September 13, 2007

Dear Members and Exhibitors,

I usually like to start our letters with a bit of wit or wisdom.  For this one I want to tell all you fellows not to chase Wood Nymphs in the Adirondacks.  I found that they turn out to be a sucking succubus that grabs and flails you upon the rock and hurls one against the trees.  I am now dictating this to Cathy while in the prone position; legs up nursing the wounds received trying to capture what I thought was a nymph appearing to me in vision on our land in the Adirondacks.  Again I warn you guys, stay home and be kind to your woman.   It turns out my nymph was a dead tree I grabbed during a slide on a rock on my mountainside near Stony Creek.  With leg twisted I now have a black and blue ankle with torn ligaments.  Never a dull moment.

Down to business.  We just finished our little show in Amsterdam, NY at Pasqualli’s Restaurant and Conference Center and luckily there weren’t too many people who showed up to bother me while nursing my wounds.  I did manage to buy and sell a few things and my other dealer friends also made a few dollars, even though it was the hottest day in September that we’ve seen in a long time.  Then naturally it rained on Sunday when we started packing up.  I expect that the cloud above me will follow us to Syracuse this weekend.  In actuality, this new little show has potential and they are going to expand the facility and when they do, we will be back with another one.  By the way, the restaurant was excellent and if you’re going by the America’s Best Value Inn on Market Street, stop in, say hello to Pat and have a good meal.

One reminder that I should pass on is this.  While talking with the NYS COBIS officer visiting our show, doing his duty with the State Police, a customer came by and asked whether he could sell his gun to the exhibitor dealers behind their tables at the show.  I said, yes he could and was reminded by the officer that not all exhibitors were FFL holders and in that case if one bought a gun they would need to complete the NICS background check.  After the customer left the COBIS officer did remind me that it was my responsibility to remind our exhibitors that if they are not a FFL holder any non dealer has to go through the NICS check before buying a gun.  A collector selling their own guns at a gun show is not a dealer and needs to follow the law of non dealer status.  I am reminding all of you of this fact now.

Our October 12, 13 and 14 Arms Fair at the Saratoga Springs City Center is coming along quite well and again this year, we are hosting the NCCA, Northeast Cutlery Collectors Association.  We already have about 20 tables of their members signed up with promises for about 40. So I would suggest if you haven’t already sent in your applications, that you take this opportunity to fill it out and send it along with your deposit.  Also, if you need rooms, Saratoga is always a busy area and in this time period there are conventions going on and the autumn leaves will be in their full color so rooms will be at a premium, don’t wait to make your hotel reservations.  This show will feature collector knives, collector and investment firearms and hunting guns and all the general accessories that pertain to the upcoming season.  A lot of deposits have been received already and I would expect that this mailing would produce our normal sell out. 

On our way to Syracuse, we were also invited to stop at a new facility in the outskirts of Utica, one that will probably be about 100 table capacity, a lot of parking and a new building with full snack bar.  This is close to the Turning Stone Casino with hotels nearby and could turn out to be a very nice addition to our show schedule.  We’ll follow up with additional details if all goes well.

These new shows are more reasons to become a member of our New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates or renew your current membership.  As you are aware, we do not require membership to participate in our shows but we do offer discounts on tables and other benefits. Speaking of which we have been talking about a Christmas Party at our December 21, 22, 23 Show in Saratoga Springs.

I have been trying to figure out ways to make our Gun Shows more community oriented while getting more favorable press coverage.  One of the things we’ve done is to call our shows Arms Fairs, now I would like to insert the word “Convention”.  As a Convention our activities have a better standing than a trade show. A fun way to do this I thought, was to have a Christmas Party that I hope to turn into a  NEACA Winter Convention in the future.  I know this show is just a few days before Christmas as is this planned party but it’s the only time period that is available.  In time we will move into mid December.  I would hope all of you as members will try to help us in this endeavor. 

We have just consummated an arrangement with the Saratoga Hotel which adjoins the City Center, to host a Christmas Party on Saturday evening, December 22nd in the their Ball Room.  We will sell dinner tickets for $30 each consisting of a full, sit down meal with cash bar and decorative Holiday atmosphere.  We will also have tables for a silent auction similar to Friends of NRA banquets.  Already we have several volunteers who will help with this.  Anyone else wishing to volunteer please let me know.  I’m also considering a live auction of around 50 items, firearms, etc., with a flat $10 or $15 fee for consignments.  We will also have several raffles going on and may send out raffle tickets to members.

We’ve also arranged for a very special price for rooms at the hotel for our show and dinner at a rate of $69.00 plus tax.  Exhibitors and members will receive a code word to secure reservations at this very special rate.  We will have tickets printed and available shortly.  If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, please pass them on to Cathy or me.  Our December flier is enclosed and you will notice that there is a discounted table rate for this show, we have reduced the tables by $5.00  In addition to that, if anyone sends in the full table amount and requests dinner tickets at the same time, we will reduce the tables another $5.00 each.  You guys do the math, it’s a good deal.  We will also have a breakfast buffet on Sunday morning in the hotel gallery, which adjoins the City Center Exhibit Hall.  These will be separate tickets for around $15.00.

We’re also thinking about Santa Claus and each of us wrapping a present for one another, then as we all become merry celebrating the holiday season I may even have a contest trying to catch that illusive wood nymph.  Hope all of you can make this Convention idea a reality for our organization.  


Cathy & Dave