London Small Arms Company, Snider Conversion, Mk II ** Rifle

We just purchased a very nice LSA, London Small Arms Company Snider Conversion Rifle of the Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifled Musket, retaining the same .557 caliber but with breech block added and .577 Snider cartridge employed as is usual for this Mark II ** model. The bore is extremely fine as is the overall condition of this original specimen. These arms were manufactured around 1866 at Ford Row, London and stock is so stamped. There are outer engraved lines on the hammer and lock plate; along with a blank spot on the stock where an inscribed plaque once was, this appears to have been an officers rifle or perhaps a presentation or Royal Guard Arm. Comes complete with chained firing pin protector and ramrod.

Price: $2995.0   Item Number: 1069