August 14, 2001

To NEACA Members and Exhibitors,

Perhaps the long, hot summer is finally coming to a close and relief from heat, humidity and little business is just a few weeks away in September.

have two shows upcoming next month, our Saratoga Springs City Center event is back again on the same September weekend when we started our first one nearly twenty years ago, September 14, 15, 16.  Also a new show in a new facility in an old area where we ran shows years ago, Utica, New York.  Rather, just west of Utica city line in New Hartford, on September 21, 22 & 23, a week after Saratoga.

First thing though, we are going back to our August date for Saratoga instead of July. What an error on my part!  I listened to the wrong people when I changed the date to try to get better hotel accommodations.  Forget about it!  Live with the high rates, the sold out rooms, the parking problems, and the traffic - that's what Saratoga Springs is in August!  I forgot why we started our shows in that time period - money, people and money!  Take the time soon to make reservations for the weekend of August 2, 3, 4, 2002 and plan to stay a day or two after the show and enjoy one of the busiest, grandiose and fun cities in the country.  And don't forget the thoroughbred track on Monday!

This September will be nearly as busy as August but a different crowd.  Residents will be back, school supplies paid for, antiquers out and about, cooler weather with the smell of the hunt in the air, and President Bush's tax refund checks in the mail!  A great time for a gun show.  You'll find your flyer enclosed.

For those of you wishing to display, cash awards are back for September.  Adhere to these criteria for consideration.  Must be a member; tell me at least two weeks in advance so I can get it in our press release; need a title or theme; tell a story or present a piece or grouping with some explanation of what it is all about; use full length table covers for best presentation.  That's it, fairly simple - display only, no sales from the table.  Any theme related to our sporting collector field, would be eligible for an award.

Speaking of membership - some of you use the bene's but don't pay the bill.  Timely renewal is $25.00, that's within 30 days after your date is up.  I see people showing the expired card and getting in free 'cause the guard isn't paying attention, but it's going to stop.  If your dues are due - check the mailing label or your card -- send a check today, $30.00 if over 30 days please.

On to better thoughts; Mohawk Valley Convention Center, New Hartford, NY - 250 8' tables are available, just like Saratoga. Easy entrance, lots of free parking, food on premises, carpeted floor, and good date - no other shows in the area.  Application also enclosed, send it in.  Special Ramada Hotel rate of $69 for their normal $103 room if you register by August 21, that's only a few days away!  Don't wait.  The info has been on our website for about 6 weeks now.  For those who are on the net make sure you check out our site often because it's ever changing.  Other motels are in the area but further away and nearly the same or more in price, and a busy area in September.  To the guys who ask me during Friday night set-up where they can get a good, cheap hotel - I don't know!

The Utica area has always been a good one for both buying and selling and we've been looking for a good place for a show for a while.  This is it, don't miss it and support our group to make this show and future shows a success.  Utica area has been home to Savage Arms, Remington Arms in Ilion, Parker and Browning also made there, Martin fly fishing reels, Utica Cutlery, Horrocks & Ibbotson bamboo rods and now wood for Ithaca and other gun companies are made in the area.  A lot of history in sporting manufacturing as well as our American Historic battle sites and campaigns.  You never know what can turn up to buy and the area definitely has hunters and sportsmen.  Send your application in today - make motel reservations!!

Also enclosed is our Fishkill, NY flyer.  This will be our third show there at the Holiday Inn on Route 9,  just off  I-84.  The second, 2 day show.  There is no Friday set-up, early Saturday AM, see the flyer.  Lots of interest and with this mailing we should probably sell out soon so if you want tables, at least send me an application and some sort of deposit.     Again, make your motel reservations early - the area is always busy.  The show is only an hour north of NY City and there really are no more shows in the area.  I can only get one weekend a year - the place is booked constantly far in advance.  The show is just before hunting season but the area buyers are busy and procrastinators - sounds like some of us -- and buy on the spur of the moment.  Was a good show last year - should be a better show this November 17 & 18.

Saratoga, again on November 9, 10, 11 - a week before our Fishkill Show - will round out our schedule for this year.  New areas and opportunities are always under investigation for a show.  A member led us to the new facility in New Hartford, perhaps one of you know of some place that might be suitable to look into.  If so, let us know.  Till we see you in September, good hunting!