Smith & Wesson Model No. 3 Schofield Single Action Revolver, Early Second Model

This is a Smith & Wesson Schofield Single Action Revolver known as the early Second Model because of the later variation of the barrel latch. This gun also only has the one 1873 patent date on the right side of barrel. A "US" is marked on the heel of the butt and a "W" military inspector proof are in the correct three places; bottom of barrel, outer edge of cylinder and lower inside frame. There is also a very nice cartouche of "CW" on left grip in a rounded rectangle, no date, however this second contract from the US Government was for 5000 guns in 1877. There are matching serial numbers in the proper locations as well as the inside of the right grip: there is also the initials "E. F." inscribed inside, the grips are excellent. A hole with screw is on lower butt but no lanyard ring. The barrel is the standard 7" length with proper markings, front sight and latch, the bore is fair with light rifling. The finish is a dull blue and there are some pits near the rear of the barrel from the black powder .45 S&W cartridges and other light pitting on the cylinder, the remaining amount of blue is about 90 percent, quite remarkable on a military arm of this vintage, however this may be an older period re-blue. The serial number is 32xx and a factory letter has been requested.

Price: $15,000.00   Item Number: 1015