October 10, 2009

Dear Members and Exhibitors,

The Adirondacks were in full color, the wild whitetails ate from your hand, the restaurants were excellent and our exhibitors made money – our first Old Forge Gun Show was a success.  We’ll be back in the Spring and Fall of next year. Our scheduled dates are the weekends of May 15 & 16 and October 2 & 3.  We will have special motel rates and probably have the same flyer info for dealers as this past weekend show.

Our normal Utica Gun Show date falls on Easter weekend this April so we are now set for the following weekend of April 10 & 11 for our show at the Utica Memorial Auditorium, AUD as it is known.  Again, we start with 200 tables on the floor with room for 325 plus sporting booths.  We plan on this as an annual event.

Our one day Winter Carnival show in Lake George at the Holiday Inn had a fine turn out and attendance last February and we are in process of confirming a date for this February.  That show always seems to be a “cabin fever” event and coincides with winter tourism so we generally do some brisk business there.  Will keep you posted.

Over the past year many facility directors have called us as promoters and asked that we come and look at their location to produce a gun show.  We have visited several and need to see others, we discovered the Old Forge location in just such a way.  We still hesitate to engage in a new show simply for the sake of filling up an open weekend somewhere.  Rather, we strive to find a good reason to create a new show and only do so when we feel there is a need and a benefit to all involved.  At our ages none of us need new things to do but we all may enjoy a new venue with potential monetary or inventory gain.  This is what we strive for in promoting our NEACA events; Old Forge is an example of that policy as is our annual show in Utica.

Now on to Saratoga, October 31 and November 1 weekend.  Halloween is Saturday evening so it should not interfere with taking the kids out “trick or treating”.  If you wish to dress the part during our Friday preview or Saturday show time, please feel free – a prize may be awarded but no guarantee! 

The bad news is that the Atrium unloading practice will be unavailable for the next several months.  It was pretty easy to just pull up and roll things out these past 26 years, this year will be a bit different but completely manageable, all due to the construction to expand the City Center.  When we get through with some minor inconvenience of the expansion the ease of access will return and a bigger and better City Center will be the result, even better food services are in the works. 

To alleviate some of the perceived problems imagined by some of our exhibitors we will extend our access hours.  Our show will be fully set up on Thursday so we will open for exhibitors at 11:30 AM and remain open until 9PM.  The City Center has hired porters to bring dealers merchandise into the building at the rear loading docks.  Vans or trucks can load directly onto the operational elevator dock area.  They have used this process with several prior shows, including one with heavy and bulky athletic equipment and the Director assures me all went well. 

There is also a new gradual incline ramp for wheeled carts that has been built near the front stairs of the City Center for access of merchandise.  Again porters will be available for handling carts going into and out of this area.  The extra time allotted and manpower available will be quite satisfactory for a smooth operation.  Will it be different than what we are all accustomed to?  Yes.  Will this difference irritate several people who can’t manage any change in life style?  Probably.  Will our show go on and be a success as it has been for many prior years?  Yes, it will.  Patience and understanding that we, Cathy and I, always look out for our dealers should be guarantee enough that all will work well.

With the knowledge that each of you who have done business with us in the past and know how we operate you should have no fear that anything will be insurmountable.  A bit different yes, perhaps even more time consuming initially, but certainly we should all have as an enjoyable weekend as has come to be expected at our Saratoga Arms Fairs.  It will still remain, always, the “place to be”. 

What we would like, however, especially with the extra set up time, is that you as exhibitors, set up on Friday, enjoy our food buffet and remain open for business for our NEACA members to at least 8PM.  With this letter we are notifying members now that they can come in on Friday evening from 5:30, a bit earlier than the flier states, until 9PM so that they may enjoy the benefits of commeraderie and early buying.  We fully expect exhibitors' inventory to be uncovered and available for that purpose.  Saratoga is the only viable Friday evening sales show left.

We have received many new memberships over the last several months, some of whom have never been to our Saratoga Show, please make them feel welcome and comfortable, in turn they will gladly make purchases on Friday evening.  Those exhibitors and members whose dues are up, check mailing label, please send your renewals in today.  If you are over the 15 day grace period send $30 instead of $25 for timely renewal.

Also, if you are not an exhibitor but are a current member coming to our October show, I don’t want to see you prior to 5:30 on Friday, there will be no exceptions, don’t make me have a guard escort you out; dealer set up time is for table holders only!  With your  application please remember to sign the reverse, no badges will be sent without a signature.  Also, write out full names for any additional badge you may need, include your own.  Cathy needs to get all these things done prior to our show. 

We again have new exhibitors coming to Saratoga as well as our normal dealer base so we seem to be heading for an early sell out.  If you intend to come I suggest getting your application in the mail, post haste.  This mailing is more a courtesy, not a necessity.  It is intended to give you important information with future show dates and we hope you will act upon them.  Wishing you all health, wealth and happiness Cathy and I  remain committed to bringing all of you fine events and enjoyable weekends.  Thank you all very much for your kind and continued support.

Cathy & David Petronis