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On this page we will focus on collectables of the outdoor sports.  Not the team player type but of the individual sportsman, the hunter and other related activities of the chase.  Whether the quarry be fish, fur, feathers or even just freezer meat the collectable item used in that endeavor may be found here.  Good hunting.

Pictured is a collage of sporting collectables
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Decoys, art, traps, fishing rods, reels and lures as well as vintage camp gear, tools and hunting implements all are a part of these pages.


Large Bear Trap  

This is a large bear trap with teeth and extra spring.  Probably made around mid eighteen hundreds by a blacksmith and is unmarked.  The jaws open to about ten inches and the chain measures 21".  Over all width is about 30" and it is in very nice condition, in a black coloring. These traps are getting very hard to find and this one will Bear Trap Blacksmith 3 .JPG (85539 bytes) make a great conversation piece or sure to keep those Texas mice at bay.  Priced reasonably  for an item such as this at only ... $xxx.00. ... BUY NOW   SOLD



Nice Old Buggy Whip & Stag Grip Riding Crop

These are still two useful items or` will make great wall hangings for your collection.  BUGGY WHIP is about 45" long including the 9" grip.  There is probably a metal spring core that is wrapped with leather rawhide, a paper band is marked "Rawhide" just below grip.  The old rawhide end can Whip and Crop 4 .JPG (118758 bytes) easily be extended with a simple replacement to work as new.  This whip is in over all excellent condition and a nice relic of a bygone era, priced at $79.00 .. BUY NOW.  SOLD 


The RIDING CROP has a nice stag grip with a silver ferrule attaching grip to  straight 26" long crop.  A sturdy core is expertly wrapped in a brown leather weave in Whip and Crop 3 .JPG (99600 bytes) herringbone Whip and Crop 2 .JPG (67196 bytes) pattern.  About a 3" cord wrapping holds 4" double fold of rawhide.  An engraved initial on the ferrule appears to be a stylized "W".  In excellent condition it is priced at $195.00. .. BUY NOW. 



English, Hardy 3 Piece Bamboo 8 Foot Fly Rod 

Made about 1926 this Hardy three section, eight foot split bamboo fly rod still has a lot of fine vintage style angling left in it.  Both tips are still straight and measure 33" each, the mid section is 34" and the base is Hardy Fly Rod 8ft 1926 2 .JPG (86972 bytes)Hardy Fly Rod 8ft 1926 3 .JPG (86660 bytes)Hardy Fly Rod 8ft 1926 4 .JPG (82652 bytes) 24" with a 10" cork grip.  The rod has been re-varnished for protection and remains in excellent condition. Ferrule plugs are still with the rod. Comes with original sectioned bag and Hardy decaled aluminum case.  This unit is ready to fish.  We Hardy Fly Rod 8ft 1926 6 .JPG (99292 bytes)Hardy Fly Rod 8ft 1926 7 .JPG (80680 bytes)Hardy Fly Rod 8ft 1926 8 .JPG (76103 bytes)have this fine vintage rod priced at only ...

 $1295.00 ... BUY NOW.



Dura-Pak Fish Skinner 

An item from the past, a Dura- Pak Fish Skinner in its' original box.  In near mint condition and priced at $65.00. ... BUY NOW

Fish Skinner, original Townsend 2 .JPG (45469 bytes)Fish Skinner, Dura-Pak and box 2 JPG.JPG (49118 bytes)





Fishing Tackle & Baits

Book, "Color Treasury of Fishing Tackle and Baits" with hard cover and in excellent condition.  Priced at $15.00. ... BUY NOW


Treasury of Fishing Tackle and baits 2 .JPG (51913 bytes)More books on Books Page.




Old Working Carved Duck Decoy

This nice old wooden duck decoy has seen some hunting use by the look of the missing paint.  Only the left glass eye remains as does the superb character and charm of this old hunter.  This is factory carved and then fitted with head, eyes and hand painted.  The flat bottom has two weight relieving Working Decoy 15 in Glass Eye 2Working Decoy 15 in. Glass Eye 3 holes drilled.  I had found two of these, I'm keeping one; they just have "the look" that just says "keep me!"  So, all you can buy is this one.  Priced at $185.00. ... BUY NOW.



J. D. Graves 1987 Hand Carved Sleeper Duck 

Carved as an art form in 1987 by J. D. Graves this sleeper duck is an unusual form.  The bottom is signed and dated.  The wood seems to be maple but I could be wrong.  Graceful and simple lines give this sleeper a "watch-full" look.  I bought this among a nice collection in Alexandria Bay, NY Art Decoy, J Dgraves 87 Sleeper 1 .JPG (39706 bytes)Art Decoy, J Dgraves 87 Sleeper 3 .JPG (52490 bytes) about ten years ago.  I know nothing about the carver or his work.  May be another sleeper involved here.  Priced at $265.00 ... BUY NOW.




Old Fishing Lures

Here is a nice assortment of nine old fishing lures, seven of which are spin baits and two old flies.  I don't believe any have markings.  All are still useable for fishing but also make a nice display group.  We have this old group priced at only ... $35.00 ... BUY NOW.




Old Hand Carved Lures

Here we have an assortment of five old hand carved fishing lures made a long time ago.  Also, two weighted drop lines with hooks.  The value of these is simply in the fact that these were found in a 1930's vintage tackle box and were probably made because the fisherman couldn't afford the new ones. ... BUY NOW ... $25.00.



Old Stanley Vacuum Bottle in Original Box

Looks like the original Stanley Vacuum Bottle that was with him when he found Livingston. It is in excellent condition, has some original paperwork and in the old original box, though a bit worn and tattered.  Very interesting art graphics on box such as Admiral Byrd in Antarctic and a Saharan Stanley Vac Bottle 2 .JPG (38712 bytes)Stanley Vac Bottle 3 .JPG (37600 bytes) Safari.  The thermos is complete and useable and I believe dates from the 1940's, possibly earlier.  A rather nice addition to any old camp or safari display. ... BUY NOW ... $195.00.  



B-S-A Supa-Bait 

A full can of B-S-A Product, Supa- Bait and in excellent condition.  I am not going to open it to check contents but I think it is full and unopened.  Where else can you Supa-bait, full can 2 .JPG (59080 bytes)get some?  BUY NOW ... $xx.00.




3 Old Wooden Traps

Here are three old wooden animal traps, one small "Best" mouse trap and one small "Victor" mouse and large rat trap.  All have old working springs but not in the best of condition. They have been cleaned but are stained from age.  ... BUY NOW ... $10.00 for the lot.




Carved Duck Head by Don Wolfe 

Carved by Don Wolfe, Clayton, New York in February 1971 as so signed on bottom of base. It has glass eyes and remains in excellent condition with high polish smooth finish.  Makes a fine desk ornament or paper weight or curio just to admire.  The artist is now deceased and was a prolific decoy carver in the New Duck Head, Don Wolfe, Clayton, NY 2 .JPG (73601 bytes) York Thousand Islands area from the 1950's onward. We also have a variety of other small art carvings by Mr. Wolfe of full featured miniature ducks and geese. This Red Head or maybe Mallard head measures 7 1/2" long and stands 4 1/2" tall.  We have this one priced at $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW. SOLD



Carved Duck Heads by Don Wolfe 

Carved by Don Wolfe, Clayton, New York in February 1972 as so signed on bottom of one base.  These appear to be done in walnut and depict either a Mallard duck or possibly a Red Head or ??  They measure 7 1/2" long and 4 1/2" tall and have a high polish and smooth finish. Each with glass eyes Don Wolfe Duck Heads 1972 2 .JPG (25257 bytes)Don Wolfe Duck Heads 1972 3 .JPG (38751 bytes) and one has felt bottom without signature visible.  We purchased what stock was left as a complete collection from Don Wolfe's store stock after another individual bought the estate remains.  I remember this group was on Don Wolfe Duck Heads 1972 4 .JPG (26358 bytes)Don Wolfe Duck Heads 1972 5 .JPG (45170 bytes) display on a main street in Clayton, New York and we bought it thru a lawyer from the area.  I have kept a number of the items for myself and these are duplicates.  We have each head priced at $295.00 each. ... BUY NOW.



Carved Duck Heads by Don Wolfe 

This pair of heads appear to be carved by Don Wolfe, Clayton, New York and came from his estate sale.  They look like sea ducks, perhaps Golden Eyes and are meant to attach to a wall and protrude out at a 45 degree angle, very nice for a display.  They are not signed but look an awful lot like his work and I feel safe to attribute them to him with the provenance. There Don Wolfe Duck Head pair wall mts 2 .JPG (27657 bytes) are glass eyes on both sides and fully finished with a high polish.  They measure 7 1/2" long and stand 6" high.  We have priced this fine pair of decorative decoy heads at $295.00 ... BUY NOW. pair



Carved Miniature Brants by Don Wolfe 

This pair of what appear to be carved mini Brant ducks from walnut have tiny glass eyes and an overall high polish finish. They are both signed by Don Wolfe of Clayton, NY, a prolific carver from the St. Lawrence Seaway, Thousand Islands area.  The left one was made on 2/12/79 and the right Don Wolfe mini decoys 2 .JPG (23906 bytes)Don Wolfe mini decoys 3 .JPG (66466 bytes) on 1/9/79 and so marked.  Each  decoy measures about 8" long and 3 3/4" and 3 1/2" respectively.  Both are high quality miniature art carved decorative decoys and would make a nice addition to any collection.  The lower Don Wolfe mini decoys 4 .JPG (24936 bytes)Don Wolfe mini decoys 5 .JPG (46211 bytes) one is missing the right eye.  We have each of these priced at $295.00 each. ... BUY NOW.




Carved Miniature Sea Ducks by Don Wolfe 

This pair of what appear to be carved mini Sea Ducks like Golden Eye or Bufflehead were artfully made by Don Wolfe of Clayton, NY.  They are both signed, the one on the left was made on 3/8/79 and the right on 2/17/79 and are so marked. One looks like walnut and the right one looks like maple but I Don Wolfe mini duck decoys 2 .JPG (25852 bytes)Don Wolfe mini duck decoys 3 .JPG (65138 bytes) could be wrong.  Each measures about 7 1/2" long and 2 3/4" high and have a smooth high polish finish with glass eyes. Either or both would make a fine gift for the hard to please collector or colleague.  We have both priced at Don Wolfe mini duck decoys 4 .JPG (24144 bytes)Don Wolfe mini duck decoys 5 .JPG (44574 bytes) $295.00 each. ... BUY NOW .




Don Wolfe Brant working decoy 1965 1.JPG (30404 bytes)Don Wolfe 1951 Blue Wing Teal Pr decoys 1.JPG (30958 bytes)Don Wolfe 1951 Blue Wing Teal Pr decoys 6 .JPG (29511 bytes)Don Wolfe mini mallard decoy 1.JPG (23366 bytes) Don Wolfe of Clayton, New York

These are a few of the works in my own collection.  From left to right; A full size working Brant Decoy dated 1965 and signed.  A Blue Winged Teal hen, full size decorative decoy, signed and dated Jan. 1951 also her mate the Drake finished on bottom with green felt, no signature visible.  And a three quarter size Mallard high polish decorative decoy signed and dated.



Original Old Fishing Plug Parts

This is an assortment of original 1940's fishing plug parts with a few spinner pieces.  All very hard to find and quite handy when you need them.  There are about 50 individual items, great for repairs or experimental plugs. ... BUY NOW ... $55.00 for the lot. 



1940's Fishing Lures

Here is another lot of old fishing lures, two plugs, six spinners and a cork bobber from the 1940's or so.  Consists of Dardevle, Senaca Kneubuhler, wood lure and a mouse.  Priced for the lot of nine pieces ... BUY NOW ... $20.00. 




Fishing Lure Lot

Another lot of our fishing lures but fairly modern.  They do catch fish though.  Consists of two metal and plastic streamer baits and two small plastic fish plugs, one is missing a rear hook.  For the lot ... BUY NOW ... $10.00.




Old Fishing Hooks in Original Packaging +

Another lot of fishing items with a pack of "Pequea" fish hooks and a few hooks and line separators. All of these little items make up a nice old tackle box display.  The small attention to the details is what a great collection is made of.  We have this little detail group priced at only $15.00. ... BUY NOW.



Fishing Hooks & Holder

An item that was generally found in all old fishing tackle boxes, a spring clasp metal hook holder with several old leader hooks.  If you want detail to your tackle box display this item certainly lends a hand.  $10.00 ... BUY NOW.   




Fly Fishing Wallet and Case, Common Sense

This came from an estate of an old Adirondack fisherman and camper.  The contents are of an earlier period and in poor condition but the wallet is fine.  I sold something similar to this from England for $200.00.  This is made in the USA by K & L Company and called a wet and dry fly book under the name of Fly Fishing KL Common Sense Pack 1 .JPG (55349 bytes)Fly Fishing KL Common Sense Pack 3 .JPG (42260 bytes) "Common Sense."  I think I have it priced quite reasonably at $95.00 ... BUY NOW.