Colt Single Action Army Revolver, SAA, "Frontier Six Shooter" is etched on barrel in .44-40 caliber.

This is serial number 56444 and the Colt letter lists the date of shipment as July 21, 1880, to Hartley & Graham as one of 50 guns in that shipment. Barrel length and type of stocks are recorded as "not listed" and that the finish was blue. This particular gun has been totally restored in original configuration by David Lanara of Ohio. By a letter from David, his records indicate that this was his first commercial restoration. This firearm has been configured into a museum quality restoration of a commercial SAA, 7 1/2" revolver in .44-40 caliber with the proper etched barrel panel stating "Colt Frontier Six Shooter", which this original panel configuration is no longer available for restoration, blue finish with case colored frame and one piece walnut stocks. Please view the thumbnails below noting that there is some aging to the gun to give it a more pleasing eye appeal for a period piece. The gun remains unfired and will make a wonderful addition to anyone's collection. Today a David Lanara restoration using your firearm will cost in the range of $5,000 and probably a two year wait. Since he restored this particular gun his reputation has soared because of his quality work and attention to original detail. Instead of that long wait you can own this fine Colt SAA now.

Price: $9,800.00   Item Number: 1197