LLama VII, Extra in 9mm Largo & .38 Super

Right.. Llama "Extra"VII (Model 1911A1 Style) 9mm Largo /.38 Super caliber, Semi-auto pistol with 5 1/2" barrel and 8 round magazine. This gun is marked "Caliber 9m/m 38" and the owner told me he shot the .38 Super caliber from it. Seeing I don't have any of that ammo in stock I can only take him at his word. These guns were generally confiscated after the Spanish Civil War and refinished; looks like a Colt 1911A1 configuration but slightly longer. This is a prominent Spanish manufacturer still in business today and they made many fine weapons for civilian and military use, with the lanyard ring this one was probably for military or police. The finish is a dull military one and it is in fine to excellent condition. Wood checkered grips as was the 1911 it was modeled after. A pretty unique piece.

Price: $1,095.00   Item Number: 1207