Sturm-Ruger Old Model Blackhawk "3 Screw Flattop" Revolver

Ruger Old Model Blackhawk Revolver in .44 Magnum caliber also known as the "Three Screw Flat Top" with 6 1/2" barrel. The serial number of 216xx was shipped from the factory in October, 1959 as per Ruger Records. It has walnut grips, fine with several scratches and left grip has small chip off bottom front. Some muzzle wear and forward cylinder wear as this gun was used as a service revolver by a NYS County Conservation Officer in the early 1960's. "J.H.B. NYS Cons" is hand Inscribed into bottom of grip frame; I bought this from his son. Some wear on backstrap, otherwise the bluing is excellent as are the "wondrous clicking sounds" when hammer is cocked. This revolver has not been altered to the "safety upgrade" with the hammer block. However, Ruger Company will perform this for the owner free of charge if so desired. It is not recommended for use without this being done and this gun should be relegated to collector only status without the new safety feature. These early, unaltered guns are becoming extremely rare and this one also has a little law enforcement history with it.

Price: $1,595.00   Item Number: 1367