January 19, 2005

Dear Members and Exhibitors,

I hope the New Year brings continued growth in our wallets and diminished stature in the posterior it rests upon.  Rather than the other way round if a certain John had to wake up each morning facing an uncertain Teresa in the White House boudoir.  Life is good after all.

I thought the new boy waiting in the wings was the next Gun Show savoir but I hear much displeasure from the rank and file.  Better than nothing means I guess I’d better dust off some old locations and revive a few shows.  Upstarts come and go like the seasons it seems.

Right to the point, in a month we will be at Lake George during their busy Winter Carnival again.  We are back at the Holiday Inn Turf, which makes a great location for our February Show, in their small convention center.  About 45 six-foot tables will be available for you exhibitors on Sunday, February 20th.  A flyer is enclosed.  Advertising starts today.

The following month is Saratoga on March 19 and 20 weekend and it will be another sell-out.  Always our best attended show and a moneymaker.  Flyer is also enclosed and I suggest your response for tables be immediate for those of you not already deposited.  Please note the upcoming dates for the year as there has been a change.

The month of April will find us back in Herkimer, New York on April 9 & 10 with Friday set-up.  This has always been a fine show for buying and I usually manage to sell pretty well also.  We only have room for about 50 eight-foot tables so first come first served.  The VFW treats us well with good food and available drink.  It is a gun company area now and for the last two hundred years with Savage of Utica and Remington in Illion.  Flyer is also enclosed.  Incidentally, don’t lose them – I’m not sending out another.

Again we’ll be in Plattsburgh at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Boynton Avenue.  About the same time as last year, the show will be on April 30 and May 1 with a Friday set-up this time.  We were full last year and had a real nice show.  Some great stuff walked in and I believe all the dealers did fine.  I’m sure it will sell out soon.  Flyer is also enclosed.

As usual, you all should know by now that I accept deposits for all these shows, you don’t have to send in the full amount for things four months down the line.  But I do like to know who is planning on coming so send in your application with a few bucks and pay the balances prior to two weeks of the show date.

We’ll see what we develop for June and beyond with a new mailing in April or so.  If you haven’t renewed your memberships I suggest sending it in so you can benefit from the reduced table costs.

Incidentally, Cathy has a few openings for new income tax preparation clients due to a few departed vacancies.  If you are paying an arm and leg for service rest easy that she only requires a normal fee and sends electronic returns also.  Twenty odd years experience and considerable help to a number of you dealers already should put her on top of your list for income tax preparers.  Don’t call on April 5th though – we are booked till the end.

Our NEACA.com website had 1,006,233 hits in December, first month we broke the million mark.  It has been doing quite well but I need more guns and stuff for my Hudson River Trading Company business on the site.  So, I’m going to accept consignments at 20% commission but the items have to be in my store where I can see and feel them.  I have buyers for fine guns and quality militaria.  Go to the site and have a look.  And I don’t discount from my prices.

Also, we are very close to getting our Arms Collectors Journal back in print and also on-line.  It may be ready by February 15 if all goes well.  On line subscriptions for $12.00 a year and first class mail at $24.00.  We also need advertisers.  Very similar format to the old Journal.

Lots of things going on this year so I hope you all stick around with memberships, take tables at our shows and check the website.  We’ve had our fraternity of individualists for over twenty years now and I hope we all make it another twenty.  Good hunting.

Cathy and Dave Petronis