September 14, 2011

Members & Exhibitors,

We observed the ten year remembrance of the 9/11 tragedy while attending the Louisville, Kentucky gun show this past weekend and thankful nothing sinister occurred across our country as many had feared. Ten years ago this weekend we were one of the very few shows that had not been forced to cancel; our show at Saratoga held just after that fateful event was solemn but tasteful and well attended. It was the beginning of change in America.

That change had nothing to do with the Obamanation occurring these past three years but was one of coming together as a community and a nation thankful of who we were and what we could accomplish. It was a time when gun sales began to sky rocket and folks’ thoughts were on protection and survival tactics. Things have again changed a bit since then, a slight reversal of concern perhaps. However, it still seems the remembrances of that day conjure again, the feeling of fallibility over ones own destiny while still harboring the desire to control it. The first words on my Dave’s World page of our website are – "Stay conservative and buy a gun!"

Well, at Louisville, a lot of folks just stayed home. Obama’s policies seem to be taking their toll, the attendance was down considerably, with 1500 or so tables at least there was a wonderful group of quality exhibitors. Met some new friends and renewed some old relationships and actually had a pretty decent show – but it is definitely a "fer trip!"

We will be in Syracuse this weekend and then on to Pintail Point for the Vintagers shoot and show in Maryland. Then on to Old Forge for the first weekend in October for our very nice Autumn festival, leaf peeking Gun Show and Adirondack Expo. Our August event was well attended and went very well. The Adirondack Lodge has offered us a rate of $89/$99 depending on the room; their number is 315-369-6836, ask for the Gun Show rate! We also have a rate of $99 at the Blue Spruce; the number is 315-369-3817. Our flier is enclosed and we would really like to host another nice event. We almost began to fill the hall, maybe this time.

Also enclosed is the flyer for our new show in Cortland, NY. We’ve been getting checks in with just a note -  from our notice in our last letter – so here is your chance to fill out the application and for you late bloomers, fill it out and send it in --- no need to call, we have plenty of room on the astro-turf floor of this huge complex. It is not as soft as the last venue of this type, but do remember that large wheeled carts are best to navigate. We need new dealers so please convince your friends that this should be a great show. Our members and dealers have been asking us for years to expand into this part of the state with our NEACA shows. We have, so please support our efforts with table sales and enthusiastic talk. We will have some motels deals, which we will have listed in our confirmation letters.

Cortland is right off I-81 about midway between Syracuse and Binghamton and in the heart of gun country and deer hunting.   With all the flooding problems recently – and lost guns – folks should be aching to get out and buy something new. We’ve kept our table prices low so you can get several extra, bring out the stuff! The weekend is the same one that Springfield, Mass. vacated and the Hartford Antique Show just cancelled, a great time for a show on an empty time period. Get those apps. in!

Two weeks later we are in Saratoga Springs for our regular Fall event featuring hunting guns, ammo and accessories. Just in time for the upcoming hunting season. Again, lots of flooding problems that are now history and folks are eager to get back to normal and get back to the natural things of autumn hunts and cleaning guns. We have always had well attended shows in October and this one should be no exception. We are actually a week or two earlier and off the Halloween holiday. It is getting cooler and that hint of frost should be on the pumpkins, all great signs that our gun selling season is in full swing. Please send in your application today so we can devote time to our advertising instead of promoting to the choir.

Our August show in Saratoga was, should I say, a bit off? We had about 120 exhibitors who enjoyed Cathy’s pork and sauerkraut and/or beef goulash on Friday evening. But between threats of rain and floods only around 700 brave and true souls made it into the show on Saturday. They ignored the threats of Irene flooding and tornado scares and came to spend their money – thank you to all of you. And thanks to the 55 good men and ladies who dared to come on Sunday morning. It was surely a weekend that thankfully occurs only once in every seventy years or so or, as they say, once in a lifetime!

And to you wonderful and truly brave exhibitors who managed to stay ‘till when I pulled the plug around11:00 AM Sunday, Cathy and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Also, that you all, as always, made the show worth coming to for those brave attendees who knew you would be there. I can’t say it enough – thank you all.

We followed up on most of you exhibitors after leaving Saratoga and we heard plenty of scary stories and of long detours. We surely didn’t want anyone to get caught in the flooding but our main concern was of the potential power outage at the City Center, packing up in the dark would not have been fun. Those winds were fierce out there. All made it home safely, thank God, still the ruler over Mother Nature and protector of good gun guys and gals the world over. Hope to see all of you in Saratoga in October. I promise the rest of the folks will come too.

Sincerely, Cathy & Dave