Keen Kutter Wood Boxed Set of Table Ware by Simmons

Though not a true blue Winchester Collectible the Keen Kutter line of items produced by the Simmons Hardware Company is at least a first cousin in the collecting field. This is an extremely fine knife and fork set of tableware in the original wood box with inner label and white fabric lining. The set consists of six knives with the Simmons name and six forks but only three have the Simmons trademark, the other three forks are similar (the bottom group in the photo) but are from the 1834 J. Russell & Company, predecessor to the famous Green River, Russell Co. of Mass., a collectible item unto themselves. Simmons was a high end company at the time and made and sold fine quality products. Winchester and Simmons formed an alliance in 1920, Simmons being the distributing partner and Winchester doing the manufacturing. Keen Kutter was one of the trade names SimmonS&Winchester used on their products. This set is silver plated but they simply state that if the silver is stripped from one dozen the weight would be 16 DWTS. To find these sets in this excellent condition and mostly intact is becoming very unusual and rare.

Price: $895.00   Item Number: 1304