December 2, 2012

Dear Members and Exhibitors,

Our end of year letter wishing you all a very fine holiday season is a bit late because we have been extremely busy this past November. But, first thing to do is wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Cathy and I don’t shop where we don’t hear the bells jingle and the Christmas jargon wished so again, it is the reason for the season, Merry Christmas!

Cathy and I have always enjoyed this Christmas season, in fact, it appears that Cathy was specifically created to give me joy and keep the economy running for the rest of humanity. I do have to admit though, the money she saves me when she goes "Sale" shopping can keep a family of four afloat for nearly a year! At the Lenox Warehouse sale last month Cathy saved me over $5000; it says so right on the receipt!

I won’t tell you how many years ago it was but, on the same date I am penning this letter, I was visiting my new daughter, Denise, fresh into this wonderful new world. I just called her from the Allentown Gun Show and sang her "Happy Birthday" melody! Cathy and I are set-up at the Gun Show and experiencing the weak sales of antiques and strong action of Camo and ammo. A sign of the times, I’m afraid, and this just a few weeks after another Obamanation and ridiculous Republican loss of the Presidency and the Senate.

After working with the Attorney General’s office for most of this past year I have agreed to and signed an Assurance of Discontinuance, which brings our NEACA subpoena to a close. The Assistant New York State Attorney General, Debra Martin, based in Rochester, New York has written new rules, which all New York State Gun Shows must adhere to in the future or face criminal prosecution. "Whereas the Attorney General advocates a rigorous enforcement of the Gun Show Law and the implementation of the procedures set forth in the AOD at gun shows throughout the state." I have worked with her to get the most reasonable regulations I could live with and brought the matter to a close while also informing the AG of how gun shows and regulations work in the real world. The new rules are not unreasonable and I will have all posted on our website.

Basically they state, if you are selling guns at New York State shows, you must post a sign on your table stating all buyers must go through a NICS check. And that all guns coming into shows must have a tag identifying firearms to owner and must either leave with the same tag or further information that the gun was sold or transferred by an FFL dealer through the NICS check system. If any of you consider that identifying your buyer as one who can and will pass the NICS check is too much to ask, or that an individual does not need to comply with this regulation, please go to other shows – not ones NEACA runs and promotes.

We have always obeyed all the State and Federal laws in our firearms dealings and at the NEACA shows we promote. In the AOD I signed the wording by the AG was "alleged" and the response by NEACA was that "we deny". I wish to thank all of you who do and have obeyed the rules and know these additional few will not interfere with our safe, lawful and enjoyable participation in our future endeavors. Also, thanks to all who have supported NEACA with calls and letters, some will be posted on

With that, let us get on with 2013! The post card copy on this mailer has all our Saratoga Arms Fair dates, pass the "dollar off coupon" on to a friend or customer. All of these dates are Jan. 11, 12, 13; March 15, 16, 17; August 23, 24, 25; and October 11, 12, 13, 2013. If you sign up for all of our Saratoga dates by giving us a one table deposit for all four shows before January 1st, 2012 we are going to give you an additional FREE table at our October Saratoga Arms Fair; same rates.

This deal is for two main reasons; you should know where you are going and be able to promote your participation in our shows and we will know who is coming and be able to use your name (if you wish) in our promotions and be able to focus on other dealers to fill the show holes and on advertising to the public. That is how the show business works; make use of the system and save money while promoting your business.

As most of you may know, Cathy and I are getting older and age is catching up; we get tired! So, we were looking to sell or partner with some of our shows, a few folks have responded but no deals have been made as yet. I am also considering keeping it "in the family" and having my sons and daughter take care of some of the business. We’ll see what develops; NEACA is not going out of the show business.

But, again, we don’t want to put time, money and energy into events that are not reaching their potential – build them or forget them. Saratoga is here to stay – after 30 years of work, ours is a great event. Fill out the flyer and send it in – signed! Want a deal; send a table deposit for the next three Saratoga Shows at the same time! All of our other events are up to you dealers to support or not support. If we don’t have your commitment to these other shows we will simply delete them from our schedule. I want calls, emails, letters or deposits from all of you who will be supporting these 2013 events – and we need to know by mid January who wants tables at the following shows. If you respond, we will have and promote the shows.

Lake George at the Holiday Inn Resort, March 2, Saturday, our flyer is enclosed. Our best date for what still could be the best show in the State is May 18 & 19 at the SportsPlex of Halfmoon in Clifton Park. If past results remain the same we will have a minimum of 300 tables but room for over 700. Are you coming and how many tables at minimum will you order and pay for? Member tables are 8’ at $67.00. We will limit this to one event until we build May to nearly a full show.

We have tried various dates at Old Forge and it looks like our best time is the late fall and the end of September or first weekend in October is going to be our only date scheduled there at the Hiltebrant Recreation Center. Which is best for you guys? Any hotel deals can only be made if I show how many rooms I need so tell me now if you will be coming to fill at least a 150 table show in Old Forge, NY.

We are working on several others but don’t have confirmed dates for this letter. BUT, we need to know by mid January if you want tables at any or all of our NEACA events – if we don’t know that you are coming then you may be the reason we cancel the show. Don’t leave it up to the other guy to commit and then if you feel like it maybe you’ll call for a deal. There won’t be any deals because there won’t be any NEACA show! Remember – Cathy and I are getting tired and my kids aren’t about to work for nothing! If I can get them or someone else to work at all! In this new world people don’t have to work, Obama will take care of them.

This is still a great and Merry Holiday Season but there may be a new world that awaits us in 2013 – that is if there still is a world after December 21st, remember the Mayans! The business climate may change, taxes are going up, unemployment may not be remedied and more gun laws could be passed! We conservatives have at least two years to endure this Obamanation so try to take a deep breath, enjoy this Holiday Season and let us all look forward to the hope we were promised. Get back to the basics and we will endure. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Sincerely, Cathy & Dave