May 27, 2013

Dear NEACA Members and Exhibitors,

I hope all of you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and that each of you took time out to honor all of our veterans, those fallen, those still enjoying their lives and those who still protect us and country today. I am sure I am writing to the choir and to the many veterans among our own ranks. God bless them and you all.

Today is bright and sunny and this weekend traditionally ushers in the summer season. However, this past week the weather has been horrendous; we should have hosted our Lake George Arms Fair this weekend when tourists and locals would have been grateful to get out of the rain, wind and cold! Who knew?

Our Gun Show at the Forum was a great looking event; new dealers and old friends combined to give the attendee something for everyone to see, haggle over and buy. Unfortunately the great weather of our show weekend took its’ toll on customers. We did excessive advertising, as most everyone knows, but it just came up short. We saw half of what we expected in attendance and now NEACA still is looking at the bills coming in. Too bad we can’t control Mother Nature.

Even though our crowd was light, I believe the Arms Fair at the Forum has a future, word will get out that it was the place to go for a very good show and venue; and we had nearly as many tables as Saratoga. We will do it again – same time frame, same place next year, I hope all of you exhibitors agree.

In just a couple of weeks we will be at the Utica Memorial Auditorium, commonly known as the AUD, in Utica, NY and most all of you already have your fliers and many of you have sent in for tables. We have had decent spring shows there before, this June & & 9 is the same time as last year. We have a special rate at the Hotel Utica of $99.00 with free hot breakfast; their phone is 315-724-7829; BUT make sure you mention the NEACA Gun Show. Other motels in the area are the Red Roof Inn, 315-724-7128; Super 8, 315-797-0964; Best Western, 315-732-4121; Days Inn, 315-797-8743; Hampton Inn, 315-733-1200 plus others. A current flier is enclosed for you to send in or to post in a prominent location; 4000 post cards are being sent this week to area attendees. Radio begins the week of the show. I hope to see you there in August.

Also enclosed is our flier for August *2, 3 & 4 in Old Forge. On reviewing all of our past shows there we find the attendance to be the greatest on our August weekend but it is also the most expensive for motels. I know most of you combine a little vacation time along with our Arms Fair so I suggest you contact motels as soon as possible; it is very difficult for us to get a deal but we are trying. A lot of us stayed at the Country Club Motel last August, which was very clean and comfortable. In looking over my own sales and purchases, this show has been pretty good. Cathy and I like the area, enjoying the ride through the Adirondacks and the combination of quaint and busy activity of Old Forge. Hope to see you there.

And yes, our Arms Fair in Saratoga Springs, NY at the City Center is still alive and well; and our August weekend is the usual on August *23, 24 & 25. I have been writing a Blog for the Times Union on Guns and I moderate comments; time consuming but also good advertising. If you wish to view it simply go to the and view or participate in the pro and con discussion.

The August flier is enclosed and offers you the upcoming show dates for 2013 & 2014. We still need to make a decision on August 2014 of whether to move off the Travers Horse Race weekend so we can ease up on hotels and parking; will let you know. The 2014 fall date is also a bit elusive because of all the convention times and hunting season openings but we will work it all out. Please make your hotel reservations for August as soon as you can and send in a one table deposit for the show so we know you are coming.

The August Arms Fair will undoubtedly be picketed again and will draw out the radio and TV media. The antis want our show cancelled so to counter act we also want as much participation as we can get both from exhibitors and NEACA members. Mark your calendars because you all know Saratoga is the place to be!

We still have a push on memberships, whether keeping the members we have by renewing or signing up new members into our New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates, or NEACA, Inc. We know we are a bit more expensive than some groups but also offer more shows, thereby more times to save money through membership. By being a member you are also showing your support for what we try to do and accomplish. We are a fraternity of like minded individuals and through our Association we can and do help individual members; perhaps with nothing more than being able to contact one another through a call to our office.

While we are in Utica at the AUD some of our associates will be in Stillwater, NY at a Second Amendment Rally. It is being held on Saturday June 8, 1PM through fireworks at 9:00 at the Admirals Marina. There will be food and drink while speakers promote our Second Amendment Rights and rally up some cash to further the cause for Liberty and Freedom. NEACA will be present with a booth seeking new members or renewals while raffling off a few guns for the attendees. If you can’t make Utica, try to make this rally.

Ending on a sad note, an icon in this business, Norm Flayderman passed away Saturday,  May 25.  

Sincerely, Cathy & Dave