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This page will feature items of a collectable nature that were produced by gun manufacturing companies, gun powder and reloading manufacturers, and related.  Also see the individual Remington, Winchester & Colt pages and check our Site Map. Watch for vintage Browning Catalogs and paper goods

Marlin Catalogs 1992 93 94

Marlin Company Catalogs Outdoor Sporting Collectors Link

1)  Marlin Gun Company Product Catalogs; 1992, 93, 94 with 24 pages in full color, in standard size 8 1/2" x 11".  All in near new condition, except the 1994 has a  right bottom corner missing, all feature Marlin guns and company products, very colorful. ... BUY NOW ... All three for $35.00

Marlin Bullet Mold

2)  Marlin Bullet Mold in original box, "The Marlin Firearms Co., (Successor To Ideal Mfg. Co), New Haven, Conn., U.S.A.", .45 cal., Solid Point, wood  handles, overall excellent condition, box is a little worn but is complete. ... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00 SOLD

Lyman .303 Cartridge Die Set, WW .303 Cases

3)  Reloading Dies by Lyman Company for .303 Savage Ammunition.  Excellent condition and complete, no box.  We also have 11 Winchester Western .303 once fired empty, de-primed and cleaned cases but not included.  Not easy to find and we have this Die Set priced at ... SOLD

Original, cleaned .303 Savage cases are $3.00 each.

Winchester Western .303 Savage Super X Ammo

3a)  Box of Winchester-Western .303 Savage Silver Tip Express, 190 grain factory ammunition, #3032.  Consists of 16 clean rounds and four fired cases.  Box is in fine condition but shows wear.  Winchester 303 Savage ST 16 4 cases 2This ammo is nearly non-existent today, buy it when you see it.  This box is priced at $95.00 ... BUY NOW.

Western .303 Savage Super X Ammo and empty cases

3b)  Box of Western .303 Savage Silver Tip Express, clean 190 grain factory ammunition, #3032.  Consists of 4 clean rounds and 16 once fired cases.  Box is in good condition and shows wear.  This Winchester 303 Savage ST 4 16 cases 1ammo is nearly non- existent today, buy it when you see it.  This box is priced at $69.00 ... BUY NOW.

I have another full box we just got in, nice clean box but most of the cases do have some dark corrosion spots, will probably clean ... priced at $95.00 ... BUY NOW.

Box Western .303 Savage Super X ST empty cases

3c)  Box of Western .303 Savage Silver Tip clean 190 grain factory ammunition but now once fired cases.  Box is in fine condition but shows wear, use and discoloration.  The 20 cases have been de-primed and cleaned.  No one is currently making the Westrn Super X 303 cal 20 cases 2 .JPG (91349 bytes)brass for these rounds with .303 head-stamps, these are original.  Priced at $XX.00 ... BUY NOW.  SOLD

Box Western .303 Savage Super X empty cases

3d)  Blue and Yellow box of Western .303 Savage Lubaloy 190 grain factory ammunition but now are once fired cases.  Box is in excellent condition but shows some wear.  This is a very nice collectable box. There are 16 cases Western 303 Savage Super X  Lubaloy 2remaining and all have been de-primed and cleaned.  No one is currently making the brass for these rounds with .303 head-stamps, these are original.  Priced at $56.00 ... BUY NOW.

Winchester .303 Savage Silver Tip, Grizzly Box

3e) Rare Grizzly box of Winchester .303 Savage Super Speed, Silver Tip, 190 grain factory ammunition.  Consists of only three clean rounds.  Box is in poor condition and is missing end flaps and has part of grizzly shoulder missing.  It is what it is.  We have this rare box with its' 3 rounds head stamped "Super Speed" priced at $29.00. ... BUY NOW.

Also See Remington Collector Page for more .303 Savage Ammo

Savage Gun Grease

Savage Gun Grease

Savage Gun Grease 2 Savage Gun Grease 3



Savage Gun Grease 5 Savage Gun Grease 4


Boxed Implement Set

4)  Reloading Tool "Implement Set, #95, 12 gauge For Brass Shells."  Five piece set w/original box (one end cover missing) "The Elm City Manufacturing Co., New Haven, Conn."  Nickel and rosewood construction (powder measure stop pin missing) exc. condition ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00 SOLD

Lee Loader

5)  Lee Loader, hand reloading tool, 12 gauge, 2 3/4" shell, complete deluxe set in red box with paper work.  Top right corner of box has slight water damage, all else excellent condition. ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00 SOLD

BGI Implement Set

6)  Reloading Tool, Implement Set, 12 gauge, for brass shells. "B.G.I. Co., Pat., Feb. 25, 1890".  Five piece set of nickel and maple construction all in exc. condition ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00

Ideal 310 Lyman Tool

8)  Reloading Tool, Lyman, Ideal, 310 Tool, in original orange box, as new condition.  Aluminum tool marked "Lyman", die marked, "Lyman 309-B S CH," box is marked "Lg."  Appears complete. ... BUY NOW ... $95.00

Butler Creek 25 Round Magazine

9)  Butler Creek Corp., 25 round magazine for Ruger 10-22.  Both are as new condition one in clear plastic ... BUY NOW ... each $125.00. and other in black plastic. SOLD

Ideal Dipper Casting Instrument

11) This is a Lead Bullet Casting Instrument, "Ideal Dipper for Running Bullets."  "Pat. July 1, 1890, Ideal Mfg. Co., New Haven, Conn."  Original box in excellent condition with instruction page, original wood grip. ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00      SOLD

Parker Bros. Shell Loader

12)  Reloading Set, 10 gauge, shell loader marked "Parker Bros." other parts are unmarked. Fine condition, 5 piece set, useable or collectable. ... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00 SOLD

US Cartridge Shot Shell Crimper

13)  Reloading Tool, marked "US Cartridge Co. 10", shot shell crimper, 10 gauge, original green paint, about 95%. In excellent condition and in working order. ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00  SOLD

Ideal Combo Reloading Tool

14)  Reloading Tool, Combo with bullet mold and marked "Ideal Mfg. Co. .38-55.M." "Pat. Dec. 29, 1884, New Haven, Conn." In fine condition; cleaned, bright metal and  appears useable. ... BUY NOW ... $155.00

Ideal Reloading Tool

15)  Reloading Tool, mkd. "Ideal, Middlefield, Conn.", ".25-20, .32-20", with No. 10 die and No. 388 bullet seat.  Mint condition, 100% nickel plate and 100% bluing on the die.  ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00  SOLD

Ideal Re-sizing Tool

16) Re-sizing Tool, Ideal, .44-40, in box with shipping/ packing receipt from Belding & Mull, Inc. dated 2/8/28 stating "Full Length Re-sizer, .44-40", box "Mfg. by Lyman Gun Sight Corp., Middlefield, Conn.- Successor to Ideal Mfg. Co." ... BUY NOW ... $80.00

Lyman Shot Shell Handbook

17)  Original "Lyman Shot Shell Handbook, First Complete Edition", soft cover, ring binding, 160 pages, published 1969 by Lyman Gun Sight Company. Very good overall condition ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00   SOLD

Hoppe's Advertising Tin 

(See Other Adv.)

18)  Hoppe's Advertising Tin,  "Gun Cleaning Patches, No. 3, .270-.35 Caliber, Frank A. Hoppe, Inc., Philadelphia, PA."  Circa 1940, excellent condition inside and out, has several very minor blemishes to paint.  ... SOLD

Ram-Line Magazine

19)  Ram-Line 25 round Magazine for Charter Arms AR-7 Rifle or Explorer II Pistol.  It is as new in original plastic package. ... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00  SOLD

Savage Arms Sling

20)  Savage Arms Company leather gun sling.  Adjustable, padded and lined, shoulder pad with embossed Indian Head logo, c1990. It is in plastic case with hanger, looks as new.  ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00.  SOLD

Smith & Wesson Mug

21)  Smith & Wesson Coffee Mug, blue marbleized with white logo.  Large size, handsome and rugged. Nice gun company collectible. ...  BUY NOW ... $15.00. 

 (I have two)

Marlin Counter Pad

22)  Marlin Counter Pad, "History of Marlin Firearms," out in the 1970's.  Vinyl with foam backing, 12"x18".  Has been used, little discoloration cut on top edge, small crack lower left near blue border and some creases. ... BUY NOW ... $00.00. SOLD

American Powder Mills Powder Can

23)  "American Powder Mill, Boston, Mass."   approximately 25 lb., black powder tin can, it is 9 1/2" D x 11 1/2" H.  Most of the original black paint is gone, now has gray/ brown patina. Can is in overall very good condition, with several small rust holes in the bottom.  Still has the original lead cap and the threaded hole is intact. This type could have been used during Civil War as a powder keg for cannon.  Good decor for any powder can collection. ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00.   SOLD

Heike's Hand Protector

25) Heike's Hand Protector, for double bbl. shotgun, in dark red color with gold lettering "Feb. 15, 1889, The Chamberlin Cartridge & Target Co."  Measures 5 3/4" and is in excellent condition.  ... SOLD ... $000.00.

Circa 1890 Gunpowder Tin Containers

26)  Pair of old, black gunpowder containers, now empty, c1890, approximate 6 lb. size, both are about 7" tall, 6"in diameter and round, ribbed, soldered tin style. Threaded access hole offset to side, missing cap.  a) Most of the original maroon paint, over all in solid condition but it has several, small rust holes on bottom.  b) 50% original red paint, bottom of can removed, top of can has center, threaded hole with cap in tact. Also, "Gun Powder" embossed in metal and surrounds cap. Plain cans but a must have in an overall collection as this type was the dominant, bulk can of the period.  Overall condition of both very good.  SOLD

Ideal Reloading Tool Box

27) Empty Ideal Company Reloading Tool box, for "Improved Ideal Single Mould, With Interchangeable Blocks".  Manufactured by "The Lyman Gun Sight Corporation, Middlefield, Conn. U.S.A., Successor to the Ideal Mfg. Co.".  No. 42408 written on end flap.  Box is cracked cardboard with black print and in fair condition, having been somewhat repaired, approximately 9 1/4" x 3 1/4".  Box is empty except for old original wrap paper.   The price of this box is $35.00. ... BUY NOW

Hornady Reloading Book

28) "Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading". Soft cover book, ring binding, 8" / 5 1/2" pages, published by Hornady Mfg. Company, Grand Island, Nebraska, 68801.  First printing, October 1967, lithographed in USA.  In excellent condition, but cover scuffed and slightly water stain to top of first two pages.  Priced at $135.00. ... BUY NOW

UMC Primed Brass Shells

29) Group of ten UMC brand 12 gauge Primed brass shot shells.  All marked "Club", five are 2 1/2" length and five are 2 5/8," all are live primed.  These are fairly scarce and we have priced either group of five at $65.00. ... BUY NOW

Savage Arms Catalog

30) Four page Catalog of 1988 Savage Arms Firearms.  Very colorful front page and in minty condition.  Priced at $xx.00. ... BUY NOW  SOLD

Three Smith & Wesson Company Catalogs

31) Three S & W Catalogs consisting of 2000 catalog of apparel, knives, accessories and collectibles; 2000 catalog of handguns, "148 Years of Innovation"; 1997 S & W catalog of handguns and accessories.  The price of all three is $21.00. ... BUY NOW

Colt 1962 Dealer Catalog

Collector Page Link

32) Colt Parts Catalog and Price List for 1962, Revolvers and Automatic Pistols.  With unused Parts Order Form.  Lists all handguns with parts breakdown and prices, shows guns' schematics.  In excellent condition with some cover wear.  Price is $145.00. ... BUY NOW

Colt 1873 Grip Template

37) Colt Model 1873 SA grip template gauge, T-24469-B, left and right, in original mailing box with certification letter from Precision Castings Company in Fayetteville, New York, sent to Colt Industries, Inc., Hartford, Conn.  The kraft box package is insured for $200.00, which was quite a sum in the 1960's, and item is dated 5/13/66.  A nice Colt M1873 Template 2 piece of Colt history for 1966 and of Model 1873 Single Action Style Revolver, .22 Scout.  Evidently Colt used outside sources to manufacture specific templates for them.  We have priced this unusual item at $245.00 ... BUY NOW.

Speer Bullet Board

38) Speer Bullet Board produced by "Speer Sporting Equipment Division, O Mark Industries".  The  framed board measures 21 1/2" x 11 1/2" and has Speer bullet line affixed.  The background picture is by Jack Woodson and features a Rocky Mountain Big Horn Ram which is the premier trophy of North American big game.  It is depicted in "Hells Canyon" which Speer Bullet Board 2 is the deepest gorge in North America on the Idaho, Oregon border.  Also featured is the sternwheeler "Imnaha" that navigates the Snake River, which runs through the canyon.  A complete description is attached to the reverse. The frame is protected with cellophane wrap.  ... BUY NOW $xxx.00.  SOLD

Marlin 1980, 81, 82 Gun Company Catalogs

39) Marlin Gun Company Catalogs for the years 1980, 81 and 82 in standard size all in full color and the 1980 and 81 have 32 pages, the 82 has 24 pages of company guns and game recipes.  1980 has been hole punched and has seen some use, 81 and 82 are in exc. condition.  BUY NOW all .. $41.00.

Ruger 1988 Sporting Arms Catalog

40) Ruger Company Sporting Arms Catalog for 1988 standard size, full color, 32 pages.  Catalog features all Ruger firearms and introduction from company founder Bill Ruger, exc. condition ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00.  SOLD

See Ruger Guns on Investment Page ~ Click for Link

Ideal Reloading Tool Star Crimper No. 1

41) Ideal Company Reloading Tool Star Crimper No. 1 for 12 gauge paper shot shells.  Manufactured by Lyman Gun Sight Corporation, Middlefield, Conn., Successor to the Ideal Mfg., Company.  In kraft cardboard original box, 5 1/2" x 8" x 3", which is in exc. condition with normal discoloration and signs of use.  The tool is in exc. Ideal Reload Tool Star Crimp No1 3 working condition, most of a black paint remains with some wearing to the finish  These old items are getting very scarce and this one is still useable as well as an attractive addition to any collection.  BUY NOW ... $275.00

Ideal Reloading Tool  Shot Shell Trimmer

42) Ideal Company Reloading Tool Paper Shot Shell Trimmer, 12 ga.  In original kraft cardboard box with same Lyman marking as above and box measures 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 3". This appears to be a dual use machine as there is an additional roller that replaces the trimming blade.  Most black paint remains and it appears that everything is in excellent working order.  BUY NOW ... $xxx.00   SOLD

Reloading Tool Paper Shot Shell Crimper

43) Unmarked Reloading Tool for crimping 12 ga. paper shot shells, in fine working condition with 80% of black paint remaining.  Almost identical to Item No. 13 made by "US Cartridge Company".  BUY NOW ... $95.00

Ideal 12 ga. Shot Shell Re-Sizing Tool

44) Ideal Company 12 ga. Shot Shell Re-Sizing Tool in original box and marked Mfg. Lyman Gun Sight Corp.  Box in fine condition measures 5" x 1 1/2" x 1 1/4".  I believe it is for paper shot shells only.   BUY NOW ... $70.00


Ideal 12ga. Straight Line Re-& De-Capper Tool

45)  Ideal Company Straight Line Re-&De-Capper Tool for 12 gauge  paper shot shells in original 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 3" box that is Lyman  marked as above. The lid of box also pictures a shell extractor and rammer but the side does not say that one is included and there isn't. Tool is in excellent condition with most of black paint intact.  Ideal Reload 12g Paper Shell Capper 2 The box has some soiling and small portion of label missing.  BUY NOW ... $275.00  

Ideal 12ga. Straight Line Hand Loader Tool

46) Ideal Company 12 ga. Straight Line Hand Loader Tool in original box, measuring 3" x 9" x 1  3/4". Tool is in excellent condition with 50% of black paint remaining. Box is excellent showing normal wear with  small portion of label edge missing.  BUY NOW ... $95.00  

Brass Powder Measure

47) Reloading Tool, Combination Powder Measure and No. 8 Shot Measure, unmarked, adjustable and made of brass.  One scale is to 1 1/2 ounces, the other scale is to 100 grains.  It is approximately 2" high with a 2" loop handle, in exc. condition. ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00.  SOLD


Reloading Tool 12 ga. Wad Cutter Unmarked

48) Unmarked Reloading Tool  for cutting 12 gauge paper wads for shot shells in original box.  The cutting edge has a small damage but still performs satisfactorily. The box is excellent and the tool measures 2 1/2"... BUY NOW ... $35.00.

Lyman Ideal 30 caliber Bullet Mould

49) Lyman, Successor to Ideal Company Two cavity Bullet Mould. Tool is like new and has wooden handles, complete with instruction sheet and in original black and orange box which measures 8" x 2 3/4" x 1 3/4".  Tag on bottom has #311413, 169 grain, .30 caliber double cavity. ... BUY NOW ... $65.00.

Ruger Ten Pack Matches

Ruger Match Boxes

50) Ruger Arms Company full carton of advertising matches.  The outer pack measures 7 1/4" x 2" x 1" and is in fine condition showing little use from storage, inner packs are as new.  I believe these were from the late 70's. ... BUY NOW ... SOLD. Complete 10 Packs with master pack.

Hodgdon 1995 Catalog

51) Hodgdon Powder Company 1995 product catalog and basic reloaders manual. Measures 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" and contains 48 black and white pages of information.  Exc. condition ... BUY NOW ... $6.00.

Hoppe's Company 1950 Gun Cleaning Kit

52) Frank A. Hoppe, Inc. 1950 gun cleaning kit in original cardboard box with all paper work.  It is amazing to find paper items like this still in tack.  I believe this is complete but for the small oil can that is pictured on right side of brochure.  There are several Hoppes Gun Cleaning Kit 1950 2 Hoppes Gun Cleaning Kit 1950 5 scotch tape inside repairs to weak sections but box and contents are in over all excellent condition.  There is a lot of Company info in this package on one of the leaders in this field.  We have this priced at $95.00 ... BUY NOW.

Pair of 1 lb. Black Powder Tins

53) Nice pair of black powder tins and both in excellent condition and each being manufactured in Great Britain. 

53a) Meteor Sporting Black Powder one pound tin of FFFG powder, empty.  Distributed by C-I-L Ammunition, Inc., Plattsburgh, NY Meteor Black Powder Can CIL Ammo 1Meteor Black Powder Can CIL Ammo 2 and made in Great Britain.  Can is in excellent condition with original cap, stands 6 1/8" tall.  Only defect are two small dimples on back of can.  We have this priced at $75.00 ... BUY NOW.

53b) Curtis's and Harvey's FFF Gunpowder one pound can, empty.  Made in Great Britain and manufactured by Imperial Chemical Curtis and Harvey Gun Powder Tin 3Industries, Curtis and Harvey Gun Powder Tin 1Limited.  The can stands 5 1/2" tall and is in excellent condition with the exception of small dimple at rear.  We have this priced at $85.00 ... BUY NOW.

Hercules Gun Powder Tin, Smokeless Unique

54) A fine old Hercules Smokeless Gun Powder tin with paper label. This is a one pound can with a screw cap and marked "Unique" rifle powder.  The can measures 5" tall, no weight listed but is one pound size and can is empty.  The paper label is in fine Powder Tin Hercules Unique 2condition but has ink marks on reverse.  We have this priced at $70.00 ... BUY NOW.

Super Balistite M,  Powder Tin, Alcan Co.

55) Super Balistite M powder can, made in Italy.  Alcan Co., Inc., Alton, Illinois - Sole Agents, USA.  The can measures 4 1/2" tall and is in overall excellent condition with its original cap but has some front surface corrosion.  The can is full of the original powder and can only be shipped with stringent UPS regulations and may not be cost Super Balistite M Alcan Co Powder Can 2effective.  Full can may be picked up at our store or we can sell the can empty of its contents at our selling price of $65.00 ... BUY NOW.

DuPont Gunpowder Tin for Black Powder

56)  DuPont Superfine Gunpowder one pound tin measuring 5 7/8" tall.  Marked Made in USA, Wilmington, Delaware.  The tin is in overall fine condition except front appears to be marker marked "FFFG".  The can is full of original FFFG black powder which cannot be shipped through common carrier but can be picked up at our Dupont Superfine Black Powder Can 3 Dupont Superfine Black Powder Can 2 store and we have priced this full can at $98.00 or we can empty contents of can and sell at our price of $75.00 ... BUY NOW.

Also have several other DuPont Black Powder Cans ... FULL.

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