C. Sharps .22 Four Barrel Pepperbox

This is a nice example of a C. Sharps 4 barreled .22 (black powder) caliber Civil War Era Pepperbox, first patented in 1859. A bottom button on frame is pushed in and the barrel slides forward to load. The hammer has a revolving firing pin to fire each of the four barrels, quite a unique little gun and very popular into the 1880's. This is serial number 52784 and was silver plated over the brass frame with about 40% remaining. Bright bluing remains in the barrel channels with the remainder turning gray with wear. The black gutta-percha grips are in perfect order and tight, as is the action. The barrels and bores are fine considering the original cartridge was a black powder load. The hammer is excellent with high gloss bluing on the firing pin retaining spring. All in all this is an over all fine condition "Derringer" as some would call it. It is designated as Model 1A in the collecting field.

Price: $895.00