates, are four smaller bouquets of similar design with a small, single rose between. All pieces have a ruffled edge with gold band. This is a large, complete service for 12 and consists of 10 1/2" dinner plates, 7 5/8" salad plates, 6 3/4" bread plates, 8 3/4" flat soups, 5 1/2" fruit, 5 3/4" saucer with 3 7/8" wide x 2 1/2" high cups. The cups have a shallow, scalloped foot. Included also are three extra cups (1 with a tiny chip) and three extra saucers. To accent the set there are two, 9 1/4" round vegetable bowls, a 13 1/2" oval platter, a 12" round platter, an 8" gravy boat with attached platter also creamer and sugar with lid. The entire set is in mint condition. The reverse is marked "Fine Bohemian_China_Maria_2 Bohemian_China_Maria_3 Bohemian_China_Maria_4 Bohemian China - Made in Czechoslovakia" and "Maria." ... Packing for shipment will be $30. plus actual shipping charges and insurance because of the size. This lovely set has a value of about $2400.00 and we have this elegant dining group priced at just $1100.00. ... BUY NOW.

SPECIAL $595.00

Brown Ware Covered Baker

There are no markings on the great example of brown ware. The covered baker measures 9 1/2" in diameter to the outer edges; the bowl measures 3 1/2" tall and it is 6 1/4" tall overall with the lid. The piece is perfect with the exception of an imperfection on the inside of the base. ... BUY NOW ... $35.00

SPODE's Campagna

These cream soups are Spode from Copeland, England as show by the markings in the thumbnail. They measure 4 3/4" across without handles and 6 5/8" with. They are both in mint condition with a finely scalloped edge, a lovely country scene on the interior and are a lemon yellow on the outside.

Spode_Campagna_Soup_3 Spode_Campagna_Soup_2 BUY NOW ... $25.00 for the pair.

Theodore Bear Pattern Tienshan Stoneware Set

The Theodore Bear pattern was introduced by Tienshan in the late 1980's and became very popular with Teddy Bear collectors. Each piece has a cream background, polka dots and an adorable Teddy bear sporting a blue ribbon around his neck in the center of each plate. Each plate is encircled with a border of little Teddy bears sitting atop a band of blue ribbon. All pieces are in near new condition. We are offering 8 place settings consisting of a Theodore_Bear_Set_Closer_003 10 3/4" dinner plate, 7 3/4" salad plate, 7" cereal bowl and cup with saucer. Also included with the service for 8 is a matching 30 oz. pitcher and a napkin holder. Buy Now .... $290.00

Theodore_Bear_singles_001 Theodore_Bear_singles_002 Theodore_Bear_Set_Closer_001

Theodore Bear Stoneware Mixing Bowl Set

This set of mixing bowls, in the Theodore Bear pattern consists of 10 3/4" bowl, 9 1/8" and 7" bowl. They are new in the original box. we have the set is priced at SOLD

We also have the set of three canisters; Sugar, Coffee and Tea, adorned with the same loveable Teddy bear. $80.00 ...Buy Now

Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Company

The Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Company is the oldest continuing stoneware factory in the country. We did a tour of the factory several years ago and it was extremely interesting. We saw the process of making these pieces from start to finish. They have the look and feel of pieces from an earlier time and will grace any kitchen. UPDATE: THE ROBINSON RANSBOTTOM POTTERY COMPANY HAS CLOSED ITS DOORS. We were in the area in June of 2008 and were going to pay another visit to their factory only to find out it no longer exists.

Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Company

Cookie Jar, Item #70170, is a 4 qt. size and just looking at it calls for someone to snatch home made cookies from it. $35.00 ...Buy Now

Coffee Mug, Item #60250 holds 12 ounces and we offer each at $8.00 ...Buy Now

The rectangular baker is Item #61130. It is perfect for a nice pan of Lasagna. $32.00 ...Buy Now

Robinson Ransbottom

The Pasta Bowl is large, it measures about 20" across, and shallow and can also be used for salads or for serving chips and snacks SOLD

Pictured next to this large bowl are the 25 oz. salad bowls measuring 7" in diameter. SOLD

Robinson Ransbottom

Pictured at the top are four, 16 oz. tumblers, they are 5 1/2" tall and 3" across. We sell these individually at $9.00 ...Buy Now.

Just below and to the left of the tumblers is the 12" Pizza Plate. We've baked many a good pizza on one of these but I'm sorry, my Pizza Chef is not included with this item. I have to keep him working on the website. ...... SOLD

To the right of the Pizza Plate is a 9" pie plate. I haven't personally tested this yet but if it works as well as everything else you will love it. Buy Now.... $XX.00 SOLD

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