Nazi WWII Battle Flag, Excellent

Nazi Battle Flag marked "Reichskriegsflg. 1,5 x 2,5" and Nazi eagle over M. The larger sizes were used on ships as Ensigns, this one measures about 100 inches x 53" and has a heavy braided white rope thru folded and sewn left edge. It is all imprinted on white back ground and is in very excellent condition but for several aging holes in disk area. The colors are excellent. This was used from 1936 thru 1945 and is an authentic relic of the period. Every Nazi collection needs this flag as the ultimate symbol of near world dominance that was defeated by who we now call the "Greatest Generation." I personally salute you all. Just holding or gazing at this evil beauty that set the stage for most of the Twentieth Century is awe inspiring. Whether hung as a trophy of war, stomped upon with dirty boots or displayed carefully for future generations of collectors and historians this is an excellent example of a symbol of differing beliefs or views in people world wide. Love it, despise it or hate it this is a piece of world history. And they are getting very scarce. This is from my own collection.

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