This page is for our extensive inventory of vintage and collectable Avon Company Jewelry.  This jewelry dates from the 1970's to early turn of this century.  We will try to give the collector and buyer as much information as possible about each item we find.  Some of these pieces were designed by Famous Artists and created by such renowned firms like Tiffany, which Avon actually owned for awhile.  If we find matching pieces we will price them separately and also price them combine into a set.  If we list a box it will be the box the piece originally came in with packing unless otherwise noted.  It has taken several years to research and identify this collection of Avon but it will be pictured and listed shortly.

Cathy and David Petronis

Avon Jewelry
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100078 1975 Necklace Moonspun Pendant Necklace, 24" goldtone chain, 2 1/2" Pendant $25.00 1
100079 c 1970's Necklace Oval silvertone 1 1/2" brooch with simulated center Pearl and central Rhinestone highlights of black enamel, and Earrings $15.00 2
100080 1986 Necklace Pastel Blossoms Necklace; frosty white blowers and leaves are accented with simulated Pearls, 18" length $25.00 1
100081 2000 Necklace Pearlesgue Triple Illusion Necklace in white, 16" of faux Pearls on clear filament; gives the illusion of Pearls suspended $20.00 1
100082 1997 Necklace Pearlesque Illusion Necklace,19", goldtone chain alternating with faux pearls $25.00 1
100083 1982 Necklace Personally Yours Lariat "A" on 23" fine goldtone chain, also small simulated Pearl $20.00 1
100084 1990 Necklace Romantic Accent Necklace, 1" faux marquisate pendant with faux diamond in center circled by tiny faux pearls w/Earrings $40.00 2
100085 1974 Necklace Rosegay, Silvertone convertible Choker Necklace or Bracelet, antiques flowers with simulated Ruby stones $20.00 1
100086 1985 Necklace Sea Swirls Lariat; 3/4" white and gold seashell on 26" goldtone herringbone chain $15.00 1
100087 1978 Necklace Shy Butterfly goldtone, herringbone Necklace with green Butterfly $15.00 1
100088 1999 Necklace Silvertone Swag Necklace, 17" double silvertone chain w/three flowers encrusted w/faux Diamonds and a faux pearl drop $20.00 1
100089 1987 Necklace Simulated Birthstone Sparkle Gift Set, 19" delicate goldtone chain, Peridot (August) encircled with faux diamonds w/Earrings $20.00 1
100090 1989 Necklace Soft Sophisticate Necklace, clear bead with 11 marbleized with milky white tear drops, 17" $20.00 1
100091 1989 Necklace Sparkling Rope Necklace;30" with clear beads interspersed with frosted beads and goldtone disks w/2 tassels $40.00 1
100092 1995 Necklace Springtime Delicate Rope Necklace, 38" with Pearlessence and rose color stones $20.00 1