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This section is comprised of collectable blades of non-military knives, swords, razors and related. Others can be found under Militaria, Specific Company, Tools, Surplus and Fraternal.  We have quite a few, purchase all the time and will add items continually.  We have many more in our shop.

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Nazi SA Dagger

Hand Made Bowie

Heavy, 9 1/4" unmarked Bowie blade with rebuilt grip rivets.  Fine,  tight knife, comes with hand made suede leather sheath.  Good start for Bowie Knife and Sheath, custom .JPG (33638 bytes)custom Bowie collection.  BUY NOW ... $xx.00.


Buffalo Skinner

Bowie knife with embossed Elk on leather sheath.  Long clip point to 5 and 1/2" blade. Marked with "Original Buffalo Skinner" and "Edgebrand, Solingen, Germany, 496."  Brass guard, one piece stag grip and aluminum pommel.  All in excellent condition except blade does show some sharpening marks.  This is probably from the 1950's era and we have it priced at $xxx.00 Bowie and Sheath Orig Buffalo Skinner 2 .JPG (38480 bytes) ... BUY NOW.    SOLD

Eagle Head Bowie

Bowie style hunting knife with 5 1/2" light blade having etched, colored scene of bugling bull elk in woods.  Marked "Korium, Solingen Steel, M. I. Germany, Pat. Pend."  One piece cast aluminum grip of plain guard and ornate eagle head that is sandwiched with stag slabs.  Has original leather sheath, all in excellent condition but blade has very slight curve to tip.  Great German Hunting Knife and Sheath Eaglehead .JPG (34259 bytes) knife of by-gone era, ... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00.


Bone Handle 9" Bowie

Unmarked but with nice fuller and clip point, this heavy 9" bowie blade has brass guard and pommel.  It is nicely fitted with bone grip, probably from the 1880's and just has the "look" that we collectors
Bowie Knife Bone and Brass Grip 1a .JPG (23545 bytes)Bowie Knife Bone and Brass Grip 2 .JPG (33694 bytes) want ... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00.


Green River No. 8 Meat Cleaver

Meat Cleaver, fine old tool with good blade and hardwood grips.  Marked "Nichols Bros., Green River, Mass, (Arrow) 8."  Collectable or useable, a style used in the
Meat Cleaver No8 Green River 1a .JPG (27450 bytes)Meat Cleaver No8 Green River 2 .JPG (119576 bytes) 1870's by buffalo skinners. 


L. F. & C. Bowie  c1875

Heavy clip point 5 5/8" blade, 10" o/a c1875, dark stag grips with brass  rivets, heavy silver cross guard.  Excellent condition, has seen use and blade is polished. Popular Bowie Knife L.F. and C. c1875 1 .JPG (27305 bytes)use by WWI Doughboys  BUY NOW ... $xxx.00  SOLD

Edge Brand 445 Bowie, Solingen

Bowie knife with embossed Elk on leather sheath.  Half clip point to 6 and 1/4" blade, hollow ground edge. Marked as "Original Bowie Knife" and "Edge Brand, Solingen, Germany / 445."  Brass "S" guard, two 4" slab stag grip with brass rivets.  All in excellent condition but high polish blade shows some light sharpening marks and small areas of discoloration.  The stitching at end of scabbard has come undone.  Edge Brand 445 Original Bowie with Elk Sheath 6 .JPG (100436 bytes) This is probably from the 1950's era and we have it priced at $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW.   SOLD

Case Bowie Knife

Case Company Bowie Knife with custom full stag grip and brass cross guard. The black leather scabbard is edged in sheet brass and all are in excellent condition.

We have it priced at $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW.

Case XX 1837 Stag Bowie and Sheath 2  .JPG (33475 bytes) SOLD

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