September 11, 2010

You will be reading this after September 11 but I just couldn’t send this letter without paying notice to this date in our recent history. Nine years ago we had a mid September show scheduled and I remember that the Syracuse Gun Show was cancelled and we were literally swamped with applicants. We actually were sold out and we had a patriotic event, which I recorded with photos that are still on our website. I will always remember how Muslims flew an attack into our American souls. I hope all of you remember this date that also has gone down in infamy.

Members & Exhibitors,

The August Saratoga Springs Arms Fair is but a memory now. The public numbers were down a bit from normal but we heard from the dealers that they came in with money and they spent it! Lots of guns came in – several fine buys; a 1911 Colt in 98% condition, L C Smith, like new, an 1873 in .32-40, a very nice 1896 Krag carbine and many more. Some we saw, some we heard about, even though we "buy everything" so we’re told, we only managed to trade in the 1911.

Although the summer show is expensive for hotels, the people who come to the Saratoga area certainly have the ability to spend what they wish and buy what they want. We will stay with our summer Saratoga Arms Fair same time period next year, August 26, 27 & 28, 2011.

You all received Saratoga October fliers at the show, many of you deposited. You will also find those fliers in this mailing and if you want tables, send in your deposits soon. When we called dealers for the August event, those who couldn’t make it said they wanted tables for October and the applications have been coming in so it looks like a sell out again. Don’t miss out.

We asked the City Center staff how soon construction would be completed and they believe it will be October or November so load in and out will be easier. Actually it wasn’t all that bad for August. Completion of the construction also means the equipment will be removed from the back lots, freeing up space for dealer and public parking.

Today is the first day that it actually feels like the right time of year, autumn. Write this letter I must but my mind is on making vegetable beef soup, galumkis, beef stew and apple pies. That also brings my thoughts to our favorite place in the fall, Old Forge.

We only order enough tables for the Old Forge Show for those who have committed, we don’t order extras and the order goes in a week ahead of the show. Last October we had a very good crowd who brought in lots of stuff and spent money. May wasn’t as good but it was certainly worth the effort, just the wrong time. We will keep the October show date and probably do a summer show for the tourist season; tons of people but there will be no motel deals. The best deal I could get for this October show is $79 plus tax for two double beds or $89 for 2 queen size and again at the Adirondack Lodge, 315-369-6836 and be sure to mention the NEACA Gun Show. A flier is enclosed so if you lost the one from the first mailing you have no excuse. Dean’s Dough will again run the snack bar as they did a great job in May. The Old Forge confirmation letter will have info on other motels as well. For those of you who have done the show before you know there are many great restaurants in town including the Knotty Pine, right next to the Adirondack Lodge. Frankie’s Taste of Italy was VERY disappointing when Dave and I spent an evening in Old Forge mid August. He didn’t remember the gun show people who gave him so much business from the two prior shows so we took our business elsewhere.

We mentioned before that we always have venues contact us about running shows at their facilities. Sometimes it takes us a while to check them out. We have just secured the date of Saturday, December 11th at the Ilion-Frankfort VFW Post 502. Those of you who used to do our Herkimer show will be familiar with the area. It’s Remington Country and lots of great stuff should come into the show. The physical address in Frankfort is 4274 Acme Road, which I believe is old Route 5S. Set-up will be from either 7:00 or 7:30 AM to 9 AM and the show will run until 4PM. The Post will run a snack bar with hot dogs, hamburgers and other foods and drinks. You will also find a flier enclosed; we hope you will join us there.

We can’t say what will happen in 2011 to our favorite "cabin fever" show, the Lake George Holiday Inn. They’ve updated their guest rooms, their lobby, TR’s Restaurant and Lounge and in November they will begin the renovation of the dinner theater room, which is where we hold our shows. The scheduled completion is the beginning of April but that is not firm until construction gets under way. They have been very good to us at the Holiday Inn so we hate to look for another location but if we could find an alternate for February we would probably do that just for 2011.

Well, we’ve given you lots of food for thought. Hope everyone is healthy, happy and looking toward change we can REALLY believe in this Election Day. At least in this great country we have that choice.

Sincerely, Cathy & Dave