Japanese T99 19" Carbine in 7.7 Jap Cal.

Type 99 Japanese Military Short Rifle in 7.7 Jap caliber in Carbine configuration that has been stripped of its' stock, both barrel and receiver have been buffed to white metal. The Chrysanthemum has been ground and polished and the remainder of action is in the original blue black finish and in excellent condition. Appears to have chromed lined bore which is excellent in the standard 19" carbine original barrel. This appears to be a Type 38 in 7.7 carbine style. All parts are intact except front sight and stock parts. The rear sight is graduated 3 to 15 meters but appears to be wrong for this gun, should be a shorter sight. It is not seated to barrel and can simply be removed by hand. The bolt has a plum style knob and has matching 728 to serial number on receiver, the safety knob is polished smooth. Receiver has the stacked cannonball design of the Kokura Arsenal and 24th series character preceding serial number 62728.

Price: $295.00   Item Number: 1278