January 7, 2011

Happy New Year and we hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, we enjoyed ours immensely. Cathy’s job was to single handedly spur the economic downturn into a bull rally on Wall Street. Santa’s helper did well this past Christmas.

The New Year is here and where Cathy & I live in Saratoga County, the outlook is great. Our Saratoga Springs Arms Fair is smack in the middle of this prosperous county and continues as one of the best shows in the northeast. Our next Arms Fair is coming up fast and we hope you will come and add to the great exhibitor base we’ve built over the past 26 years.

Our County Supervisor just reiterated the impact of bringing in AMD and its Global Foundries Computer Chip Plant to our Luther Forest Tech Park, just south of Saratoga and how it will contribute greatly to the economic well being of our area. Already, Saratoga County enjoys the lowest unemployment rate in the Capitol District area, which is also about the lowest in New York State. Combine economic stability and increased job growth with the fact that Saratoga Springs is one of the ten best cities in the nation to visit, and we certainly know why our show holds its own in troubled times. We also have the lowest tax rate in New York State; people here have disposable income. We can bring them in but it’s still up to you to entice them to spend their cash at your tables. As for public, last January proved to be one of our best attended shows and sales were brisk; same time, same place and now expanded with construction completed at the Saratoga Springs City Center, we should have a phenomenal show on January 28, 29 & 30.Still room, send your enclosed application in today.

Above, I mentioned adding yourself to our list of great exhibitors; the attrition of that base being something a promoter always has to address. As years pass we eventually lose exhibitors, some simply from going out of business, others by moving to a warmer climate or, unfortunately, even death. Maintaining a fine dealer base has been our goal over these past years, keeping our show one of mostly guns, ammo, knives or militaria we have maintained about 75 exhibitors who now comprise that base. But with losses, we always need someone new. Plus we need another 25 or so exhibitors for each show who only attend one or two of our events per year; thus contributing in making each of our shows essentially different.

If you have not yet experienced Saratoga, this January Arms Fair would be a great starting point and yes, if each of you regular and valued exhibitors would contact a friend or two (many of you already have) and invite them to come and be a part of our "Saratoga family atmosphere," that would be a tremendous help insuring stability and growth; an interest keen to each of us. As you know, a personal report and urging from a peer rather than a pitch from a promoter can be of much more value in gaining a new exhibitor.

Mention our fine facility and the terrific city that Saratoga has become. Or how our gun dealer ratio is probably one of the highest among "Gun Shows", as what we are supposed to be. Plus our friendly and professional demeanor (Cathy’s, of course -- not mine) or our Friday evening buffet and camaraderie that other shows never had or longer exude. We also have a great NEACA buying base of two to three thousand members and attendees who come to our Saratoga Show (January and March are usually 3000 plus) and if one hundred dealers divide that group that means 30 of those customers are there for just you, not bad odds. Better than being among 400 other exhibitors and dividing 6000 or so people, that equates to half for just you, 15; and do they have money to spend? Plus we have door prizes, raffles, educational displays and we even give away money for the winners to spend with the dealers at our show.

Those are some of the reasons why our Saratoga Arms Fair has always been and still is "the place to be."Our easy loading has returned but, with progress, will be a little different. The expansion could offer more opportunities for growth including a revamped snack bar menu. Our porters handle things with speed and care. Our area economy is fine and continually improving. Our public is varied with interests for new, old, or antique, but is also informed to make wise or invested purchases. Of course, there are military surplus dealers and buyers and investment knife seekers among the hunting folks or someone looking for a great buy on a stray piece of jewelry among the myriad of collectible minutia. Buyers include the well healed Parker collector, the rare Winchester seeker or the hobby shooter looking to buy ammo and a new or used plinker. They all come to Saratoga and can’t wait to see what you brought them this time. Do your part and accommodate the buying, selling and trading crowd we bring in to see … just you.

As a dealer if you are looking to buy, things are certainly here to help you spend your money. Our gun ties at the door suggest that 300 or more guns generally make it through the door. I know some don’t, we try to discourage ‘parking lot purchases’ and they are dwindling. I couldn’t take the space to even cover a small part of the "great buys" that have walked the room in Saratoga, they are much too numerous and varied. All of us have had our share and I see no let up in the future; either the stuff still comes out of the closets or sellers make the trip to bring their treasures to our guys who have bought and continue to buy great items. Got cash? Take a table and welcome to our show. We don’t like single day dealers though, come and stay for the weekend.

Also enclosed is our flier for March 18, 19 & 20, 2011, our next show and steadily on track to be our best attended Arms Fair at Saratoga; January and August are close rivals.March is usually an early sell out because after our great January event most exhibitors deposit for their same table location.We have maintained the same third week in March for about 25 years; people know when to come and where to go.If you want space in March please fill out your flier and give us a one table deposit at the January show or send it in now.You can also see our August 26, 27 & 28 date on the March flier.Our fall show is yet unscheduled.

Plus our next Utica Show at the AUD is on April 1, 2 & 3, 2011 -- flier enclosed, but that’s another story…

Sincerely, Cathy & Dave