Ithaca Old Model 37 Slide-action (pump) shot gun

(Second) Ithaca Old Model 37 Slide-action (pump) shot gun, 12 gauge, plain 28" modified choke barrel, 2 3/4" chamber with standard 14" length of pull. This is a very nice Featherweight with ribbed fore-end and hand checkered stock, serial number 569190-2. Some of the reasons these Ithaca Model 37 shotguns are so popular is the bottom ejection port and changeable ambidextrous safety. These guns can be used by both right and left hand shooters with equal ease. Another feature is the ability to hold the trigger down and pump the action to fire the rounds in succession. Ithaca discontinued these guns in 1986 and came out with their new version in the Model 87 ... probably a big mistake. When the company was bought out the new owners resumed production of the Model 37, continuing until their own recent demise. Over two million were manufactured since their introduction in 1937. This particular fine gun remains in excellent condition with exc. dark wood and 97% bluing remaining.

Price: $625.00