US Model 1842 Percussion Pistol by H. Aston

A nice Model 1842 US Percussion Pistol made by H. Aston of Middletown, CT and dated 1849. All original parts and in overall fine condition but has been cleaned and is now back to bright condition. Lock makings are sharp (see thumbnails) but no barrel proofs are evident on this .54 caliber smoothbore. The barrel is 8 1/2" long with proper brass front sight and attached bolster holding a well-worn percussion nipple. At one time a rear sight was installed and later the grooved cut-out was filled. The barrel does show areas of old pitting which have been nicely cleaned bright. The swivel ramrod is intact but threads are no longer visible on hidden end. The hammer is excellent as are the strong internal lock and trigger mechanisms. All brass furniture is excellent as is the walnut stock with but light dings and very minor age cracks. Stock appears to have been refinished quite some time ago but cartouche outline is visible. This gun is in fine representative condition as an early Civil War Martial Arm and would make an excellent re-enactment or display piece. With a little nipple TLC it would probably be fireable. Everything Civil War or earlier is getting harder to find and these are no exception.

Price: $995.00