US WWII Remington 1903-A3 .30 Caliber Rifle

US WWII 1903-A3 Military Bolt Action Rifle by Remington .30-06 caliber with all Remington marked parts, proper bolt and Remington stock. The stock is marked with FJA, crossed cannons and P proof. The barrel is marked 9-43 date and is of the two groove type. This was the standard bolt action rifle that the United States Army and Marines went to war with in 1941 and was gradually replaced with the US M1 Garand. Based on the bolt action Mauser system the rifle was developed by the Springfield Arsenal in 1903, used during the First World War and modified for use in WWII by Remington under contract with the US Army. This serial number is 41420xx and the barrel was made in September of 1943. By this time this rifle may have only saw service as a guard duty rifle in the States, hence its excellent condition. Use your own judgment of condition from our photos. We rate this as extremely fine to mint condition.

Price: $1895.00   Item Number: 1280