June 17, 2001

Dear Members and Exhibitors,

I hope this letter finds all of you in good, physical health because I know the business health of the shops surely isn't that grand.  If you aren't out there doing a show, you're probably out there doing no business.  At least that's the consensus I get talking to other shop owners.

Cathy and I have literally thousands of dollars out in deposits for show locations, which in essence is cash you can't use.  With that in mind, enclosed are fliers for future shows and future dates and as you look them over, remember that we do take deposits on the shows, not needing full payment until two weeks prior.  We would rather know that you're coming and have your  application and deposit than have you call a week before the show to find out if we have tables because you didn't want to send the full amount.  I'd rather spend my time on promotion and advertising than having to wonder whether the show will be filled with dealers.

Most of you should know by now that our summer show in Saratoga Springs, NY, which has been in August, has been changed to July 13, 14 & 15 weekend, fliers enclosed.  You probably also know that Saratoga is one of the only summer shows that draws a good public and buyers.  The majority of our core dealers have sent in deposits but we could use new exhibitors to keep the show fresh.  If you haven't sent in your application please do so and if you have a friend out there, perhaps you can convince them to take a table or two. As usual, please find a prominent spot around your area to post our flier.

We always like to have some kind of show going on in the Adirondack North Country and we've had quite a few locations through the years.  We found a nice spot, thanks to one of our members, at the Fire and Rescue Building in Crown Point, NY.  Only room for about 30 tables, which, as of this writing are nearly sold out just by word of mouth.  The show is about equal distance of  7 miles to the Crown Point Bridge to Vermont or Ticonderoga, which is on  Route 9N, also Main Street in Crown Point.  We picked the August 4th and 5th weekend so we would also be in the tourist season as well as a good hunting and gun ownership area.  We still have a few tables so if you want them, call me.

This year we are back in Saratoga at our original time period of  years ago on September 14, 15, 16.  Unfortunately there are a lot of other shows scheduled on that date but our Saratoga Shows have always held their own and we get the exhibitors and the public.  By this show date we will have mailed approximately 15,000 show announcement post cards to prior Saratoga attendees.  This show and its advertisements will give a boost to our next, new event described below.

The second gun show we ever promoted was at the Utica War Memorial Auditorium in 1982, which turned out pretty darn good.  Since then we've had other Utica Shows, also in Clinton, Fonda, Fulton, Syracuse and Herkimer, all of which have generated over 5,000 show attendee names for our computer data base so there certainly are people in that area interested in gun shows and we've also done good business ourselves at these shows.      Well, another member told us about a new facility that the Utica Area Chamber of  Commerce has just developed.  On September 21, 22, 23 we're sponsoring a show at the Mohawk Valley Convention Center, a 20,000 square foot, carpeted facility in New Hartford, NY at 32 Campion Road.  The facility is easy to get to, easy to get in, plenty of free parking, good lighting, full restaurant on premises, in a historic gun manufacturing area, plenty of people who own and use firearms and the date is just weeks before hunting season.  You as exhibitors and dealers should be there.  A flier is enclosed.

The Utica area in the summer and early fall, is very busy and the hotel rates are going to be high and rooms scarce.  With this writing you have the opportunity now until August 20th to take advantage of a special rate at the Ramada Inn in New Hartford at $69 instead of $103 per night, which for the time and the area and the hotel, is a great rate; take advantage of it now.  The Ramada phone number is 315-735-3392, request the NEACA rate for the gun show.  The Ramada is less than ½ mile from the show, has a lovely restaurant and a good lounge with entertainment on the weekends.  There's also a large shopping center near the Convention Center.  We'll probably schedule this show twice a year and we hope that you will support this area and this show.

Cathy and I were going over our records from the early 80's and couldn't believe the amount of friends and members we have lost through death, moving from the area or just plain going out of business.  Our membership numbers are over 1000 at the moment and we have developed a system where you get 12 full months of benefits after your first year of initial membership in NEACA; see our membership application enclosed so we don't need to go into all the details.  But we have decided to have a membership drive so you exhibitors can save money.  If you notice on the show applications there is generally a $10 difference between member and non-member table rate.  You'll also notice that to receive the discount you have to be a member for 90 days.  


Dave Petronis