Parker Brothers, DHE 12 gauge

Parker Brothers, thought by many to be the finest of the American side by side double shotguns, shown here in DHE Grade. Well, before the prior owner decided that it needed a few custom touches to fit his personal taste and body form. He was 84 years young when I bought this gun from him, a rugged man who liked his skeet shooting, and very frugal. When learning that the gun club laid claim to his spent shells he promptly had the ejectors removed. At the same time he figured the case coloring was pretty worn so naturally had the frame blued. Prior to that, somewhere along the way a fine leather pad and a 14" length of pull suited him most best. But you know, with the 1 1/2 frame and even 30" barrels this piece comes up wonderfully on me! I never had the opportunity to take it out and test it but it looks and feels terrific for a great field gun. And not to worry about rain or twigs or briars and brambles, it has already been nicely broken in. I did take it to a gun show in Springfield and promptly found that some idiot had banged another hammer gun into the left barrel and made a small ding (see photo). So much for the "Do Not Touch" signs! It appears to be choked full and full, maybe I'm reading my old gauges wrong. The fore-end latch shows all the original case colors, the barrels are full blue and the bores are excellent, it weighs in at 7 1/4 pounds. Ejector parts are gone, I don't have them and you really don't need them for this great hunter. The stock shows some dings and some slivers where the pad was installed but overall the gun looks fine and is very tight. Look over the thumbnails above. The serial number 225226 dates it about 1928.

Price: $2,995.00