Hopkins & Allen Single Action Army Frontier, 4th Model Revolver

This is the unique twist frame take-down that was patented by Hopkins & Allen Mfg. Co., Norwich, Conn. and chambered for the Winchester Cartridge 1873, or .44-40. It is serial number 227xx, is nickel plated with 5 1/2" barrel and excellent hard rubber stocks. Internally this has seen very little use and the wear is from age and storage. The case colored hammer and trigger guard have nearly all color remaining bright. Some finish wear on cylinder is evident, probably from a holster. Some spotting in frame finish no doubt from moisture but overall the finish is bright and sound. The bore, cylinders and action are near perfect. This six round revolver opens by cocking the hammer to safety position, press the bottom slide in front of trigger guard to the rear and twist the barrel to the right. Pull the barrel section forward while depressing the left cylinder release and the revolver comes completely apart. A very unique system for the time. This design was also used on the Merwin and Hulbert Revolvers, also made by or at least in the Hopkins & Allen factory. This piece has the H&A markings with patent dates, last one being March 6, 1877. This was a very popular arm in the days of Colt's, Remington's and Smith & Wesson's and gave those grand companies a run for their money in the mid 1870's to 1900.

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