Colt 1873 Single Action Army Revolver, First Generation 1937 Mfg., .38 Special

Colt Revolver, Single Action Army, Model 1873, First Generation in .38 Special caliber. The serial number is 355629, listed as a curio, in full nickel with 7½" barrel and black rampant colt grips. In as new condition and possibly is unfired but there is no guarantee that some rounds have not been discharged over the past 80 or so years. However, there are two spots of flaking, one on the left side of hammer, the other on the loading gate. The back strap shows several nicks and scratches. No letters are generally available in this serial range as I believe all were destroyed in a Colt fire. Records indicate only 25 guns were made in this caliber and only a few in this configuration ever manufactured according to Colt. I've had a lot of inquiries on this fine revolver, a lot from Europe where I can't ship this to because of the caliber and quite a few from the USA by folks who don't realize what the price is going to be. This is a fantastic piece! The original, perfect grips, matching of course, have been in place so long that the serial numbers of the backstrap and trigger guard have embedded into the right inner grip. The blemishes on the backstrap can no doubt be removed with professional polishing but I leave that to the next owner. This is from my own collection and if I had to keep one rare Colt SAA in my collection, this would be it, FFL required.

Price: $32,995.00   Item Number: 1005