British "Barnett" Blunderbuss

This English Blunderbuss is 30" in overall length, has a 14" brass flared barrel of 1" plus in diameter and sports a folding, spring operated, triangular bayonet. The fine walnut English style, early stock with brass furniture has been re-fitted with an excellent condition, but over- sized, "Barnett" marked lock in flint design. The lock proof is of the tombstone style with sitting fox, a "B" is on reverse. Barnett was an early contractor for the British from around 1770 and then the Company was the "Standard" for the North West Territory guns of the fur baring business. The barrel proofs have been intentionally defaced at some point in time. The only other marking is on the stock bottom, behind trigger guard, which is in stamped block letters, "Moxham" or "Motham". The metal is in o/a fine condition as is the stock but with an old repair to sliver crack near barrel attachment wedge. I believe this is circa 1790 and it came from an old family on the New York side of Lake Champlain. This was in probable use during a British campaign on the lake. This could be an American retrofit of handy parts that were made to work for some Colonial at war or in the field. If only these things could speak.

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