July 28, 2020

~ Updated Sunday, February 5, 2023 ~

Memo to our Exhibitors and Members,

At NEACA we are working hard to revert back to normal. Throughout the northeast, most venues where gun shows are run, have still not opened, those that did have extreme rules including no food available. We have been fortunate with the Ramada Inn in Fishkill as one venue that has basically stayed open with rooms to rent and now able to open their ballroom with a 25% limit on their 1000-person capacity: but still no restaurant. A limit of 250 people coming into a 100-table show is very manageable and keeps our exhibitors quite busy.

We still do not know about their restaurant being open in August but for July we managed to order food into the show from nearby services or brought our own. Life and business can go on, even with a virus trying to keep us Americans down.

For our last show all visitors wore face masks, we had disposable gloves available as well as hand sanitizer. Social distancing was easily kept between dealer and customer, and dealers also wore face masks when helping their customers. All went very well and was no different than going to a grocery store or shopping in a big box store like Walmart. And our attendees were there to buy!

We are repeating our Fishkill show, one that still may be the only venue open on the east coast, at least in the northeast that we know of, on the weekend of August 21, 22, 23; flier enclosed. Also enclosed is our flier for Old Forge; yes, we have decided to go ahead with it. There are plenty of tourists in the Adirondacks, the later August time period will be a bit cooler, other shows in the area have been cancelled and we like the venue and village … and the deer walking the streets! But, to order tables, we need to know who is coming.

We do know there should be a large public attendance coming because there is literally nowhere else to go if one wants to see a gun show or buy guns, ammo and accessories --- and hunting season is just a few weeks away. Motels are still busy so call around if you need a room, we do have limited space for campers, but a commercial campground is just minutes away. Again, food at the venue may be a problem but we are working on it, however, deliveries are available

One big problem in this business is unforeseen exhibitor cancellations a day or two prior to show dates. Over $1100 in table rent were cancelled for our last Fishkill show – all with good and valid reasons – but reservations that were not paid for, and we had no time to replace the vendors. We cannot continuously do that; it is too much cash out of my pocket. That said, we want a deposit check with the application in advance, or a credit card can be taken but with a $3 sur-charge per table. We are all supposed to be professional business people so sending in your checks or money orders, with your table requests, should be a common practice – it always has been part of doing business; if you want to come to make money, please send us ours. Shows are a partnership between exhibitors and promotors, we do our part, please do yours and as early as possible!

We also have revived our rules and placed them on the reverse of the flier which needs to be signed, please do so. Some rules like no gun powder were specific to Saratoga and will be waived at most shows, call with any questions. And if you think our prices are too high, $10 per foot per table, which is pretty standard in this business, you can save $10 per table by joining NEACA as a dealer/member. Joining saves you money, initially $50 per year with $45 renewal. That is a full 12 months after the first year, go to our membership page at NEACA.com for application.

There you have it, and we have been doing business the same way since 1982 and hope we can do it for many years to come. Incidentally, we are now the sole promoter in Vermont and plan on expanding into New Hampshire again. But alas, those states are still shut down as I write this, as is Albany County in New York. But we are working on them …

Cathy & Dave

Fishkill Ramada Room rate is $79 per night, phone 845-896-6281