Smith & Wesson DA First Model Revolver Copy in .44-40 Win. Cal.

An early Belgium Copy of a Smith & Wesson Frontier style First Model Double Action Revolver in .44-40 Winchester cartridge. It is so marked on the top of barrel flat and, besides proof marks, there are no other markings but 37 for serial number on cylinder and reverse of left grip. The barrel measures six inches and has a very good shootable bore. This is a top-break, auto-eject, double action six shot revolver based on the S&W Patent Style. The action functions fine, strong hammer spring and lock-up is tight, single action also works well. There is some pitting on barrel sides but remainder of gun has simply turned a brown patina. The left hard rubber grip is crazing and the right grip has a re-glued top portion. The lanyard ring is missing. This would make an interesting addition to the Smith & Wesson collection to show the period patent infringements of the day, c1870's. Or as a Cowboy Action piece, regrettably, not knowing its overall functioning, reliability or accuracy it may only become a conversational focal point around the campfire. In any case, it is a piece of history that you can now own for our reasonable price.

Price: $1,495.00   Item Number: 1018