February 14, 2013

Members and Exhibitors,

Our mid January Arms Fair was a little over a month ago at the Saratoga City Center but we are still getting emails, phone calls and visits in the shop showing support for us and for the show. We are definitely humbled by the overwhelming support we’ve received. The people have spoken loud and clear; the Second Amendment shall not be infringed!

Those of you who were at the show saw firsthand the people who attended; many who stood in line were willing to just pay the admission if someone walked outside with a bucket. It didn’t matter whether they came in they were there for support. But when they came in they bought. Many dealers said it was the "best show ever, anywhere." Individual dealers sold guns numbering in the 30’s and 40’s. Knives, surplus, accessories, you name it and it sold at Saratoga. We’ve hired the protestors for this March also! They don’t seem to want to give up their losing cause so we’ll see if the media wants to cover another story about gun laws and pro-gun patriots.

Those dealers at the January show received fliers for March but this is the first mailing. At this point we have about 35 tables open. So with this mailing our show should be close to being sold out. Please don’t wait till the last minute. It should be another great show because there were a lot of regulars who didn’t want to wait in line until 3:30 Saturday afternoon to get in but they want to come to this Saratoga Arms Fair to buy.

We are also mailing out 6000 post cards seeking new memberships along with the announcement of our upcoming shows. We’ve taken a lot of new memberships during the last show because of the long wait in line. Our membership numbers about 1500 now; some people have dropped out for one reason or another, probably because we raised the rate and times are tough. But we’d love to have all of you back. It’s still a good deal, we give generous discounts on tables and even if you don’t set up, you get into our shows free and early plus we have a spousal and junior discounted rate.   And all you current members, perhaps you could mention to your friends about our early VIP entrance with a NEACA membership.

Basically this letter is dedicated to our Saratoga Shows and especially for the next one on March 15, 16 & 17. Hopefully, for the exhibitors it will be as green as our January show was because we’ll also be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s show the liberals what green really means, commeraderie and earning green-backs!

We do have to remind you all that our winter show at the Lake George Holiday Inn Resort is only a couple of weeks away, on Saturday March 2nd ; always a nice little show with lots of activity, also a real fine seafood buffet on Friday evening. Ask for their best hotel room rate if you want to enjoy a weekend along with making some money. Still a few tables left to sell, again, our first mailing.

As you may have seen, I have been vocal and quite popular with the media since December; it never seems to end. Cathy has also done her own share of interviews about our gun shows, the busy gun shop activity and also with media inquiries about the affects on both of our businesses with passage of the NY Safe Act.  

What a joke … Safe Act! For criminals I suppose they now feel safer mugging us or robbing unguarded homes. As for New Yorkers, I see it more like the NY Rape Act! We are stripped to the bare bones of our guns and ammunition, looked upon as criminals and potential terrorists, will live under constant scrutiny for what we legally purchase and are demonized for being the good guys who already passed all the checks. Turning the cream of the crop of NY residents, into targets for future government scrutiny sure feels like, if not rape, at least a good kick in the groin! I wonder when the bounty will be offered to neighbors for turning in illegal gun transactions or cartridge hording.

Hopefully, the ridiculous portions of this "Safe Act" will either be overturned by the courts through law suits or be reconciled in the State House Chambers where recently a lot of Republicans showed their true animal counterpart, not the strong and grand elephant but rather the rhino, an endangered species in the wild; let’s make RHINOS non-existent in our governing body.

Keep the faith, keep watch on who you voted for and get all your friends and family to register. School boards are coming up for election in May, as usual, so start your questioning now with how those candidates feel about the ridiculous "no tolerance" policy in schools about guns and if they know their historical place in American culture. It is time to take back our Country! Hope to see you all soon in Lake George and in Saratoga.


Cathy & Dave