Smith & Wesson Double Action First Model in .44 Russian Caliber

An early Smith & Wesson First Model Double Action Revolver in .44 Russian caliber. Made c1883 it is serial number 10909, has a heavy frame and 6" barrel which retain about 80% of bright nickel finish with a fine set of expensive period pearl stocks. Both grips have the serial number scratched into their insides. The nickeled 1 7/16" cylinder is also marked with serial number 10909 as is the blued top latch. Overall this is a fine, tight and fully functional firearm classed as an Antique. The bore is fine and the front sight is the standard half moon pinned to the ribbed barrel. Rear sight is standard, barrel address is standard two line with last Patent Date of 1880. The original nickel finish does have corrosion beginning and the right side of frame and barrel has some missing finish, though bright. The trigger guard is a bright blue with 99% remaining. The trigger and hammer are case colored with most remaining and bright. The screws are excellent except the top latch screw shows marring. The pearl grips are excellent with good top fit but slightly undersize on frame. View the thumbnails for condition. The inside of open frame is near new looking and I doubt if this gun saw much use. Poor storage may have led more to the finish wear. It is in overall excellent original condition with desirable pearl stocks.

Price: $4,495.00   Item Number: 1342