Knights of Pythias Fraternal Sword & Scabbard

This is a fine old example of the Knights of Pythias highly decorative sword with nickeled scabbard. A chain Bond of Steel runs from the Knights Head pommel to double Phoenix crossguard and shield with emblazoned "U R", the reverse has "F C B" on crossguard for Friendship, Charity and Benevolence. The Pythians were the first Fraternal Organization chartered by the United States Congress and at the urging of President Lincoln in 1864. Its' goal was to bring the both sides of a warring Nation back to Peace and Brotherhood. This sword is a fine example of that reverent period and lofty goal. I do not know the age and can find nothing on W. Pettis but by style is probably around 1865 to 1875. The blade is marked William Pettis, Troy, NY and the owner is etched into blade as L. B. A. Snyder. The leather covered wood grip does show some wear but the sword is tight and the blade is in excellent condition.

Price: $425.00