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American Legion

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Middlebury Arms Fair

November *1, 2, 3, 2019

Middlebury, VT
75 ~ 6' Tables
American Legion

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38 North Main Street

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Meeting Michael Berry, Radio Host In Houston, Texas

We discussed our Saratoga Springs Arms Fairs for nearly an hour!  

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Saratoga Springs Arms Fairs at the City Center may be a thing of the past ... See Gun Show page.


Our Gun Sale is extended ... "because Donald Trump was elected, now we conservatives can rest a little easy about our Second Amendment rights ... but the Democrats still want to wreck havoc on our lives and our gun rights ... better thought ..... bury some of your guns and ammo!"

NOW WHAT? WE LOST Two Times!!  But we won the BIG ONE!

Want to lose again?  No? Get off that ass and support Donald Trump to make America Great Again!  Obama will not go away easily, he still believes he can keep America DOWN.  These will still be tough years ahead before we rid ourselves of this progressive disease of liberalism.  Buy your guns while you still can and remember they are useless without the ammunition.

So, View the list below, some guns are just one in stock
but for others we have back-up! Stock Up NOW!!

We do not take credit cards at this time, sales tax is 7% ... any trade-ins will be figured at Blue Book value and in current condition, from factory suggested retail prices...

A lot of our New guns have been sold but we still do have some Mossberg and New Ithaca Shotguns left as well as Gen 4 Glocks and New Berettas. 

We also have a trade-in SALE ~ New trades in Stock!

We believe 2017 will be a great year but still be cautious!

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Stop in and see what you've been missing!  We are generally there in the afternoon from 1 to 6 PM ... unless we are not!  Then you can call for an appointment ... 518-664-9743.

Bring Cash ... always works best!  Going Fast ...

  • All Gen 4 Glocks in stock, Model 22, 23, 26 and 27 are priced at $575.00 Model 30SF. .45 cal at $625.00 ALL SOLD
  • PTR-91 1943, Black, Semi-Auto Rifle, 16” BBL, .308 cal., NIB, Our Regular Price $1299. HS2873 FINAL PRICE SOLD
  • Magnum Research, Baby Eagle II, Semi-Auto Pistol, .9mm, 4 1/2" BBL, NIB Item 00200, Retail $630, HS2853 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Just in! Magnum Research, Baby Eagle, Semi-Auto Pistol, .40 S&W. Also, Magnum Research Desert Eagle in Brushed Chrome and .50AE caliber.
  • Smith & Wesson, Model 617, 6' BBL, SS, Double Action Revolver, .22 cal. Item 60578, Retail $829, our price $795. HS2862 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model 1-A, Single Shot Rifle, 22” BBL, blue, .243 cal., Item 01301, Retail $1299, our price $1195. HS2925 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Smith & Wesson, Model M&P, Semi-Auto Pistol, 4 1//2” BBL, black, .9mm, Item 09301, Retail $569, now $549. HS2926 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Smith & Wesson, Model 22A, Deluxe Talo, Semi-Auto Pistol, 5 ½” BBL, .22 lr., Item 51044, our price $363. HS2929 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • FNH, Model FNS40, Semi-Auto, Double Action Pistol, .40ACP, Item 66943, Retail $699, our price $687. HS2930 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Mosin Nagant – Century, Model 91/30, Bolt Action Rifle, 7.62 X 54R, no accessories Item 05000 our price $169. HSXXXX. FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!.
  • PTR, Model GI-C, Green, Special Edition, Semi-Auto Rifle, 18” BBL, .308 cal., Our Regular Price $1149. HS2960 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Mossberg, Model 100ATR Night Train, Bolt Action Rifle 22” BBL, blue, .308, Item 32700 Retail $584, our price $524. HS2963 SOLD OUT!
  • Mossberg, Model 510 Mini, Slide Action Shotgun, 18 1/2” BBL, .410 ga, black, Item 50358 Retail $389, our price $359. HS2966 SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model LCP, Semi-Auto Pistol, 2 ¾” BBL, black, .380ACP, Item 03701, Retail $389, our price $351. HS2968 SOLD OUT Crimson Trace Laser Available.
  • Smith & Wesson, Model 637, Double Action Revolver, 1 7/8” BBL, SS/Pink, .38spec +P, Item 50467, Retail $489, our price $459. HS2970 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!  Just got some nice like new Smith's in older guns, collectable condition ... stop in!
  • Smith & Wesson, Model 642 LS, Double Action Revolver, 2” BBL, SS, .38spec. has laser sight, air weight Item 63808, our price $479. HS2971 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Mosin Nagant – ATI, Model 91/30, Bolt Action Rifle, 28” BBL, blue, 7.62 X 54R, without accessories Item 05000, our price $199. HS2972 SOLD OUT!
  • Smith & Wesson, Model M&P 151, Semi-Auto Rifle, 17” BBL, black, 5.56mm/.223 Rem., all Mil. specs., removable carry handle Item 81110, Retail $1259, our price $1145. HS2985 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Magnum Research, Model BFR45/410, Revolver, size does matter, 7 ½” BBL, SS, .45LC/.410 ga, Item 00900, our price $1095.. HS2990 SOLD
  • Adcor, Model RIA Piston, Semi-Auto Rifle, 16.1” BBL, black, .308 cal., full accessory rails, our price $2695. HS2995 SOLD
  • Savage, Model 64F, Semi-Auto Rifle, 20 ¼” BBL, blue, .22 lr., Item 03150, our price $165. HS2997 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Savage, Model 64G, Semi-Auto Rifle, 20 ¼” BBL, blue, .22 lr., Item 03170, Retail $204, our price $199. HS2998 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Savage, Axis, Bolt Action Rifle, 22” BBL, .308 cal., Item 19223, Retail $363, now $349. HS2999 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Savage, Axis, Bolt Action Rifle, 22” BBl, .30-06, Item 19226, Retail $363, now $349. HS3000 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Savage, XP11 Trophy Hunter, Bolt Action Rifle, 22” BBL, .243 cal., Item 19679, Retail $675, our price $599. HS3001 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Savage, XP11 Trophy Hunter, Bolt Action Rifle, LH, 22” BBL, .243 cal., Item 19696, Retail $675, our price $629. HS3002 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Savage, XP10 Trophy Hunter, Bolt Action Rifle, 22” BBL, .223 cal., Item 19714, Retail $745, our price $675. HS3003 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Savage, XP10 Trophy Hunter, Bolt Action Rifle, 22” BBL, .22-250, Item 19715, Retail $745, our price $675. HS3004 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Savage, Model 93G, Bolt Action Rifle, 20 ¾” BBL, .22 mag., Item 90700, Retail $253, our price $249. HS3005 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Savage, Model 93FV, Bolt Action Rifle, 20 ¾” BBL, .22 mag., Item 93200, Retail $304, now $299. (2 in stock) HS3006 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
    •      Just got some New Savage Rifles in ... Priced around $499.00
  • Rossi, Model SGS, Single Shot Shotgun, 18 ½” BBL, .410 ga., our price, $219. HS3016 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Taurus, HGR, SS 7" Revolver, .410/45LC, Retail $749, FINAL PRICE SOLD
  • Chiappa, Model 1892 Puma, Lever Action rifle, 24” Octagon BBL, blue, .44-40 cal., our price $1075. HS3017 FINAL PRICE SOLD
  • GSG, Model 522, Semi-Auto Rifle, 16 ¼” BBL, black, .22 lr., Retail $499, our price $449. HS3019 SOLD
  • Tri-Star, Setter, over/under Shotgun, 28” BBL, wood stock, 12 ga., our low price $560. HS3024 Two Left!
  • Tri-Star, Door Buster, Slide-Action Shotgun, 26” BBL, black, 12 ga., our price $499. HS3026 JUST ONE LEFT!
  • Walther, Model P22, Semi-Auto Pistol, pink camo, Item 04522, .22 lr., Retail $525, our price $489. HS3030 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Magnum Research, Model BFR, Revolver, 5 ¼” BBL, SS, .45LC/410 ga., Retail $1050, our price $999. HS3031 FINAL PRICE $958.
  • Ithaca, Model 1911 HGA Semi-Auto Pistol, 5” BBL, adjustable sights, our price $1995. HS3032 Only One
  • Legacy, Model ISSCM22, Semi-Auto Pistol, 4” BBL, black, Looks like a Glock .22 LR., our low price $399. HS3033 One Left!
  • GSG, Model 1911, Semi-Auto Pistol, 5” BBL, black .22 lr., our price $429. HS3035 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Kahr, Model CM9, Semi-Auto Pistol, 3”, SS/black, .9mm, our price $539. HS3042 Two Left!
  • Kahr, Model KP380, Semi-Auto Pistol, .380ACP, Retail $845, our price $795. HS3043 SOLD OUT
  • Kahr, Model CW40, Semi-Auto Pistol, 3 ¾” BBL, black, .40 S&W, Item CW4043, our low price $445. HS3054 SOLD OUT!
  •     Found a few more Kahr pistols after inventory ... I want to sell them ... Stop in!!
  • Auto Ordinance, Model 1911A1, Semi-auto Pistol, 5” BBL, black, our price $749. HS3055 JUST ONE LEFT!
  • Colt, New Agent, Semi-Auto Pistol, 3” BBL black, .9mm, our price $1295., HS3056 JUST ONE LEFT!
  • Charter Arms, Undercover CT, Double Action Revolver, SS with Crimson Trace, our price $649. HS3057 SOLD OUT!
  • Taurus, Raging Bull, Revolver, 8.3” BBL, black. .454 Casul, our price $1195. HS3058 JUST ONE!
  • H & R, Handi-Rifle, with two BBLs Single Shot Rifle, black, .243/20 ga., Item 72681, Retail $357, our price $299. HS3059 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Mossberg, Persuader, Pump Shot Gun, 18 ½” BBL, black, 12 ga., Retail $451, our price $429. HS3061 Just got five in, with pistol grip!
  • Charter Arms, Lavender Lady, Double Action Revolver, SS/Lavender, 2” BBL, .38 Spec. +P, our price $469. HS3062 JUST ONE!
  • Charter Arms, Gold Finger, Double Action Revolver, 2” BBL, black/gold, .38 spec. +P, our price $469. HS3063 JUST ONE!
  • Kahr, Model CW45, Semi-Auto Pistol, 3.64” BBL, .45ACP, our price $549. HS3072 JUST ONE!
  • Magnum Research, Baby Desert Eagle, Semi-Auto Pistol, .40 S & W, 4 ½” BBL, Retail $630, our price $599. HS3073 JUST ONE!
  • Charter Arms, Chic Lady, with case, 2” BBL, pink, 5 round Revolver, Retail, $499, HS3074 SOLD!
  • Kahr, Model PM9, Semi-Auto Pistol, 9mm, our price $825. HS3078 JUST ONE LEFT!
  • Ithaca, Model M37 Trap, Slide-Action Shotgun, 30” BBL, 12 ga., our price $949. HS3080 JUST ONE LEFT!
  • Taurus, M513 Raging Judge, 6.54” BBL, SS, Revolver, 45LC/.454Casull, our price $849. HS3084 JUST ONE LEFT!  SOLD
  • Ithaca, Model 37, Slide-Action Shotgun, 28” BBL, 16 gal, our price $839, HS3089 JUST ONE LEFT!
  • Ruger, Model KP512 MKIII Hunter, Semi-Auto Pistol, .22 lr., SS, 5 ½” fluted BBL, adjustable sights, Item 10146, NIB … Retail $595, our price $545. HS2576 (2 in stock) FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model SBC4 Bearcat, blue, Revolver, 4” BBL, Item 0912, NIB … Retail $549, our price $495. HS2894 FINAL PRICE $SOLD OUT!
  • Mossberg, Model 100ATR, Bolt Action Rifle, 22” BBL, .270 cal., Item 27170, NIB … Retail $424, our price $349. HS2876 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Mossberg, Model 100ATR, Bolt Action Rifle .308 cal., synthetic stock, 22” BBL, Item 27583, NIB … Retail $584, our price $497. HS2877 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Mossberg, Model 4 X 4 SCP, Bolt Action Rifle, 24” BBL, laminate stock, .30-06 cal., Item 27583, NIB … Retail $720, now $629. HS2878 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  •      Just found a few more various Mossberg's in stock ... I want to sell them! Stop in!
  • Mossberg, Model Turkey – Tactical, Pump Shotgun, 20 ga., 20” BBL, Mossy Oak, Item 54565, NIB … Retail $659, save $100.00, our price $559. HS2881 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Mossberg, Model 500 Bantam, Pump Shotgun, 20 ga., 22” BBL, Pink, Item 54147, NIB … Retail $426 our price $369. HS2884 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Mossberg, Model 930 Turkey, Semi-Auto Shotgun, 12 ga., 24” BBL, Realtree, Item 85220, NIB … Retail $714, now $649. HS2885 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Remington, Model VMAX, Semi-Auto Shotgun, 26’ BBL, 12 ga., Item 81054 NIB … Retail $1600, HS2886 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model M77-GS, Bolt Action Rifle, 16 ½” BBL, blue .308 cal., Item 06803, NIB … Retail $999, big savings, our price $825. HS2889 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Mossberg, Model 500 Chain Saw, Pump shotgun, 12 ga., 18 ½” BBL black, Item 50460, NIB … Retail $510, now $445. HS2892 (2 in stock) FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model LCR-22, Double Action Revolver, 1 ¾” BBL, .22 LR., black, Item 05410, NIB … Retail $525, save $50.00, now $475. HS2896 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model KSP2428, Double Action Revolver, 4.2” BBL, SS, .22 LR., Item 05765, NIB … Retail $689, save $100.00, our price $589. HS2897 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Smith & Wesson, Model M&P 45C, DA Semi-Auto Pistol, 4” BBL, black, .45ACP, NIB … our price $579. HS2902 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Smith & Wesson, Model M&P 22, Semi-Auto Pistol, 4.1” BBL, black .22 LR., Item 12200, NIB … our price $418. HS2903 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Smith & Wesson, 686 Talo, Double Action Revolver, 6” BBL, SS, .357 mag., Item 50712, NIB … our price $798. HS2904 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Smith & Wesson, Model 1911 Bus Compact Semi-Auto Pistol, black, 3” BBL, .45ACP, NIB … Retail $1159, our price $1095. HS2905 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model SR-556SC, Semi-Auto, 16” BBL, black, .223/5.56, Item 05904, NIB … Retail $1995, save $100.00, now $1895. HS2907 SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, MINI-30, Semi-Auto Rifle, 18 ½” BBL, SS, 7.62 X 59, Item 58606, NIB … Retail $959, our price $859. HS2908 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • FNH, Model FNP45, Semi-Auto Pistol .45ACP, 4 ½” BBL, Item 47578, NIB … Retail $795, now $749. HS2852 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model KSR9-L, Semi-Auto Pistol, black, 9mm, 4 ½” BBL, Item 03309, NIB … Retail $529, our price $463. HS2854 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model BSR9C, Semi-Auto Pistol, 9 mm, black 4 ¼” BBL, Item 03317, NIB … Retail $529 our price $463. HS2855 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model LCR LG, Double Action Revolver, 1 ¾” BBL, .38spec +P, Item 05401, NIB … Retail $792, now $692. HS2857 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Smith & Wesson, Model M&P CT, Semi-Auto Pistol, 3 ½” BBL, black, .40 S&W, interchangeable grips Item 20075, NIB … Retail $809, now $785. HS2860 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Smith & Wesson, Model 317, Double Action Revolver, .22 LR. 1 7/8” BBL, blue, Item 60222, NIB … Retail $699, our price $669. HS2861 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Smith & Wesson, Model 63, Double Action Revolver, .22 LR., 3” BBL, SS, Item 62634, NIB … Retail $769, our price $735. HS2864 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Smith & Wesson, Model 629 CL, Double Action Revolver, .44 mag., 6 ½” BBL, SS, Item 63638. NIB … Retail $989, now $945. HS2865 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Smith & Wesson, Model 642 CT, Double Action Revolver, 1 7/8” BBL, SS, Item 63811, NIB … Retail $669, now $638. HS2866 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Walther, Model PPS, Semi-Auto Pistol, black, 3.2” BBL, .40 S & W, Item 04305, NIB … Retail $599, our price $589. HS2867 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, P512 MKIII RP, Semi-Auto Pistol, .22 LR., Number 10140, NIB … Retail $389, our price $348. HS2822 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Mossberg, MMR Hunter, Semi-Auto Rifle, 20” BBL, black, 5.56 cal., NIB … Retail $950, our price $820. HS2830 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Mossberg, Model 702, synthetic, Semi-Auto Rifle, .22 lr., black, 18” BBL, NIB … Retail $171, now $159. HS2831 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Mossberg, Model 464, Lever Action Rifle, 20” BBL, .30-30 cal., blue, NIB … Retail $535, our price $495. HS2833 (3) FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Mossberg, Model 500 Turkey, Pump Action Shotgun, 20” BBL, 12ga, Item 43264, NIB … Retail $581, now $489. HS2836 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Boy Scout, TLO Exclusive, Semi-Auto Rifle, blue, 18 ½” BBL, .22 lr., one available in stock, NIB … Retail $479, no longer available. HS2844 SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model SR22PB, Semi-Auto Pistol, 3 ½” BBL, black, .22 LR., Item 03600, NIB … Retail $399, our price $378. HS2849 FINAL PRICE $359.
  • Ruger, P512-MKIII, Semi-Auto Pistol, blue, 5 ½” BBL, .22 LR, Item 10107 (2 in stock) NIB … $319. HS2685 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model KSR9C, 3 1/2” BBL, SS/black, Semi-Auto Pistol, 9mm, (2 in stock) NIB … Retail $527, our price … $455. HS2705 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, KP95PR, black Semi-Auto Pistol, 4” BBL, 9mm, NIB … Retail $429, our price $379. HS2709 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • GSG, AK 47/22, Kalashnikov, Semi-Auto Rifle, 10 rnd. Mag., .22 LR. Black, great gun, NIB … $499. HS2718 SOLD OUT!
  • Walther, PPK, (38001), SS, Semi-Auto Pistol, 3 ¼” BBL, .380 cal., NIB … Retail $629, our price $569. HS2735 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Walther, PQ22 (22006) black/nickel, 5” BBL, Semi-auto Pistol, .22 lr NIB … Sale $486. HS2737 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, KLCR, DA Revolver, .357 mag., 1 ¾” BBL, NIB … Retail $599, our Price $525. HS2765 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Smith & Wesson, Governor, Black, 2 ¾’ BBL, 6 rnd., Revolver, .45/410, NIB … Retail $679, our price $629. HS2770 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Smith & Wesson, Model 642 Air weight, 2” BBL, SS Revolver, .38 spec. NIB … Retail $449, our price $419. HS2772 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Walther, Model PK 380, (40001), Semi-Auto Pistol, 3” BBL, blue, .380ACP, NIB … our price $385. HS2773 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Walther, Model PPS, (10001), black Semi-Auto Pistol, 3” BBL 9mm, Retail $739 NIB … our price $595. HS2775 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Mossberg, 590A1, Blackwater, black, slide action shotgun, 20” BBL, 12GA, Retail, $711 NIB … $599. HS2786 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model SR-22RSC, black, Semi-Auto Rifle, .22 LR., NIB … Retail $629, save over $100, our Price $525. HS2789 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Remington, 1911R1, blue, Semi-auto Pistol, 4” BBL, .45ACP, New in Plastic Case, Retail $749, our price $699. HS2819 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Cobra, 4 BBL Derringer set, comes with O/U BBL sets in calibers .22LR, .22Mag. .25ACP, .32 ACP, with nylon case. Retail $378.00 NIB ... $349. HS2699 SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, LCP-CT, (03713) Comes with crimson Trace, semi-auto pocket pistol .380ACP Retail $569.00 NIB ... $499. HS2708 SOLD OUT!
  • Walther, PQ-22, (22003) semi-auto pistol, .22LR, 31/2" BBL. NIB ... our price $359. HS2736 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Colt, Commander, 1911A1, (04091U) semi-auto pistol, SS, .45ACP, 4 1/2" BBL, NIB ... our price $979. HS2763 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, GP100 (KGP161) Stainless Steel, 6" Revolver, .357 cal. Item No. 01707 NIB ... Retail $759.00, save $100, our price $659. HS2672 FINAL PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Kahr, Model HGA, Semi-Auto Pistol, .45ACP, Black and SS, 3.6” BBL, Item No. CW4543FRE, NIB ... $729. HS2691 JUST ONE LEFT!
  • Kahr, Model KGA, Semi-Auto Pistol, .9MM, Black and SS, 3” BBL, Item No. CM9093FCN, NIB ... $569. HS2697 JUST ONE LEFT!
  • Remington, Model 870 Sportsman, Slide Action Shotgun, 20 gauge, 26" VR BBL., Mahogany Stock, Item 82105 NIB ... $449. HS2673 (3 in stock) FINAL SALE PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Smith & Wesson, Bodyguard, Semi-auto Pistol, 2 3/4" BBL., Black Synthetic with built-in laser, .380 cal. Item No. 09380, NIB ... HS2684 SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model M-77 RBBZ, Hawkeye Sporter, Bolt Action rifle, .30-06 caliber, dull stainless 22” BBL, laminated stock, no sights, with rings, with swivels, Item No. 17192, NIB ... Retail $929, our price $785. HS2674 FINAL SALE PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model LC9, Semi-Auto Pistol, .9mm, Black, light weight, very flat for concealment, 3 .12” BBL, great write ups, Item No. 03200, NIB ... $443. HS2686. JUST ONE LEFT!
  • Ruger, Model P512 Mk-III, Semi-auto Pistol, .22 cal., blue, 5.5" BBL., Item No. 10107, NIB ... Retail $349, our price $319. HS2685 FINAL SALE PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • TriStar, Hunter Over/ Under, 28 GA Shotgun, Blue, Walnut Stock, 28” BBL, exceptional quality for the money, light weight, Item No. G33317 NIB ... $695. HS2675 SOLD OUT!
  • Armscorp, Rock River, 1911A1, Semi-Auto Pistol, .45ACP, 5” BBL., Parkarized finish. Looks just like WWII US Army 1911. Retail $549. NIB … $485. HS2544 FINAL SALE PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Remington, Model 597 VTR, Semi-Auto Rifle, .22 caliber, 16” BBL., black synthetic stock, top rail ready for sights or scope. Item No. 80900, NIB … Retail $470 our price $374. HS2550 FINAL SALE PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Remington, Model 1100 PS, Semi-Auto Shotgun, 28 ga., two tone receiver, laser engraved, fancy walnut stock, 27” BBL with choke tubes, fantastic looking gun, Item No. 82854, Retail $1595. Save BIG, NIB … $1495. HS2551 FINAL SALE PRICE $1435.
  • Ruger, Model 10-22, Semi-Auto Rifle, Black synthetic stock, 22” BBL, .22 caliber, 10 round rotary magazine, Item No. FS-1261, Retail $319. NIB … $289. HS2845 FINAL SALE PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model MKIII-K512, Semi-Auto Pistol, .22 LR, stainless with 5 ½” BBL, Item No. 10103, Retail $559, NIB ... our price $457. HS2559 SOLD OUT!
  • Remington, Model 870 Sportsman, Slide Action Shotgun, .410 gauge, 25" VR BBL., Mahogany Stock, Item 82106 NIB ... $475. HS2687 SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model M-77 RBBZ, Hawkeye Sporter, Bolt Action rifle, .308 caliber, dull stainless 22” BBL, laminated stock, no sights, with rings, with swivels, Item No. 17191, Retail $929, Save BIG our price, NIB ... $785. HS2561 FINAL SALE PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model M-77 R, Hawkeye Standard, Bolt Action rifle, .270, blue 22” BBL, walnut stock, no sights, with rings, with swivels, Item No. 37121, NIB ... Retail $859, our price $719. HS2562 FINAL SALE PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • ATI (American Tactical Imports), Model 1911-FX45, Semi-Auto Pistol, .45ACP, 5” BBL, wood checkered grips, looks just like US Government .45, Item No. 10490, NIB … $489. HS2572 FINAL SALE PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model KSR 9C, Semi-Auto Pistol, .9MM, compact size, Item No. 03316, Retail $527, our price, NIB ... $455. HS2573 (3 in stock) FINAL SALE PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Winchester, Model Super X Defender, Slide Action Shotgun, 18” BBL, Black synthetic stock, 12ga., butt pad, 3” chamber, non glare finish, ribbed synthetic for-end, great looking gun, as the name applies, great for home security, Item No. 52395, NIB … $389. HS2582 SOLD OUT!
  • Kel-tec,(Keltec) Model P3 AT green, Semi-Auto Pistol, .380 caliber, 2.68” BBL., small, compact pocket pistol, Item No. 00692, NIB … $299 HS2584 FINAL SALE PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • ATI, (American Tactical Imports), Model 1911B (GERG 221), Semi-Auto Pistol, .22 LR, 5” BBL, blue, Item No. 02095, NIB … $499. HS2587 FINAL SALE PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model GP100 (KGP161), Revolver, .357 mag. , 6” revolver, Item No. 1707, Retail $759.00 NIB … $625. HS2634 SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, Model KP95, Semi-Auto Pistol, .9mm,, 4” BBL, Item No. 13016, Retail $425 … our price NIB ... $379. HS2635 FINAL SALE PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Tikka, Fine quality Finnish Rifle, Model T3 Hunter, Bolt Action, .30-06, blue finish with walnut stock, 22” BBL, TA320, NIB ... $725. HS2637 FINAL SALE PRICE $699. JUST ONE LEFT!
  • Tikka, Fine quality Finnish Rifle, Model T3 Lite, Bolt Action, .308, SS with synthetic stock, 22” BBL, TB316, NIB ... $711. HS2638 FINAL SALE PRICE SOLD
  • Tikka, Fine quality Finnish Rifle, Model T3 Lite, Bolt Action, .30-06, SS with synthetic stock, 22” BBL, TB320, NIB ... $725. HS2641 JUST ONE LEFT! SOLD
  • TriStar, Viper, Model G2 Youth, Slide Action Shotgun, 20GA, black with Camo Stock, 24” BBL, Item No. G24222, NIB ... $469. HS2639 JUST ONE LEFT!
  • TriStar, Hunter Over/ Under, 20GA Shotgun, Blue, Walnut Stock, 26” BBL, exceptional quality for the money, light weight, Item No. G33314, NIB ...$660. HS2642 JUST ONE LEFT!
  • TriStar Hunter Over/ Under, 16GA Shotgun, Blue, Walnut Stock, 26” BBL, exceptional quality for the money, light weight, Item No. G33314, NIB ... $660. HS2644 JUST ONE LEFT!
  • Kahr, Model KP45, Semi-Auto Pistol, .45ACP, Black and SS, 3.6” BBL, Item No. KP4544, NIB ... our price $789. HS2649
  • Beretta, Model 21 Bobcat, small Semi-Auto Pistol, 2 ½” BBL, .22LR, Item No. G212104, NIB ... $329. HS 2652. SOLD OUT!
  • Lanber, Model 2020, Over/Under shotgun, 20 GA, 28” VR BBLS, Choke inserts, with ejectors, engraved, dull SS Receiver, single selective Trigger, fancy Walnut Stock, superb Spanish Firearm, Item No. 05410, NIB ... SOLD OUT! HS2659
  • Lanber, Model LBS Challenger, Over/Under shotgun, 12 GA, self- opener 30” VR BBLS, Choke inserts, with ejectors, engraved, dull SS Receiver, single selective Trigger, fancy Walnut Stock, superb, Spanish Firearm, Item No. 07310, NIB ... $949. HS2660 FINAL SALE PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Remington, Model 700 BSF, Bolt Action Rifle, .22-220, 26” BBL, SS fluted BBL, black synthetic Stock with special grip inserts and cushioned pad, jeweled bolt, Item No. 84342 , NIB ... $839. HS2663 FINAL SALE PRICE SOLD OUT!
  • Ruger, .22 Semi-Auto Pistols, most models were in stock, GREAT PRICES and all now gone!
  • BUT ... We do have several hundred out of production Ruger and Smith & Wesson Collector Guns! ... IN STOCK.
  • I still do have some magazines left and we do have lots of .22 Ammo...  plus another 1000 used and collector guns.  Stop In !

Yes, we do have excellent Russian Mosin Nagant Model 91/30 bolt action war rifles from $399. and the 7.62 x 54R ammunition @ $12.95 a box.

Call us for all your other gun needs....

Lots More Coming .. watch this site and don't hesitate, some of these are one item sales! These are CASH prices but we do take checks and again we take credit cards but do not offer the 4% cash discount. All need FFL to ship or Federal Form 4473 in shop. I can bring items to shows if available.

CALL US at 518-664-9743 to ORDER or stop in and SEE WHAT YOU'VE BEEN MISSING!

38 N. Main St., Mechanicville, NY 12118

Generally 1:00 to 6:00 Weekdays, Tues - Fri.

or by chance or appointment

e-mail sales@neaca.com


Next NY NEACA Gun Shows & Dates:

See Gun Shows for more info ...

Also our HUGE SALE is ON
Now ... 1 to 6 at Mechanicville's
Hudson River Trading Company
38 North Main Street

Older Crap ... but knowledgeable ... and Interesting!

Product Warnings, For your information ...

March 23, 2011
WINCHESTER® Product Warning and Recall Notice
WINCHESTER® RANGER® LAW ENFORCEMENT 223 Remington 64 Grain Power-Point®

March 23, 2011
Special Bulletin from NASGW

Limitations on Sale of Ammunition
The Association office has been requested to obtain information on the current limitations of sale of ammunition to certain individuals, chief among those are persons convicted of a felony.
Click here for complete bulletin in PDF format.

October 26, 2010
Black Cloud Product Warning:

One lot of Federal Premium® Black Cloud® SNOW GOOSE 12 gauge 3" 1 1/8oz ammunition (product number PWB143-2) may contain incorrect propellant. The lot number is 4V-01QX425. Details >>

April 8, 2011

New York: Two Anti-Gun Bills to be Heard in Assembly and Senate Committees Next Week

On Monday, April 11, the New York Assembly Committee on Codes will consider legislation imposing a relatively new gun control scheme called micro-stamping. Assembly Bill 1157, sponsored by Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel (D-16), requires semi-automatic pistols manufactured or delivered to any licensed dealer in the state to be capable of micro-stamping ammunition.

Micro-stamping is an unproven technology that is easily defeated with common household tools and the replacement of a few small parts. If passed, the availability of semi-automatic handguns in New York will be in serious doubt, as manufacturers simply may choose not to build or sell firearms for purchase in the state. Of course, that is the ultimate goal of this legislation. Make no mistake, this is a gun ban and it must be stopped.

Please contact members of the Assembly Committee on Codes and urge them to oppose A1157. Contact information for this committee can be found here.

On Tuesday, April 12, Senate Bill 1003A is scheduled to be heard by the state Senate Committee on Codes. S1003A, sponsored by state Senator José Peralta (D-13), would require the judge in a criminal proceeding or in a family court proceeding, upon issuance of an order of protection, to inquire as to the ownership of a firearm by the defendant or respondent.

Please contact members of the Senate Committee on Codes and urge them to oppose S1003A. Contact information for this committee can be found here.

This alert is posted at: http://www.nramedia.org/t/58063/4776737/3134/0/.

NEACA Show Promotions will be expanding again and hosting some new events.

OLD NEWS .... I am not always in step ....

To Wayne LaPierre,

I read with keen interest in our Daily Gazette, Schenectady, NY of how you and evident buddy, Harry Reid, were together at a new NRA shooting Range in Las Vegas, Saturday, March 27, 2010. Sarah Palin was spouting to the Tea Party crowd a mile away, you know the folks who rant about God, guns and Freedom. I assume there was no time in your schedule to meet and greet the street folks who will be turning your buddy to pasture in November.

Yes, I am an NRA Member, a gun dealer and gun show promoter. I also don't drink beer and I vote! In the last NY State and Congressional elections it seems you guys at the NRA backed our now Senator Gillibrand over a nice Conservative fellow and she won. Then was appointed to the Senate and we got Obamacare. You also backed Scott Murphy of NY over another nice conservative and we got Obamacare in the House. Are you now out stumping for Harry Reid so we can get Socialism in our lifetime? It is just great that good old Harry is a hunter or voted one time for our cause to keep our guns. There is a bigger picture here, Wayne. Guns are good. But even good gun guys can go wrong, as you guys did. Don't repeat your stupid mistakes and give Sarah a call.

It is of no use to have the right to buy and sell over the backyard fence if you can't afford to buy groceries or ammo and your grandchildren can inherit our collections but need to sell off to pay for the ridiculous Federal debt we are in. Get real, have a cup of tea, Wayne. Think beyond the firing range and set your NRA sights on getting Conservative Gun People to our Nation's Capitol in November. We here at our gun shows or NEACA Arms Fairs are shooting in that direction.

David Petronis,
President, NEACA, Inc.

Just received word that two of our NEACA long time Members have passed away these last few days.

Phyllis Chamberlaine, age 78, devoted wife of Jack Chamberlaine, passed away at home on Friday, November 27. Jack and Phyllis ran the Adirondack Sports Center in Johnstown for years then passed it to their son Jeff and wife Abbie. He recently closed it in favor of another business. Phyllis will be missed by all who knew her. Our condolences to her family and especially to her husband Jack, who, with Phyllis, just passed their 50th Wedding Anniversary on November 25th.

Wes Hurd, of Chestertown lost his battle with cancer on Thanksgiving Day, November 26. Wes enjoyed our NEACA Arms Fairs and attended other shows as well. He will be missed on the show circuit by all who he had dealings with or simply conversations with; a very well liked gentleman. May each of us be spoken of so well. Wes was a true outdoorsman from his service as a NYS Forest Ranger thru his NRA Instruction to his private garden, he loved the woods and .... guns. Join many others in that really big show in Heaven, Wes. We'll all see you there, again.

Cathy and I will miss them ... as we do for the many members and friends who passed before.

Brand New Uses From Old Technology ...


This is solely intended to be carefully implanted into terrorists.

The implant is specifically designed to be installed into the forehead.

When properly installed it will allow the "implantee" to speak to God.

It comes in various sizes:

The exact size of the implant should be selected by a well-trained and highly-skilled technician. Important ... This implant may or may not be painless...

Side effects, such as headaches and nausea, are temporary. Some bleeding or swelling may occur at the injection site.

Please use responsibly while enjoying the safety and security offered with these devices. Easily found at most local BATFE controlled outlets.

Provided as a public service by NEACA.com

June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dead at age 50!

Michael Jackson, the innovator of the Moon Walk and the unbelievable style and dance of Thriller is dead today at age fifty. June 25, 2009 will surely go down as a day of remembrance and mourning for this controversial but much talented performer. Like him or love him, Jackson was one of a kind in the musical industry. Born August 28, 1958 in Gary, Indiana, he started performing when he was just four years old and at age eight he appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show with the Jackson Five. Winning 8 Grammy's for his Thriller Album in 1982 it went on to sell over 46 million copies, still a record. He died at 3:15 Pacific Time at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. He was taken there by ambulance while unconscious after suffering cardiac arrest at home but three hours later was pronounced dead. Like Elvis, Michael will be remembered by his peers, if not a King, certainly a Prince of Pop. (We have some items of Jackson on our Book Page.)

Sadly Today, Farah Fawcett also passed away at age 62 from a lingering cancer that she valiantly fought but finally succumbed to. She died this morning in California. Certainly a day to remember and coming just one day after Ed McMahon, sidekick to Jonnie Carson for over thirty years also passed away in Los Angeles on June, 24th. Ed was 86.

June 8, 2009...

Our Arms Fair at the Old Mill Restaurant yesterday went quite well, just under 250 Members, dealers and general public paid us a visit. The weather was perfect this bright sunny day so we felt that the turn-out was pretty good and most all the exhibitors were happy with sales. At least they asked when the next one was scheduled. There may be some changes coming to the restaurant very soon so stay tuned in...

Other News, May 27, 2009 ...

Judge Sotomayor, a New York native, ruled on a Second Circuit Appeals Court panel that the Second Amendment is not a fundamental right and does not apply to the states in the case of Maloney v. Cuomo. This ruling is in direct conflict with a Ninth Circuit Court ruling in the Nordyke v. King case in California, that the Second Amendment IS incorporated through the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

So what does it mean, that Obama now nominated Sotomayor to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court? It means that any progress we've been making lately... WILL BE REVERSED.

While Democrats in Congress have been making great strides in the gun rights arena, refusing to consider a renewal of the Clinton gun ban, and offering overwhelming bipartisan support for legislation allowing citizens to carry firearms in national parks... President Obama just demonstrated that he prefers judges who OPPOSE Second Amendment rights.

This report is from the Second Amendment Foundation.

April 1, 2009 ... Ok, We Lost Again!
Special Election for Congress, Tuesday, March 31
Another Murphy Lie ??

Did you just receive a post card in your mail suggesting that Scott Murphy “is the only candidate for Congress with an ‘A’ rating from the NRA”? Look closely and see that it was not sent by the National Rifle Association but rather was “Paid for by Scott Murphy for Congress.” He is right on one point though … the NRA doesn’t give out “A” ratings … especially to those candidates who don’t have a voting record!

Remember when we had our last Congressional race for this 20th District … the one with Sandy Treadwell running against Kirsten Gillibrand …. The NRA post card sent out just before the last election giving Gillibrand an endorsement went a very long way to push her to win. We Second Amendment Rights people, hunters and shooters take notice when the NRA endorses candidates… and many of you voted for her. They did not endorse Treadwell “because he had no voting record.” Why would they rate Murphy with an “A” when he has none either? The simple answer is … they would not!

Could it be … now that Gillibrand is supporting Murphy, a fellow democrat … that she learned a fact about hunters when the NRA endorsed her with a mailing just before election day? That most people don’t read the fine print and only see … “NRA endorses …. “. Good try, Kirsten or Scott, but this time around it won’t work … especially, as I see it, as an outright lie!

Remember when my Arms Collectors Journal ran a headline about a phrase from then Governor Mario Cuomo, “NRA Members Drink beer, don’t vote and lie to their wives” (see our web version at Arms Collectors Journal ), he found out that he was wrong then and I surely hope that these liars find out how wrong they are today.

Jim Tedisco has been at most all of our Arms Fairs in his district, most recently when he visited and spoke at our show in Saratoga Springs this month. He vowed to support our gun rights as he always has in his long and steadfast career as your Assemblyman and as Minority Leader in the NYS Assembly. It is certainly not an easy job being in the minority in general and especially not as their Republican leader. But Jim has persevered and pursued our agenda and he deserves your vote this Tuesday. Get out and show your support early!

And please copy or forward this e-mail to as many friends and family as you can … right now … and ask that they do the same. Time is short, I as a gun owner, show promoter, Licensed Dealer, hunter and protector of our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Own Firearms ask you to be faithful to the cause of FREEDOM. The NRA Members should and do support James Tedisco for our next Congressman. Congress now needs all the help he can bring. Vote JIM Tuesday!

Sincerely, David Petronis

President, New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates; NEACA, Inc.

… and don’t forget our Utica Gun Show on April 4, 5 at the AUD … where you can exercise that Second Amendment Right that Jim Tedisco wants to protect.

New Page of Gun Magazines & Clips

We again displayed at the Albany, New York Gun Show this January 24 & 25, 2009. Sales a bit slow.

Our Show in January at the Saratoga Springs City Center was a real banger .... loads of buyers and they spent money. Best show for several dealers!

We again displayed at the Easton, Maryland Waterfowl Festival Gun Show on November 15, 16 2008 at the Community Center. Went real well.

For our NEACA Show in Saratoga Springs, NY on January 3, 4, 2009 we have cancelled the dinner and auction. Not enough early ticket sales. If you want a dinner and auction in the future you Members have got to respond early

Note: We can arrange to have any particular items or firearms that you would like us to bring to these shows. Or perhaps on the way stop at your location to view or purchase items.

Second Annual Convention & Auction ~ Has been Cancelled ~ Partial Listing was Below

We had received around 20 guns so far for our Auction beginning around 8PM on Saturday Evening, January 3rd, 2009 at the Hilton Hotel in the Ballroom, Saratoga Springs, NY. This adjoins the City Center where our Arms Fair is being held. Plus a few Fully Framed Prints and other items. The guns are both handguns and long-guns, modern and antique and are from various members, plus a small collection of old guns with original boxes.

List is below. See our Press Release on Member Page.

Auction Items for Convention

… Silent and Live Auction, January 3, 2009 6PM for Cocktails

(Must purchase Dinner Ticket to be Eligible to Bid ... $35.00 ~ Children's Menu for $11.00 ~ Live Auction begins about 8PM)

Hilton Hotel, adjoining The Saratoga Springs, NY City Center

Partial List (In Order of Sale) Coming

For Live Auction to save time the Minimum Opening Bid will be no less than half the Lower Estimated Value. This will eliminate starting all items with $5.00 or $10.00 bids. Example: Minimum Estimated Value is $100. to $200.00 ... opening bid $50.00 or pass, as there evidently is no serious interest in the item. If you wish to place an item in the auction our fee is $10.00 or 10%

Silent Auction

Silent Auction Bids are made by signing name and bid to item Bid Sheet beginning with the minimum bid and raising bids as you wish. Awards of Bids will be made during the dinner.

Plus ... About 15 grouped items in our Bucket Raffle, tickets available at the Dinner as One for $1.00; or Six for $5.00; or Fifteen for $10.00 which includes ... List Coming.

...Plus more. Simply Buy as many tickets as you wish and place in bucket(s) of your choice. Drawings held after Live Auction.

Plus our Winter Arms Fair at the

Saratoga Springs, NY City Center on

January *2, 3, 4, 2009

Dinner & Auction are Cancelled ~ Show was Terrific

Prior Saratoga Springs Arms Fair

November 1, 2, 2008

News Flash, Just In ... Obama Takes Flight !

Obama takes flight in a hot air balloon looking for solace from Hillary Clinton, promising to meet her in a remote mountain cabin but realizes he is lost. He lowers his altitude and spots a man fishing from a boat in a lake below.

He shouts to him, “Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet her an hour ago, but I don't know where I am.”

The man consults his portable GPS and replies, “You're in a hot air balloon, approximately 30 feet above a ground elevation of 2346 feet above sea level. You are at 31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west longitude.

He rolls his eyes and says, “You must be a Republican!”

“I am,” replies the man. “How did you know?”

“Well,” answers Obama, “Everything you tell me is technically correct, but I have no idea what to do with your information and I'm still lost. Frankly, you're not much help to me.”

The man smiles and responds, “You must be a Democrat, right?”

“I surly am,” replies Obama, “how did you know?"

“Well,” says the man, “You don't know where you are or where you're going. You've risen to where you are due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise that you have no idea how to keep and now you expect me to solve your problem. Being a Democrat, you're in exactly the same position you were in before we met but now, somehow, it's all my Republican fault.”

I'm telling you ... I heard it from a reliable source!

Ruger Recall of Ruger SR9 Semi-auto Pistols ...

Today we received a recall from the Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. for any Ruger SR9 Semi-auto pistols manufactured between October 2007 and April 2008 bearing serial number prefix "330" (330-xxxxx Example). They claim that some of these pistols can, under certain conditions, fire if dropped with the manual safety in the "Off" or "Fire" position. The pistols will not fire in the "On" or "Safe" position, so states their notification.

If you have any of these serial numbered SR9 pistols call their Hotline at 1-800-784-3701 or E-Mail to SR9Recall@ruger.com

Autumn is Back in Upstate New York ...

We at NEACA had our Gun Show or "Arms Fair" this past March 15 & 16, 2008 and had a terrific show. We SOLD OUT our 250 tables for the past eight out of nine shows in a row. LV_Lake_Meade_HD_21 Our last Arms Fair was the October Show on Oct. 13, 14, 2007 weekend instead of opening day of hunting season as was last year and all tables were gun or blade related and again with the NCCA, National Cutlery Collectors Association's fine participation! All went well!

We hope to see you at our next Saratoga Springs, NY Arms Fairs this August 2 & 3, September 20 & 21 and at our second NEACA Dinner and Auction on January 3 & 4, 2009. We also have our Antique & Collectibles Show on November 1 & 2.

What I just heard ... It has been seven years since 9/11 ... Don't EVER FORGET!

Breaking News ~ about Ammo Sales from the NRA ... below

Back from Las Vegas and we still have our socks!!..

The snow is still melting on the mountains over Lake Meade, Nevada

Stop at Hudson River Trading Co. Mechanicville ~ See what you've missing ... View Partial Listings

Special Sale at shop

Always Going On ....

Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 10:23 PM

Subject: NY Association of Firearms Retailers

To Members and Interested Parties.

  Today a new organization was born and is now being formed under the name of New York Association of Firearm Dealers (NYAFR) as a Not for Profit New York State Corporation and will have an affiliation with the National Association of Firearms Retailers (NAFR) which is a Division of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc. (NSSF) who also run the SHOT SHOW.

  All of the approximately 1700 New York State Federal Firearms Dealers are requested to support this new concept of a grass roots organization by becoming a member with a voice and a vote aimed towards improving our business relations with the State Capitol, State Legislature and Regulatory Agencies. This by a show of combined numbers and assessing the impact of our business dollar values and employment to each of our local communities. All FFL holders who become Members will have a right to vote on matters before the Board of Directors.

  All interested parties that are affiliated with the shooting sports industry are also invited to become Associate Members. Whether one would be an individual hunter or target sport shooter, an organized hunting club, a writer of the Shooting Sports or Outdoors News, a business, partnership or corporation that derives income from or teaches about the Sport of Shooting or Gunning or whether any other type of group who believes in our Second Amendment Rights or Sovereign Right to Hunt, Fish and Pursue one’s own happiness in this great outdoors, we wish you all to become Members. In strength of numbers there will be the strength of our Members to finally have a voice on the Hill.

  Today the Board of Directors by unanimous decision elected our President to be Doug Turnbull of Bloomfield. Our Vice President to be David Petronis of Mechanicville. Our Treasurer to be David Reickert of Buffalo. Our Secretary to be Kevin Zacharewicz of Round Lake. With these new and enthusiastic Officers this Association will be well on its way to success. For a very limited time there are also several open Board of Director Seats that need to be filled with highly motivated individuals who will be willing to devote time to this new cause for Freedom from the economic and regulatory deficiencies related to the pursuits of their and our businesses.

  We urge all of you interested in the great outdoors and the Shooting Sports in particular to call any of our officers and place your name in for Membership in the NYAFR. With the looming anti-guns laws being created and given leg-walking in Albany the future of your sports and gun ownership in general may very well be in peril. Join today.

David Petronis, VP NYAFR

Mechanicville, NY 12118